49 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-30-19

  1. Welcome to Saturday everyone. Just took chicken out of the oven and am letting the croissant rolls rise just a little longer. We are having our Thanksgiving feast today.

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  2. Morning! Cannot sleep…it was that nap I had this afternoon! Happy Birthday Cheryl?! (I think Liz already had her birthday a bit ago…yes?) nonetheless there are two very lovely ladies up there in that photo…you are a blessed man AJ!
    The winds are howling outside and they are cautioning everyone to stay off the roads. Semi’s are on their sides on the interstate and I hear speed limit signs are coming off their posts and hurling through the air…and it is suppose to be worse mid morning around here 😳

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  3. Yikes, NancyJill. WE had rain and sleet with ice, but more of a nuisance than anything. There was still some snow lingering at home when I came in to work. The wind had started, but it just drove the cold rain and sleet into your skin.

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  4. Pretty girls. They look like twins to me.
    The one on our right must be the oldest. Is it her BD?

    We aren’t having bad weather, rain later this morning.
    I’m off to get things fixed.

    Good morning everyone but Jo.
    Good night jo.

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  5. Happy Birthday to one of the REAL-J women!

    Rain yesterday and this morning. T-storms. And I hear gurgling when the furnace is on, which means water in the air ducts. Again. I fell like Eeyore. Gloomy.

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  6. We’re going out to breakfast for Cheryl’s birthday. Eventually…… 🙂

    It’s OK, they serve it all day. 🙂

    Our weather forecast stinks. Sleet and freezing rain to start overnight, then turning to snow. It all wraps up Monday afternoon with 4-8 inches of snow being the final call. Yay.


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  7. Coldest Nov 29 since 1931 yesterday— 25.

    Will rains (expecting up to 4 inches by Monday) to start about the time we drive south to the next town to Adorable 7’s rhythmic gymnastics show, followed by a scamper 15 minutes back up the freeway to see a local production of The Sound of Music.

    Tomorrow, same storm, I’m singing at church and then traveling to the USS Hornet moored at Alameda for a holiday tea.

    I haven’t even started anything yet, and I just want to stay home. 😦

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  8. Very windy here. Blizzard going through the area we will be driving home in, but that won’t be until tomorrow. Already got snow once since we left home, so I hate to see what will be in the driveway by the time we get home. I do prefer it remain cold enough for just snow. All that in between stuff is far worse.

    I am watching the little boy, who visits frequently, shoveling the end of the driveway. Now a neighbor has joined him with a snow blower to clean out the side walk. Such a nice thing to do.

    The boy and our grandson have cleaned fire hydrants for nothing. They went out the other day and earned quite a bit from shoveling I like the entrepreneurship and the charity. The boy needs a forever family. He could live with some older relatives a few states away, but wants a family with other children. His foster family has none. My daughter is a relief family for his foster mom, so he visits frequently. He seems very nice.

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  9. We’re still getting rain off and on, along with cold-for-us temperatures. My neighbors enjoyed a beautiful snowfall at their 2nd house in the desert this weekend for the holiday. They’re due home tomorrow, I think, as long as the roads are clear.

    Today I need to finish off the kitchen clean-out and reorganization and have time enough left for the bathroom (good thing it’s so small) and to mop the floors in both rooms. I probably won’t get to the decorating until next weekend.

    Happy birthday to Cheryl. Enjoy the breakfast whenever you go out. 🙂

    It’s been hard to keep the days straight this week, yesterday really felt like Saturday.

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  10. Never watched Game of Thrones, not sure I’m familiar with Outlander.

    I started watching The Irishman last night on Netflix, thinking it might be good and well-made, but I made it for about 15 minutes and turned it off, mainly because it was simply so boring. Seemed like just a repeat of the whole 1950s/60s Mafioso theme with DiNiro and Pacino.

    But it is supposed to be a good movie.



    The Irishman (titled onscreen as I Heard You Paint Houses) is a 2019 American epic crime film directed and produced by Martin Scorsese and written by Steven Zaillian, based on the 2004 book I Heard You Paint Houses by Charles Brandt. It stars Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci … The film follows Frank Sheeran (De Niro), a truck driver who becomes a hitman and gets involved with mobster Russell Bufalino (Pesci) and his crime family, including his time working for the powerful Teamster Jimmy Hoffa (Pacino). …

    … The film received widespread critical acclaim, with major praise drawn toward Scorsese’s direction and the performances of De Niro, Pacino, and Pesci. …

    We had 30 inches of snow in our mountains (and snow levels fell very low this time due to the cold) with more than 4 feet at the higher altitude ski resorts. Everyone’s happy except those who got stranded. Many of the roads were closed at some point.

    Annie was hissing at the dog next door this morning as she watched her from inside the window. Neighbors let their dog, a black retriever mix, Phoebe, wander loose outside and she’s chased Annie a couple times. In a way that’s been good as it has been a real deterrent to Annie going out in the front. She stays pretty much in the house or confine herself to our backyard these days, and that’s much safer for her.

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  11. Happy Birthday to Momma Cheryl J, Have a Wonderful special day! AJ is a very fortunate man to be blessed with you and Liz and the cats, too! ♡

    Around here we can get breakfast all day at Cracker Barrel or Waffle House. Do you have other choices there, AJ? And we have the new spot, The Flying Biscuit, too. Of course you can get breakfast outside at home at any time!


  12. What’s with the weather? We are having a high of 74 today with the record being 76. The weather guy said that we are having summer today, spring tomorrow and winter on Monday. My brother raked our yard yesterday and asked me about the gnats. They surprised and bothered him, too. At least the fleas seem to be gone.

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  13. Game of Thrones? I only saw a couple of episodes and decided it wasn’t for me
    Outlander? My friend MM has been telling me how good the books were. I knew it involved time travel but that really isn’t my favorite type of book. When I saw the series I decided to watch. Too much sex. Too much 21st century feminism. Clare was to hardheaded for a 1940’s woman and mostly unlikable. Jamie? Well he was worth looking at but then there was Clare.


  14. Washed out all the dog food bins; organized the plastic canned food tops (I have a lot of them, they’re now sorted by size in ziplock bags); reorganized dog/cat treat and supply bins; washed all the cooking utensils (how and why do I have so many of those?).

    Who’s still watching “This is Us”? Such a good show but it’s going through a poignant stretch this season. It’s on winter “break” until January right now. The writers apparently have the entire plot laid out and the show is only supposed to go for 5 years or so, which I think is a good thing. That way it’ll have a distinct beginning, middle and end. Otherwise, shows can tend to just drag and drag, long after the writers have any clever ideas left 🙂 It works sometimes, though, as with NCIS (the original). After all these years they manage to move interesting cast members in and out of the show to keep it pretty fresh.

    OK, back to the kitchen — which, as usually happens, now looks worse than ever after everything’s pulled out into the open for washing and replacing. 😦 Sigh. I need to finish it up today, though.

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  15. From cheryl’s articles – “cisgender”

    Our former 60-something editor had about an hour-long educational conversation with a 20-sometime reporter about that one day in the newsroom. I listened in because I had no clue, either. 🙂


  16. We went to NJ to see my Dad, so we tried a small local establishment across the river for breakfast. I thought it was a good choice on Small Business Saturday, rather than the IHOP or Perkins types.

    The breakfast was good, had huge portions, pleasant help, and was surprisingly inexpensive. We were very pleased.


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  17. Happy Birthday to Cheryl J!

    DJ – Yes, I am still watching This Is Us. Such a good, creative show!

    Someone elsewhere pointed out that at the end of the last episode, when Kate was signing the thing for the police, she signed her last name as Pearson, her maiden name. So there was speculation about that, about what it could mean. I’m hoping it merely means she goes by her maiden name.

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  18. I won a mustache contest today. Every year then Mark Twain Boyhood Museum puts on a birthday bash for the author, including a contest for the “Manliest, Most Dapper,or best Mark Twain” mustache. The entrance fee goes to the local cancer treatment center. Since only three people signed up, each one got the prize for the category. Quite a prize: a free beard trim, plus a $50 gift certificate to any of several local businesses.

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  19. This morning my neighbors came in and carried out my old couch and loveseat, and Nightingale went with them to the dump. I now have my office-type desk chair, with arms, in the living room to sit in. New couches should be delivered next Thursday.

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  20. I missed that signature, Kizzie. I suspect a breakup probably is in store, but that it won’t be permanent. ? Can’t bear to think there will be unhappy endings 😦 But part of the show’s major strength is its real-life scenarios — the good, the bad, the sad, the happy.

    Always a treat (and a rare one) to see prime time TV so well done.

    I caught part of the OJ movie the other night on TV and realized that Christopher Darden was played by Sterling Brown (Randall on This is Us).

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  21. Sigh. Envy. $1.89 . . . . I don’t remember when I last saw it so low.

    Adorable 7’s performance was as silly, clunky and loveable as you would expect.

    The Sound of Music was wonderful. It was SO hard, though, not to sing along . . .

    The actors waved us to join them on Edwelweiss–wherein we played the part of the Austrian audience at the Von Trapp family singers last songfest in Austria–and on a reprise of The Sound of Music during the curtain calls.

    This presentation had Rolf NOT giving away the family, and ended with the Mother Superior quoting Scripture, “I life my eyes unto the hills from whence my help comes.”

    It was surprisingly spiritual, but I found the Nazi flag shocking.

    I’ve not seen this produced on stage before. Long, but we enjoyed it a great deal.

    Adorable 9’s eyes went wide when my husband nudged her during “I am Sixteen, Going on Seventeen.”

    “I sang that song to your grandmother when she was sixteen going on seventeen and I was seventeen going on eighteen.”

    Rain, yes, but not monsooning yet.

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  22. Hoping to get home later today. We will go to church this morning with the grands. I am sure our road will not be opened until later, at any rate. We will be going through some main roads that were closed yesterday. I think those will all be open. Ours is another stories, since it is a short dirt road.

    It was fun to watch the grands and SIL in the play. We saw a rough partial dress rehearsal a couple of days earlier. Sometimes you have to wonder if it will ever all get put together. This one has been particularly behind schedule. They did pull it off. It was not a real large audience because of the weather. Another show today and then two next weekend. It was not my favorite show, but it had its moments and the main boy character did awesome.

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  23. I’m off to San Clemente today with the cousins to meet their other cousin for lunch. We have 11:30 a.m. reservations and I’m hoping we’ll make it home before dark (we should). Still sorry they switched the days on me from Friday or Saturday to Sunday, but what’s done is done.

    And it’s back to work for me tomorrow, though it’ll be a short (4-day) week. Then I’m taking several days off for my usual December vacation break. At some point I’ll have to put up some decorations. Maybe next weekend. But the kitchen sure looks good with all the counters cleared off and the yellow/white speckled tile, grout and all, gleaming.

    Our rain has stopped for now but is due back again by Tuesday.

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  24. Awesome picture Donna. Especially the drainage field of the Mississippi.
    It also is fearsome when we consider Isaiah 18:1-2.
    Excepting Egypt, the US is the only nation defined by it’s rivers. China and India may qualify, but that’s not likely.

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  25. Chas is losing it.
    No kidding. this happens often now.
    After posting my 12:03, I started thinking about the rivers that are mentioned in songs for some reason. Just curious, I wouldn’t post this, but to tell that I’m losing it.
    I can’t think of the river that devises Texas and Mexico, without looking at a map.
    Incidentally, the rivers I’ve thought of so far are

    Is that all?


  26. It is starting to snow. (We’re expecting a two-day, slow-moving storm mixed with rain and sleet at times, creating a layer of ice.) So why do we have the windows open? Because of the fire in the oven, of course!

    It happened while heating up to a higher-than-usual temperature, due to the oven needing to be cleaned. But keeping the oven door closed made it burn out after a minute or so.

    I am cold!

    Sipping some mulled wine. My first time trying it. I’m not much of a wine person, but this tastes kinda good.

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  27. I worded that wrongly, I think. We were not cleaning the oven, but because it needs to be cleaned, something in the bottom caught fire while it was preheating.


  28. The Little Sioux ran behind my uncle’s farm in Iowa. It was probably too little to be on the river map. But I liked it growing up.

    My neighbors got home late today and were giddy over the fact that it snowed at their second house in the desert for Thanksgiving while they were there. She showed me some two dozen or more photos. 🙂 Their (big) dogs got to wear jackets.

    The trip to San Clemente was fun, a cousin (a radio ad person now living in Illinois) from my cousins’ other side of the family was in California visiting her daughter and boyfriend in San Diego so the meetup for all of us was planned in between San Diego & LA.

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  29. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Little_Sioux_River

    Geologically, the Little Sioux rises in a region of glacial potholes near the “Iowa Great Lakes” (Spirit Lake, and East and West Okoboji). It then traverses a rich agricultural region on its way to the Loess Hills, from which it then flows out onto the floodplain of the Missouri River. Through much of its middle course (i.e., from Linn Grove to Smithland) the Little Sioux is a relatively wild meandered stream, with excellent canoeing, camping, and fishing opportunities. However, from Smithland downstream to its mouth, the river has been channelized and environmentally degraded.


  30. The 4th map in the site makes it seem like many people do, that the Missouri is the main river and the Mississippi is a tributary.


  31. I think those roads (the interstate) was the worst we have ever driven on. Only being in a white out or glare ice would be worse. We didn’t have as much snow at home as we feared. Also, the neighbor kindly cleared half of our driveway. The upper half isn’t as bad because of the wind break of trees. It was nice to be able to get into the garage. There were a lot of vehicles in the ditches. Most of the driving had to be done in the passing lane. Some vehicles passed on the right. I always wonder if it isn’t some of those we see later in the snowbank.

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