30 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-12-19

  1. Yall aren’t very chatty today. I have a busy day ahead. I need to go to Roswell early so I can do my drug test. I have class from 11-3. I need to be back to work at 6:30, so hoping I can snag a nap sometime.

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  2. Well, husband got through the mess yesterday. Interestingly, he discovered that only one of our children existed Apparently they did have record of the Ethiopian, but none of the others. Well, they had partial record of the eighteen daughter, but under her name of ten years ago. But they all had cards issued by our local office and the bills were paid. It is a wonder anything ever gets done.

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  3. Good morning! It’s a lovely hot scorcher of a day that the Lord has made. We can rejoice and be glad in it. We are suppose to set another record today.

    Prayers for Michelle’s first engagement for this morning. Then later another Blog Family Meet-Up!Looking forward to seeing her. We spoke briefly on the phone Monday which was her first time to hear my voice. I told her that because I grew up in Atlanta I don’t have the strong twangy accent found in other parts of the state or other nearby Southern areas. At least I don’t think I do!

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  4. I’m stirring slowly.

    I have 3 stories to get done today. Am hoping that maybe I can take a long lunch tomorrow to make it to that reunion, but will talk to an editor about it today. I think if I put in a long day today and get a bunch of stories filed, it might work for them.

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  5. Nightingale is going to pick up Chickadee on her way home from work and bring her home to have dinner with us. I think we are gonna have pizza.

    I used the excuse of Chickadee coming over to finally get around to clearing off my kitchen counter of a bunch of Nightingale’s stuff that belongs upstairs. She prefers to do it herself, but “the stuff” has been accumulating for a while, and taking over my counter. So I decided to put it all in a couple Aldi bags and take them upstairs. (And then wondered why I didn’t do that sooner.)

    Ah! A nice, clean counter. So satisfying!

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  6. Good Afternoon Everyone.
    Please go check out this website. It is my friend M. When you look at the sangria on the wrought iron table, it’s on her front porch where we keep each other sane. When you look at one of the photos of the creole eggplant you can see in the corner my chop block table. It is half of the chop block table that was in my grandfather’s grocery store. Keep an eye on it. She makes wonderful food.

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  7. Roscuro here.
    Peter, the evangelist was wrong because of his focus – on our sin, rather than the grace of God. The promise I quoted was spoken after the flood. God gave another promise at the same time, that He would never agai send such a flood, and He gave the sign of the rainbow as His seal on that promise. Now, if we look at the rainbow as a reminder of human sin that caused the Flood, rather than a sign of God’s great mercy and patience, then we are looking the wrong way around. So it is with the seasons. Perhaps they did not exist before the Fall. But God said they were signs of His mercy and would never cease while the earth lasted. What God has labelled a sign of grace, let not man presumtuously call a sign of punishment.


  8. Morning all, very early here. I was in bed before 8 last night after nodding off at my computer. I am sure that sleep is what this cold needed. I will be going to market in a bit. So thankful that this is a three day weekend as Monday is PNG Independence day. Then four more days of school before our term break which includes parent conferences.


  9. 😦 Chickadee told Nightingale that tonight is not good after all, but with no explanation. Nightingale texted me to tell me that, and also said that she will no longer reach out to her anymore because “clearly she doesn’t give a f*** about family”. 😦

    I feel so sad about the whole situation.


  10. Apparently, Nightingale forgot to reply to Chickadee earlier in the week to verify that Thursday was good for us, too, so Chickadee thought it wasn’t. Nightingale made the valid point (to me) that Chickadee could have double-checked with her when she didn’t hear back.

    I casually mentioned that to Chickadee in a text, along with mentioning that things like that (remembering to reply) sometimes fall through the cracks with Nightingale being so busy.

    On a brighter note, we’re having pizza anyway. 🙂

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  11. This was sent by youngest granddaughter. I could tell early on that he was a very smart kid. I pray every day that he will have wisdom. They are not the same.

    5 year old: “are fairies fiction or non-fiction?”
    Me: “Well because fairies are not real books about them would be fiction”.
    5 year old: “so fairies are not real? ”
    Me: “No, so they’re fictional. ”
    5 year old:…
    Me: …
    5 year old: “then who took my teeth!?!”
    Me: … … … who wants to check out books?

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  12. Website, Kim 🙂

    My cousin came over and kidnapped me to go out to lunch. A nice treat on a work-at-home day even though I have 3 stories piled up to do (one is done, the 2nd partially done …).

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  13. Michelle, I do not think that suicide is being portrayed differently. A challenge: see how often suicide is the mode of death for the perpetrator in detective fiction from the 1860s to the 1950s. You will find that it is a recurring literary trope, especially when the criminal is in the upper classes, for the criminal to off themselves rather than face arrest and trial. As I mentioned, in the upper classes in particular, there was always an attitude of suicide being preferable to ruin of reputation and fortune, and that can be found since the beginning of recorded history, such as in Saul’s suicide after his defeat by the Philistines, or the story of Padmavati in Hindu epic poetry, who committed suicide rather than fall in the hands of the conqueror of her husband’s kingdom (to her ahistoric story can be attributed the rise of the practice of suttee). The reason suicide is increasingly viewed as an option in Western society is that Western society is essentially the upper class of the world. We have exported our hard labour to other countries and we have all the vices of an ultra prosperous society, as listed in Ezekiel 16:49: pride, fullness of bread, abundance of idleness, and neglecting to strengthen the hand of the poor and needy. As the upper class of the world, the idea of offing oneself if one is facing ruin, whether physical, emotional, economic, or social, is as acceptable as it has always been to the wealthy and powerful.

    As for the individual suicide, everyone is different. There are suicides committed in the midst of temporary insanity. Did you know that statistically, more suicides occur in the early morning hours (https://aasm.org/study-finds-that-suicides-are-far-more-likely-to-occur-after-midnight/)? I do not think a sleep deprived individual could be said to be fully in their right mind, as it is well known that sleep deprivation detrimentally affects reasoning processes. I have an aunt who attempted suicide more than once and she was not in her right mind when she attempted them. She appeared to be, and nothing was more shocking to all of us when she made the attempts, but when she described her mental processes afterwards, it was clear that we had only been seeing the light bulb burn brighter just before burning out.

    Some suicides are committed by proud, self-centred people. Multiple friends and acquaintances of ours had a pastor who was proud and merciless who committed suicide when his own sin was found out. Others are done in madness and utter despair. God can tell the difference and He is the final Judge.

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  14. Well, turns out I wasn’t even IN that particular second grade class (although I’m sure I had that teacher?). When I looked at the class photo last night (no names) I couldn’t find myself. So I asked my cousin & friend I’m going with to look, too. Nope, they didn’t see me.

    How awkward. I guess I should let the organizer know, he put me on the original thread for the planning of all this so I “assumed” it was my class (since I remembered the teacher & other kids, we all went through elementary school & beyond together).

    In my ‘memory’ paragraph I said what a sweet year it had been in her class. Totally fake news.

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  15. Roscuro – The way you described your aunt’s thought processes is what I was referring to in my comment last night. But as you said, each suicide is different. Some truly are from self-centered motives, but some are from utter despair, with their minds not working correctly.

    I think the latter is what happened with X’s aunt, who hung (or is it “hanged”?) herself in her basement almost nine years ago. She had battled depression for many years, and that night (it was late at night, maybe after midnight like you mentioned) something snapped.


  16. Roscuro- you may be right that the evangelist’s focus was off, but that was only part of a long sermon I heard over 40 years ago. I don’t remember what else he said.

    And there were a few things I disagree in his theology, but he was one of the most godly men I ever knew. I heard him speak several times, and once, we had a meeting that went 6 hours because of the Spirit of God sending a mini revival in our church. Four daughters of pastors, as well as a couple of other people, were saved that day in a group of about 30 people in attendance.


  17. The organizer said I was just the proverbial red-haired girl in all his classes so he latched onto a girl who, in black and white, looked like she must have had red hair and labeled it me.

    Now I will have a name tag that says “NO PHOTO.”

    Reunion shaming.


  18. Picture day at school was a big deal for my mom so I’m quite sure I never missed any of them.

    It called for curly hair and a cute dress. I hardly ever smiled for the class photos, though, which caused my mom much frustration.


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