Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2019-Week 3

The third time’s a charm, they say. If your name is not Kevin or Chas, and you’ve tried this twice this year, this is your “charm” attempt. So take a third of a minute (or an hour, if you need to) and pick the winners of the games below. Also, don’t forget to guess the final score of the tie breaker. Maybe your name will be placed next to Kevin and Chas’ names next week

And for the third time, other than the above mentioned name placement, there are no prizes involved!

Place your entries in this thread before NOON Eastern time Saturday.

 1. Pittsburgh @ #13 Penn State

  2. Air Force @ Colorado

  3. Stanford @ #17 Central Florida

  4. East Carolina @ Navy

  5. Army @ Texas-San Antonio

  6. #19 Iowa @ Iowa State

  7. Idaho @ Wyoming

  8. Texas Tech @ Arizona

  9. Portland State @ #22 Boise State

10.Tie Breaker (guess the winner and score): #2 Alabama @ South Carolina

28 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2019-Week 3

  1. Penn State
    Central Florida – This will show us whether CFU is good enough to play in the championship with the “Big Boys”.
    Arizona – There’s hope yet.
    Boise State
    Alabama 45 – 20


  2. Penn State
    Air Force
    Central Florida
    Go Boise
    Alabama 34-21

    Due to historical precedent, I will not be directing you as to where you should send the prize.


  3. Chas’ wild guesses

    1 Penn State
    2 Air Force
    3 Central Florida has been playing with the big boys for a couple of years now. I notice everyone picked them so far. Me too
    4 East Carolina has been trying for years. they can beat Navy
    5 Army
    6 Iowa
    7 Idaho
    8 Texas Tech
    9 Boise
    10 Gamecocks can beaty “Bama. 17-14


  4. 1. #13 Penn State
    2. Air Force
    3. Stanford – going against the trend
    4. Navy
    5. Army
    6. #19 Iowa
    7. Wyoming
    8. Arizona
    9. #22 Boise State
    10.#2 Alabama (36-24)


  5. The Citadel beat Georgia Tech.
    They generally don’t play in that league.
    I’m sure they are celebrating in Charleston now.


  6. Don’t mean nothing.
    Football is a stupid game.
    Just a bunch of huge guys pushing each other around.
    As soon as somebody gets a ball, some guy in a different uniform tries to throw him to the ground.
    I’m just glad I didn’t put money on that silly game.


  7. Chas- It’s okay to reference other games here. That way the ones who don’t like sports don’t complain when we do so on the “open” thread.


  8. It looks like Kevin could win on his birthday. And I could get 2nd for the 3rd time. It all depends on Texas Tech and Arizona. If Tech wins, Kevin wins. If Arizona wins, we tie but I win on the tie breaker, since my guess was 5 points off the result of Bama 47-23. Kevin was off by 32 points.

    So someone born in 1957 will win this week.


  9. Mumsee- You and Mike are tied with me, but my tie breaker score was closer than either of yours (12 and 15). So technically we are all in 2nd, but my score breaks the tie.


  10. Kevin- You mean that game that ended after all of us in the Midwest went to bed? BEAR DOWN Arizona!

    I’ll post final results after church.


  11. Interesting that the guy who sets the thing up seems to win more than the population at large, with a few noted exceptions…..


  12. Jealous, Mumsee? You got 9 correct this week. Of course, so did Kevin, Mike, and I. The difference is the tie breaker, which is just who guesses closest to the final score. So here is the breakdown: Alabama beat South Carolina 47-23.
    My guess: Bama 45-20. That means I was off by 2 points on Bama’s score and 3 points on SC’s score. 2+3=5.
    Your guess: Bama 34-21. That means you were 13 points off Bama’s score and 2 off on SC’s. 13+2=15.
    My score is closer. Mike was off by 12, Kevin was off by 32. So I win the tie breaker.

    Here are the totals for everyone: The above mentioned 4 had 9 correct.
    AJ 7
    Chas 6.

    Oh, and as for me winning “more than the general population”, that’s false. I win 2 or three times a year out of 13 weeks. That’s less than the gen-pop.

    It was an easy week, evidently, but I’m sure everyone wants those.


  13. Not at all, IT IS JUST A GAME. And I just won at Risk so all is well.

    Facts, they are so yesterday.

    Good job, much older brother.


  14. If you look at the majority pick on each game, we did very well as a group this week, correctly picking 9. We were close to 10, but we split evenly on Wyoming/Idaho.


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