Our Daily Thread 11-7-19

Good Morning!

Today’s header is from Michelle.

And I’m a terrible host, who forgot today was DJ’s birthday


Anyone have a QoD?

32 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-7-19

  1. It is a beautiful walking trail.
    But I’ll betcha it isn’t California.
    But it isn’t fair for me to say that.
    I have been to San Francisco, LA, and San Diego. But never really been to California.


  2. Morning! It doesn’t look like CO this morning. We have thick fog and drizzling ice! I want to stay in bed all day long…or at the very least sit in front of the fireplace with a cup of coffee and a good book!!! That photo actually makes me homesick….I loved autumn in Ohio and Indiana… 🍂

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  3. That photo is one of two trails that are perhaps 2/3 mile from my house. I don’t walk this one as often as the other, but the other one was closed when Michelle was here.

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  4. We actually have some amazing trails around us, some close, some you need to drive to. I will say it’s one of the bonuses of California — mountains, deserts, forests and a pretty big ocean. 🙂

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  5. Go get ’em, DJ!

    Just saw a meme on Facebook touting Kanye West’s conversion, and pointing out that some people are wanting him to fail. Unfortunately, along with saying he is pro-life, it also said that he is pro-Trump, as if that is a mark of a true Christian.


  6. Being pro Trump doesn’t’ make a person a Christian.
    However, I cannot see how a Christian can back a pro-abortion, gender confusion, climate centered agenda the adversaries of his have.


  7. As I mentioned a week or so ago, we ought to be praying for this man. He is a new brother in Christ who is in the limelight. Do not discount God’s ability to use him. We see young believers in various persecuted areas being set up as pastors because God can and does do that. Pray for him. That God will use him. He may need to step back or may need to continue as he is, that is between him and God. We can pray.

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  8. Mumsee, prayer is never inappropriate for anyone. However, God is explicit about the qualifications for elders, and “not a novice” is on the list. So he is not qualified to be a pastor or to be acting as a pastor, and if anyone is pushing him into that role, shame on them. Even the apostle Paul had several years of learning time before he began his work as an evangelist–as did all the apostles. Disregarding this principle has brought the church (and the individuals involved) embarrassment several times.


  9. There is a wonderful trail right behind the church where I will be living. Empire Mine State Park. Pray that I will find folks to walk with, as I am not comfortable with going into the woods alone. There have been mountain lions and bears sighted there.

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  10. Coyotes, too, probably.

    Our mountain lion, BTW, was a photo-shop stunt that did not go over well. By the time I was able to trace it back to its source — and found out where it came from — I figured it was a fake and, sure enough, the guy confessed online a day later. But only after it had been spread all over social media, the best place for fake news that there is.

    I’m having a bad day, 2 stories not coming along as quickly as I need them to.

    It’s also my birthday and my cousin wanted to come over to take me to lunch but no way will I have any time for that in the next couple days. 😦

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  11. My understanding of the Kanye West Sunday service, is simply a singing dancing and prayer time with some pastors speaking at times. Nothing to indicate West considers himself a pastor. He is simply doing what he is gifted in, to serve the Lord. Prayer that he will be able to keep his focus on God as he grows in the faith.

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  12. Happy Birthday, Dj. Thanks for keeping us all informed of trends in the reporting of news. We will have to meet up sometime.


  13. Happy birthday, DJ!

    Mumsee, people aren’t authorized to lead Sunday services based on talents, and it is unwise to let human giftedness be the measure of who can lead.

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  14. Happy BD Donna. How do we know it’s your BD? I went back and couldn’t t find anything that tells us.
    I put her to bed three times already. I need to go to settle her down. But I’m not quite ready.


  15. Yeah, AJ, you made me go fishing for it 🙂

    Picked up my new reading glasses, I definitely notice the difference from the previous pair.


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