20 thoughts on “News/Politics 9-12-19

  1. More leftist child abuse backed by questionable science.



  2. Trump wins again.


    “In Rebuke of Lower Court, SCOTUS Allows Trump Administration to Enforce Asylum Rule

    The rule denies asylum to most migrants who did not apply for asylum in a third country they transited through on their way to the United States.”

    “President Trump’s administration won a significant victory at the Supreme Court on Wednesday afternoon.

    The NYT’s Adam Liptak reports:

    The Supreme Court on Wednesday allowed the Trump administration to bar many Central American migrants from seeking asylum in the United States. The court said the administration may enforce new rules that generally forbid asylum applications from people who had traveled through another country on their way to the United States without being denied asylum in that country.

    Only Justice Ginsburg and Justice Sotomayor registered dissents from the ruling, which was not a final decision on the merits—it simply permits the government to enforce the policy during the litigation.

    The application for stay presented to JUSTICE KAGAN and by her referred to the Court is granted. The district court’s July 24, 2019 order granting a preliminary injunction and September 9, 2019 order restoring the nationwide scope of the injunction are stayed in full pending disposition of the Government’s appeal in the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and disposition of the Government’s petition for a writ of certiorari, if such writ is sought. If a writ of certiorari is sought and the Court denies the petition, this order shall terminate automatically. If the Court grants the petition for a writ of certiorari, this order shall terminate when the Court enters its judgment.

    In a dissent joined by Justice Ginsburg, Justice Sotomayor said that “a stay pending appeal is ‘extraordinary’ relief” and that “the lower courts’ decisions warrant respect.” The dissent expressed a concern that has, in recent months, been raised by many liberal legal commentators: that the Trump administration is asking for too much and that SCOTUS is being too accommodating. “Historically, the Government has [requested emergency relief] rarely; now it does so reflexively,” Justice Sotomayor noted. Indeed. But who is to blame? The Trump administration for asking permission to enforce a policy here and there, or the lower courts for vetoing literally everything?

    This case, East Bay Sanctuary Covenant v. Barr, followed the familiar pattern. In July, the Justice Department and Homeland Security issued a new rule denying asylum to most migrants who did not apply for asylum in a third country they transited through on their way to the United States. For example, the rule denies U.S. asylum to someone from Guatemala who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border without having applied for asylum in Mexico. In a lawsuit brought by an asylum organization, Judge Jon Tigar in San Francisco granted a nationwide injunction against the rule. The government appealed.

    A few weeks later, in a partial ruling for the government, the Ninth Circuit held the record did not support the award of a nationwide injunction. It ordered the rule be blocked only within the Ninth Circuit unless a more developed record showed that broader relief was necessary. Shortly thereafter, Judge Tigar ordered a bit more paperwork, held another hearing, and quickly restored the nationwide scope of the injunction.

    The Supreme Court’s ruling allows the rule to go into effect entirely. In other words, the plaintiffs are probably worse off then they would have been had they accepted the Ninth Circuit’s geographic compromise. They paid for being greedy.”


  3. And again.


    ““Modest Olive Branch”: China Lifts 16 Tariffs On The Eve Of Trade Negotiations”

    “Blink, part II? Not only has China decided to send a team of negotiators to Washington to break a vicious cycle on retaliatory tariffs, they have also made the first gesture to reverse the cycle. Through its official ministry, China announced tariff exemptions on sixteen US imports, with more to come soon, the New York Times reports today:

    China extended a modest olive branch to President Trump on Wednesday, publishing a short list of products that it will exempt from its retaliatory tariffs on American-made goods.

    But the list does not include big-ticket items, like soybeans and other agricultural goods, that the Trump administration would likely consider key to getting a trade deal done with China.

    Cancer drugs, lubricants, pesticides, shrimp meal and a number of other products will be excluded from a list of American goods subject to tariffs, China’s Ministry of Finance said in a statement on its website. China first threatened to place tariffs on many of those goods last year, as the trade war began to heat up.

    Tariffs that have already been imposed will also be refunded, the ministry said. It added that further exemptions will be announced in the upcoming weeks.”


  4. Schooled.



    “Rep. Doug Collins Drags Jerry Nadler Through The Mud Over Red Flag Laws And Due Process”

    “On Tuesday, the House Judiciary Committee held a markup hearing on various pieces of gun control legislation. While discussing HR1236, the Extreme Risk Protection Order Act of 2019, commonly referred to as red flag laws, Ranking Member Doug Collins (R-GA) took swipes at Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY). In the past, Nadler has dubbed himself as someone who values civili liberties and due process. But, of course, we know that red flag laws defy both of those principles.

    “Mr. Chairman, thank you again for holding this markup today. Like you, I am concerned about addressing this important issue, addressing the issue of mass shootings to combating the discouraging laws plaguing our urban communities. I stand ready to work with you on sensible solutions that will, that could actually prevent, these atrocities. What I am not willing to do is support legislation that will not do anything to make us safer and will simultaneously infringes on the rights and liberties guaranteed by our Constitution. Unfortunately, all three of the bills we’re considering today will do just that,” Collins explained. “First, we’ll be considering HR1236, the Extreme Risk Protection Order Act of 2019. While this bill may seem like a common sense measure, it’s flawed in far too many ways to be worthy of this Committee’s support.”

    “Five months ago in an interview, one of the statements given by the Chairman, and you said this to one of your hometown papers: ‘My original motive in politics, from the time I was probably 12-years-old, was civil rights, civil liberties and due process and I’ve always concentrated on them and that’s why I’ve never changed,'” Collins quoted.

    Collins laid out the lack of due process and how that’s dangerous to Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

    “Well, I’m not sure what’s changed but the bill before us today has some serious due process problems. Namely, the bill allows for confiscation of individual’s firearms without notice or without an opportunity to be heard,” Collins explained. “Even more egregious is the fact that ex-parte determination can be determined when a judge finds there’s a ‘reasonable cause’ to believe the individual possesses a danger to himself or others [while] having access to a firearm. ‘Reasonable cause’ isn’t even ‘probably cause.’ It’s certainly less than clear and convincing evidence. Do we really want to surrender Americans’ Constitutional rights to such a low standard without giving those citizens notice or an opportunity to be heard? What other rights are we willing to sacrifice in this manner?”

    “Ex-parte proceedings manners are not the only flaws in this bill. For a permanent order, the court must find that a preponderance of evidence that the individual possesses a danger to himself or others by having access to a firearm. We don’t convict people of petty crimes by preponderance of evidence, but my colleagues are willing to take away a Constitutional right with merely a finding of preponderance of evidence. Our Committee is charged with protecting due process and every Constitutional right, not eviscerating them.””


  5. More winning.

    This will be Trump’s legacy. 🙂

    You’re welcome.


    “‘Historic milestone’: Senate confirms 150th Trump judicial nominee”

    “The U.S. Senate confirmed President Trump’s 150th judicial nominee Wednesday, helping to fulfill the president’s campaign promise to remake the federal bench with a conservative bent.

    Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham called the number of confirmations a “historic milestone.”

    “These conservative judicial appointments will impact our nation for years to come,” the South Carolina Republican said.

    Six district court nominees won confirmation Wednesday, bringing the president’s total number of appointed judges to the lower federal courts to 105. Mr. Trump has also appointed 43 circuit court nominees and two Supreme Court justices since taking office.”


  6. This victim used it as an occasion for setting the record straight for clueless twits like Omar.


    “Nicholas Haros Jr. lost his mother in the 9/11 terrorist attacks that claimed the lives of more than 3,000 people 18 years ago. During the reading of the names Wednesday, Haros had a message for Rep. Ilhan Omar and “The Squad.”

    “Today I am here to respond to you exactly who did what to whom. Madam, objectively speaking, we know who and what was done. There is no uncertainty about that. Why your confusion? On that day 19 Islamic terrorists, members of Al Qaeda, killed over 3,000 people and caused billions of dollars of economic damage. Is that clear?” he said.



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  7. Liberty U has issues.

    First the original…..


    “Someone’s Gotta Tell the Freakin’ Truth’: Jerry Falwell’s Aides Break Their Silence
    More than two dozen current and former Liberty University officials describe a culture of fear and self-dealing at the largest Christian college in the world.”

    “At Liberty University, all anyone can talk about is Jerry Falwell Jr. Just not in public.

    “When he does stupid stuff, people will mention it to others they consider confidants and not keep it totally secret,” a trusted adviser to Falwell, the school’s president and chancellor, told me. “But they won’t rat him out.”

    That’s beginning to change.

    Over the past year, Falwell, a prominent evangelical leader and supporter of President Donald Trump, has come under increasing scrutiny. News outlets have reported on business deals by Liberty University benefiting Falwell’s friends. Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen claimed that he had helped Falwell clean up racy “personal” photographs.

    Based on scores of new interviews and documents obtained for this article, concerns about Falwell’s behavior go well beyond that—and it’s causing longtime, loyal Liberty University officials to rapidly lose faith in him.

    More than two dozen current and former high-ranking Liberty University officials and close associates of Falwell spoke to me or provided documents for this article, opening up—for the first time at an institution so intimately associated with the Falwell family—about what they’ve experienced and why they don’t think he’s the right man to lead Liberty University or serve as a figurehead in the Christian conservative movement.

    In interviews over the past eight months, they depicted how Falwell and his wife, Becki, consolidated power at Liberty University and how Falwell presides over a culture of self-dealing, directing university resources into projects and real estate deals in which his friends and family have stood to make personal financial gains. Among the previously unreported revelations are Falwell’s decision to hire his son Trey’s company to manage a shopping center owned by the university, Falwell’s advocacy for loans given by the university to his friends, and Falwell’s awarding university contracts to businesses owned by his friends.”


    Then Falwell’s response.


    “Liberty’s Falwell says he’s target of ‘attempted coup’”

    “Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. said Tuesday that he is asking the FBI to investigate what he called a “criminal” smear campaign orchestrated against him by several disgruntled former board members and employees.

    Falwell told The Associated Press he has evidence that the group improperly shared emails belonging to the university with reporters in an attempt to discredit him. He said the “attempted coup” was partially motivated by his ardent backing of President Donald Trump.

    Falwell, head of the nation’s most high-profile evangelical college, was among the earliest Christian conservatives to endorse Trump’s campaign.

    His allegations come after the publication of a story in Politico Magazine on Monday that alleged Falwell “presides over a culture of self-dealing” at Liberty that has improperly benefited him and his family. The story cited unnamed sources described as current and former officials or Falwell associates.

    “I’m not going to dignify the lies that were reported yesterday with a response, but I am going to the authorities and I am going to civil court,” Falwell said, referring to the reporter as a “little boy.”

    He added that Liberty has hired “the meanest lawyer in New York,” whom he declined to identify, to pursue civil cases. Falwell also declined to identify the people he said were spreading the emails.”


  8. This should be an interesting read, and another indictment of the failure of the school to protect it”s students from a predator they were well aware of.


    “How Deranged Nikolas Cruz Wound Up In Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School”

    “Andrew Pollack is the father of Meadow Pollack, one of the kids who was murdered during the Parkland shooting by Nikolas Cruz. This week, Pollack has a new book out titled ““Why Meadow Died: The People and Policies that Created the Parkland Shooter and Endanger America’s Students.” An excerpt from the book was published Sunday by the New York Post and it reveals some details about Cruz’s behavior that makes you wonder why he was ever allowed into an ordinary high school. Throughout his Middle School years, Cruz was marked as someone obviously disturbed who routinely disrupted classes and who openly talked about his interest in blood and violence:

    Cruz’s torture and killing of animals became a source of pride for him as he interacted with other students. One student, Devin, recalled that, although he tried to avoid Cruz, Cruz would approach him almost every day and ask, “Would you like to see videos of me skinning animals?” Devin always declined, but Cruz kept asking.

    Cruz’s records suggest that his reign of terror at Westglades Middle School began halfway through his seventh-grade year, in February of 2013. For the next calendar year, Cruz was suspended every other day. Why did the school allow him to remain enrolled despite his daily, deranged behavior for a full year? Not by negligence, but by policy.

    Students with disabilities are supposed to be educated in the “least restrictive environment” possible, regardless of whether their disability is that they’re dyslexic or a psychopath, and the paperwork requirements to send them to a specialized school can take many months.

    Cruz’s language arts teacher spent months documenting his outbursts in class. Eventually, an assistant principal came to class to observe him:

    On Oct. 24, Assistant Principal Antonio Lindsay came to class to observe Cruz. As soon as Lindsay left the room, Cruz yelled, “Yes, now I can talk!” He continued to be disruptive, and Yon said, “I know that you can behave. I have seen you. You’re a good kid.” Cruz shouted, “I’m a bad kid! I want to kill!””



  9. Forced participation. Vermont claims the right to compel healthcare workers to kill babies


    “A Vermont nurse alleges that she was compelled to perform an abortion in a hospital which has aggressively expanded its provision of abortion services right up until birth. She relates a nightmare scenario:

    After being told that she would be treating a patient who had experienced a miscarriage, she discovered that she had actually been scheduled to help with an elective abortion. According to a recently created policy, UVMMC [University of Vermont Medical Center] can punish staffers who refuse to participate in abortions when the hospital is short-staffed, and the nurse’s boss allegedly would not allow her to step out of the procedure. Fearing retaliation, or that she would lose her job, the nurse agreed to go through with it. When she walked into the procedure room, the doctor allegedly said to her, “Don’t hate me.”

    The hospital states that it “promptly and thoroughly investigated [the claims] and determined that they were not supported by the facts.” Yet, at least four other nurses have leveled similar allegations against this leading provider of abortions, transgender surgeries, and “fertility preservation” for children.

    The hospital and liberal news media repeatedly seek to characterize this dispute as one of religiosity, but one can feel bad about killing a fetus without joining Opus Dei. The real issue is not one of religious doctrine, but of whether that fetus approaching delivery is deserving of all those ethical duties that doctors and nurses vow to provide to…. human beings. Indeed, all nurses and doctors suffer from performing such procedures, regardless of their religious beliefs — even hardcore “women’s rights” secularists.

    James Michener, in his fascinating history Poland, recounts that Nazi soldiers laughed callously at Polish prisoners who were compelled to herd unsuspecting fellow Poles into showers to be gassed; to pile their corpses into carts; to heave the bodies by tens of thousands into brick ovens belching stench. When the prisoners condemned to process their own countrymen could not take the horror any longer, they were in due course disposed of and replaced.

    In Vermont, the budding Josef Mengeles are especially brazen, in the legislature as well as this hospital. Employing Donald Trump’s 2018 election as justification, most all Vermont legislation planned for the session was scrapped in order to advance Planned Parenthood’s “emergency” Vermont agenda to preserve abortion availability until the moment of birth. Voters were not consulted, except in sham displays of pretend democracy, at which opponents exponentially outnumbered supporters. No ameliorating amendments were allowed; no fetal personhood in criminal cases was considered.

    Perhaps the tip of Vermont’s abortion-rights spear has been its Attorney General, TJ Donovan, who has not permitted any pretense of impartiality to impede his determination to advance all things Planned Parenthood. Opposing Trump administration efforts to defund abortions, TJ tweeted (June 20, 2019): “Over 10,000 Vermonters rely on #TitleX for wellness exams, cancer screenings, birth control & STI testing. I am committed to protecting Vermonters’ access to healthcare.” Donovan is committed to providing abortions at taxpayer expense, without ever naming the procedure.

    AG Donovan’s strategy has been to expand the definition of “family services” to incorporate abortions during that third trimester that Roe V Wade specifically identified as a stage where government held a “compelling interest” to protect a second life. Donovan and his Planned Parenthood puppeteers have sued the federal government to prevent healthcare professionals from possessing “the categorical right to deny lawful and medically necessary treatment… to patients based on the provider’s personal views.””


  10. Our state’s efforts to go after the “gig” economy — by giving full employee status to Uber and Lyft contract workers for insurance, etc. — could wind up giving California’s local newspapers another kick in the rear, especially now that so many of us have to rely heavily on freelancer reporters & photographers in the wake of years of staff cutbacks.

    Like raising the minimum wage, it all sounds good, but … the unintended consequences pack a punch.

    From the NYT summary in my inbox this morning:


    Newspapers up and down the state of California say they have become collateral damage from the state’s effort to rein in the ‘gig’ economy.

    If signed, the law’s provisions could decimate the local newspaper industry, already reeling from years of disruption by the internet and the decline of print advertising, editors across the state say.

    Despite intense lobbying, local newspapers are grappling with a future in which they will no longer be able to pay newspaper carriers and many freelance reporters and columnists as independent contractors.


  11. She doesn’t like him pointing out the truth. She’s not doing her job along with the rest of Congress.


  12. Is that little boy up there, the one acting like a spoiled brat, sitting in a car. Like the kind that goes on roads. And uses fossil fuels?


  13. Hmm, the deranged boy sounds a lot like my daughter. It is very difficult to get the help they need. Mostly we hear, “Can’t do anything until she actually does what she is saying”.


  14. Trump was right to fire him too.

    He’s just another Deep State criminal. And just one more thing Dems and Never-Trumpers lied about. Repeatedly.


    “Federal prosecutors recommend that Andrew McCabe, former FBI second-in-command, face criminal charge”

    “Federal prosecutors recommended seeking criminal charges against Andrew McCabe, the former deputy director of the FBI and a frequent target of criticism by President Donald Trump, according to people familiar with the decision Thursday.

    McCabe was fired from the FBI just before his retirement in March 2018 after the Justice Department’s internal watchdog concluded that he improperly authorized a leak about a federal investigation into the Clinton Foundation in the final weeks of the 2016 presidential campaign. Investigators concluded that he displayed a lack of candor when asked about the leak.

    The U.S. attorney in Washington, Jessie Liu, recommended moving forward with unspecified charges against McCabe, according to people familiar with the situation who were not authorized to comment publicly. McCabe’s lawyers appealed that decision to Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, who rejected their request, one of the people said. McCabe’s lawyers were informed of that decision Thursday.

    The decision clears the way for prosecutors to ask a grand jury to indict McCabe, though it was unclear Thursday whether that would happen. Whether McCabe is indicted will be up to a federal grand jury in Washington. “

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  15. The WaPo’s latest fake news gets debunked by local press. 🙂



    “Washington Post Gets Busted After Attempting Bogus 9/11 Smear Of NC House Republicans”

    “As I wrote Wednesday, the New York Times got taken to the woodshed over how they initially portrayed the 18th anniversary of 9/11 as a day where “airplanes took aim” at the World Trade Center. It was an utterly shameless Ilhan Omar-esque take on the terror attacks that killed nearly 3,000 innocent people after terrorists took aim at the Twin Towers by way of hijacking two planes.

    Unfortunately the Times was not the only national newspaper who played fast and loose with the facts on 9/11.

    The Washington Post published a report Wednesday afternoon on an incident that happened in the North Carolina state legislature involving a veto override done by House Republicans at the start of the day, and outraged Democrats who melted down on the House floor claiming they were lied to about there being “no votes” scheduled on the 9/11 calendar.

    Whether NC House Dems were “lied to” is a separate (and untrue) argument that I won’t get into in this piece. Instead, we’ll focus on how the paper bogusly framed the issue in falsely painting the Republicans in the most unflattering light possible. This led to other national news outlets like CBS and left wing publications/commentators like the Daily Beast, “NowThis News”, and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow spreading a story that in reality provides us with a classic example of fake news spreading like wildfire.

    In the WaPo’s initial story, the headline read something to the effect of “North Carolina Republicans Overrode Budget Veto While Democrats Were at 9/11 Ceremony.” I didn’t get a screen grab of it, but you can see from the URL that’s it’s pretty close to what they had originally.

    Reporter Lateshia Beachum started the story off by writing that “While North Carolina Democrats were remembering the lives lost on Sept. 11, 2001, their Republican colleagues took advantage of their absence and …” The screen cap of her original report is below:”


  16. ——————


  17. Mumsee – I didn’t interpret the video the same way you did. He had seen a documentary in school about pollution, and I would assume it was of the “the sky is falling” variety. (Not that I am in favor of purposely polluting the earth.) His six year old mind was apparently deeply disturbed by the video, and he may be a sensitive child who takes those things to heart much too easily.

    From what it looks like to me, he was crying about it, and his mom egged him on to tell what he was upset about. To him, I think, the people whom he was told do this polluting don’t care about the animals or nature, so they are “bad people”. I thought he seemed like a sensitive, emotionally upset little boy, not necessarily a brat. After all, it was the mom asking him questions and drawing out his feelings and thought. He wasn’t yelling at her.


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