39 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-30-19

  1. Welcome to Friday you all. I am enjoying the header picture.
    I am home from Sports Day. I didn’t do a lot after the kinder events, but I am tired.
    We did get rain, but not too much.

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  2. Congrats on the blog anniversary. I am with Chas, I don’t get out too much and having this way to connect with others means a lot. You might say that I am rather isolated!

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  3. I don’t get out too much these days, either. My main friend who gives me a ride to church events is 89 years old. I am thankful for her helpfulness and that she continues to be able to get around as well as she does. I never think of her as being that age. Another lady, not much younger than that, takes a lot of classes and is too busy to help drive people around who need a ride. I know the classes help her to stay young, and she stays in good physical shape with all her exercise, but I know which lady I would prefer to be like when I am approaching 90 if I should live that long.

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  4. Howdy, Wanderers! This is Ann, from Texas.
    I now have a sophomore in College (Gig ‘em!) and an eighth grader. I haven’t kept up with things on here—but do lurk on the prayer thread sporadically. Happy Blog Anniversary!

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  5. Hello Ann from Texas. What part?’
    We are mostly good folks here, so jump in when you feel like it.
    Good morning to everyone else but Jo.
    Good night Jo.
    Off to slay dragons now.

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  6. Good morning! Nice to see you, Ann. How is your mother doing? Seems like last time you posted on the prayer thread that she was having surgery or something.


  7. Good morning! That was a short night. I see Ann on Facebook sometimes. You are still a part of our current community and not one of the Use-to-Be members. Pauline still checks in. too, so she is not a Use-To-Be either. Wishing you well, Annms, as I think you are better known as around here. Is your daughter still riding horses? I hope she has not suffered more from falls. Blessings on y’all!

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  8. A lot of those cartoons I don’t understand. But I agree with the one about Pelosi trying to save the Democratic party.
    I don’t agree with her on anything political. But I really see her as the only sane person in the party at this time.

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  9. Morning!! Hi Ann!!
    Busy day around here and we just might get a tad bit of rain this evening!!
    Cute birdies up there…are they bluebirds? A bluebird slammed into the back door window the other day…I thought he was a goner as he laid there on his side breathing heavily. I went to get a paper towel to pick him up and when I went to the door he rolled over and flew off. So thankful the wind was just knocked out of him for a while 🐦

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  10. Hi Ann, always good to see you here and on FB. Your little one is in the 8th grade? How’s that transition into the teen years going for you all?

    I’m really tired and have to bounce out of here again this morning to meet up with the photographer and PR person at Fleet Week. Last night I spent a couple hours walking, walking, walking around downtown, interviewing sailors and others. A few people came up to me shouting my name and giving me a hug, I knew I ‘knew’ them but hadn’t seen them in a while (sometimes a long while). So many people I’ve crossed paths with in the community for stories through the years.

    I filed my story just before 9 p.m., a little after deadline but it happens.

    Today will be likewise complicated and busy with lots of walking.

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  11. Greetings from the living room recliner and heating pad. Just sitting, watching twelve and thirteen work on their seventh grade math. They finished Bible. We will do a bit of history and science as we work toward full school mode.

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  12. I see on TV that Americans owe $1.6 trillion in college loan debt. I think they should be required to pay all of it.
    To let them off without having to repay the loan would miss the most important part of their education.
    i.e. Ain’t nothing free.

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  13. Today, Nightingale’s friend Virginia (who knows a lot about houses and fixing things) is here to help her check out what was causing the upstairs toilet to leak. After removing the toilet from its place, we were relieved to see that there is not a lot of damage from the leak, so they can fix what needs fixing, and put the toilet back in place. (Not sure it will be completed today, but I hope so.)

    Another issue is that the upstairs tub is leaking, too, and there is a wet spot on my living room ceiling from it. They are planning on tackling that project some other time. But I am so glad and relieved that Virginia can help and advise with that. We’ve known for a long time that there was a problem, but assuming it would cost thousands of dollars (that we don’t have) to fix it, we were waiting on it, and they’ve been using my shower. We may discover that we do need to have some major work done up there, but it’s a relief to have someone helping us figure it out who knows what she is doing.

    One thing she and we discovered is that we do not have a valve to shut off the water to all of the house at once. There are various valves in the basement piping to shut off different areas. So someday soon we are going to play around and figure out which valve goes to where, and label them.

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  14. I think I’ve previously mentioned that a plumber actually laughed at how badly the piping was done in the basement. Virginia concurs.

    Virginia is a very smart cookie, and works as an engineer. The way she and Nightingale became friends is kind of surprising. Nightingale met a man, “Ben” (a math professor), through an online dating site. They went out maybe a couple times, and enjoyed each other’s company, but didn’t “click”. Then “Ben” met and started dating Virginia, and somehow the three of them started hanging out as friends. (Not sure how that initially came about.)

    So at first, Nightingale was Ben’s friend, and growing friendly with Virginia. But the two ladies quickly struck up a close friendship, and now get together as often as their schedules allow.

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  15. They’re finishing up what they can do today, and will need to work on it more another time. Nightingale says their plan is to finish up the front of the bathroom by installing new tile, and when that is all taken care of, they will “demo” the back of the bathroom. For the things they cannot do themselves, Virginia knows a reasonable handyman.

    I guess I should explain what I mean by “the front of the bathroom” and “the back of the bathroom”. When you enter the bathroom, there is a wall to right, with the sink and then the toilet on the left. Straight ahead is the window, after a small step up. Stepping up and going to the left, the tub/shower and laundry area is back there, kind of back-to-back with the front of the bathroom.

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  16. It was a morning of traipsing up and down ship ramps and a couple near-ladders with the photographer and groups of tourists.

    And it was a bit toasty out there in the sun this morning. Good to be home sitting under a fan and writing.

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  17. That bathroom sounds huge compared to mine, kizzie. So glad you are finding ways to save on labor. That’s what I had to do but it really pays when the people you know or find are good.

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  18. DJ – Although larger than a regular bathroom, it’s not as big as it sounds. There’s not a lot of room between the laundry machines and the tub, only a one-person width. But yeah, larger than the one downstairs.

    I can’t tell you how relieved I am that this is getting taken care of. Just a little while ago, I was in tears of gratitude to God for Virginia’s help.

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  19. I can’t remember if I mentioned on here that my home in California has suffered woodpecker damage. The renters never mentioned it to anyone until I got new renters who mentioned it right away. Anyway I got a bid on repairing the damage this week, over 6700. Wow, so is that something that insurance might consider taking care of??


  20. Yikes, Jo.

    You might start with amassing some more bids. One thing I learned is prices vary widely for work on houses so the more bids, the better. But you should also check to see if insurance covers it.


  21. Wow, Jo, that sounds like the renters should have mentioned something. Do you have someone local who checks on the house?


  22. It is the siding, some of which will have to be replaced and all of the acorns removed that they have filled in behind the panels.


  23. Kizzie, that’s cool that they are able to get some projects done by themselves. My middle girl has redone 2 of her bathrooms, with tile etc. I have been really proud of her willingness to learn new things and be a self sufficient as possible. She is fortunate to have friends who can give her expert advise when she becomes stumped.

    Jo, woodpeckers are a menace here also. Would scare owls help to deter after the repair?

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