10 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 8-24-19

  1. 🙂 I just had a wonderful few days with our 13 year old granddaughter. We made macarons (her second time and my first) which turned out okay.

    She made her first quillow, which is a quilt with a pocket attached. You fold the quilt into the pocket, which makes a pillow when you desire. She was a little puzzled how the pocket, which is a piece of batting sandwiched by two pieces of fabric, could possibly be a comfortable pillow. She laid her head on this on the hard table when I was not in the room. She asked me if I ever use this ‘pillow’. Since I have given away every quillow I have ever made, I said no. I did not realize that she was thinking this was an actual pillow until she explained when she attached the pocket. It made for a good laugh!

    She also made a whole bunch of scrunchies for her hair. I had made some for her last birthday and she wanted to learn to make them. Combing through my fabric stash was quite interesting. I have found out through my grandchildren, that you never know what fabric a child will like. Her favorite piece was a piece I did not care for at all.

    We spent a day in between exploring a mansion, which has regular tours. She took over two hundred photos, so she seemed to enjoy it very much. There were several vintage dresses included in the tour. Grandpa joined us for the tour. We have been there before, but it is always interesting.

    We played a few games. She won every single game of Sequence, which made her very happy. I won quite a bit at double solitaire, but she is very good.

    She loves this time spent one on one. It took all summer to find a window of time that fit for her and us. It was worth the time and effort.

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  2. 🙂 Summer camp has ended for 2019

    😦 Summer camp has ended for 2019

    🙂 We had the most amazing staff this year – they all came together and supported one another and led the children in a most beautiful way. This last week was senior teen (14 – 17 year olds) They were a hoot and many made serious decisions to follow Jesus!

    😦 Saying goodbye to the staff was hard as they literally are going to spread out around the world this fall

    🙂 A few will be back for our fall school programming

    🙂 I will have time to read this blog and comment more

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  3. 🙂 It’s as cool as an early fall day here today. I even have my nice warm slippers on, which looks kinda goofy with my capri leggings. (Don’t worry ladies, I wear long tunic tops with them.)

    What a nice reprieve from the heat and humidity we have been having. (I know it will be back for a while, but the next couple days at least are supposed to be nice.)

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  4. 🙂 Fall is coming. And we’ve (so far) had a fairly mild summer.

    🙂 Cool coastal breezes coming through my large, south-facing casement windows have become my A/C. One day last week the breeze was so strong it was blowing one of the long, sheer panels straight out, flying horizontally, into the living room. I realize that because I’m now working from home I can open them up early enough — by 2 p.m. — so the breeze can keep the house nice and cool. Before, I’d get home at 7 p.m. and it would simply be too late to cool anything down by then, even with all the windows opened up.

    🙂 I do love working from home. I hope it can last. I will have to go in next week for an editor’s meeting (our city editor is just recently back following hand surgery and is meeting with each of us, not many of us left though, to get ‘caught up;’ but otherwise we’re all in constant daily contact as it is anyway, via Slack & email).

    🙂 A 3-day weekend next week, I just realized. I may be asked to work (it’s LA Fleet Week in our town) but will decline as I actually do have some plans each day (visiting Carol on Saturday, church on Sunday, and Monday? maybe a catch-up visit with the cousin after missing our meetup when I was sick during my vacation week and we had to cancel.

    🙂 Running board installation and oil change were done this week. I’m getting used to using the running board for stepping “up” and into the Jeep; it’s really helping that right leg, I think. It was getting to be too much of a stretch before from ground level. I still need the tires rotated but can take care of that at the local shop for free (I bought the tires w/free rotations a little over a year ago at a chain store near where I used to work — 15 miles away — but they have a local shop in my town that also will honor the free rotation deal so that will make it convenient at least).

    🙂 We’re continuing through our book-by-book (“Route 66”) survey of Christ in all of Scripture. This week is Esther. So thankful for good, sound teaching, a friendly church and the singing (still) of the solid hymns and psalms, albeit sometimes with a (quiet) worship band. 🙂

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  5. 😦 Just saw my stylist for the first time since her dad (who owned the salon) died in a motorcycle accident about a month ago. I did a story on him for the paper, he was quite the renowned stylist in town with a very loyal clientele. So now they’re trying to keep the salon family-run but it’s not easy as about 40% of the people who went there were his clients.

    So his daughter (my stylist) is now having to take on many of his people which means instead of working Saturdays only she’s working Tuesday through Saturday (which means taking her away from her 2 toddler twin girls, although her mother-in-law, who lives with them, is able to watch them — and hopefully this schedule will be temporary for her). But she seems so “muted” from her usual, happy, cheerful and outgoing self. It was a jarring loss and is probably only now, in some respects, hitting home for them.

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  6. And she lives a ways out of the area, northeast of here, so she’s not even close enough at work to dash home for lunch breaks. She just looked tired and weary today.

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