11 thoughts on “News/Politics 9-10-19

  1. First up, thank you appeal judges for getting this right after the activist Democrat judge allowed her politics to influence her sentencing…..


    “Federal Court Rules Rand Paul Attacker’s 30-Day Sentence Too Lenient

    The Sixth Circuit ruled the light sentence was ‘substantively unreasonable'”

    “The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the 30-day prison sentence of the man who attacked Senator Rand Paul (R., Ky.), ruling that federal guidelines did not permit so lenient a sentence.”


    “District Court judge Marianne O. Battani instead sentenced Boucher to only 30 days, arguing that Boucher had an “excellent background,” was “an educated person,” and “participated in the community in [his medical] practice and in [his] church.” The Clinton-appointed judge also cited the character witnesses who testified on Boucher’s behalf, including his pastor and the developer of his gated community.

    Prosecutors appealed the case, arguing that the light sentence was “substantively unreasonable” compared with similar cases. The Sixth Circuit agreed Monday, noting that Congress specifically instructed courts not to give undue weight to class and education when sentencing defendants.

    “To prioritize a defendant’s education, professional success, and standing in the community would give an additional leg up to defendants who are already in a privileged position,” wrote Obama appointee Jane Stranch for a three-judge panel. “Indigent defendants are less likely to impress a sentencing court with their education, employment record, or local reputation. But they are no less deserving of a reasonable and compassionate sentence.”

    The judges concluded there was “no compelling justification for Boucher’s well-below-Guidelines sentence” and vacated the lower court’s ruling. The court remanded the case back to district court, where Boucher will be resentenced based on the ruling.”

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  2. Looks like it’s just another myth.


    “When this report first came out last week I didn’t feel tempted to write about it, but it did lead to a lengthy and interesting discussion with some friends on social media. It involves the release of the results of a study conducted in Great Britain and the United States that’s being billed as the biggest study ever conducted on genetics and same-sex attraction. I’ll have to confess… I was kind of shocked at the conclusions. But long story short, while some possible correlations were noted, they concluded that there is no single “gay gene” that determines your sexual orientation. (NBC News)

    The largest study to date on genetics and same-sex sexual behavior was published last week, and it concluded something many queer people have been saying for a long time: Sexual orientation is complicated and can’t be explained away by a single “gay gene.”

    This takeaway pushes back on what seemed like a resolute determination among earlier scientists to show sexual orientation is a product simply of biology, while it also backs up millions of us who’ve discussed our varied experiences regarding our sexualities. And it helps clarify where the priorities of LGBTQ people should be in fighting for civil rights in the political and legal arenas.

    Sexual orientation is complicated and can’t be explained away by a single “gay gene.”

    The author goes on to offer a number of arguments as to why this study should never have been published, many of which have been around for ages and are worth consideration. Gays and lesbians have long been concerned over the possible discovery of the mythical gay gene because that information could be misused in the wrong hands. What if someone wanted to push the research in another direction and develop a “cure?” Or would parents begin prenatal screening and start aborting gay babies? Prior to recent changes in policy, there were suggestions the military might start screening blood tests of recruits and rejecting those that “failed the straight test.”

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  3. PolitiFact once again beclowns themselves to help a Democrat.


    But here’s the problem. It’s true, and there’s even video for crying out loud. They’re a joke.



  4. Dang that sexist racist. 🙂


    “KERNS: ‘Racist’ Trump Just Keeps Delivering Economic Gains For Women And Minorities”

    “Another month, another jobs report that delivers. Once again, the president has kept his promise to create “jobs, jobs, jobs.” The August jobs report showed a whopping 6.3 million jobs have been created during his administration. Notably, the record jobs figures delivered something for everyone: women, Hispanics, African Americans, African American females, and blue-collar workers alike — and that’s bound to drive the left crazy in 2020.

    Here are some key takeaways from the report.

    Women’s participation in the workforce rose to 76.3 percent — the highest level since 2002.

    Hispanic unemployment remains at a record low.

    The unemployment rate for African Americans fell to a historic low.

    Americans also saw bigs gains in their wages. Pay grew 3.2 percent year-over-year, achieving 3 percent growth for the 13th consecutive month. American workers haven’t seen wage increases like this since 2009, shortly after President Obama was elected.”

    Moreover, wage gains occurred most in the areas of the working class, versus gains for management.

    Overall labor participation rose, to 63.2 percent.

    August also marked the 18th consecutive month that unemployment registered at or below four percent. It remains at a 50-year low, making it the most impressive jobs rebound in half a century.

    Lastly, the report made August the 107th consecutive month of job gains in the United States. It is quite a delivery on a campaign pledge to bring jobs back to America, from a president who is constantly badgered about his trade war with China as well as the ups and downs of the market on any given day.”


  5. 7 more tons.

    Thanks Scott, and thank you President Trump, for being the first to point out this failure by Democrat “leaders.” 🙂


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  6. The NY Times continues to try and mainstream deviancy and child exploitation by sick freaks.


    “New York Times: ‘Meet the Rising Drag Stars of America. They’re Tweens'”

    “Demonstrating the New York Times’ eagerness to ingratiate with the LGBTQ left, Alice Hines eagerly explored the world of pre-teenaged “drag stars” in “Sashaying Their Way Through Youth — Among the rising stars of drag are some who are not even old enough to drive” for the New York Times on Sunday. The main focus was the now-12-year-old “drag star” Desmond Napoles, aka “Desmond is Amazing.” The online subhead was promotional: “Meet the rising drag stars of America. They’re tweens.”

    Desmond pegs his start in the world of drag to 2015, when videos of him vogueing at the New York Pride parade went viral; at one point, a high kick sent a flip-flop soaring over the crowd. Next came gigs channeling Gwen Stefani and David Bowie, along with runway shows for Gypsy Sport and the Blonds.

    Hines didn’t spot any sexual content in the “drag kid” moment.

    As recently as the 1970s, when dressing as another gender could lead to arrest on charges of vagrancy or “perversion” in many jurisdictions, drag was an adults-only affair, relegated to underground spaces and rich in sexual innuendo.

    But as gay culture has gained mainstream acceptance, the number and variety of locations where drag is welcome have grown. G-rated story hours are now offered at public libraries. Kids — and parents intent on raising them outside of traditional gender norms — are keen to perform.

    Criticism of kids performing in drag (while being avidly pushed and managed on social media by “drag mothers”), which could have been included for balance, was cast aside as something to be filtered out.”


    “Nina West, a queen who appeared on “Drag Race” and who has often performed for kids, said that while drag is a form of gender protest, it is not inherently sexual….

    That’s an easier argument to make if you skip the facts about a “Desmond Is Amazing” performance in a Brooklyn gay bar.

    “I truly think 10 percent of his followers are there to watch every move he makes because they hate him,” Ms. Napoles said. In January a talk radio host reported Desmond’s family to Child Protective Services after he performed at 3 Dollar Bill, a queer bar.

    That’s the only mention of the event in Brooklyn, described by The Daily Wire as “an 11-year-old boy dressed in drag danced on stage in a sexual manner at a gay bar in Brooklyn, NY, called 3 Dollar Bill. The child, Desmond Napoles, was dressed as a Gwen Stefani-lookalike — full drag make up, a blonde wig, and crop top included — as he bounced around onstage to No Doubt’s ‘Just a Girl’ and collected dollar bills from male adults viewing the number.”

    Hines ignored the obvious sexualization of the then-11-year-old boy mimicking the tropes of a stripper routine to adult approval.”


  7. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions….. by morons.

    Like this one.


    “Vegan influencer Mythical Mia who ‘rescued’ 16 rabbits in violent raid on bunny farm in Spain ‘killed nearly 100 more’ and left others with severed spines

    Vegan activist ‘Mythical Mia’ said she had rescued 16 rabbits from a Spanish farm

    Reports in Spain say several of them had just given birth, leaving bunnies behind

    Another five pregnant rabbits are said to have died during the chaotic raid”

    “A vegan activist’s ‘rescue mission’ at a rabbit farm in Spain last week actually led to the deaths of nearly 100 bunnies, it has been claimed.

    ‘Mythical Mia’, as she calls herself, was left covered in blood and claimed angry farmers had shot at her through a car window as she made her escape.

    The British activist proudly said she had saved 16 rabbits from the farm in Osona, but reports in Spain say several of the ‘rescued’ animals had just given birth, leaving dozens of bunnies stranded without a mother.

    Unable to fend for themselves, 90 helpless bunnies had to be put down, according to La Vanguardia.

    On top of that, five pregnant rabbits died during the raid while others are said to have lost their babies. Others still suffered broken spines, it is reported.

    The Barcelona-based activist had told more than 40,000 followers on Instagram how she ‘rescued 16 lives’ although Catalonia police said it was 14.

    Mia shared footage of her bloodied face and shattered car window, although police said the window is likely to have been struck by a ‘forceful object’ due to the impact of the glass rather than a shot from a shotgun. “


  8. This poseur again?


    “Valerie Plame lies like a rug in her campaign introduction to New Mexico’s voters

    Anti-Semitic former CIA desk officer, Valerie Plame, has come out with a Hollywoodish first video campaign ad for her run for Congress in New Mexico, set against a hokey country soundtrack redolent of the Dukes of Hazzard:

    Hey, romantic. Spy. Sooooo shivery! Just like the James Bond movies. And hey! She’s good looking, look at that blonde hair waving in the New Mexico wind. Look at her drive backwards on a wide, empty dirt flat (which is something anyone can do). What voter could possibly resist this alluring … sparrow?

    She uses the CIA seal for her partisan political purposes, which is actually illegal, she claims to have been “undercover” as a CIA employee back when she worked as a desk officer and got outed for politicking in 2003, she tries to imply she lived in hellholes like Iran and Iraq by saying ‘I lived it,’ meaning, she had her desk job focused on those topics (one can only imagine the disgust of real CIA operations officers watching this ad and reacting to this poseur), and worst of all, she tried to sell herself to voters based on her infamy: That her husband decided to try to undercut the Bush administration in an early deep-state operation against a president, and she got ‘outed’ after all the politicking. Worse still, she blamed the wrong man — Scooter Libby — (something he ought to sue her for), because President Trump pardoned him for being innocent. Then she wrapped her ad up as a bid to get political revenge for herself over that, which is also illegal, and never mind about all that serving of the New Mexicans she claimed she wanted to do earlier. New Mexico as a state with particular interests and needs didn’t really figure much in the ad except as a romantic backdrop for her driving backward.

    Then there was that little thing about herself that she just slipped into the ad … that she was the descendent of Ukrainian Jews. Someone who’s spread the kind of anti-Semitic propaganda from crazies as she has wants to make a U-turn and claim herself to be Jewish, not because she is Jewish, but to fool people into thinking she’s not anti-Semitic. Call it the Jewish shield, but we heard her the first time.

    Meanwhile, out on her campaign website, she promotes a package-tour, out of the box, left-wing agenda no different from any other left wing hack already in Congress. She knows she’s running in a safe seat, New Mexico’s northern 3rd district.”


  9. Wow.


    “Breaking: FBI Arrests Top FEMA Administrator, Two Others For Hurricane Maria Relief Fraud”

    “So was Donald Trump right about corruption in Puerto Rico’s use of relief funds? Kinda. The FBI arrested one of the top administrators of FEMA and the CEO of a contractor on wire fraud and bribery charges, along with a lower-level FEMA official today for fraud and bribery involving Hurricane Maria relief. The contractor got a $1.8 billion contract for rebuilding Puerto Rico’s notoriously unreliable electrical infrastructure, which the Department of Justice says came by way of bribery (via Twitchy):

    Two former FEMA officials, including one of the agency’s top administrators, were arrested on federal fraud and bribery charges in connection with their work in Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria hit the island in 2017.

    The FBI also arrested the ex-president of Cobra Acquisitions, contracted to work with federal officials on the restoration of Puerto Rico’s power grid, which sustained widespread damages in the storm.

    CBS’ reporter in Puerto Rico, David Begnaud, tweeted out the Department of Justice press release on the arrest and indictments. Begnaud also named names, as well as published their pictures. He also notes that Donald Trump has been vocal about suspected corruption in regard to Hurricane Maria relief, and that this tends to corroborate those suspicions:”


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