17 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-9-19

  1. Morning, Chas. We kept busy in kinder. lots going on. I am finally losing a student. He should have been in grade one and the family finally decided. Yeah, one less boy. One boy is banned from the sandbox as he was throwing sand around. This is sand that I ordered from the states. You cannot get anything like it here. So no throwing away sand that I paid for. Mean, aren’t I?

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  2. Oh, no sand throwing! That makes me mad, too. When Wesley was young I bought a sand and water table for him. It was a small amount of sand on one side on a recessed container area with the same for water on the other side (equal halves). It was nice for awhile but soon outgrown.

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  3. Good morning! Our hot and dry weather continues. Things are beginning to get the brownish tinge. All the leaves on the birthday tree are already prematurely yellowing. I sweep up crunchy leaves daily.


  4. Jo, and of course the main reason for no sand throwing is that it gets in other children’s eyes! I remember how horrid it was to have a sand thrower in the sandbox!


  5. Nice to see our WWll vet at church yesterday. He has been waiting for his large portable oxygen to come in so he can be out and about. He has been waiting for a couple of months. The VA seems to be slow on that. But I understand as we continue to watch the cogs slowly turn toward allowing our daughter to get her stuff approved through government resources.

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  6. Morning! We had a lovely rain storm yesterday and for that we are thankful! Although that one lightening bolt came uncomfortably close!
    The wood for our floor renovation was supposed to be delivered today but now it will be Wednesday. Patience….
    Praying for you this morning Kim….. ❤️

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  7. A couple nights ago, I felt moved to pray especially for Kim.

    This morning, I stumbled onto praying for the Holy Spirit to move in the hearts of men, and bring them – young, old, and in-between – into the church. Women, too, of course, but men particularly.

    I say I “stumbled onto” that prayer because I started with one thing particularly on my heart, and that led to other areas, especially that one, and then circled back to where I started.

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  8. I’m so tired I can’t think straight. I went to bed at 7:30, did not fall asleep until after 10:30 (despite reading a boring book), woke from a dead sleep after a nightmare in which my house was on fire, and then was serenaded by coyotes.

    I left the gym early, I have no energy.

    I did get to talk with Janice this morning, which picked me up enough to get to Zumba . . . 🙂

    Back to the to-do list.

    Suffice it to say that if there was a cute female in a gorgeous white dress on the dance floor at the wedding, it was the bride or one of my Adorables.

    The 9-year-old: “I’m so tired, but I don’t want to leave the wedding!”

    The 7-year-old, What a relief she didn’t do the splits on the dance floor.

    All four: “We want a father-daughter dance like the one they did at the wedding.”

    All the fathers: “They’ve been practicing a long time.”

    One father: “Dancing with my girls was my favorite part.”

    Me: Talking to all my family (45 people) was the best part.

    Both grandsons (nearly 12 and nearly 1) fell asleep on a couch at the wedding.

    Oldest grandson, on seeing his toddler brother had been placed at the kid table with him: “Why? And why does he have a knife?”


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  9. Sand-throwing reminds me of a story from my childhood. It was fall 1964, and I was in the second grade. After school I was playing in the sandbox at the school playground. Two boys I didn’t know, probably third-graders, asked me, “Who are you going to vote for?” And I replied proudly, “I’m voting for Goldwater!” (My dad was a Goldwater fan, and that year was the only time he was an election day activist, going door to door to get out the R votes.)

    Well, from the way they reacted you’d think it was 2016 and I’d said I was voting for Trump. “Goldwater! Ew, yuck, you bad person!” (or words to that effect), and then they started throwing sand at me. I fled, and though I don’t remember it too clearly I suppose I ran home crying.

    As if any of us tots were actually voting or had any idea what we were talking about!

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  10. Interesting piece about God’s sovereignty:



    God Ordains Whatsoever Comes to Pass, Including Your Suffering

    A while back, I wrote a post titled: God’s Will For Your Life Is That You Would Suffer. The heart of the piece dealt with three aspects of the Will of God and built a theology showing that indeed, God does will that we would suffer. These aforementioned aspects included God’s Decretive Will (His decreed or sovereign will), His Preceptive Will (His revealed will in the Scriptures), and God’s Permissive Will (His allowance of evil, and so forth). In the piece itself, I demonstrated that it is the case, but not necessarily how and why. Stemming from this post, a dear friend asked a good question: When God sovereignly ordains something against His moral will via His permissive will, why would I say, in effect, He desires this to happen? Why would He desire our suffering? …

    … The ultimate proposition of the Scriptures then is that whatever God does, it is good. This should be an uncontroversial statement for those who claim Christ. What we need to do then is turn the corner, and simply see that God does many things that don’t align with our initial perception. This does not then flip the former notion of God’s goodness on its head, but rather, reveals a deficiency in our own minds in comprehending His goodness in and through such things. Yet what I would propose here is that the deficiency is not only in the inadvertent defining of God in terms of perceived goodness. It is likewise a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of sin.

    We tend to define sin in terms of a tangible thing. However, sin is not a substance, but rather a state of being that falls short of the standard of God. …


  11. A chilly morning here, in the 40’s inside is too cold. But now there is sunshine. What surprises will there be in kinder today?? Looking forward to having one less student, especially one who already knows everything I am teaching.


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