57 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-29-19

  1. She wants to help so much.
    But there isn’t anything she can do bug get in the way.
    It must really be hard on someone who has spent a lifetime doing things, to be totally useless. I let her help when I can.
    But she is so sweet.

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  2. My beautiful daughters and I are having a Scary Movie Day today, and Nightingale is going to make us a nice brunch. Having these movie days has become our special thing for the three of us to do together. I was quite happy when Chickadee expressed really liking to do this with us. It is something we all enjoy.

    They should be home soon from Nightingale picking up Chickadee, and then stopping at the store for whatever she needs for the brunch.

    Praying again for more “bonding” between my very different daughters, and with me, too, of course.

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  3. I brought the dog bowl in days ago…I confess she lives indoors most of the time 🐶
    It is 12 degrees here right now and the snow continues to fall. I am contemplating walking to the mailboxes with the dog…that will make her happy and me frozen….yep…I think I’ll head ou🎄

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  4. Had to make a dash to Office Depot to get some printer ink & paper. (What I’m saving in gas from the old commute I seem to be making up in printer ink 😦 ).

    Saw a magazine at the check stand about learning self-sufficiency through “Country Skills.” Mumsee could have written that.

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  5. Well we made it and I am glad we ventured out. Walking beneath the snow covered pines in the stillness of the day is so calming. And it was ever so much more when we turned around and the north wind was to our back!! 💨

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  6. Oh, right, rkessler too, for sure, with the butchering thing.

    Of course, the trend here is strictly vegan so we might not have to worry about learning all of that.

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  7. All that cold weather! It’s slightly chilly here, and again rain is predicted. Now they say it will rain on Halloween. I heard we might have a booth for prayer at the Fall Festival. That sounds good to me.

    That sounds like fun, Kizzie. But I am afraid to watch many scary movies. Have y’all watched The Shining? What is your highest recommended scary film?

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  8. I do not watch many scary films, as I have little liking for the Horror genre. But if one is entertained by being scared, my highest recommendation would be ‘Wait Until Dark’.

    Best ghost scene in a film? The maze sequence in Laurel and Hardy’s ‘Chumps at Oxford’.

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  9. It has been a difficult day. Elvera keeps wanting to go home.
    It just doesn’t register in her mind that this has been home for four years.
    I would like to know what is in her mind when she thinks “home”. I don’t think it’s Hendersonville. She is OK now. Sitting here beside me.
    I keep telling her that we own this house.
    She is surprised each time.

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  10. Good to see little brother finally dropping by. Where have you been and why did you not tell us you were going????? Well????


  11. Chas, have you asked her to describe that home she misses? Is it her childhood home, your former home or something else? I have a lot of dreams about my childhood home. It is not far from where I live, but there is no going back to what I have in my mind as home except for in my dreams.

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  12. I was thinking that as well Janice. Asking Elvera to describe the home…it actually might bring to her some sense of comfort just to describe what is meaning so much to her right now. Praying continually for you Chas and your precious bride… ❤️
    The sun came out for about a half hour and poof now it is gone…10 degrees and the wind is blowing. They keep telling us more snow is on the way but for now it has stopped.

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  13. We may be getting that sixteen year old girl, for a while. If we can persuade CPS to keep their hands off. She is considering abortion. Perhaps we can help her see her value and her baby’s value.

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  14. “Wait Until Dark” is very good, I saw that in the theater as a teenager way back when.

    You have the standard demon-themed films (“The Omen” and “The Exorcist”) which are very creepy but maybe wouldn’t appeal to everyone.

    A film I saw on television not long ago (but I was surprised to see it had bad reviews) was “The Premonition.” I believe Kizzie said she’d seen it at the time also. “The Panic Room” is tension-filled.

    “The Shining” was very scary.

    I don’t like a lot of violence so stay far away from any of the ‘slasher’ type scary movies (unfortunately those have come more into fashion in recent decades). I like films with mysterious or supernatural themes but also the real-life scary dramas (“The Panic Room” is one of those).

    I’m sure there are others I’m not thinking of right now.

    Just sat through a marathon county supervisors meeting (online) that I thought would never end and featured the usual crazy public speakers, people with wacky, made-up names who seem to have nothing better to do than to turn out at these meetings to deliver their usual expletive-laced screeds against government. The state of democracy. That could qualify as a scary movie, I suppose.

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  15. I watched a rather sweet film earlier this week, “Just Like Heaven,” with Reese Witherspoon who plays a doctor who’s in a coma but whose spirit is wandering around her old apartment which now is sub-let to the guy she was on her way to meet on a blind date at the time she was in a car accident. Happy ending and all and some laugh out-loud moments.

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  16. Janice – Yes, I have seen “The Shining” (the old one with Jack Nicholson – I think there may be a remake out there). Roscuro mentioned “Wait Until Dark”, which is really good, quite suspenseful. The ones that DJ mentioned are good, too, although “The Exorcist” has some gross scenes.

    One we saw late last spring that was really good was “A Quiet Place”. Very suspenseful. (If you do watch that, let me tell you that the older daughter is deaf. I did not pick up on that right away, and it is important in the movie, but I am not spoiling anything by telling you that ahead of time.)

    Like DJ, I stay away from the ones that are the slasher-type horror movies. For “scary movies”, I prefer films that are suspenseful or psychological thrillers, but sometimes the ones with creepy supernatural themes.

    To be clear, though, we don’t always watch scary movies, but this time of year seems good for them. We also enjoy other kinds of movies.


  17. Kizzie, I think this season in the Northern Hemisphere is very atmospheric for spooky stories. I do not think it is a coincidence that the Northern dwellers of the British Isles and Northern Europe have a tradition of telling scary stories at this time of year (incidentally, it is an old British tradition to tell ghost stories, not on Hallowe’en night, but on Christmas Eve, which is why Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ is a ghost story). One Canadian author mentioned in an essay that he thought it was the tendency for mists and fogs to form at this season which made us fancy wraiths and spirits hovering. I always drive home in the dark now, and I often drive through forming mists (I drive at sunrise in the morning, and the mists are shot with light then), so I understand what he means.

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  18. I thought “The Omen” was scarier than “The Exorcist.” So foreboding. Shiver.

    I’ve not seen “A Quiet Place” yet. But I agree, suspense is better than “horror.” I’ve always enjoyed Alfred Hitchcock movies for that reason.

    Oh, I forgot: “Jaws.” Now there’s a scary tale.

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  19. An old Hallowe’en tradition for us, in my early childhood, was to listen to a radio broadcast of a reading of ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’, which is, of course, a tongue in cheek skewering of the ghost story. A couple of years ago, we happened to have the national broadcaster on, and they still had the traditional reading of the story. I prefer scares that turn out to have been unreal all along.

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  20. Last year I read Ray Bradbury’s “Something Wicked This Way Comes” for Halloween. I’ve never seen the move (from 1983) recycled though. It starred Jason Robards and was very good.

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  21. “Jaws” was a really good movie! I’ve seen it a few times throughout the years. I love Hitchcock movies, too.

    “Something Wicked This Way Comes” was on TV a few years ago, and I finally saw it, and enjoyed it.

    The movie we watched today was called “The Witch”. It was based on some old folktales and legends, and involved a family in the 1600s who had been cast out of their church and community for not toeing the theological line, although the father argued that he was merely following the gospel. It didn’t get into whatever the theological disagreement may have been. They then tried to make a go of it living on a secluded farm, but everything was falling apart (including a baby disappearing).

    The parents were portrayed as strict in their religion, but also loving and tender with their children. At one point, the father was praying in his distress and said something about not having earned God’s grace. I blurted out, “You don’t earn grace!”

    I wasn’t pleased with how it turned out, and none of us really liked it much. That happens from time to time. We read synopses of movies that we might like to see, but often they make them sound a lot better than they are. Earlier this year we were disappointed in a few movies we had seen, and then were pleasantly surprised and happy when we had a “double feature” one day, and both of them turned out to be really good.


  22. I was thinking of watching “The Witch” but decided I probably wouldn’t like it much either, due to the theological misrepresentations that I presumed would be included in the storyline.

    Psycho is very creepy. The “Psycho house” was (is still?) among the big attractions at Universal Studios.

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  23. If anyone is interested, the movies in our double feature that turned out to be good were “Creep” and “Wakefield”. (Despite the name, “Creep” was suspenseful, and not based on anything supernatural.)


  24. DJ – Didn’t they have to build the house after the movie for the sightseers? IIRC, only a facade was used in the movie.


  25. It was just a facade — and it apparently has been changed through the years, the Bates Motel is completely new as it was redone for various sequels. It’s all smoke and mirrors. 🙂

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  26. I don’t like those movies or any creepy or scary movies. The Blob did me in. I have never been the same and have refused to ever watch any of them. Though I think I read Jurassic Park, never saw the movie. Never wanted to.

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  27. I have enjoyed several of Hitchcock’s suspense films, particularly the ones from his early British studio period, before he came to Hollywood, such as ‘Young and Innocent’ (based on the Josephine Tey mystery novel A Shilling for Candles) and ‘The Lady Vanishes’. I did not like the one horror Hitchcock film I watched, ‘The Birds’ and have never had a desire to experience watching ‘Psycho’.

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