43 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-31-19

  1. Is it appropriate to say “happy Halloween”? I suspect not. So?
    It is supposed to be raining all day, and until almost midnight.
    So? What am I going to do with all this candy?
    In Hendersonville, we lived in an old folks community and Halloween was a non-event.

    Anyhow. Good morning everyone but Jo.
    Good night jo.

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  2. Morning, Chas.
    There was some trick or treating here, but not much.
    I am sad that daylight savings is ending and you will be up later.
    A friend came over and helped me figure out where the secret button is on this car so it will start. It is a kill switch so it will not start unless you know the secret. An anti-theft device. Well, it kept me walking today.

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  3. So… going down a steep hill in an automatic, so you all shift down or ride your brakes?? You have to realize that we go very slow here anyway. But these last two vehicles are automatics and it feels like I am racing down these hills.

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  4. Washington is all astir because the Nationals won the world series.
    I am glad for them, but have no personal interest.
    Washington didn’t have a professional baseball team when I lived up there. They used have a team call “The Senators” if I remember correctly.
    I used to follow the Redskins when Sonny Jorgensen was QB.f

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  5. Trick or treat is not happening here tonight. It’s pouring, with thunderstorms coming later. Now they will do it tomorrow instead.

    No skin off my butt. I already have candy.

    Bwahahaha! 👻☠🎃

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  6. Good morning! Those pumpkins were for sale in front of the Kroger which Michelle got to visit while here. Since that is our Kosher Kroger, could those be Kosher Pumpkins?

    We’ve had lots of rain but it will clear out just in time for trick or treating. Our Fall Festival has been moved indoors. I may help with setup. I have to be home before dark or . . . I turn into a pumpkin!

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  7. I don’t know if it will rain all day her–initially we weren’t supposed to have rain today (just yesterday), but the forecast changed and it’s gloomy. Our event at church is an inside one, anyway. Since we’ve been gone since Sunday, I haven’t gotten out around our home since Friday or Saturday, and I wanted to get out and get some look at local fall color before it’s all gone, but fall color isn’t all that pretty with gray skies and I don’t take my camera out when it’s rainy. (Sorry, Michelle, we kept the color for you, but we didn’t keep the nice weather!!)

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  8. Thanks, ladies, those who answered my purse question. You have me some options I can follow up on. For whoever asked about the purse/handbag question I mentioned, as I learned it, a purse has a shoulder strap and a handbag has two little straps you carry; I want a bag I can put on my shoulder.

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  9. Morning! It is 11 degrees but they tell us it will reach a high of 45…snow will be melting.
    No Trick or Treaters here. Driveways are too long, homes too far apart and it is very dark in this forest….
    Jo when I am going down a steep hill I put the car in a low gear rather than ride the brakes…husband tells me to do that 😊

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  10. In Nashville I would get a handful of trick or treaters, no more than a dozen and usually a tad less. Misten loved Halloween, though. I have a little padded bench I would set the candy on, and before I opened the door I would make her sit behind it. Kids would remember her name from one year to another and tell each other, “That’s Misten. Hi, Misten.” Every year without fail, on November 1 as dusk approached, she would begin pacing and looking toward the front door. “When are the children coming to see me again?”

    In the country we got none, and we have only been here one Halloween and I was at the party at church. But realistically, this just isn’t a place for kids to come. There are some kids in the condos, but not many, and most of our neighbors are too old to be going to the door for that very much. I would think parents who do have kids would probably drive them somewhere else instead of their trick or treating around here.

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  11. Well, we get throngs of kids on Halloween here, they move down the sidewalk in huge clumps and groups, costumes flapping, screaming and laughing. My neighbors to the south go all out and make steamed hot dogs with bags of hot tortilla chips (and candy, of course) they hand out.

    I’ll pick up some candy today along with some more batteries for the little orange lights that have burned out since I put them up maybe 3-4 weeks ago. Not sure how I’ll juggle where I’m working today, I may go into LB for a while, but will need to be working from home at the very end of the day to catch the trick-or-treaters.

    Up until this year I was working out of town (by requirement) and could never get home much before 7 p.m. when the festivities were in full swing. By then, I was tired and would just go inside and keep the front lights off. Bah, humbug. So I’ve been looking forward to handing out candy at least until 7-8 or so, then I’ll turn the lights out. I love the little kids, not so fond of the rowdy teens that start coming along later in the cycle.

    It usually ends pretty abruptly at 9 p.m. here.

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  12. I have plenty of candy for the couple of children who will (maybe) stop by. They are the grandchildren of the family across the road and are related. They usually stop on their way from the local community party to their grandparents. Last year I invited them in to see the doll house my parents made. The little girl did not want to leave and her brother was, oh, so disgusted. He was ready for the grandparents.

    It is lightly snowing here. Twenty-eight years ago we had the infamous Halloween storm, which left us with about three feet of snow. Snow is not unusual at this time of year. The costumes are usually somewhat covered up, except indoors.

    My husband’s group will be playing at an assisted living place earlier in the afternoon. They also played there last week and there was dancing by some. The children start coming in right after school lets out, which is about the time they will finish up. The residents hand out candy. I would have never thought of bringing my children to these places, but it seems it is something others do regularly and the residents enjoy.

    We were happy to watch a video of our grandson getting the top award on his soccer team. It is one that emphasizes good sportsmanship, leadership skills and all that type of thing. It was one of three awards he received, but the most important to us and his parents. May he continue in this way. I am glad the coach and program emphasizes this.

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  13. It’s in the 50s again here this morning and still dry and windy. We had something like 10 fires burning in and around the LA/Orange county areas yesterday, new ones kept popping up throughout the afternoon.

    I probably won’t get the dogs walked tonight, I tried walking dogs (an earlier generation) once here on Halloween night and it was just way too spooky for them with the kids and costumes and masks — and then you had to keep them from scavenging up the discarded candy and candy wrappers. Not worth the chaos and effort.

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  14. And another “fast-moving” fire broke out overnight in San Bernardino to the east of us, 200 acres so far with evacuations conducted.


  15. Twenties this morning.

    We never get trick or treaters.

    Last night at the Embrace Grace meeting, one of the women said she takes her child to the nursing home. The residents are all lined up in their chairs waiting for the children. Sounds like I nice deal I too had never thought of.

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  16. My husband admited he has eaten most of the Halloween candy. He was fighting crowds at the grocery store last night to buy cat litter, I suppose he could pick up another bag! LOL

    Oh, they got power last night.

    Raining here and cold–but it’s warmer in Greenwood than it is at home! Or at least it was this morning.

    Finding lots of amazing treasures–old paper-wise!

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  17. The rule of thumb is to buy Halloween candy at the very last minute before sundown. That way you’ll be less likely to eat it. 🙂

    Happy Reformation Day.

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  18. It was in the 70s this a.m. but we have an overnight frost warning. A cold front will come through today so it will be a chilling evening for those who go trick or treating. That is good because cosumes can get stuffy when it is warm and humid. I hear that wind outside bringing in the cooler air. We may get some storms, too, before the cold wins over the warm air.

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  19. In Chicago I would see trick or treaters my whole way home; they started pretty early. (I got off at 4:30.) By the time I actually got home, virtually nothing. My landlady’s grandson would ring her bell and ours too, but I might or might not get any other children. As I recall, one day I decided to work from home that day . . . and the kids really just didn’t come. Perhaps it wasn’t a tradition for the many children in my neighborhood? I didn’t know what happened with that.

    When I was a child, my dad would go to the door. “Trick or treat” some child would say. With a straight face, my dad would say, “OK, show me your trick.” They would stare back at him with their mouths open, completely unprepared for that response, and he would then give them the candy.

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  20. I just went out in the soggy yard and planted what was left from the nice potted hydrangeas that the kind ladies who transported Michelle to my house gave me. Since it will be cold tonight I needed to plant it. I researched and found that they prefer full morning sun and some shade in the afternoon. I picked a spot that may provide that. I dug up a rock and placed that beside the plant to remind not to mow over it since it is small and after winter will look even smaller more than likely. As I came in the kitchen door from the carport, I thought to myself that a mudroom would be useful. I left my shoes in the kitchen.

    It feels great outside! Visions of bags of candy are dancing in my head. Good thing I have none in house so it won’t be in tummy!

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  21. Jo- I think I’m the only person in Hannibal that uses low gear in an automatic for these hills. You’ve seen them. The whole city is on a hill except for the main north-south drag. And even that has hills in the south half of town.

    As for trick-or-treaters, Mrs L is ready. She has small Play-Doh® containers with small raisin boxes and a small bouncy ball in baggies, along with a tract from some creation website. For the older ones she has pencils.

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  22. We had a thunderstorm, brief power outage.
    No trick or treaters. possibly tomorrow.
    It’s mostly over now.

    She has been wandering around this afternoon and tonight looking, almost desperate, for things she needs to do. I spend part of my time undoing something she did. But she needs to do something. I hope she settles down by bedtime.

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  23. We’ve had our 1 neighbourhood trick or treater already. He loves our boxer, Duke. So he stays to pet him and chat with husband. Then he’s off to the town for a bigger haul. Sometimes we get some of our neighbourhood’s grandchildren (if they’re visiting).

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  24. We had our couple of children visit, too. Their mother had some guitar lessons from my husband years ago. I also asked her to help me with our VBS. She attended another church, but came and was a joy. She has grown into such a nice woman. She now is writing songs and singing with a couple of other gals in her church. She is excited to also singing in their midweek children’s group. So nice to see her use her talents in such a great way.

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  25. Jo, I hope you see this. I read a Biblical fiction book by Carole Towriss, Sold Into Freedom (actually an audio version), which was very good. I see her books in that series are on sale for.99. I thought you would really enjoy her excellent writing. For anyone else who likes Biblical fiction, too.

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  26. We had no trick or treaters tonight. I did not go help with the fall Festival. I saw on Instagram that one church family dressed as different crayon colors. That was really cute.


  27. I finally retreated off the porch shortly after 8 pm, only the dregs of candy left in the big plastic black kitten face bowl.

    So many kids.

    But a fun night, neighbors on either side of me were out on the front porches the whole time – one neighbor had a lighted ghost they operated so it zoomed across the yard. They also had a dog skeleton which freaked some folks out.

    Lots of steps on all our houses so I’d head down with the candy bowl part way especially for the littler ones

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  28. Janice, thanks, I got all that were on for 99 cents. They look interesting. I have never seen amazon have a countdown clock.


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