33 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-15-19

  1. Now that you mention it, I can imagine that I see a deer. But if you don’t tell me, I would have no idea.
    I’ll read the funnies when I have time. I need to get her to the Adult Center this morning.

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  2. It is 46 degrees here in the(not so) Sunny South. It is TOOOOO cold for me. I stopped to visit with my stepmother yesterday and left my winter “wrap”. I have a winter coat, but cannot “breathe” when I wear it.
    I wrote all of that to say that the above photo does make me want to stomp around in the winter woods. Those are precious memories of going hunting with my father…not that he ever shot anything. The only think I can ever remember him shooting was a squirrel. We gave those away to one of the logging families. As far as I can remember he never shot a deer and while I know he duck hunted at one time I never knew him to do so. I think he probably just liked to stomp around in the winter woods too.

    As you all know several books I have been reading has brought clarity to my mind and are forcing me into a growth spurt. (If only I could gain a couple of more inches in height. 😉 )
    Yesterday’s “book nugget” from Brene’ Brown’s Dare to Lead:
    Leave it to a bunch of drunks in recovery to unlock the secrets of life.

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  3. Morning! We had the most amazing sunrise in the forest this day…appeared as though the sky was on fire!
    That woods photo up there reminds me of all the jaunts taken with my cousins in their woods…such childhood memories! Now around these parts our view would be it needs mitigating…get rid of those fire fuels! Perspective…..(and I had to scroll back up there to see the deer! Thanks Peter…I would have never seen it!)

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  4. We warmed up yesterday. It’s supposed to get to the upper 40s today and tomorrow. The boiler is finally on at the school and it was 85° in my classroom. Too warm. Across the hall it was 99° in one room. Why we still need the boiler when we have a new ac-heater system, I don’t know.

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  5. Good morning! In the header I see a little bear face next to a tree trunk. I also see a small line of stones next to something that seems broken down. I am on my small phone screen with not the best vision so it makes for interesting viewing. Please let me know if anyone else sees what I am describing.

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  6. She doesn’t know what day it is, and she vaguely remembers the place I take her on Friday. But she has no qualms about going. for which I am grateful. They like her there ..
    But you cannot get her to wear two pieces of clothing that don’t match. She knows.

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  7. Janice,

    I don’t write emails like that as a general rule. So it’s probably not from me. Is it from Yahoo or Outlook, or is it from the blog email?

    It sounds suspicious and I’d like to make sure I wasn’t hacked or some such, so if you could send it to me or if it happens again let me know.

    Anyone else receiving something similar?


  8. So you don’t have to look back to yesterday…..

    Janice said she received an email from me with “for all” in it and something about purple hearts.

    I didn’t send it, so if you did forward it to me or delete it. Probably best to not click any links on it either.

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  9. It’s 60 here this morning and cloudy. We also must have had some fog overnight, i could hear the water dripping out of the drain trailing from the roof of the house.

    Ridiculously, it will be 87 degrees on Sunday, or so they’re saying. This is feeling like the fall we had several years ago when it was 90 degrees on Thanksgiving Day. But “they” are still showing rain on Wednesday and Thursday … If it doesn’t blow away before it gets here.

    I was awake for a couple hours last night, praying and pondering about how we are (I am) to be ‘doers’ of the word and not hearers only. I sense the need for a recommitment to the disciplines of prayer and Bible reading on my part. It is so easy to become lax or even just stuck in a rut.

    I do see a deer. I think.

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  10. Janice,

    OK I got the email. When you hover over the name the info it highlights is not from any of my emails. They’ve simply put my name on it.

    I had a similar thing with getting emails from Kizzie a while back that she didn’t send. Again, the info attached to her name wasn’t sent from her email. I blocked that sender and the problem stopped. And it didn’t stop Kizzie’s legit emails from coming thru since the sender is different.

    Try that. Block the sender, and delete the emails from them.

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  11. I get so many of those emails at work since my email address is on the website and free for anyone to find. The trick is to see who it is actually from (like AJ said). They are tricky out there.

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  12. “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has finally all but conceded that the deaths and lung illnesses being associated with vaping have nothing to do with legal nicotine e-cigarettes.

    “For the first time, we have detected a potential toxin of concern, vitamin E acetate, from biological samples from patients,” said Dr. Anne Schuchat, principal deputy director of the CDC, today. The CDC examined lung tissue samples from 29 patients across 10 states and found all of them contained vitamin E acetate oil.

    “These new findings are significant,” Schuchat said. “We have a strong culprit.”

    Vitamin E acetate is not found in legal e-cigarettes. But it is often used by drug dealers to cut THC vape cartridges in an effort to increase their profits. “These findings provide direct evidence of vitamin E acetate at the primary site of injury within the lungs,” said Schuchat.”


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  13. Those barn owl babies would freak me out unless I knew what they were.

    War of the Worlds redux.

    Nice Coast Guard ceremony this morning. Now to finish the story.

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  14. so happy to get on here. Our email and internet are only working briefly. We all feel so cut off, especially with our friend in Cairns awaiting surgery for the worst break they have seen.

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  15. We have working toilets. How much we take for granted! We had a place to stay tonight if we needed it (church friend), but we’d rather sleep in our own beds. But we are both really sleepy. I didn’t get to sleep until perhaps 3:30, and then the phone was ringing by a little after 8:00. But we’re back in our own home with everything working, and that’s a real blessing.

    I also have two new editing projects, which is a good thing. Possibly a third, but the price quote hasn’t been accepted on it yet. If I get all three, I’ll have a full schedule into January; otherwise, I have a full schedule into mid-December and then possibly some time off.

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  16. Glad to hear you’re not having to wander the aisles of Korger’s in your PJs. 🙂

    Toilets are amazingly important. Showers come right behind them. I remember having to dash across the driveway a couple times to use my neighbors’.

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