12 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 10-19-19

  1. She’s up and it’s back to whatever normal is around here.
    “Best looking 88 year old in Guilford County. ” (I just said to the lady who comes to help on Saturdays.)

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  2. The thing that cemented our decision to not let her live here anymore was her breaking into the room of daughter and baby. Baby is clearly not going to be able to be kept safe with that possibility.

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  3. 😦 The man who owned our house for many years before us did a lot of very bad DIY work on this poor house. The plumbing is crazy.

    Nightingale and Virginia spent a lot of time in the basement last night, trying to trace where each of the pipes go. There are pipes that go nowhere and are not even connected to anything anymore, which is not apparent until you try to follow where they go. There are valves that work and valves that don’t work. There are valves with the typical red color for hot and blue color for cold – except that they aren’t necessarily on the correct hot or cold pipes. (IOW, a red color valve thingie may be for a cold water pipe, and a blue valves thingie may be for a hot water pipe.)

    🙂 On the positive side, since Virginia has some experience with these house matters, she has told Nightingale that we can save money when the plumber eventually comes by being able to tell him exactly what needs to be done, rather than have him do the diagnostics.

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  4. Brava for Nightingale! Please let her know that my husband, who repaired submarines for a living, struggles with plumbing.

    Or, at least he claims that a plumbing job always requires at least two, and often more, trips to the hardware store before it’s done right.

    And he’s an expert on valves! 🙂

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  5. I was really pretty lucky with my bathroom. Real Estate Guy was sure the 1923 wood substructure, walls/flooring, would be a wet mess when we finally tore everything down to the studs. We’d have to bring in gigantic fans, he said, which would be running for a while to dry everything out.

    But it was all torn out, the underpinnings were really quite beautiful. And dry. The leak under the tub area apparently drained straight under the house and did its damage there (not good, either, but the bathroom “bones” were all good, completely dry and seemed to mesmerize workmen who beheld it, how beautiful it all was).

    Even Real Estate Guy admitted he was both wrong and very surprised. 🙂

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  6. I don’t struggle with plumbing. I let somebody else do it. My dad was an electrician, and he taught me some things abut that. But plumbing errors last a long time and cost a lot.

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