26 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-25-19

  1. Morning indeed! That photo is beautiful and I wonder why I am now hearing Cat Stevens singing these words in my head?!! 🙃

    Morning has broken like the first morning
    Blackbird has spoken like the first bird
    Praise for the singing
    Praise for the morning
    Praise for them springing fresh from the world

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  2. Good Monday morning! I am still trying to get straightened out after that trip. Art is having some tummy issues. I have a lot of laundry to do.

    Roscuro, thanks for the reminder about your tow truck story! That means everyone can relax since we met the three quota.

    I think we will do Thanksgiving breakfast with my brother at Cracker Barrel. He seems happy with having turkey bacon for his meal. Then he will not blow his diabetic diet with stuffing. Maybe I will do Christmas cards for the rest of that day.

    Tomorrow we are suppose to see Art’s doctor about his kidney stone situation.

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  3. Thought some of you may find this interesting. . .


    “Meet the Protestant Exorcists
    How fighting the devil became an ecumenical pursuit.”

    “Some exorcists describe a change in the irises of the victim’s eyes. Or uncanny abilities to know things they shouldn’t be able to know, like suddenly speaking a different language or being aware of where the priest has hidden holy items.

    In one talk, Junger mentioned how demons may recall past sins committed by the exorcist himself. “When they’re telling you things that happened when you were 10 years old and no one but you could know that, you get a clue real quick that this is not a game.”


  4. Michelle – A week or two ago, I read a brief article about her. I’m interested in what your thoughts are, and what others may say. (I don’t remember much about the article. 😦 )


  5. Kathryn Khulman and others like her were charlatans. All those faith healers played on the emotions of their followers for money.


  6. Sharing this on the politics thread, but here, too, since not everyone reads that page.



    . . .I’m convinced using political news as the sight-and-sound wallpaper of our daily lives isn’t healthy for our emotional disposition or our sense of perspective.

    I cringe every time I see a friend or family member share some derogatory or dehumanizing comment or meme about politicians they don’t like. Sadly, objectifying our opponents has frequently been the way American political debate works, simply because it’s the way the world works. But Christians are not to act and look like the world. The stakes in our political rivalries may be high, but they are not so high that we must abandon the biblical truths that our real war is not waged against flesh and blood. They are not so high that we must deny the dignity of our political opponents, harping on their mistakes and flubs, scorning them with the hatred none of us owes to fellow human beings made in the image of God.

    There are certainly issues in the political realm that should cause us a righteous kind of anger and a zeal for the truth – issues especially related to injustice and corruption – but in our anger, we must not sin. Christ calls us to love our enemies, which may involve rebuking, but must never involve reviling. I’ve seen both Democrats and Republicans on social media refer to the other as “human scum” or “garbage.” This is language unbecoming of those who claim the name of Christ.


    . . .Let us all remember that our hope is not ultimately who is in the White House but who is on the throne of heaven.”


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  7. Our forecast this week (better than the 90-degree Thanksgiving we had a few years ago!); of course, our “unusually cold temperatures” will be relative to y’all:


    Rain, snow and unusually cold temperatures are coming to Southern California this week, setting the stage for a soggy Thanksgiving and presenting a challenge for those planning to drive or fly for the holiday weekend.

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  8. The sun was shining this morning but seems to have gone into hibernation for the next two days. The wind is blowing and it is stinkin’ cold out there! Some are saying we will get 10 inches of snow by tomorrow morning. Others are saying four to six inches. We are supposed to have small group at our house tomorrow evening and I am making meatball subs…I have all the buns, meat, cheese, sauce, salad…and then 15 people may not show up…I need more room in my fridge for this stuff. As it is the fridge is filled with Thanksgiving meal stuff…
    Kare I put up my tree the other day while it was snowing outside..played Christmas music the entire time…and yes…Bing was singing as was Frank, Perry, Nat and Dino 🎄

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  9. No Christmas music until Friday.

    That’s the rule. However, our Canadian friends get a pass, as they already celebrated their Thanksgiving. The rule still applies though, but Kare is not in any trouble. 🙂

    I’ve already got our traditional Carol of the Bells qued up, but I have not listened yet, not until Friday. Then, it’s on. 🙂

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  10. I actually made reference to a mayor from your state in a story I wrote today, Cheryl. So that may qualify me.

    Neighbors are off to the desert where it’ll probably snow for Thanksgiving. I’ll get their mail and feed the fish but she said they’re in “winter mode” so don’t need a lot of food. I just don’t want them to die under my watch.

    Amnesty International canvasser came to the door today, I managed to send him on his way after about 5 minutes (at one point I asked if he could just leave something to read — my editor was waiting for me to ship my story off to him — but he said no, they were “eco-friendly” so he had no handouts ((but he did have a backpack on)); sweet kid, but I was rushed).

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