45 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-3-19

  1. Good morning,all, though it is only 3pm here and I am just home from school.
    Are you getting a glimpse of how hard it is for me to adjust to time zone changes?

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  2. That’s because everyone is sleeping while you are wide awake Jo.
    I’m confused by the picture. I see what it says, but it seems to be on an open door to a room .with some woman in it.

    and some things are downright ugly. What was that Mormon family doing in Mexico anyhow? ”

    Good night Jo.’
    Good morning everyone else.
    I don’t have milk for Cheerios.
    I have to try to scramble some eggs for breakfast.
    minor task for most of you.
    A challenge for me.

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  3. Good morning all. I will go upstairs to see what the weather is like. Then I will babysit (tend, oversee, whatever) sick three year old for mommy and daddy so they don’t need to take another sick day. And help with one week old. And babysit eleven month old while mommy gets to go hold his siblings.

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  4. Janice, was the store full of scented things, like candles, etc? It looks lovely, but so many stores like that I can’t tolerate because of the smells and I end up doing a quick tour and not buying anything because that thing would also smell like all the scented items.

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  5. Morning! Janice did you think Magnolia was over hyped? I have a friend who is a “Gaines groupie”…she and her daughter drove down there last month and it’s all they can talk about! 😊
    Trying to psych myself up for having small group here this evening. It was cancelled last week due to the snow and now I must cook for 15 people and clean this house…right after Thanksgiving…I am just tired and not motivated this day! 😳 ok…enough grumbling…off I go!


  6. Chas,

    Hiding from the US govt and it’s pesky bigamy laws would be my guess. When one wants multiple wives, he must head to third world countries. The more advanced countries and societies seem to shun that. 🙂


  7. That scene in the header was what we first saw as we entered the store. it was a bit of understatement to show that beauty can be found in the simplest of things which was a nice reminder to keep first things first. It had the spare unadorned trees with snow (fake) on the ground that points to God’s creation first above all the commercialization that can be found within the store.

    I don’t remember any overpowering fragrances inside that store. The Silos Bakery however had delicious fragrances. But we were in the store for such a short time and did not go all over the store so there may have been a candles section that we did not go near. The store was big so it did not seem stuffy, but we were there early before the big crowds.

    In the bakery, they hand out a menu at the door so everyone will know what to order once the they weave through the line to the counter. We got two Nuts and Bolts muffin/cupcakes which were a spicy nut cake with a beautiful rich cream cheese tall frosting. They were each about 3 dollars. it was the best thing like that I have ever had!

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  8. Before Magnolia, Waco was all about Baylor. Now Magnolia has brought in so many more people and it is becoming a much more upscale place with lots of little shops and restaurants that can flourish from spillover from Magnolia and Baylor. They are doing a lot of road construction right now, but they have a long way to go to bring the streets and sidewalks up to what they need to be. That situation with the railroad track that we got caught up in should never have happened. The tow truck driver said he’d had a lot more business since Magnolia came to town.

    I can’t say if Magnolia is overhyped. It all depends on what people expect and want. I would have enjoyed being there with some girlfriends to have time to take it all in. We were there for only 30 to 45 minutes including time in the line at the bakery. We did not go to the garden area which I would have enjoyed . . . but Art was waiting in the car.

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  9. My husband agrees with Chas about the multiple wives.

    I tell my husband I can easily pretend to be a different type of woman—See 8 novels.

    He laughs.

    Mormons have been in that part of Mexico for over 100 years—this may have been a group in a new community, but folks would be familiar with their farming lifestyle in the general area.

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  10. Mumsee— I’m thankful Mom gets to hold her children today—tears thinking about it.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better and salute you for doing a good work.

    Prayers continue for your family— at least three times last night. Xoxo

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  11. Mumsee – I would imagine this has been tough on 11-month-old, too.

    Today is another snow day for Boy, as the second part of the snowstorm came through last night and this morning, giving us even more than the first part of the storm.

    I have started removing the books from my living room bookshelves. (There are only two of them, but they are packed.) This is giving me the opportunity to weed out a few here and there that I am not interested in anymore. And that will give me more room for the books that were stacked on top of the other books.

    Oh, wait. There’s a smaller bookcase in here, too, and some other books in the entertainment center. *sigh*

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  12. I thought you meant you only had 2 books (not 2 bookcases). Well that’s not hard, I thought. 🙂

    Is Magnolia a store or a city or a town? The store/restaurant? looks enchanting.

    Yes, Michell’s correct, that particular Mormon sect has been in Mexico for many years.

    We’ll probably be getting more rain by tonight and maybe through tomorrow; then more again over the weekend, or so they tell us. Never too much for us, except when I think about the mudslides it could cause on our fire-ravaged, bare hillsides. 😦

    But meanwhile, the mountains are gorgeous, covered in snow surrounding us. Beautiful view in the distance from our port. And with more to come with the next storm coming in.


  13. OK, I looked it up and we also have a Magnolia store/bakery, one in the old Farmer’s Market on 3rd Street in the Fairfax district of LA and another(?) in Hollywood. I’d never heard of it before.


  14. “and some things are downright ugly. What was that Mormon family doing in Mexico anyhow? ””

    Are there missing details? I don’t get what this and the related responses are about. As for Mormons in Mexico, they are everywhere. There are even Amish communities south of the border.


  15. I hadn’t heard the “Mormons in Mexico” story everyone on here keeps talking about, and so I looked it up. As it happens, just a few days ago I finished reading a memoir called The Sound of Gravel, written by a woman who grew up in a polygamous Mormon family that mostly lived in Mexico. (The family was actually in and out of the States; some of the wives–including the author’s mother–were American citizens, and they were officially “single mothers,” because their marriages weren’t legal, so they supplemented their husbands’ inability to support all their families by getting welfare. Her stepfather also traveled in and out of America doing jobs, including driving a truck.)

    They lived in Mexico for several reasons, among them that polygamy is illegal in the States and they were better hidden where they were, but also there is a lot of child abuse and underage marriage, and the founders and polygamous men (in this setting anyway) were paranoid with religious conspiracy theories and prophecies about American, Babylon, being about to fall and why they needed to be out of it when it happened.

    It was an ugly story but a fascinating one, too. In the end, the author at 17 rescued her siblings and got them to their grandmother in America, because her stepfather (who was the father of the younger children) was getting away with molesting children.

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  16. Nancyjill, since you live in a beautiful area, if you went to Waco to see Magnolia, you may not feel as impressed with it as others would. I think a lot of people are fascinated by the Gaines family so it is as much about them and their personalities and endeavors as anything else. They don’t hide their Christianity so they get a lot of respect and popularity similar to Truett Cathey who started Chick-fil-A.

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  17. Peter and Cheryl. I thought everyone knew this.
    A Mother and several children were killed in Mexico. They don’t know the culprits nor motivation, so far as I know. It was a terrible, senseless murder.


  18. Drug cartels, Chas, there was some speculation in the beginning that they were in a car that resembled one driving by one of the cartel enemies; but there had been a hands-off practice between the two groups (cartels and Mormons) for a long time so the families who lived there felt relatively safe. This was a very unusual incident, apparently.

    Apparently part of the migration to Mexico also came from the Mormon church’s abandoning (officially anyway) polygamy some time ago. That sparked some of the break-away groups.

    I’m sure the colonies in Mexico are a mix of people and of good and bad behavior (setting aside some of the church’s practices which are, to say the least, problematic), human nature being what it is.


  19. Kare – Nightingale and Boy were gone to his therapy appointment, a trip to Home Depot, and lunch out while I moved my books. I didn’t have any boxes for them, so they are in piles in my bedroom. I ended up bagging up to give away more than I had expected, but that makes room for more. 🙂

    Nightingale has been working on ripping up the carpet and padding for the last couple hours. Have you ever heard the assertion that carpets are never actually clean? Well, we are seeing that for ourselves. There is a thick layer of dirt under it all (the carpet is probably about 30 years old), and the padding shows evidence of pet accidents and other spills, and is stinky in spots.

    The faux brick is going to need some serious cleaning. I know I will be glad when this is all done, but right now it is a daunting project. Nightingale is having to use a scraper to scrape some of the padding off the brick (linoleum?).

    I don’t know why I am complaining. She’s doing the hard work. I guess it’s just the discombobulation, dirtiness, and how long it is going to take that is affecting me, especially since I am not feeling up to par.

    Oh, Chickadee did not come over after all, as she is not feeling well. I hope I didn’t give her my cold.

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  20. Mumsee, you are doing what you do best, taking care of the children. I imagine you miss your farm and all of the animals, but you are certainly needed where you are. Prayers

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  21. Kizzie, we are happy enough that we put our carpet down ourselves (well, not literally–we hired it done), so we don’t have to wonder about pet accidents and all of that stuff. (The previous owner had a cat, and the cat had done some damage to doors and the house was physically very dirty, so I didn’t want to know the state of that carpet!)

    Hopefully you will like the end results of all this work. It’s surely a lot easier than a move!

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  22. There are quite a number of Mennonite, Mormon, and other sects and cults of North American and European origin scattered throughout Latin America. Jonestown, before the massacre, was not an unusual phenomenon in South America – many other dissatisfied sects and cults sought greater freedom to create their ideal communities by going south of the U.S. The Mexican Mennonites are a well known migrant/immigrant group in southern Ontario. The Mennonite branch that Second In-law is from, went, in the 20th century from Russia to Bolivia to Mexico, with his parents coming to Canada. Mennonites also came to Canada in the 20th century from Russia, but in order to avoid conscription in the Second World War, since Mennonites are pacifist, many went to Mennonites. The Mexican Mennonites have had many abuses within their community, and there is actually a Mennonite run drug cartel that is as violent as any of the others: https://www.cbc.ca/fifth/m_episodes/2016-2017/the-mennonite-connection.


  23. The violence and danger in Northern Mexico has increased in the nearly decade and a half since I went there. We drove from El Paso, down through Juarez to Chihuahua city and back again (the first time on a rented bus and the second time in a convoy of two rented SUVs), and while we did not stop anywhere while driving through Juarez, the understanding was that if you were with Mexicans (to avoid kidnappers and unsafe areas) and had no connections to organized crime, you should be safe. It just so happened that the mission trip coincided with the Mexican government moving troops into Juarez to deal with the cartels. We saw the convoys of army vehicles while driving on the one highway between Chihuahua and Juarez and heard our Mexican hosts talking about how it was hoped the army would clear out the cartels. As we know now, sending the army did not work, and accusation have been made that the army simply became another cartel. I often wonder about the people we got to know during those 10 days, and if any of them are suffering in the violence that now threatens even the innocent.


  24. DJ, I looked at the bakery locations and it does not appear related to the Gaines’ operation.

    I just finished the wonderful book, When I Close My Eyes, by Elizabeth Musser. At the end she states that Pastor Fred O. Pitts was her youth pastor. Such an unexpected find in the book. The author is from Atlanta and now lives in France with her husband. Time to do a review. The book was published by Bethany House and released in November. I got it free from netgalley for a review.

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  25. Went out on an interview this morning, wrote the story (and added another phone interview). Not a big deal, but oh, the photos. I had probably close to 10 from our photographer and the historical society that I had to download, input, and write or re-write captions for which is just so time-consuming.

    It’s dark now (but it’s been pretty dark all day) and I can hear a loud harbor or ship fog horn. Rain coming tonight, we’re told. It looked like it was about to rain any moment all day long.

    A friend spent the day at Disneyland where she said the weather was perfect. It can get a little hot out there on most days as it’s a bit inland and has so much concrete.

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  26. I really like hard-surface flooring, it just seems easier to clean and works better with pets who shed. Carpets just suck all of that dirt and fur and who knows what else into their wooly depths.

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  27. It’s awful. 😦

    Apparently, the previous owner must have already been planning on putting in the carpet when he painted the ceiling, so he didn’t care about getting paint on the floor. There are lots of white paint splotches all over. The faux brick doesn’t even clean up that well, either. I am so disappointed, and have been crying on and off (but not in front of Nightingale).

    The area rug she bought, which I think will be delivered tomorrow, should cover a good portion of the room, and the couch and loveseat will cover some, too. But there are plenty of splotches in areas that won’t be covered.

    I’m just so tired. Tomorrow I will set my books back in place in order. That should actually be kinda fun.

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  28. I have seen some of the drug running Mennonites.

    In various articles I have read, there was some competition with the mormans and the cartel.

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  29. La is s beautiful city from a distance.
    And it wasn’t bad close up when I was there in 1967.
    But that was long ago, and I hear that things have changed.


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