29 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-28-19

  1. Morning all. A quiet evening here. I had two sick in kinder so a smaller class. I got out my drawing books and Seth drew a helicopter rescuing someone as a basket with someone in it was dangling below. his dad is a helicopter pilot.

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  2. What a lovely photo. Where is it? How do I get to run away to there?
    I enjoyed my weekend away. Not the real world is crashing back in.
    I pray that Michelle and all of her people are safe.
    One of the exercises this weekend was to write out 6 dreams in 12 categories. This was the 3rd time I have done this exercise. Two years ago I was barely able to get 10 altogether. Last year I struggled to get to 20 or 30. This weekend I was able to get 4 or 5 in each category. That’s progress. None of it HAS to come true. It’s just a “dream” of if money were no object what would you want to do.
    1 Learn Spanish
    2 Spend a month in Spain.

    I don’t even know where Spanish and Spaion bubbles up in my brain. I do possess a two year old passport with no stamps.

    We were each assigned a chapter to report on from the book Perfectly Yourself. Mine ended up being on Discipline. It was about how we buy or try all this stuff to fill o hole inside ourselves and want to just pay for the quick fix to get what we want when what we really need is discipline. Want to lose weight? Buy these pills and spend 20 minutes 3 times a week to look like a super model. No. Make changes to your diet and exercise. Don’t or the fried chicken get the baked chicken. The author suggested small ways to fast to learn discipline.

    In one of those funny ways that God winks at me, I decided to attend the Catholic Church yesterday with two of the women. Anyone care to guess the topic of the homily? Discipline. We want a relationship with God but we lack the discipline to communicate with Him and wait patiently for an answer. We want better relationships with others but we lack the discipline to have a relationship with God and ourselves first, so we go looking for someone or something else to give is instant gratification.

    I did my dream/vision board on what I want. It centered around home. Pretty much what I already knew. I want my home calm and serene where I can go to relax and recharge. It is my escape from the world. I want it to feel like a spa/retreat. I love people and I like to make them happy but when I have spent all that emotion I have to shut down and recharge. It’s about family and providing that place to run to for them.
    That isn’t my life right now. My house is in chaos. My bed is never made. Mail is strewn on the kitchen bar and none of the back cushions are on the sofa.

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  3. You know that was me.
    What happened was: Just as I finished my post, Elvera walks in. She was supposed to still be in bed. But when she walks in, she requires 100% of my time. So! That was it.

    (I was gong to give Kim some advice here, but It occurred to me that my home is kinda like that too. Circumstances change things. But my bed is made. Handle the rest as it occurs.)

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  4. Morning! Autumn is occurring somewhere….thanks for sharing because this is the only way we will see it this year!
    We only got about 3 inches of snow and it is still snowing. The town is shut down for the most part as there is a nice layer of ice under the snow. Another 3 inches predicted for tomorrow. Praying husband and crew from Summit Ministries have a safe trip home from Utah today! Daughter starting her temp job this morning in downtown Springs…what timing!! 😳

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  5. I’d like to return to learning Spanish also. I took it in college but never seriously used it enough, though some of it remains (but not enough of it to really be useful). My office made, who is from Mexico, is going back with her parents on Friday, they’re headed for Guadalajara, one of the places I’d wanted to go to but never did on a couple trips south of the border.

    It was cold enough this morning to throw on a sweatshirt. I haven’t checked to see how the fires in Northern California fared last night, but when i went to bed the newscast predicted more strong winds — some of our inland areas also were in line for strong winds again overnight, too, but I believe our biggest fire is getting somewhat under control.

    Locally we had a small brush fire last week on the peninsula but it was extinguished quickly.

    Today I track our mountain lion for a story (I hope).

    And thinking about Mexico …

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  6. I see there’s a fire near the Getty along the 405 just north of here — that’s where there was a fire a few years ago also. I could still see the vegetation damage from that fire when I drove by there a couple months ago.

    LA Times:

    OCT. 28, 2019 7:56 AM
    A growing brush fire was threatening thousands of homes in Brentwood and other hillside communities on the westside of Los Angeles, burning homes and prompting widespread evacuations early Monday.

    The Getty fire broke out shortly after 1:30 a.m. along the 405 Freeway near the Getty Center and spread to the south and west, rapidly burning more than 500 acres and sending people fleeing from their homes in the dark. About 10,000 structures have been placed under mandatory evacuation orders.

    The mandatory evacuation zone was described by fire officials as a box: Mulholland Drive on the north side, the 405 on the east, Sunset Boulevard on the south and Temescal Canyon Road on the west.

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  7. Kim – I understand. Just this morning I was unhappily surveying my kitchen counter which is getting filled up with Nightingale’s mail and some other of her papers that she needs to deal with, along with the medicines (OTC) that Boy is currently taking, and his inhaler with spacer. The dining room table has some of her stuff on it, and the chairs have clothes over the backs of at least three of them.

    I make my bed in the morning, but when Janie jumps up there, the velocity of her running-and-jumping manages to mess the bed up terribly, with the bedding sometimes almost falling off the other side. That wouldn’t be so annoying if my bedroom were tucked away, but it is situated so that it is in plain sight down here. (The door does not close correctly, so Janie can open it if it is closed.)

    This has been my life for the past 33 years, starting with a messy husband and now a messy family. I hate to get on Nightingale about it because she is too busy already, and I don’t want to add to that. But I do need to talk to her about this. Clutter is to my eyes what noise is to the ears.

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  8. I’ve been reorganizing my kitchen cabinet drawers, especially all the random flatware & other utensils (some are leaving, I have way too many!); so it looks a bit like a hurricane swept through here these days.

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  9. Oh my word that is the sweetest video ❤️!
    After having the floors redone I ended up taking some furniture and about 15 boxes of “stuff” to Goodwill. Purging is a good feeling! Now I need to purge some old papers stored in the office closet….ugh!

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  10. Kim, those type dream listings have been so difficult for me, too. I consider how Art is not goal oriented in making a bucket list, and that seems like something a married couple should do together. And sometimes friends do that together, too. I found out pretty soon after Art and I got married that his idea of vacations was to pack as much in and see everything wherever we went, and my idea was to pick a few choice things to savor and go and enjoy at an easy relaxed pace. Of course with his health problems all that has changed. Now my one big awesome dream is to see heaven where things will be good like God meant them to be.

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  11. Did I say 3 inches of snow?! Make that 6! I just shoveled the drive (our snow blower broke earlier this year)….the sun is shining and the sky is blue. I came in before completing in front of the garage doors as the snow from the tops of the pines is falling in huge clumps…and I was hit smack in the face and head with one…time for some coffee!! 😜 ⛄️

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  12. The gardener is here, no snow to shovel. 🙂

    Janice, go to my FB page to find that post, looks to me like there is a share button there.

    New wrinkle in mountain lion sighting — as in it could be a video-still hoax (which might explain why Kare’s husband noted that the feet looks odd?). But officials are still checking the area out for prints and other evidence.

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  13. I have trouble with thinking of my hopes and dreams for the future because I don’t want to presume upon God, or get one thing stuck in my mind and miss something wonderful-but-different that He may bring into my life.

    Also, I think Hubby’s death has made me either a pessimist or a realist, not sure which one. Maybe a bit of both. Our dream and hope together – and our fervent prayer – was to grow old together and to see Boy grow up, or at least mostly grow up. You know what happened there. I still think about how we would say that we were going to be the cute old couple holding hands in public. I am ashamed to say that sometimes I feel “cheated” out of that. (But I don’t like accusing God of cheating me. I know He is more loving than that.)

    So the pessimistic part of me says, “What’s the point of hoping and dreaming? God’s gonna do what He’s gonna do anyway. And there’s no promise that things are going to get better.”

    But the more optimistic realist says, “But He wants us to pray, and to trust Him like a little child trusts her daddy. So go ahead and ask, knowing that it may please Him to grant your request, and if not, He still has a plan.”

    Although I try to hold onto the latter view, I do vacillate between the two. My faith is not based, though, on what God does for me.

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  14. I am clearing out here too. Got out a mostly empty trunk last night to see what was in it. A few surprises. I plan on taking my large suitcase and 50 pound trunk home with me this time. In preparation for going finish a year after I come back. So I am sorting and packing. I can send books and a few dvd’s through media mail. That means I can use the cheap sea freight from here and then they will mail things from the east coast to me through media mail. It is complicated. And what to do with sweet notes that folks have written me???

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  15. Take pictures of the notes. 🙂

    We had a good first day. There is so much to read/review but not as poorly organized as I had feared. We’ll be doing everyone a favor by digitizing.

    I’m very tired.

    Even I get tired of Talking all day!

    Both of my brothers are on the edge of evacuation in LA.

    They texted to sympathize with me this morning.

    My husband’s factory is closed until Thursday, 50% of employees are evacuated.

    The thought of lost revenue for so many in the county is horrifying.

    With another red flag day coming tomorrow, P, G, &E didn’t even bother to turn the electricity back on today.

    103 mph winds yesterday outside Healdsburg.

    It’s quiet at my house, air is clear— the winds are blowing the smoke west. We’re southeast.

    But, a third day without power means the meat in the freezer may need to be tossed. Since it was a “planned” outage, the loss isn’t covetable by insurance. Not a major loss for us, but for others, yet another financial blow. 😦


  16. “isn’t covetable by insurance”

    We know what you mean, but the resulting typo is ironic. Isn’t a lot of insurance involved in covetousness?

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  17. Home from the eye doctor who thinks all is well … but, one of the membranes looked a bit thin to him (probably due to my nearsightedness, but …) said he’d still like me to check in with a retinal specialist just to make sure. Ugh. Really? If nothing looks off, why am I having to see a specialist? “Well, they’re the specialists,” he said. And I can barely see now because of the dilation, will have to go through all this and more at the next appt, I’m sure. I’m channeling Janice.

    Meanwhile, our mountain lion was totally photoshopped by one of our local pranksters. As soon as I heard it was his video, it was a huge red flag for me as I’ve known him for a couple years (from afar via social media mostly). But I learned enough to see that he had a huge obsession with protecting coyotes (he loved-loved-loved them) and other wildlife to the extent of going out on midnight jaunts to hang out with them and set up cameras near their dens; he invited me to go out with him once, but I declined, wisely, I’m quite sure. He finally made the news after he sent out a May Day radio call when he got stuck trying scale and rapel up a sheer rock face in camouflage attired late one night, had to be rescued by local fire crews.. He owns a popular restaurant on the pier and is very well off, apparently, but kind of a character; likable, but hyper and a prankster also knows his way around video cameras.

    Anyway, will try to follow up tomorrow to see if he faces any fines for making several officials in the city and county crazy trying to track down all of this. And one reporter. 🙂

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