30 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-4-19

  1. Good morning little duck and everyone esle but Jo.
    Good evening Jo.
    She got up at five and turned on the lights. That woke me.
    But I got her back into bed and everything is ok now.
    Off to breakfast.


  2. Morning, Chas. Welcome to my day. Glad you got your sweetie back to bed, that is too early. I recognize that sneaky Peter putting a link very subtly in his post.


  3. I went back to find the incident that caused the repartee between Donna and Cheryl about Chick-fil-a. Couldn’t find it. So? Not knowing the full story, my comment is: You don’t have to be a Christian to eat at Chick-fil-a. But it isn’t unusual to see someone bless the food there. Many Christians eat there because of their stance on social matters. I eat there when it’s convenient. Chuck & Linda pass McDonalds to go there.

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  4. Chas, DJ had posted this (the rest of this is her post): Oh boy, let the arguing begin — there’s a rumor that a Chick Fil A is coming to our town.


    1 comment:

    Not that it will stop anyone, because it hasn’t in the past, be we will all know where the bigots and people who don’t care about bigotry will eat. Boycotts don’t work when it comes to food because people need to eat.


    Your religion does not excuse bigotry.
    Your desire for a chicken sandwich does not excuse bigotry.

    But, hey, bigotry is kinda popular right now, so people feel safe so long as everyone else is doing it, assuming there is safety in numbers and some level of moral justification.

    So, whatever happens, happens. But don’t be surprised if people get a clearer picture of your character. Lots of choices to make, and some people can’t be bothered with an easy ethical hurdle.



  5. Funny, I looked at that photo and thought, “I wonder if that’s a merganser?”

    Then I reflected on the fact I had never heard the word “merganser” until a couple years ago. I had no idea if it was or not.

    When you grow up in a family without a naturalist and with a mother for whom English was a second language (sort-of), you think, “duck.”

    So, thanks, Cheryl! 🙂


  6. Beautiful morning here though slightly out of sequence. Shower came after Bible and chores this morning as we had a power outage overnight and I did not know how long that might last so did not want to use up the water in the pipes. Power is back on and things are progressing properly again.


  7. Michelle- I think it was either a commentary on the current drive to pay college athletes or a comment on how expensive it is to live in California, so the football player wanted the money.

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  8. I think it’s a bad idea. Didn’t professional sports run into trouble when athletes began betting and throwing games to make money? In our self-oriented culture, can’t you see athlete grandstanding to get their photos taken rather than for the betterment of their teams?

    And what about teamwork? Is it fair that one person is paid to play and another isn’t?

    Oh, wait, that already does happen.

    All I know from the five college athletes in my family is even having a scholarship to play means you’re working for your education. You’re limited on the classes you can take, the coach oversees your education in a sense in that s/he calls the practices, you have to take tests while traveling (my son, in the band, took a final while flying from LA to Philadelphia one year. “The only time I was served lunch in the middle of a final.”)

    OTOH, if an athlete is injured while playing in college, schools might consider picking up the health care costs–much like in professional sports. My family has seen a lot of pain and surgery as a result of playing college ball. They don’t think it was worth it and aren’t pushing their kids sports-wise with the hopes of an athletic scholarship. 😦


  9. Mumsee, that sounds like tasty downsizing!

    I got my eyeglasses prescription and hope to have new glasses in 5-7 business days. I will try progressive bifocals. Even with partial coverage by my medical plan because these glasses are related to the cataract surgery, they are still costing nearly 400.00 because I added on anti-malware. I hope I will do okay with bifocals. I suppose I might get a headache when trying to adjust.

    Art has double vision from a muscle problem that has developed in one eye. He needs to see a specialist. Oh, the many wonders and complexities of our aging bodies.

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  10. When I got home from Bible study this morning around 10:30, I asked 5th Arrow if his dad had gone to work yet (hubby normally starts about noon, but sometimes runs errands before), or if he was still out cutting wood.

    Son answered, “He left for work at 9:59.”LOL! He’s so precise like that.

    With dates, too. He’ll say about some ordinary thing we might be talking about, like the last time we watched a certain movie, “Oh, we watched that March 23rd.” 🙂

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  11. Even with insurance, my progressive lenses set me back $1000 five years ago–which is why I’m still wearing them (that, and my eyes haven’t changed).


  12. Michelle, maybe you should get glasses in another state? I don’t have vision insurance, and just got progressive lenses with several “extras,” and it was less than half that.


  13. I made an appointment today with my eye doctor, it’s been 2 years since I was in last. After meeting a source/acquaintance for breakfast this morning, I went to the office to work for the afternoon but forgot to bring my ‘reading’ glasses that I use now for computer work. So I had to struggle through w/my progressives, which just didn’t work well. I know my vision must have changed. I was miserable all afternoon as I tried to struggle through writing a story. (Then the phone connection was bad as I did an interview on my cell, so I couldn’t see and couldn’t hear.)

    But anti-malware glasses could be handy, too.

    They wanted me to work Saturday night and Sunday, but I said no. They’ll be able to find freelancers.

    Meanwhile, I’m worried about the cat who hasn’t been eating much for the past 4 days or so. So it’s off to the vet’s with her tomorrow morning where we’ll be a “walk in” with no appointment and will likely have to wait for some time.

    Cowboy was pacing again last night.

    I was supposed to visit Carol tomorrow but told her I’d have to reschedule. So right away she wanted to know if we could make it next Saturday. I know she doesn’t mean to sound demanding, but I just sometimes need her to back off with nailing me down for visits, she really seems to have no concept of how working full time affects both your available “free” time and energy.

    Oh, and earlier this morning, the police were at the neighbors’ again — I’ve heard some tensions (yelling) going on over there between one of the adult sons and the mom and I think the source may be a new boyfriend the mom now is seeing.


  14. I think I got about 200.00 off of the glasses, so they would have been 600.00. I considered getting two separate glasses but decided to try progressive’s. For some years bifocals have been recommended but I never got them. I hope they work for me.


  15. Janice, I thought maybe you were getting smart glasses with the malware, which would find themselves and keep from getting scratched. If only they would invent such a product.

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