55 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-12-19

  1. Good evening and good morning. It is snowing and there is snow on the ground. I guess I will be driving in it, since it is quilting day at church. It is the first time on a Saturday. The men of the church have their monthly breakfast today. I find it funny that the men are going to eat, while the women are going to work. 😉 Some women said they will come if it was on a Saturday. We shall see. It is certainly not something that everyone cares or needs to do. We are praying for a new pastor. They are very difficult to find these days.

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  2. Good morning. Too dark to see if there is snow out there but I suspect not or it would be lighter! Husband and son will be off to the men’s breakfast in a couple of hours. They will have to wake up first though.

    Every time I read through the Bible, it becomes a bit more clear. Things I thought were just random writings forty years ago, begin to make sense.

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  3. Morning! Snow is melting here and the sky is Colorado blue!
    We have a chipmunk running about in the attic..we hear him at night. Husband ordered a trap to catch the little stink. We have yet to find the place where he could get in but we know he scurries all over the outside of this house during the day. He likes to look inside our windows!

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  4. Some things I wonder about:
    why are there horse droppings in the dog run?
    why do you tear off a paper towel and throw it into the trash without using it?
    why is all the laundry in your laundry basket wet when you do laundry on Monday?
    where did your cheerios go when you just sat down and they are gone (I filled the bowl)?

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  5. Slept until 8 this morning. I do not remember when that last happened, so I’m moving slowly. Not having electricity for a couple days has made me lazy!

    Had such a wonderful afternoon yesterday. My best friend/neighbor from Hawai’i 25 years ago came for lunch and we sat outside and talked for six hours!

    I feel caught up–but also that I gossipped too much. Confession there, forgiveness yet again, and on to other things.

    A splendid day today, starting out at 39 degrees but should be 80 by this afternoon. Another lazy day would be–too good to be true!

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  6. My daughter survived her fire ordeal–13 hours of work. Very stressful. She, the newest and youngest member of the management team, was the “senior” person in charge and had no trouble stepping into the appropriate shoes. (Snickering from family members when I tell this story).

    She reminded everyone of the company’s values, set priorities and got them moving. Most of their staff live behind the fires and with I-5 closed, couldn’t come to work. Some people had to work triple shifts so they could get the transports safely carried out.

    She was triumphant when she called on the way home but also exhausted. We’re proud of her and praying the fires get under control. Scary times in L.A.

    Thanks for your prayers.

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  7. I have a busy Saturday, but I also slept late (until 8:20 so I beat michelle’s record). I have to pick up Cowboy’s arthritis pill refill first and then it’s off to see Carol who told me last night that her new pastor also is returning so we should have a little group at 1 p.m. there. She finally called him yesterday and he said he’d come today. I’m looking forward to meeting him and to seeing Carol, she sounded much better on the phone last night and I know today’s “visits” are an uplift for her.

    On the house front, I have a couple of those unfinished wood “cubes” (2 shelves) on the patio, they’ve been there a while, but I really think I want to paint them now. They’re really such handy little storage pieces for outdoor things. I also should probably use the clear sealant on the former pine TV cabinet I had moved out there when the painters were still here. I decided that would lower the furniture profile in the house and also provide a handy cabinet to keep gardening tools and pet items.

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  8. On the drive north today to see Carol I’ll probably run into some smokey air at least. My friend in the Valley texted last night, they’re 9 miles from the Saddleridge fire but not in any kind of evacuation zone. Her daughters are also very close, but neither of them were evacuated either.

    I haven’t even checked on the fire status this morning yet.


  9. The TV cabinet is quite rustic, not a “fine” piece of furniture; it was handmade by a young carpenter in town when I moved in here, he advertised in our paper that he was making them, they were quick to produce for him and provided some extra income. I thought of painting it but that would be a big job. I think a clear seal, though, is at least in order.

    Either way, I’m not going to get to much if any of that today.

    I’m lucky we don’t live in snow country; even relatively unprotected wood furniture survives OK year round in a covered patio.


  10. It was fun to have one of the men of our congregation come to quilting today. His daughter is one of two young people who will receive a graduation quilt and he wants to help. Apparently, he has helped hang quilts for the 4-H group at the fair and has found them quite fascinating. He is an older dad who is quite brilliant, but laid off a job doing some deep scientific research for a university. They shut the experiment down and he has trouble finding work; probably due to being over qualified. He decided he had to do more research about his daughter’s color preferences and what activity fabrics she might want to be included. We have some idea and have picked out some from the donated fabric. We have a lot of fabric that no young people would really want, but it is surprising what can be used at times. It is also surprising what some prefer. The quilts will also have pictures from their families printed on some of the squares. We thought the group would have to be shut down, but it seems to be more popular since a Saturday was picked for the meeting time.

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  11. Good afternoon. It’s pleasant out today. Someone has some rather loud music going in our neighborhood. So when I wrote that, the music disappeared. Am I entering the Twilight Zone?

    We had a great critique group this morning. I took in some gluten free foods. Not much was eaten, but it was nice to offer it and try it myself. I really like the Greenwise sesame seed and brown rice crackers. The pumpkin and maple bars by Greenwise taste good but not super good. And the Greenwise dried mango is excellent. I would like to chop up that mango, which is in large slices, and use it in muffins.

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  12. Kathaleena, my mother and father worked together to make quilts for my brother and me when we graduated from college. It was a labor of love. I guess that is why I wanted to get the Lone Star quilt pieces, handed down in our family, put together and finished in time for Wesley to graduate from Baylor next spring. I had to get someone else to do it, but it goes forward to the next generation with this new family tradition of giving quilts to those who graduate from college. I still have more quilt pieces that I need to do something with.

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  13. Anyone familiar with the hymn Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me ?

    When her pastor today asked Carol what she’d like us to sing, what her favorite hymn was, this is what she suggested. Blank looks all around. But it was, indeed, in the Lutheran Hymnal he’d brought. Problem was none of us really knew the melody and singing is not among Carol’s personal talents.

    So the pastor called his wife, who looked it up and we at least got to hear it via a Lutheran Song app.

    The pastor suggested we sing “The Church is One Foundation” which all of us knew. 🙂

    Nice little meeting, though, the pastor is young and he brought one of his sons, who looked to be about 14-15 and had a great voice. Carol’s beau Charles was there and I think the pastor felt the call to minister to him a bit — he’s African American, grew up in LA and attended Baptist churches, but he’s a man of very few words so getting a grasp on his beliefs is difficult, though Carol thinks he is a believer.

    Anyway, it was a good visit and after the pastor and his son left (we received the Apostle’s Creed and prayed the Lord’s Prayer before his departure), I had a long visit with Carol, which was good. We met for all of this in the “family” room rather than her personal room as she now has a new roommate.

    The air was thick with haze, could barely make out the Hollywood sign.

    Here’re some photos of the church the pastor heads up, it’s beautiful (Carol and I drove by there once after she was relocated in that area). Pastor apparently is from St. Louis, I think, attended Concordia. He has been emailing her MP3 files of his sermons every week but Carol hasn’t been able to access them, but we managed to figure it out after he left. She’s on Android so it has to go through a music app but she already had that installed on her phone. So at least she can listen to the sermons every week.


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  14. Oh I remember that hymn Dj…but watching that video was making me sea sick!
    It is so good to know you had a sweet visit with Carol. And I really like those doors on the church. They remind me of the doors on the church I attended as a child…made me smile at the remembrance 😊

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  15. Yes, sea sick. Agreed!!!

    It’s apparently not a hymn that’s sung much now, the pastor was perplexed as was his wife who had to look it up via cell phone (magical) connection.

    I don’t remember singing it, either. I’ll check to see if it’s in our hymnal.

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  16. Well I started cleaning out and switching things around. I did a good job of making a mess. How much of the sewing things spread all over my counter do I need? I can give away most of it.

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  17. Jesus, Savior, pilot me, over life’s tempestuous sea. Light and comfort come from thee . . . Is that how it starts? Haven’t heard it since I was a kid and probably couldn’t sing it unless someone could get me started, but it’s vaguely familiar.

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  18. Morning! Happy Birthday to Chuck! He is my baby sister’s age 😊
    Have a blessed day y’all…got to get up and get myself ready for church!!
    I have been so enjoying the moon shadows in the evenings…that full moon has been a gorgeous sight!

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  19. Wow! We had rain during church time and a puddle in the driveway. And now we are have a slow drizzle. The air is refreshing.

    We have someone different to preach today. He is over the Metro Atlanta Baptist churches Association. He preached a great sermon. Thankful to know they live near the church and may become members. We are getting some highly dedicated and sincere new members.

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  20. Miss Bosley seems to be in awe looking out the window at the slow Sunday drizzle.

    As Karen and I reflected recently on how many things seem to parallel in our lives she remembered she had a cat named Dribble and we had a cat named Tribble. It’s the little things♡ Art named the pair of kittens we got from my parents Trouble and Tribble for the Star Trek Episode The Trouble with Tribbles. And to think that Karen’s parents lived on the street with the same name as my mother’s maiden name. Her brother and his wife still live on that street, too. It’s all in the family.

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  21. The first hymn we sang in the early service was We Have Heard the Joyful Sound which I did not remember from my mainline Pres. upbringing. I looked up the history and found it under the name Jesus Saves. Then I found an unexpected name for the one who wrote the music. It was a man with the same last name as my friend, Karen. It is not a common name and was a surprise. Here is the link. Is anyone else familiar with this hymn?


  22. Do any of you decorate in October — not really for halloween, per se, but more of a harvest theme that can go through early November? I bought a couple faux pumpkins at Home Depot that you can put battery lights under for the front porch this year.

    Carol’s pastor yesterday made mention of some of the ghoulish decor in Carol’s assisted living facility — and indeed, Carol and her beau sit right underneath a pretty creepy looking life-sized ghoul, arms outstretched, attached to the wall where their regular meal table is in the dining room.

    It does seem that Christians overreacted at some point regarding Halloween, but some of the creepy stuff that “celebrates” death, the occult and darkness are disturbing.

    I used to decorate for fall, mostly inside but also with a harvest-type front door wreath, but have skipped it in recent years, going from Christmas to summer wreaths.

    And speaking of Home Depot, I stopped in this weekend to check out some paint colors for the wooden cubbies and wooden crates (all small, so accept-type pieces) on my back patio. I’m leaning toward (Behr) colors like Blueprint, Poncho, Cider Spice, Living Stream, Striking, Cosmic Cobalt and Dark Crimson

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  23. Church was loooong today. The guy who was to speak on the missions emphasis during “announcements” took nearly 25 minutes…and the preacher still had to deliver his message plus another 15 minutes of singing…’oy! We got home around 1….
    I put out pumpkins, gourds and fall leaves for Autumn. I love the colors of the season and I tend to like the white pumpkins more than the orange. My neighbor purchases gourds from an Amish farmer in Pennsylvania…I have purchased many from her. We call them “dirty gourds” as they are not the smooth finished ones but rather grungy dried ones. Hmmm…come to think of it perhaps that is why we are sneezing and have watery eyes since I pulled them from their storage bin!!!

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  24. Lucky the longshoreman across the street has hanging ghosts and cobwebs — and a sound machine with a recorded SCREAM that goes off periodically, day and night. I think it’s still a work in progress, though.

    My longtime neighbors on the north also are in the midst of decorating with spider webs and spiders and bats.


  25. That’s a beautiful hymn. I had never heard it before.

    I like to decorate for fall, but won’t for Halloween (maybe a carved pumpkin on the deck so that the neighbourhood’s three children know to knock on the door). I will put a garland of autumn leaves up and a few scattered pumpkins and other fall items around the house. I should do that today 🙂

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  26. Today at the Baptist church the minister was talking about worldly things then announced he was so hot he was going to take his jacket off. In context it was really funny

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  27. JO @ 5:55. That is becoming a regular thing. I explained to her three times already tonight that I bought this place. We stay here. I wish I could tell what she is thinking about when she says “home”. But she can’t tell me. She just wants to be sure the car is out there so that we can go.

    NancyJ. There are some people you just don’t want to give w microphone.

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  28. That must be so difficult, Chas.

    It reminds me of the little toddler who kept insisting she wanted to go home. Her mom kept telling her she WAS home. Finally when they got to grandma and grandpa’s place, she sighed and said, “Now I’m home!” or some such. Not sure why she thought that was home instead of where she lived everyday.

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  29. Once or twice I have bought a couple mini pumpkins for an informal table centerpiece, but really I barely do Christmas, and probably “don’t” more often than I “do.” I doubt we’ll decorate for Christmas this year, simply because we still have stuff that needs to be sold or moved or whatever before we are fully moved in, and I don’t know where we’d put a tree that wouldn’t simply take up room.


  30. Interestingly, it is fun to listen to eighteen year old back there laughing away at Bugs Bunny, while in the psych hospital, they had her watching Joker. I suspect Bugs Bunny is much more along the line of entertainment for her.

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