48 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-18-19

  1. Good morning everyone but Jo
    Good evening Jo.
    It works here. I was trying to send an e-mail this morning, and after the subject, I would press “enter” and the address sent before I entered the message.
    Don’t know why.


  2. no problems here. I can even like as long as I use chrome.
    A long day of meetings today. But I was able to purchase a 50 foot hdmi cable so now I can use a document camera at the front of my classroom. Chas, I know you don’t know what that is and I know so little that I won’t even try to explain it.


  3. I don’t have a problem logging on.
    But I have a strange problem with my e-mail
    After I enter the “send to” and press “enter” (as I have done three times here already), the message is sent to addressee with no text.
    (I made my comment in the “subject” line.


  4. Good morning! I use firefox at home without issue, and chrome at work. The key is to stay logged in, or make sure you are logged in.


  5. Good Morning Everyone. It is a chilly 59 degrees here. Don’t worry, I’m not lulled in to thinking we are experiencing Fall. Not at all.
    Michelle, I have tried to listen to your speech several times from my phone. Today I have time to sit here at my computer and listen so I will try again. It’s so nice hearing your voice and I love the way you pray. It reminds me of a story one of my Bible teachers told.

    There were two little boys who wanted to learn how their grandfather prayed so they hid under the bed one night to listen. The grandfather said, “Good night Lord, I’ll talk to you tomorrow”.

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  6. It’s Friday, yes, but it isn’t 10-11 again. And that photo (I took it, so I can say this) probably looks better smaller, since it’s a crop of a larger photo and doesn’t have enough detail to be this big.

    Anyway, three birds were flying over the pond, the hawk (which is, I think, juvenile read-tailed hawk–it has the markings of a red-tailed hawk except its tail never looked red) and two crows. The crows were chasing the hawk, as birds often do. Mockingbirds, blue jays, and some other species (and sometimes even smaller hawks) will chase hawks or owls to harass them and move them out of their territories and away from their nests.

    It is hard (for me at least) to get a photo of this activity, since it’s hard to get a photo of birds in flight anyway, and in this case you want to get two or more birds, get them in focus, get them with their wings open, with the sunlight hitting them correctly, and get them interacting with each other and not flying away from each other. In many attempts, this is my most successful photo.

    Sunday at church we got group photos of our whole congregation, first inside with everyone sitting in the pews, and then outside with everyone standing in the grass, with a photo taken by drone. We had to wait for the drone to upload something, and while we waited, two hawks circled overhead. The lead one is our biggest hawk, the red-tailed hawk (only in that instance one could see the red in the tail), and the one chasing it was either a Cooper’s hawk or a red-shouldered. I wished I had my camera, because I probably could have gotten some photos, and it’s only the second time I’ve seen a hawk chasing another hawk. (I once saw a kestrel chasing a larger hawk.) But against the blue sky it was pretty to see, and like in this case they were flying in circles and one could see them for quite a while.


  7. I got to listen to Michelle this morning while I ran comps on mobile homes. I have fallen in with the bank that repo’s them. I currently have 1 listed, just sold 1, and am about to list 3.

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  8. I started to make a comment about the birds.
    Then, a companion I call Second Thoughts, said “Don’t”. But then, after Michelle’s comment, I decided to post it anyhow. ‘ I hope Cheryl doesn’t mind.
    If I were a bird, I wouldn’t want anyone taking a picture of my bottomside.

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  9. Good morning! It feels cold in the house this morning. I had to go to Publix around 7 a.m. to get cat food. We were out late at the Christian Library International dinner so getting up early to go buy cat food was a sacrifice.

    A large PCA church in the Atlanta suburbs has gotten really involved with CLI and they have given a $60,000 matching grant for the fund raising dinners.

    Unfortunately, my donation to the silent auction of two annual plus passes to Stone Mountain did not get in on the silent auction. Now I need to try to get them to do something else with. Live and learn.

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  10. Good morning, all. The sky is lightening and brightening. Nearly time to head out as the roosters are calling. It will be interesting what the Lord brings in my life today. Will eighteen be calm and coherent? Will twenty two have any more secrets she wants to bring to light before the big meeting? (I remind her that things that she has told him that don’t line up with what she has told us, may just come out tomorrow.)I am delighted that a friend has offered to take eighteen during the meeting tomorrow so it will just be us and twelve and thirteen.

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  11. Elvera goes to an Adult Center for elderly “recreation” on Wednesday and Friday for four hours each. This morning, while I was getting her ready, she said. “They have some big men there lately. Big men, not scrawny like you. Big men”. I let it pass. I know what she meant.
    I told her not to run off with any of them. She will be the prettiest one there.

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  12. Re: the “My son did nothing wrong” cartoon. I have been amused that the press is considering impeaching Trump for investigating a possible abuse of power.
    Somebody needs a “world turned upside down” cartoon.

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  13. My father taught me many little ditties. Some worth repeating some not. Today I will share this and let you decided.
    Birdie, Birdie, in the sky,
    Why did you do it in my eye?
    You sure make me glad elephants don’t fly.

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  14. Michelle,

    No. No. No. πŸ™‚

    It’s a crow and a hawk. They ain’t mating. πŸ™‚

    Somebody got too close to someone else’s nest most likely. That’s a dogfight, and it’s a great shot.


    Great shot Cheryl! πŸ™‚

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  15. Birds
    My wife raises canaries in her bird room. (For Kim, 12′ x 40′ with a two hole sink, stone top, garbage disposer, three drawers and a dishwasher.)
    I don’t get to help her take care of the birds.


  16. I’m barely functioning today, I felt really groggy when I got up (so groggy I’ve made coffee, something I don’t always do) and I’ve been sneezing the way I do when I’m coming down with something.

    I have a lot to get done today, 2 stories, so I’ll have to push through it. I’ll probably be sick just in time for the weekend. I always have such good timing.


  17. Hello all. I never log in here; I just type my email and screen name in the first two boxes under the Leave a Reply box.

    Kathaleena, I noticed your avatar on the prayer thread yesterday wasn’t your usual pink heart one, but a photo of, I’m guessing, you? (Nice pic it was, by the way.) πŸ™‚ But now I see the avatar is back to the usual one. Did some setting get changed when the avatar switched (or switched back) that might be causing the difficulty logging in?

    Not that I know anything about such technical matters, but the timing of those two events seemed to be close together, so I wonder if they’re interrelated somehow?

    Linda, I don’t get your reference to time travel. Did I miss something?

    Let’s see if this posts…


  18. Regarding 6’s question about Linda’s time travel reference, I think from some of the early comments that Linda had seen the wrong date in the thread’s title. But that was fixed by the time we got here.

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  19. Ah, now I see. Cheryl had said, “It’s Friday, yes, but it isn’t 10-11 again.” I know I read her comment, but it didn’t “register” with me as a date, for some reason. Can I claim fatigue as my excuse?

    On that note, I am hoping that I’ll be ready and raring to go around 9pm tonight when it’s time for me to accompany the one song I’m doing at the choir concert tonight. I told you this before, but I’ve been baffled and frustrated with my struggle to follow the director in rehearsals. Today I think I may have figured out some of the problem: rehearsals are at 3:20 pm. People, that is the time of day when I’m most sluggish. I just didn’t think that would affect my ability to function well musically, though, but I think it has to some degree.

    So I’m hoping that things will go alright tonight, as I’m playing at a time of day (night) when I’m ordinarily much more peppy. Yes, I’m a night owl. πŸ™‚

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  20. On and on, I know that feeling too, on an easier level than mumsee, I’m sure.

    My homeless encampment story doubled in length after interviews with neighbors and a mission director in the area.

    Now I have another story I need to do — fast — before this day and week are over.

    My only real “break” today was hauling the empty trash cans up for me and my neighbor.


  21. oh, no. Time to take a walk, Mumsee
    chilly here this morning. 50 degrees inside. I actually opened the curtain on my window that faces the sunshine. I kept getting up to put things on last night, heavier socks, gloves, a vest, a long sleeved shirt and finally, another blanket


  22. Can’t take a walk, can’t leave her unattended in the house. Husband went to visit a friend in the hospital. But, I found the secret! I put on a Francis Chan sermon! She scooted out of the room, came back, yelled a bit but not right at me, then fled the room again. Success! Silence is golden.

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  23. I have some funny co-workers.

    one of their FB posts —

    New question at the hospital yesterday:

    Nurse: Are you homeless?

    Me: Is it the pants (ripped jeans) lol?

    Nurse: I have to ask everyone now.

    Me: Really? Not yet, but possibly after this visit.

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  24. Yes, 6 arrows, I did make a change on the gravatar as I was trying to be able to use the like button on this site. Then I switched it back, since it wasn’t helping me. I guess I will have to make the effort to comment and not use the like button for the time being. Computers can be so wonderful and so irritating at the same time.

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  25. I turned the heat on since the thermostat showed 59 in the house this morning. Since Art has hypothyroidism, he feels the chill more than I do. I am looking out for his needs. I would leave the heat off a little longer as my preference.

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  26. I was irritated with my computer this past week, too. (Or my website mostly.) I was trying to replace the picture of me at my old piano with a new one of me at my grand piano, and the upload kept failing. Tech support through my website took many days and techs to get the image into my website Media Manager for me to access. Then it was easy from there. It shouldn’t have taken 6 days and multiple emails to tech support to switch out one simple picture, though!

    Time for me to get ready to go to the concert now. Below is the song on which I’ll be playing. You can hear it’s not that difficult a piano part, except for where the texture is thick and the rhythm speeds up from around the 2:30 to 2:50 mark. It’s all the slowing down and speeding up of the beat in several places in the song that complicates matters, plus the needed rubato for the character of the piece. The director’s sense of rubato (definition: robbed time) is different than mine, but it’s my duty as an accompanist to follow his rendering of the changing pulse.

    Could you pray that I could play as responsively as the pianist in the video does, so that I’m an asset to the ensemble and not a distraction?

    To God be the glory for any and all beauty he brings out of this tonight.


  27. This sunset is amazing tonight!! Looking through the pines to the west, the details of the branches and pine needles are so sharp against the orange/peach/silver/bluish sky.
    Janice you have a greater tolerance to cold than I! When we arise in the morning the house is 62 and I am freezing! I need it to be 68 in here to be comfortable. (And chai is my favorite tea…in latte form 😊)

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  28. I am trying to write an offer for Mama Ruth’s granddaughter. I am using Docusign. I am not sure I have done it correctly.
    Add in that someone keeps saying Mimi and looking at me.

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  29. Jo, I got that walk in. Husband got distracted and left the room with her sharp stuff in it, unlocked when he finished looking at it with the heating and cooling guy. (yet another pain in the attempt to become a certified family home.) Anyway, she was throwing rocks at windows, cutting, hiding needles, opening animal pens, etc so we ended up chasing her out of the yard. And walking around trying to keep her off the property. The deer fence comes in handy once again. The deputy told her to just leave if she does not like it here. He told her that we have gone far above and beyond trying to help her and all she does is give us …. and he is tired of it.
    She asked me to call the deputies tonight. I asked her if she was suicidal, because they would want to know. She said no. We told her she can have a sleeping bag and blankets and a jacket but she is not sleeping in the house tonight. She gave me the rotary cutter she took out. She is locked out, all the windows secured. Deputy told us she is an adult and guardianship does not require us to let her stay in the house with us. We are going with that. She is not safe and there is no place to put her where she will be safe. The streets are filled with such people. Not to mean she is not safe tonight, from other things. She is. Just not from herself.


  30. mumsee, prayers.

    I finished my long day chained to the home desk. Several phone interviews and two stories later, I was finally done at about 6.

    After watering out front, I took the dogs out for their evening walk, talked to Carol who called while we were walking. She’s still not doing well, the incontinence has become a serious problem (and is mostly due to all her intestinal/hernia surgeries through the years so there’s not really anything anyone can do to control or fix it).


  31. Concert went until a little past 9 tonight. A lot of enjoyable songs.

    I sometimes wonder when I come here and post after a piano concert if I sound boastful when I report that things went well with my music.

    Well, now I’ll balance that with how it went tonight on the song I accompanied. It was merely OK, but not much more. The choir and the director were great. But I know enough about music to know I was/am the weak link in the group.

    I’m struggling to not feel guilty that when the conductor first asked me last month before I signed with them how much I wanted to be paid (they suggested a range, with the upper end being $100 more than the lower end, but left open the possibility of my requesting a figure outside of that range), I chose the upper figure they suggested.

    I feel like a fraud now, not doing, IMO, nearly as well as I should be for this caliber of group and the pay I’m getting.

    Anyway… if it ever sounds like I’m saying, look at what a great player I am, well, I’m not. Simple as that.

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