76 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-28-19

  1. Here I am Jo.!
    Good morning everyone else.
    Actually, I have been up about half an hor. Put TSWITW in the Big Chair, turned on TV and come in to do my computer thing.
    Now? Off to breakfast.


  2. Morning! Warmer temps predicted for today and I need to run into town. It will be warmer there.
    I need to get these mums in the ground but fear the fawns will eat them…they are eating everything in sight. They ate all of my neighbor’s roses even though they sprayed deer be gone on them and they chewed every last bud on that bush!
    I had one of those dreams last night that kind of lingers in the brain and leaves me disturbed. Have you ever had one of those dreams that leaves you pondering if it means something you should be concerned about?

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  3. Hope it is a good day for you, Kim. Well, I hope you all have a wonderful day.

    Sad about the roses. I know my cedar trees will soon be bare again. My husband also sprays them, but never enough. For years the deer left my yard alone except for the crab apple trees. No more. 😦

    We are off, later today, to see The Peanut Butter Falcon with friends.

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  4. Enjoy the movie. Beware the language.

    I need to trim 10% from my talk. I’ll try timing myself one more time on a run through this morning, and if I’m still at 50 minutes, I’ll be working.

    Last night, a realtor called, very tentative, asking if I’d given any thought to selling my house. Apparently, a family renting in the area wants to buy one.

    (I counted four open house signs in the neighborhood on Sunday, so I find it peculiar they’re reduced to calling people on my street).

    Anyway, I said no, but a neighbor across the street plans to put his house on the market next month; he’s been working on it.

    The phone practically began trembling in my fingers, the realtor was so excited.

    I walked outside, read him the number and he thanked me profusely. He was on his way to knock on the door.

    Why would they make all these cold calls, Kim, if there are houses for sale in the neighborhood, though not on our specific street? This house is a big one–5 or 6 bedrooms.

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  5. NancyJill – Yes, I have had those kinds of dreams, too, that have me pondering them the next day.

    There are also those nights, before an event I may be nervous about, in which I have a few dreams throughout the night about that event, and feel as if I didn’t really sleep much.

    There are also occasional dreams in which I am kept up way too late (often by others), and feel so tired in the dream, and then wake up feeling very tired, as if I really had stayed up too late.

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  6. Good morning, All. I injured my back the other day, playing with twelve year old. Note to self: never play with children. Still sitting against the heating pad. I could barely lift the empty bucket to do my chores.

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  7. Question for Jo when she comes along (or for anyone else who may know the answer) – You mentioned about weights being good for older folks. How heavy should the weights be?


  8. ~~Sports post!~~

    There’s a chill in the air here this morning. Must be close to autumn. In fact, college football starts tomorrow tonight. (Actually, there were 2 games last week.) That means there is still time to join the 4 fans of football (but not Riders of the Purple Sage or Horsemen of the Apocalypse) on the Peter’s Pack Pickled Pigskin Picks thread in guessing the winners of ten of the games this weekend. Join by Friday @ 6:00PM.


  9. Kizzie- They make 5 pound dumbbells, or even smaller. I hear using them keeps muscles from atrophying so we can continue walking or light lifting as we get older. But I am sure one our medical people here can explain better.

    Roscuro or Rkessler?

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  10. Seems like when I was in PT for neck problems they recommended 3-5 lb, I think specifically 3? I guess I quit doing those exercises. 😦

    Today I have another Fleet Week story to pull together (one of those 5 things to know about Fleet Week things but focusing more on odd facts, history, etc.; shouldn’t be too hard); and another conference call on expanding our coverage of the homelessness issue.

    Meanwhile, this’ll be the talker for today in our city and county:

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  11. I was told yesterday that bret baier of fox has been out working on some (upcoming Oct.) story having to do with the iowa.


  12. I used to use four-pound weights in my own little routine. But then I had a severe problem with my left shoulder, and got out of the habit. I was thinking of using five-pound weights, but have also heard that eight-pound weights would be good. Since eight-pounders would be twice what I used to do, I know it would be tough at first, but if that is what is recommended, I would work up to it.

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  13. It probably depends on injury status or if you have no ongoing issue. If you are having pain somewhere they don’t want you to overexert, but just for “exercise,” you may be able to use heavier weights. Should be able to google it?

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  14. Start slow, work up, listen to your body. Or you will end up on a heating pad, like me. It is for bone density at our age. though a bit of muscle and core strength helps to keep things from hurting. Too bad I don’t listen. And for balance as we get older.

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  15. Kizzie, have you considered the strap on weights? They may be used for weight loss because it takes extra calories to use them for longer periods.
    The napping lap cat just had a disturbing dream. She leapt up while latching onto my thigh with her claws. One held firm so I have a small spot of blood on my cropped khaki pants. It could have been much worse. I always wonder what she dreams.
    I have those stick with me dreams at times when it can somewhat feel like being here and there at the same time for a bit.

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  16. Meanwhile, back in social media land, Twitter has suspended my account. I have no idea why. A social media manager I know on FB suggests hacking through my hootsuite account. So, I’ve disconnected that. If I can’t get on social media, maybe I’ll get some work done today?


  17. Michelle – Is there a way you can find out why your account is suspended? I’d be very curious to know.

    Tammy, who used to comment here, was banned from leaving book reviews on Amazon for a while. She contacted them to ask about it, and I think it turned out to be a mistake (can’t recall the details) so they “unbanned” her.

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  18. Well I have been asked to leave a bookclub but never Twitter!! 😂
    I planted my purple aster, and two white mums…the rusty color mums and the yellow ones will have to wait until the sun goes down..it is hot out here! I am currently sitting in the rocking chair ready to pick up my book and read. Hummingbirds are being very territorial around the feeder…ain’t nobody getting a drink at that feeder but the ruby girl!


  19. I know nothing about twitter or instagram. You folks will have to educate me someday.

    Kizzie, start low. I still begin with just 2.2 lbs, which is one kilo. That is my warmup and I am gradually going up. But I do listen to my muscles. I am at 2 to 5 kilos on other lifts. Then use some machines and even do situps. Situps I have to be very careful with or my ribs have problems. Strong Women Stay Young reminded me to go up to higher weights.

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  20. Well it was me and a friend who were asked to leave. We actually both received a note in the mail from the leader suggesting a different bookclub might be better suited for us. At the beginning of the bookclub we had all agreed not to read “Oprah” type books. However someone suggested such a book and my friend and I had the same view concerning the “dime store novel” feel to said book. We tried to voice it in as much a diplomatic manner as was as possible but alas we were asked to leave. My sweet friend passed away this summer and I am certain we remain to be known as the “trouble makers”…but truly we just had an opinion. Those who have known us would ask us if we were kicked out of any bookclubs lately as we both separately had similar encounters later on in other bookclubs……but she had moved to WI and I was still here in CO. I am destined not to be in a bookclub.

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  21. Kevin @2:27 took the words right out of my [fingertips] — lower weight, more reps. Start with cans of vegetables or even soup, Kizzie.

    Michelle, you must have uttered something too conservative-leaning for Twitter’s tastes. I’m not on it, but you’re not the first conservative I’ve heard got banned from there for a while.

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  22. Maybe it was all those WWI posts. You know those Liberals. They don’t like anything related to war.

    Or maybe all those Oswald Chambers posts. You know how they hate Christians. Oh, wait, Paul Washer is on there. If they allow him they wouldn’t mind Oswald.


  23. For many years, even before we joined the YMCA in H’ville in 2001, Elvera and I belonged to a spa in Falls Church where we worked out three times a week.
    They said three times was enough. And it probably was. Along with walks in the community. It worked for years.

    The thing is. They said that you should have enough weight to make (I think it was ) 12 reps. Fewer than that indicates too much weight. More, not enough. Let your body tell you what to do.
    We always finished with a walk around the track. we didn’t run.
    I attribute that to our staying vigorous (not sex) and healthy until around our mid eighties.

    Then, we started falling apart. At the moment, we are just surviving. One day at a time.

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  24. Just to clarify, didn’t think about it until I ended, and I suspect you already know. “They” is the professional those places always have on duty.
    For your protection and theirs.


  25. We saw The Peanut Butter Falcon and enjoyed it. They could have left the bad language out, since it was not necessary at all for the story. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the characters, story and message.

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  26. Well, Chas, you stopped me with the part about sex.

    I had to write a copy block for an event I didn’t attend this morning, LA mayor on the Iowa officially welcoming Fleet Week. Photos weren’t great and the photographer’s caption info was minimal so it was hard to work with all that. But I made it stretch.

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  27. Here’s a description of my last six Tweets/Retweets from most recent back to earlier today

    1. A Retweet of a video showing Olga Korbut’s 1972 gold medal uneven parallel bars routine. (Russia)

    2. A Retweet and story of a picture of a Monopoly game, communist version. I told about the time I bought a Monopoly game in Beijing at Walmart and the tour guide didn’t know what I was talking about. “Oh, it’s capitalist.” (China)

    3,4,5,6, were snippets from an Enduring Word commentary on Romans 14. (Christians)

    There you go . . . a friend did question all my WWI retweets, especially the colorized ones, but I’m careful.

    A social media expert friend advised I probably was hacked through Hootsuite–which is an app I can load with Tweets and it will post them automatically. I canceled all my social media accounts with them and we’ll see what Twitter does.

    It could be a couple weeks according to them. I may get a lot of work done. OTOH, I had a lot of Tweets lined up to go while I’m traveling, so that’s a bummer. 😦

    I usually tweet back to various blog posts.

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  28. Lettie Cowman’s account, however, seems to be able to post, so I can at least share information to her six followers. 🙂

    I use Twitter to follow the news. I may have to remain an innocent until I’m reinstated–or perhaps forever?

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  29. I have had maybe two book reviews rejected by Amazon. Often I make suggestions in my reviews of who might benefit from a book. I think in one I mentioned it was s good book to have out in the waiting area of my husband’s tax office. I think that was considered to be advertising my husband’s business. When I revised and resubmitted it was accepted. It was an innocent error on my part, but lesson learned.


  30. Miss Bosley went to sleep on top of my shoes today. With Wesley leaving and Art going to work, especially since we had left her by herself while we did the little jaunt up to NC, I guess she felt I’d have to stay home with her if I could not put my shoes on. This morning she sat down on top of the remote that is Art’s prized possession. This was her new entertaining behavior for today. She is no longer running around like a crazed kitten, but she never fails to make us laugh daily.

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  31. Question for anyone:

    Would it be strange to go to a wedding with my daughter instead of my husband?

    My best friend’s daughter is getting married Saturday. The wedding invitation, sent out by the groom, indicated that 2 places would be reserved for us; would we be attending or not?

    My husband doesn’t particularly care to go to weddings, but I asked him, anyway, if he wanted to go, being that he gets along well with my best friend’s husband. (We go to the same church, and that’s where the menfolk associate with each other.)

    Hubby said yes to the invitation, so I sent in our RSVP.

    Now he doesn’t want to go, and even told me today that he really regretted saying yes, and that if we go, he wants to leave as soon as possible.

    Well, the ceremony is at 3:00, dinner at 5:45, and dance at 7:00. I don’t want to sit for two hours between the probable end of the ceremony and beginning of the reception with a man who doesn’t want to be there.

    What do you think is my best option (I don’t want to go by myself)?:

    ~stay home?

    ~suggest to hubby that we go to the ceremony only, and leave right after?

    ~go with 3rd Arrow (whose best friend is the bride’s sister)?

    (If I went with 3rd, we’d really only have time for the wedding, too, as she has other plans for that evening.)

    Is an invitation for two presumed to be a couple, rather than an adult and one offspring? (I’m not taking a minor child, which is what “reserved for 2” seems to imply — no children allowed.)


  32. Oh 6arrows this is your best friend’s daughter..that is practically family! If your husband truly does not want to go is he ok with your taking 3rd arrow? If it is perfectly fine with him for her to go in his stead I would say have her accompany you if you aren’t wanting to go alone. And you could just mention it to best friend beforehand maybe…

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  33. 6 Arrows, I think you could call and ask if the switch is okay and explain that your daughter really wants to go because of her relationship with the friend. And if you won’t be there for dinner then they need to know so they can invite someone else to that if desired. I think the RSVP is totally related to getting a count for the meal. I am no expert, though. Kim can correct me if I am wrong.😀

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  34. NancyJill, I’m not sure what he’d think about daughter going with me instead, as I just happened to think of that alternative this evening (he’s not home from work yet, so I haven’t had a chance to ask). But, yeah, she’s my best friend, and I’d like to be able to spend a little more time with her on her daughter’s wedding day than just give her a quick hug in the receiving line and then cut out of there.

    I also hate to feel like I’m dragging my husband along unwillingly. I can’t make him enjoy what he doesn’t enjoy, and that’s probably a drain on everybody (who notices) when someone clearly doesn’t want to be there. Kind of a joy-killer. 😦

    Though maybe the family would all be so distracted, they wouldn’t pick up on the get-me-out-of-here-fast look on someone else’s face.

    Janice, yes, I think the RSVP is for meal-count purposes. In this case, it may also be so they know how many chairs to set up. (They’re planning an outdoor wedding.) Setting up more seating than is needed, though, is probably not as bad as them having to pay for more food than needed.

    On the other hand, if we don’t stay for dinner, that’s only two meals uneaten instead of say, six, if our whole family had been invited and we decided last minute not to go.

    I don’t know what’s the most responsible way to handle this situation.


  35. On FB:

    ~ In the span of 11 years, 115 people died in weightlifting accidents at the gym.

    In the same 11 years, only one person died eating a donut.

    Make good choices. ~

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  36. Did you know Fleet Weeks started in 1935 in San Diego? When Japan and Germany were building up their militaries & Russia was growing into another world concern, all between what was to be the 2 (so far) world wars. FDR wanted to expand the Navy and the first Fleet Week featured an impressive array of warships and planes all amassed in San Diego.

    There are now also Fleet Weeks in:

    San Francisco;
    Ft. Lauderdale;
    New York City;
    Portland, OR.;
    New London, CT.;
    Norfolk, VA.;
    and Pearl Harbor.


  37. I asked 3rd Arrow if she wants to go to the wedding, and she said she doesn’t.

    So it’s either go with hubby or not go at all. I’m leaning toward not going, based on something that happened on Sunday that I didn’t mention above.

    Sorry to be vague. Thanks for your input, NancyJill and Janice.

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  38. Or… maybe I should just be brave and go by myself, no matter how it might look…

    I have a feeling, though, that whichever route I choose, it will be the wrong one. (And I don’t mean in my friend’s eyes. She’ll love me no matter what; that I can count on.)

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  39. I mentioned a while back that I was reading a book (from our church library) about which I had some concerns — both with some of the content, and with what I know of the author in general.

    I finished the book yesterday and, when I went to return it, I spoke with one of our pastors about it. He was quite attentive to my concerns and took notes on what I was mentioning. He planned to send the church librarian an email about it.

    Too much of the book was fluff, in my opinion. (Though I didn’t mention that to the pastor.) Some parts of the book were right on, doctrinally. Other parts were questionable, but the distortions were often quite subtle.

    Given, though, that the author has come out publically in favor of gay marriage (that was about a year after this book was published), and how some Christian bookstores have stopped selling her books because of her assertion that monogamous sex within any loving relationship, whether between man and woman or any same-sex pairing, is not something condemned by Jesus, and, in her words, gay sex could even be considered holy under some circumstances, I thought it important to mention that to the pastor. Even though there was no particular, clear statement to that effect in the book itself.

    But the early leanings in that direction were there. I think the so-called “Religious Left” has had quite an influence on her and her pastor husband, who both affirm gay marriage, according to the public statements they made about it in 2016. (And I don’t believe either of them has retracted it. Her website is still up, but hasn’t been added to since sometime in 2017. There’s been no written indication there, or elsewhere, that I’ve been able to find, that they no longer believe what they announced three years ago they do believe on the subject. And that conclusion, sadly, was, based on much deep research into the scriptures, they said.)

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  40. 6 Arrows, I would go by myself to a best friend’s daughter’s wedding. I would offer to take photos to have some extra candid ones of guests that they could share with thank you notes and to occupy myself in a fruitful way. I recently went to a luncheon where photos were taken of each guest. I was later given a copy of a nice photo of myself. There might be other ways you could help such as play piano music while people wait around during transition times.


  41. Going by myself is an option, Kevin. It’s an option that makes me uncomfortable, though, for a few reasons I can’t explain very well.

    As a married woman, I wonder how it would look (especially to the bride and groom) to attend alone when we were both invited. (Well, there was no inner envelope with our specific names on it, just the outer mailing envelope with our names, and the “2 reserved” indication on the RSVP card.)

    I don’t mind going to some social events without my husband, but a wedding seems a bit different than that.

    Maybe I’m assuming too much, though, or am too influenced by what others may think.

    I’ve never gone alone to a wedding before.

    Has anyone else here done that?

    (Asked to a crowd who is almost or totally asleep by now probably.) 🙂


  42. Oh, OK, I see Janice is still awake, too. 😉

    My friend has another close friend who is an excellent photographer who has photographed all of my friend’s special family moments over the years. So I won’t be doing that, especially with my little cell phone, which takes pictures pretty poorly, and is the only “camera” I have.

    My friend’s youngest daughter (3rd Arrow’s best friend) is playing for the wedding, using wedding music she borrowed from me. 🙂 So I’m kind of out on that count, too.

    But maybe there’s something I could do for them while there, if I go.

    Thanks for these ideas!


  43. I am awake! You said hubby would go but didn’t want to stay long…perhaps that is the best solution. You both go, mill around for a bit and leave. At least you would have been together, witnessed the marriage of this young couple and then you two could chat about how lovely it all was 😊 And maybe he could take you out for a cup of coffee afterwards!
    And I am glad you spoke up to your pastor about the book. And that he listened 😊

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  44. Hmmm, I just realized that I am taking seven animals to the vet tomorrow, with the help of three young people, who may or may not cooperate very much. Prayer please.


  45. 6 – I went to the wedding of our best man without my husband. He was on a mission trip with our daughter, so my son and I went. It was sad in a way because my husband was supposed to be the best man, but the trip had been planned long before they set the date and the date had to be on the school break. I’m very glad I went, we’re such good friends with D and his wife 🙂 They’re the ones we were hiking with the other day.

    Do any of your other arrows want to go maybe?

    Also, I would say attend on your own – or take two vehicles and attend the ceremony together and then your husband can leave after greeting a few people and you can decide if you want to stay for the rest of the festivities.

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  46. 6 Arrows, an invitation for two definitely doesn’t mean “you can only come with a spouse” or single people would be out of luck, especially if you aren’t going to the reception anyway, unless the invitation was specifically for Mr. and Mrs. (That would be my take on it.) If you aren’t going to the reception, then who goes with you is not relevant; you are taking up two seats, but with one of those being a different person, no informing them necessary unless you were taking someone they had reason not to invite. If you were going to the reception with a guest, I’d make sure the switch was OK.

    If it isn’t too far for you to want to drive, then going by yourself wouldn’t “look” bad at all. She is your friend and not his. I had a wedding just Saturday, I knew the bride (but not the groom) and my husband didn’t know either person. I wanted him to go with me because I wanted to introduce him to my friend and because I didn’t want to drive there by myself in a car better suited to him than to me. But had he been unavailable, I would have gone by myself. I wouldn’t have been able to stay for the reception either way (since it would be moving toward dark and I don’t drive after dark), but had it been in our town, I would have gone to both wedding and reception. In fact I did go to a wedding (but not reception) in our church a few weeks ago by myself, not staying for the reception since I didn’t know them well and wasn’t interested in going without my husband, but had I known them well I would have gone to both.

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  47. My boss has taken his 5 year old daughter to two weddings this summer. She enjoys them, her mom doesn’t and also has a newborn. It made sense to everybody that they do that.

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  48. When I was getting ready to be married (not quite officially engaged, but that was mostly a formality–we were waiting until after I met the girls, but we already had the date on the church calendar, and we’d already had my heirloom diamond made into an engagement ring), I was looking through bridal magazines and books in the bookstore, and one of them was talking about wedding etiquette. It said it used to be the case that single people automatically got an invitation to bring one guest, so you could go with a date (or a friend), but that the cost of receptions has gone up so much that singles often are allowed to bring a date only if they are engaged.

    The writer then went on to say that might not seem quite equitable, either, because perhaps some couple has been together (read living together) for several years but not engaged, whereas this other friend is engaged to be married to some person she met on the internet three months ago.

    Well, needless to say, I saw that situation a whole lot differently than the writer did. First it was somewhat startling because I was the woman (all but) engaged to someone she met on the internet three months ago! And I realized that writer needs to catch up a bit, because speaking pejoratively about people meeting on the internet in a bridal magazine doesn’t make good sense! Too many of us have done so today, and the marriages that result aren’t e-marriages but real ones–and good ones in all the cases I personally know about.

    Second, I would say that the couple who has been living together for years but not getting married actually isn’t an obvious choice for wedding guests, whereas your engaged-with-a-date guests are, and the length of the relationship has nothing whatsoever to do with that. I have relatives (a nephew and his girlfriend) who have been living together about twice as long as we have been married . . . but she is still only his girlfriend. She isn’t his wife, and unless they marry she will never be his widow. She’s just his girlfriend, and that isn’t a relationship that has any commitment involved. I personally wasn’t at all picky about my guest list, didn’t even ask for RSVPs, but the couple who doesn’t honor marriage enough to get married isn’t tops on my list of whom I invite, and a tiny little part of me was bothered that the girlfriend-who-is-just-a-girlfriend was in the family photos without anybody asking me if that was OK. (Would I have said no? Not sure. I would have wanted to say no, though I like her and I wish my nephew would marry her. But she isn’t family.)


  49. Lots of rain during the night and now during most of the day. Tomorrow is sports day at the primary school. Trying to decide what shoes to wear. It is going to be muddy out there even if it doesn’t rain.


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