50 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-23-19

  1. It feels a bit like fall this morning, but will be very hot this afternoon.

    We’re under a fire watch because of hot temperatures and dry conditions. P, G, & E is warning us to take this seriously— they can turn off our electricity for days on end now they’ve sent us an email.

    I’ve done nothing.


  2. Good morning! It is chilly here this morning,. and I slept until 8 a.m. in celebration of it.

    Oh, Michelle.The warnings again of fire must be traumatic for those in your community. So sorry to hear about that.

    I need to start using the mug cozy I made. My coffee is cold.

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  3. We are less one Uppity Cat this morning. Last night Mr. P put a pillow in a laundry basket and put it and her beside the bed. When we awoke this morning she had slipped away. It is the first time in my my life I have been exposed to losing an animal at home.


  4. Sorry to hear that, Kim. Also, that must be difficult for all of you, Michelle, who went through your last fire.

    My computer was working to remove whatever it updated this weekend. 😦 This stuff is way over my head. May have to breakdown and bring it in. 😦


  5. Everything went well this morning with getting Boy out to the bus stop.

    Nightingale texted this morning that the 2nd shift nurse cannot come in today, so she has been asked to stay after her shift and do a double. Boy has a visit with his dad after school, so I’ll just have him for a couple or so hours until bedtime.

    Remember I had mentioned a couple or so weeks ago, in a prayer request, that Boy had not been treating me very nicely? That seems to have passed, and he has been a sweetie to me lately. That is more of a relief than you can imagine, as I had felt so bad about his attitude towards me.

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  6. Kim, my condolences to Mr. P and you as well. She had a good home, a long life and was well loved and cared for. But I know too well the ache these creatures leave behind for us.

    I’m awake and it’s Monday. I have a few stories “left over” from last week that I couldn’t get to, but I will have to look at that list again as I’m only recalling 2 of them off the top of my head.

    I also have to do an hourlong call-in, mandatory employee “training” on discrimination in the workplace this week, we all have to do that before the 28th which is Saturday.

    I feel weary and the week has just begun.

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  7. Mumsee, I’m sorry to hear that, too. I am trying to remember, but is she on any kind of medications that are at all effective in leveling out her moods?


  8. It is a good time to pray over all these earthly trials and tribulations.

    You know my heart feels for the loss of your beloved kitty, Kim. We have two dear kitties we lost at home. They are buried in the back yard.

    Mumsee, I somehow think this lost and frail child must have been given to you and Mike for a special reason. What could it be? It is an extreme example of spiritual warfare.

    I am very thankful that you are now being treated in a loving way as you deserve. You are a strong believer, and God is working it out for good since you have been set up to fulfill the call of being a major support for your grandson. I was with my 89 year old friend and her son, DIL, and their teenage son to see my friend’s night blooming cerris in bloom (special for one night each year). The grandson calls her Granny and he was showing her how to share pictures from her phone camera. He has started his Eagle scout project. You could tell how much he loves his Granny. I pray that will be the long term type relationship that y’all have.♡

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  9. DJ, she is on lots of meds that are supposed to help. If they are, I cannot imagine what it would be like without them.

    Kim, sorry, death is ugly. Glad it could happen in the comfort of home with her people close.


  10. Husband is thinking of coming home early from his visit to Boise. I am trying to assure him we will be fine. But his help would be welcome. But he is there to visit his folks and grandchildren, oh, and daughter and son in law.

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  11. Carol has been fortunate in her medications, they keep her pretty steady. She’s quit taking them a couple times since i’ve known her and it’s rather alarming, with her computer sending her messages, etc. The worst time was during a very stressful period when she lived alone in an apartment, a deal set up by the county Dept. of Mental Health for some of their higher functioning clients at the time.

    The building was going to have to move everyone out for 2 days so they could exterminate. Residents were given the word a couple weeks in advance so they could begin to prepare and pack. The county had rented motel rooms for them around the city.

    Carol began calling me late at night with high anxiety, becoming convinced in the last day or two that they had begun pumping the toxin into the building and she somehow was trapped there. She left me one voicemail saying goodbye, she’d be surely dead in the morning.

    Well, her counselor at the time showed up early on moving morning to help her get out but she hadn’t yet gotten her 2 cats into their crates. No worries, the harried counselor told her, they’ll be fine (!!!). Off they went to the motel.

    When I called her a few hours later to see how it all went (I was working), she told me fine, but the cats had to be left behind. I flipped, of course, was furious with the counselor. I managed to connect with the counselor’s supervisor but in the meantime a friend and I dashed over there with cat crates of our own (the company told me they’d hold off for us, they hadn’t actually started applying the poisons yet). The cats were found and boxed, taken to Carol at the motel near the beach across town.

    There were other times when she just made no sense on the phone and I always figured she’d quit taking the medications she was on. That’s not an issue now where she is as the staff nursing unit provides residents with their daily dosages.

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  12. That was one of those extermination processes that required the entire building to be tented.

    Carol also was “seeing” their truck cruise by the neighborhood, or so she thought, during the week before. She was really full-on stressed over this, convinced she’d wind up dying. Either her medications weren’t able to prevent that high-stress episode or she’d neglected to take them or was taking them irregularly as she was so preoccupied.


  13. So much sad news today.

    Here’s some good news. My pastor turns 77 today. And D3 celebrated her 25th birthday yesterday. Mrs. L and I went up to Cedar Rapids, IA, to celebrate her sister’s 30th anniversary. I sang at her wedding and Mrs. L was a bridesmaid. My, how young we looked back then.

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  14. Good news? Thirteen continues to dig his trench. If he was serious, it would have taken no more than three hours. It is long but no requirement as to depth. But he enjoys sitting outside, eating weeds, listening to the birds. Works for me. He comes in later to do school work. Meantime, he is within sight, no stealing.
    Twelve is working on her descriptive essay. She is describing her calculator.
    Eighteen is in her room. I finally raised my voice and told her to go to her room or outside so twelve could do her schoolwork. She is being relatively quiet.
    Twenty two is off spending time with grandma, an elderly lady from church who needs some attention during the day while her son and daughter in law are at work.

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  15. Out here, people are not exactly panicking, but worrying about the potential effects of the power outage.

    My husband told me to check the LED lantern, make sure we have backup batteries and not to worry. The water won’t go out, nor will the natural gas. We should be able to last an easy week camping in our house.

    A great idea. I’m not worried at all.

    Of course, an earthquake . . .

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  16. We got through yet another emotional day at church yesterday with our final service with Pastor D.

    He did a fantastic job focusing the worship music and his own sermon at Jesus.

    He reviewed some of his “greatest” hits sermons–that focused on Jesus.

    Up in the choir loft, my dear clarinet partner was distraught. My dear soprano friend was in tears. I passed around the kleenex box several times, trying not to choke up myself.

    The last cutoff. The last woodwind piece. The last organ music.

    Hard for all, but we focused on Jesus. We’ll see what happens.

    I woke at 4, unable to sleep. I prayed about the church situation, cried some more, and turned it back over.

    We’ve had so many losses. We’re all reeling, but trying hard to stay focused on He who began a good work in us, will complete it in Christ Jesus.

    Thanks be to God.

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  17. Now she is eating dinner, quiet continues. She sat with me in between fixing dinner. Talking non stop. Do you suppose she noticed I was reading a book? Probably not.

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  18. Our pastor was back this Sunday, seemed to be doing a tad better. More engaged in the here and now. Still long pauses between words unless he was reading Scripture.

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  19. Very loud couple of hours complete with chair slamming against the door and being threatened with having it thrown at me. Now she is happily eating a quart of ice cream with mixed nuts on it and cocoa powder.


  20. Michelle – Yesterday was a day of tears at my church, too, but for a different reason. You may have seen on yesterday’s prayer thread that the baby boy (now a year old) whom my pastor and his wife have been hoping to adopt is being reunited with his birth parents. They, especially Renee, are devastated. At the end of a time of prayer at the end of service, some of us gathered around them and prayed, and Renee had tears running down her cheeks.

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  21. Kim I am so sorry about Mr P’s kitty. It is never easy but as Dj mentioned, kitty had the best of love and family…..
    A busy day and I am wanting life to return to normal with floors completed and being able to find my socks! Our little dog Fly seems to be out of sorts and lethargic…it will be a trip to the Vet in the morning…. 😞


  22. She has run away. I called the deputy again. Her psychiatrist says she needs to be in a facility again. It is adult this time though.


  23. Went outside, found another bit of glass, slit a very superficial cut, and is now in the hospital. I drove a bit under an hour there and then home and only saw one moving car. Pretty quiet night.


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