39 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-16-19

  1. I woke up with an older friend in Colorado on my mind (I suppose because she was in my dream). I’ve not stayed in touch with her as I should — she was a special friend from church and she and her husband moved to Colorado to be with their large family some years ago. She always took a special interest in some of us single women as she’d married “late” (or what passed for late in her day, probably in her 30s and had a career as an RN) in life.

    She’s had a hard year health-wise, is now about 90 I believe. It occurred to me I hadn’t heard from her in about a month, which is worrisome. I sent her a FB msg this morning (which is how we’ve usually been communicating), but if I don’t hear back I’ll give her a call or connect with her daughter.

    Her husband died shortly after they made the move, he was somewhat older, already in his early 90s when they left here, I believe, but they both were so treasured by all of us and are still missed.

    The dream I had was rather vivid, I had to fly back to Colorado for something, my mom was in the dream, too — and I realized I hadn’t made my plane reservations in time and was going to arrive in the middle of the night.

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  2. So far it is another gorgeous sunny fall day here, with rain supposed to move in later today and last at least through tomorrow. It is rather windy right now, and I think the wind is supposed to whip up more later. I love watching the branches sway and the leaves flutter in the wind. At this point in the changing of the leaves, with most of them ready to fall, it looks as if it is raining leaves when the wind blows.

    Yesterday I was watching that happen as I did my morning check of how the trees were changing, and it had me thinking of how fall is like a visual allegory of the beauty of the death of God’s saints. As zillions of leaves flew and danced in the wind, I thought of them being like souls sailing to Heaven. But the fact that they ended up fluttering down to the ground messed up my allegory. 😀

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  3. The sun may be up behind the cloud bank, it’s light out here in CA.

    My husband is off in his junk jeans and sweatshirt to help lay stone at church this morning. He’s got his business attire for the afternoon when he’ll head to work.

    He’s such a good man.

    I’m going dancing and then a full day of managing all the pieces of my writing life, Bible study and the emotional overload I’m trudging through right now.

    They’re laying stone for the prayer garden funded by a memorial gift from Jo’s estate which was overseen by her niece Texas Jo who died on Sunday.

    And here come the tears again.

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  4. I had a scare this morning after coming back from the bus stop.

    I specifically remember putting my purse behind my bedroom door to get it out of sight when the man came to take care of the router and computer. For some reason, I decided to get it. It wasn’t there. Knowing it wasn’t there, I still looked behind the door two or three more times to make sure, but no, it wasn’t there. It wasn’t in my closet, and it wasn’t in Chickadee’s old room, where we often stash stuff and where I had stashed the big bag of dog food which had been in my room.

    I was convinced that it must have been stolen. I did not believe that the computer guy would do that, especially since I witnessed his comings and goings, and it would have been hard for him to get away with it. But just this morning, my neighbor mentioned that our previous across-the-street neighbor is now living in the house at the top of the lane, which is owned by one of her relatives. This lady has had a drug problem, and my neighbor saw her coming out of a liquor store yesterday. (Although here in Connecticut, we call them “package stores” for some reason.)

    So I wondered if she could have sneaked in the house sometime when we were at the bus stop. All I knew was that my purse – with my ID, debit card, and health insurance info, along with a little money – was gone, and I didn’t know what to do.

    Feeling a mixture of numbness and panic, even feeling a little horrified about it, and a little sick to my stomach, I thought I should check my bank info online to see if my card had been used. Going into the living room, where my laptop is, I absent-minded peeked behind the living room door, not really expecting to find anything.


    So that’s the door I put my purse behind.

    Whew! I cannot tell you how greatly relieved I felt, along with also feeling silly that I did not remember which door I actually put my purse behind.

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  5. Mumsee- You need to pick a tie breaker for the Pigskin Picks since you won last week. If you want, I’ll just use the Boise State at BYU game.


  6. DJ’s post made me LOL!

    My Bible study on the Life of Joseph went well. There were only five of us ladies. I got up at 3:30 a.m. and revised the whole thing since I had way too much info. I ended up doing several themes that ran through his life. First we covered abandonment. Then we moved onto how the life of David aligned so closely with the life of Jesus, and then we discussed God’s provision throughout Joseph’s life. We have a great group of ladies. So.Absolutely.Blessed.

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  7. I am renting a missionary car for my furlough. I got an email this week that I needed to pay a fee to confirm. I went online to do it and, of course, you have to have a password. I tried and they were supposed to send me an email, which never happened. I will try again this morning. They want the bill paid in the next day and only gave me three days to do it.


  8. Yeah!! It worked. I noticed that one of the options was to set up a new account, so did that. They wanted to use my bank account, but I did credit card. All paid.
    Now I have to fill out and send in a form for the agreement. I don’t have a printer so will have to get someone to scan it for me.


  9. Regarding liquor stores being called “package stores” in Connecticut, here in Michigan they’re called “party stores”. When we first moved here I’d often here people mention picking something up at a party store, and wondered what that was.

    Are there other different names for liquor stores in other states?

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  10. I may have it. It some doing, but I got back on.
    Problem is, YAHOO disappeared all of a sudden and Google says it is the one. But I can’t get on Google. There is some magic I can work at the top of the page. It works, but not always.
    We’ll see.

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  11. Kevin in my old hometown they were called “Pony Kegs”…you could drive into the building and purchase your booze along with ice, chips, cigarettes, etc. When our family headed out of town for our camping trips Dad always drove through the Pony Keg to get our ice and soda 😊


  12. My sister stopped by briefly today and mentioned that when she was at our parents’ house a few days ago, the smoke alarm was occasionally chirping. She asked my mom, who has experienced some hearing loss, whether she could hear the alarm, and Mom said yes. When my sister asked how long it had been doing that, she replied it had been for a couple days. Yet she made no attempt to replace the battery or get someone else to do it.

    There had also been an incident this past summer that a delivery person came into the house with the frozen products Mom had ordered, and noticed natural gas smell. Mom could smell it, too, but made no effort to get herself or Dad to fresh air.

    The delivery person opened windows and had them get out of the house, and notified others.

    My dad is too far into dementia to realize there would be any danger, but my mom, 11 years younger and still in her 70s, is increasingly showing poor judgment on safety matters.

    She’s very quick to call my brother or sister-in-law, who lives next door, if, say, the TV isn’t working right, but other matters that don’t really inconvenience them seem to elicit no response from them.

    We need wisdom in how to continue the conversation with them on assisted living. They think they’re fine because of most of their children living in the general area, but, obviously, we can’t keep up with knowing everything that’s going on at their house that could be dangerous.

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  13. “She” in the last sentence of my first paragraph refers to Mom, not my sister. My sister alerted another sister who was going to Mom & Dad’s today about the smoke alarm needing a battery. It was Mom who didn’t seem to realize something needed to be done about that.


  14. 6 Arrows, it’s hard to see one’s parents grow old and not always know their own weaknesses (ability or inability to drive, for instance). Hopefully you will all get it figured out!

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  15. Cheryl, thanks; yes, it is. And I know my siblings and I aren’t alone in that, which brings me some comfort. We can brainstorm together and also ask others who have been or are in that stage of life with their parent(s).

    I’m in the process of getting judges lined up for our district auditions in the spring, and one of the ones I asked replied to me today that she’d love to judge for us, but her parent’s health decline has necessitated her staying closer to home now.


  16. Another busy weekend coming up, this time with musical pursuits. Friday night is the first choir concert in which I’m involved as accompanist (for a local university’s concert choir). The university has four different choral groups, and I don’t know how many of them are participating in Friday’s concert, but I know it’s more than just the group I accompany.

    Anyway, I only play on one piece because the concert choir’s other pieces are a cappella. The one on which I play is the very last song of the night. I hope I don’t screw it up!! He’s a very exacting director — nice, to be sure, but quite driven to get exactly the sound he wants, from both the choir and me, the accompanist — and, honestly, accompanying again has been more of a learning curve than I expected. I’ve been playing solo for a number of years now, and haven’t accompanied a choir in decades. Very different roles, going from soloist to collaborator. I’m not 100% confident that I’m going to pull off my part without a hitch.

    Then on Sunday, I’m playing my viola in church with two violinists and a cellist. Our quartet plays on two of the hymns. We had rehearsal tonight, and we should be fine. One of the pieces is familiar to 3/4 of our group — we played it a few months ago.

    The worship leader told me tonight that someone in our church donated money to be used to purchase a grand piano! We have a Yamaha upright at the moment. So she and I got talking piano after rehearsal — what are good brands, sizes for the space, location in the sanctuary, etc. Time flies during enjoyable conversations like those. 🙂


  17. Kizzie, I had my own scare this evening. My engagement ring (using my mom’s heirloom diamond, which I am the third or fourth in my family to wear) was misplaced for a while. I take it off if I am going to be working with dirty things, so I had set it on top of my book and Bible for tonight’s Bible study, making sure it would be quite visible there so I would see it to put it back on. Unfortunately when I actually left for Bible study, I was distracted, talking to my husband, and I don’t know what all, and it wasn’t till I was halfway to church that I realized I wasn’t wearing that ring and thus somewhere along the way I dropped it.

    I called my husband from church, asking him to check the table and floor. I assumed it probably was in one of those places, and I didn’t want him to step on it or kick it, or even just see it there and thought I’d been quite careless with it. He called me back in a few minutes (after the Bible study had already started) to tell me he couldn’t find it anywhere, that he had even checked the driveway, and that I should check the car. So I went out to check the car (having another lady hold the church door so I could get back in), but the overhead light doesn’t really illuminate every crevice, and what it did illuminate didn’t show the ring. I went back in to the study, hoping my husband wasn’t panicking, and prayed that God would allow us to find it later.

    When I arrived home, my husband went out with a flashlight and found it in the space between the front seats. He told me next time don’t put it on top of the books, but beside them, and I said I’d already figured that out–but at the time it really seemed like a safe enough thing to do, since it was quite visible on the book.

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