24 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-27-19

  1. Chas was first, but on the news thread. 🙂

    Chas | August 27, 2019 at 6:30 am

    What is it? A horrible looking critter.
    Good morning AJ and everyone else but Jo.
    Good evening Jo.
    I feel back to normal now. Whatever that is.
    I don’t like it still being dark at 5:30

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  2. Good morning, All. A beautiful day here, though it is not really very light out. But the roosters are crowing and letting each other know their corners are safe.

    Daughter signed herself up for school yesterday. Positives: husband can stop doing all the paperwork and meetings he has been doing to set her up with a voc rehab job and we don’t need to hire a bunch of people to work with her. Negatives: well, you already know my concerns with her in the school system.

    Today we go to town for a follow up with her doc on that psych visit and to take other daughter in for her gestational diabetes test. Soon I will get to stop and smell the flowers.

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  3. I am up and at the office. I am going to the closing with my agent who has been having the terrible experience with the seller who is also her own agent. I don’t know why people must be so nasty.
    Nothing has changed with the receptionist. I spoke with her “boss” again yesterday and asked if he had a chance to talk to her. Nope, he hadn’t. I told him the situation wasn’t getting any better.
    I am reading the book Michelle spoke of over the weekend, The Deepest Well. As so often happens when I read a book like this, I have all the “markers” and wonder how I was damaged(I have often thought about this even before the book) by my childhood and experiences. I think I was probably born stressed out. Then because I was also born to assume the guilt of everything that happens around me, I wonder how I have damaged my own child, and if I am suffering the consequences of that too.
    To add guilt upon guilt, my Sunday School class is studying Changes That Heal by Henry Cloud.
    About now I need to break into a rendition of “Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I’m gonna go eat worms”.

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  4. The kitchen light was on when I got up, I must of have forgotten to turn it off last night.

    It’s off to the port for me this morning as the first of the Navy ships arrive. I am supposed to interview some sailors. I have to write that story + an ‘everything you need to know’ kind of thing about weather, parking, traffic, where to get free stuff, etc. At 2, I have to be on a conference call about all of this for the week to come.

    And I still have at least 3, maybe more, photo assignments to make out and put in for the weekend/Monday.

    Thursday night I cover the town’s ‘welcome’ party and Friday I’ll have to go to the event to cover the “first day.” It might make sense to “uber” down there and avoid the traffic. If my neighbor’s home, I could also ask her to drop me off, it’s close by.

    Grateful I at least got out of doing any of the weekend coverage.

    Glad you’re feeling better Chas.

    I’m also ready for fall. I spent another hour last night watering the front grass & Charlie Brown while talking to my neighbor who was out on her front porch.

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  5. Kim, need I remind you? The Creator of all, the Master of the Universe, the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, knew you when He formed you in your mother’s womb. He knew the plans He had for you before He formed you. He placed you exactly where He wanted you so you would be exposed to the things that He would use in your life to make you the perfect tool for His purposes. He has used that tool in my life to my great benefit, and in the lives of others on here and in your own neighborhood. He is making you more like Him every day. His love for you is endless as He demonstrated at the cross.

    Furthermore, I love you and I even like you. I have not encouraged you like I should because I have been too busy here, trying to be me in a world where that should never be. I am also His tool to be used for His purposes, and that includes being an encouragement to you.

    Others on here also love you and pray for you.

    May God’s love and peace and joy fill you today.

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  6. I just wish I could “like” Mumsee’s 10L19
    Just a reminder again, Don’t meddle in a problem that isn’t yours. It may affect the way you feel, but not the way you do things.

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  7. I woke at 5:35–just enough time to get to the gym by 6, and I need to be at the gym.

    But, the whole time I was there I was distracted thinking about the three weddings we’ve been invited to in the next 11 days.

    I have concerns about all of them, and there’s nothing I can do.

    I just wanted to come home and curl up in my chair with my Bible and pray–I’m getting there!

    Prayer is the only thing I can do about these situations. And I have been praying for the people in two of these weddings.

    My husband reminded me I need to ask God to use me however He wants; to submit myself to speaking or not speaking in accordance with His word–not my feelings.

    That’s a good and true prayer.

    I just see so many red flags.

    But are they mine? OC reminds me we cannot be an amateur providence for others.

    But, also, that prayer is the greater work.

    So, to prayer. I’ve already said, in total surprise when it came up, what I think God wanted me to say and now I need to be quiet.

    Be quiet, except before the Lor!

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  8. Saw 2 ships come in, plugged my ears for the welcoming cannon shots from the Iowa, found a couple folks to interview.

    Now I have to start writing. We have a 2-3 p.m. conference call to discuss our fleet week coverage, which seems odd (and an hour out of the day when we could be writing) as we have numerous stories already planned out from now through Tuesday and photos assigned.

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  9. This may seem more appropriate for the politics thread. But it isn’t about politics. But maybe it is.

    Sometimes I sit in the family room with her. FoxNews is usually on the TV. She then wants me to explain what is happening on TV.
    Have you ever tried to explain the news to someone so that it might be coherent?
    Try it sometime.
    You become aware of what is important.
    Not much, really.

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  10. Reminds me of looking at a Scholastic Australia book order, which we are not sending out, and wondering what books would make sense for PNG village children or would even be educational. Very few, very few.


  11. A trend I have observed: https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/article/shortage-young-men-churches-affects-marriage/

    I am not sure, however, that the consequences of a lack of available spouses are so dire as the author of the article seems to think. Christ, while he upheld marriage, did not glorify it as the greatest good (Matthew 19:10-12), and marriage, like all family ties, was secondary in importance to following Him (Luke 14:26). A significant number of unmarried women, and men, followed him, including his three close friends, the sisters Mary and Martha and their brother Lazarus (John 11:5). Although modern day church leaders often bemoan singleness – e.g. Dr. Mohler is constantly writing about how singleness in both the world and the church is causing cultural decline – is far from being a bar to effectively serving the Lord according to the Scripture (I Corinthians 7:32).


  12. That’s our girl.

    2nd of two stories finished and turned in. But this is only the beginning. We are planning 12 stories on this weekend long event (I’m not doing all of them, but am doing several).

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  13. While you all were talking about bears yesterday, I was out hiking where there was bear scat every 10 steps or so and the trailer we hiked out to had paw prints all over it!!!!!!! We didn’t see any bears, but our friends’ dogs are black and they freaked me out every now and then as they came running out of the bush 🙂

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  14. Chas’ news post made me chuckle. My husband is an avid watcher of conservative news videos. The other day my son reported that dad had been watching farming, exercise, and videos about Nancy Pelosi. “You k ow mom, all she does is tell lies.”

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