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  1. The Human Gaffe Machine strikes again. 🙂


    The Ultimate Compilation. 🙂


  2. Catastrophe averted.


    “Earlier today, at the federal courthouse in Brooklyn, Asia Siddiqui and Noelle Velentzas, both citizens of the United States and residents of Queens, pleaded guilty to teaching and distributing information pertaining to the making and use of an explosive, destructive device, and weapon of mass destruction, intending that it be used to commit a federal crime of violence. When sentenced, the defendants face up to 20 years in prison.

    “Inspired by radical Islam, Velentzas and Siddiqui researched and taught each other how to construct bombs to be used on American soil against law enforcement and military targets,” said Assistant Attorney General John C. Demers. “They were thwarted by the excellent work of the agents, analysts and prosecutors who are responsible for this investigation and prosecution. For this, we are grateful.”

    “In an effort to implement their violent, radical ideology, the defendants studied some of the most deadly terrorist attacks in U.S. history, and used them as a blueprint for their own plans to kill American law enforcement and military personnel,” stated United States Attorney Richard P. Donoghue. “Thanks to the tireless work of law enforcement, they were stopped before they could bring their murderous plans to fruition.”

    “Velentzas and Siddiqui were intent on waging violent jihad here in the United States, researching at length historical terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, educating themselves on how to turn propane tanks into explosive devices, and dreaming up plans to kill Americans on our own turf,” stated FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge William F. Sweeney Jr. “Today’s plea is not only a welcome end to this years-long investigation, but a credit to the FBI’s JTTF in New York and our many law enforcement partners who saw this through to the end.”


  3. Good. Bury them, as an example to the rest.


    “Former Kavanaugh Classmate Sues HuffPo for Defamation

    “Defendants’ statements were false, malicious and fabricated, and were published with a knowing, intentional, subjective awareness of, and/or reckless disregard of, their falsity”


    “The media frenzy was as disgusting as it was illuminating. The leftstream media fully embraced its role as partisan social justice warriors and worked hard to derail Kavanaugh’s confirmation despite the ludicrous nature of the unsubstantiated claims against him.

    Derrick Evans, one of Kavanaugh’s former classmates, is now suing the Huffington Post in relation to their role in the frenzy. According to the filing, HuffPo allegedly engaged in the fabrication of sources and evidence and to have defamed Evans in the process.

    Courthouse News reports:

    A Mississippi man sued the Huffington Post on Wednesday, claiming it defamed him in an article last fall that named him as a purchaser of the cocaine that led to the 1984 death of David Kennedy, a son of former Senator Robert F. Kennedy.

    Gulfport resident Derrick Evans, a graduate of the elite boarding school Georgetown Prep in the 1980s, also sued HuffPost senior reporter Ashley Feinberg, accusing her of fabricating anonymous sources and affidavits to create a salacious story about the school’s wild party culture in the aftermath of the contentious confirmation hearings of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

    “In HuffPost and Feinberg’s zeal to embellish a salacious article about Justice Kavanaugh’s years at Georgetown Prep and to capitalize upon the controversy surrounding his confirmation hearing and thereby drive traffic to its website, they fabricated the false claim that Douglas Kennedy and Derrick Evans ‘helped score’ the illegal narcotics that killed Douglas’s older brother David in April 1984,” Evans says in the federal lawsuit.

    He claims the HuffPost published the Sept. 20, 2018 article, “Former Student: Brett Kavanaugh’s Prep School Party Scene Was a Free-For-All,” knowing the statements about him were false.

    “Neither Mr. Evans nor Mr. Kennedy had helped purchase, or to use Ms. Feinberg’s word, ‘score,’ any cocaine for David Kennedy,” the 17-page lawsuit states.

    Additionally, HuffPo reportedly made no attempt to contact Evans for comment or verification prior to publication.


  4. A win for the good guys.


    “The United States Court of Appeals for the Eight Circuit on Friday ruled that Minnesota may not compel videographers to produce wedding videos for same-sex weddings, as it would infringe on their First Amendment rights to free speech.

    In a 2-1 decision penned by Circuit Court Judge David Ryan Stras, the court wrote that wedding videos “are a form of speech that is entitled to First Amendment protection. The Supreme Court long ago recognized that ‘expression by means of motion pictures is included within the free speech and free press guaranty of the First and Fourteenth Amendments.’”

    The appellants in the case Telescope Media Group v. Linsey, are Carl Larsen and Angel Larsen, the owners of a Christian videography business specializing in making wedding videos. The Larsens sued the Minnesota Human Rights Commission in 2016, arguing that the state’s public accommodation law prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation would cause them to incur steep fines and even prison time if they refused their services to same-sex ceremonies, which they claimed would conflict with their religious view of marriage.

    In many aspects, the majority’s ruling mirrored the decision in Masterpiece Cakeshop, which ruled that a baker could not be compelled to create cakes for same-sex weddings, finding that the Larsen’s films, like a baker’s cakes, are a form of speech protected by the First Amendment.

    “The Larsens’ videos are a form of speech that is entitled to First Amendment protection. The Supreme Court long ago recognized that ‘expression by means of motion pictures is included within the free speech and free press guaranty of the First and Fourteenth Amendments,’” Stras wrote.”

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  5. She’s not angry at us. She’s angry at God, and the doctor, for speaking truth.


    “MSNBC anchor Chris Jansing referred to a Louisiana Republican’s belief that there are only two genders as “incendiary” on Friday.

    Jansing and her panel addressed the GOP’s relationship with women and the LGBT community, in the aftermath of the Log Cabin Republicans, a national LGBT group, endorsing President Donald Trump for a second term.

    “We’ve got an important question now,” Jansing told viewers. “What does it mean to be a mainstream Republican? It is the question that some Republicans have been asking in the age of Donald Trump, and increasingly, it seems the answer might be to make incendiary comments about women and members of the LGBT community.”

    “In Louisiana, the Republican candidate for governor, Ralph Abraham, is out with a new TV ad this week making incendiary comments about gender,” she added.

    Rep. Ralph Abrahama (R., La.), who is seeking the GOP nomination to challenge Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards (D.), released a TV ad where he laid out a series of his conservative positions, among them his medical assertion there are only two genders.

    “Here’s the truth,” he said. “Life begins at conception. Government is too big. Our taxes are too high. And our car insurance is too expensive. President Trump is doing a great job. Facts matter more than feelings. The Second Amendment is self-explanatory. And as a doctor, I can assure you there are only two genders.”


  6. Being “woke” has a cost, one I hope they continue to have to pay. 🙂


    “Gillette ‘Shifting The Spotlight’ After Losing $8 Billion Amid ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Backlash”

    “Just a few weeks after Procter & Gamble reported a sobering $8 billion writedown, Gillette has officially called off its war on “toxic masculinity.” The embattled brand has announced that it is now “shifting the spotlight from social issues to local heroes.”

    While the brand is admitting that it’s reversing course on the social issues messaging, Gillette is presenting its new focus as simply a return to what it’s always done. “We will continue to represent men at their best,” Gillette said in a statement reported by News Corp Australia. Instead of the “social issues” focus, the brand will begin to highlight positive portrayals of “heroic” masculinity, as seen in its new ad starring Ben Ziekenheiner, an Australian firefighter and personal trainer.

    Gillette’s “toxic masculinity” mess began in January when the brand released an ad accusing men of “excusing bad behavior” and portraying traditional masculinity in an entirely negative and stereotypical light.”


  7. Hoisted by his own petard.



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  8. The left’s favorite clowns.


    “There is a little dance that goes on nearly every day on Twitter. It usually starts with a pro-Trump conservative attacking a Never Trump conservative by suggesting their anti-Trump program is pointless and can only serve to help a Democratic Party lurching to the left. Next, the Never Trumper typically responds that if they are so irrelevant, why are pro-Trump conservatives so obsessed with them?

    A fundamental misunderstanding is at work here. Nobody really thinks Never Trumpers are irrelevant. In fact, they and their views are all over the place. The Washington Post, New York Times, USA Today, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, and many other prominent left-leaning media outlets ensure that Never Trump pundits maintain relevance by plastering them all over our nation’s news commentary.

    So, yes, Never Trumpers certainly have relevance, but there is something arguably much more important that they do not have: a constituency. The vast majority of conservatives and Republicans outside of the media and the Beltway approve of the job President Trump is doing. This is why, ultimately, ideas like running Joe Walsh against Trump are so silly and derided.

    Conservatives Are Reasonably Preferring Trump
    This doesn’t mean that all of these conservatives supporting Trump think he is the greatest president of all time, the only one who can save us, or some great moral leader. Some of Trump’s core supporters feel that way, but most don’t. Most see politics as transactional, and given the choice between Trump’s eccentricities and the Democrats’ extreme and radical policy positions, they quite reasonably prefer the former.

    I myself was a Never Trumper prior to his election in 2016. Like most conservative writers, I decided the responsible way to go forward after his victory was to call balls and strikes. Within about a year, I was confident that Trump’s presidency was not the existential crisis I had feared. But for a handful of prominent conservatives, that was not an option. Jennifer Rubin, Max Boot, Bill Kristol, Rick Wilson, and Tom Nichols, among others, continue to believe Trump is an existential threat.

    There are Never Trumpers for whom I still have a lot of respect, others less so, but on the whole they tend to be a pretty accomplished group and are certainly entitled to their opinions. This in part explains why media outlets give them so much coverage, even though they represent the views of so few conservatives. But it’s not the only reason. The bigger reason is that they give hope to a left very worried that the right will not go back to being a docile political force with a tendency to get bulldozed.

    Never Trump Camp Wants a Return to Progressive Hegemony
    The left longs for the good old days. For 20 years, before Trump took office, American conservatives were the Buffalo Bills of the culture war. They were competent, won some elections, but on every big cultural issue, they lost badly. On abortion, gay marriage, transgenderism, anti-American education, and a host of others, conservatives suffered principled losses. Now they are fighting back, and lo and behold, even getting some major wins.

    This change has had some negative consequences. Trump’s over-the-top attacks on rivals, Republican and Democrat alike, has eviscerated the basic politeness in politics that most Americans grew up with. It was not, in the past, assumed that those who disagree with you are trying to undermine the country. That has now changed on both sides. Just as Trump continues his hyperbolic attacks on his critics, they have sharpened their elbows in his direction.

    When Never Trumpers talk about a return to political sanity, often ironically while hurling the same types of insults and jibes at Trump and his supporters that they claim to decry, they are talking about a return to progressive hegemony. This is flatly obviously when we see a Democratic field for the presidency in which all of the candidates are way to the left of 2008 Barack Obama on every issue, and yet the Never Trumpers would take any of them, as well as a Democratic victory in the Senate.”


  9. I don’t have respect for Never Trampers.
    I didn’t like trump in the race. He was next to last (Just ahead of Bush) in my selection. But he was #1 when it came to Hillary and her kin.
    If not Trump. Who?

    LOL @ 9:55 I did go back and read it. I didn’t catch it the first time.


  10. The point of Ricky’s comment last night was that Trump does not have the authority to “order” companies to do anything. He can “plead with” or “strongly suggest”, but he cannot order them to do anything.


  11. Life after Trump



    Haley-Pence rivalry heats up as GOP weighs post-Trump future

    Interviews with top Republicans reveal they’re watching each other warily ahead of a potential 2024 showdown.

    By ALEX ISENSTADT 08/24/2019

    … At a time when Republicans are starting to contemplate what their party will look like after Donald Trump leaves office, a rivalry has developed between the two politicians who cut markedly different profiles — and signs of strain are bubbling to the surface.

    Pence and Haley aren’t openly sniping: Publicly, both sides maintain there’s nothing but mutual respect between them. But interviews with nearly two dozen top Republicans revealed that the opposing camps are closely tracking each other’s moves, and remain deeply suspicious of one another.

    The Pence team has recently asked senior Republicans for updates on Haley’s outreach to donors. And with Haley embarking on a national fundraising tour and promoting a new outside political group, top Pence advisers blame her for persistent rumors that she will replace him on the Trump’s ticket in 2020. Tensions flared after Haley chose not to publicly repudiate a Wall Street Journal column in June urging Trump to put her on the ticket.

    Earlier this month, Haley took a swipe at Trump after his criticism of Baltimore and its black congressman, Elijah Cummings. “This is so unnecessary,” she wrote on Twitter, adding the eyeroll emoji. White House counselor and former Pence pollster Kellyanne Conway then fired back: “THIS is so unnecessary. Trump-PENCE2020,” Conway wrote of Haley’s tweet.

    The shadow fight shows no sign of abating. Pence has spent the year barnstorming swing states that will determine the outcome of the 2020 election. But on Monday, he will head to Haley’s home turf of South Carolina to give the keynote speech at an annual barbecue hosted by GOP Rep. Jeff Duncan that has previously attracted White House aspirants. South Carolina is a gimme for Trump in the 2020 general election, but it will be key to anyone seeking a future Republican presidential nomination. …


  12. Powerline blog’s comment about the above (9:55) Biden clip:

    ~ He might be the only candidate in the Democratic field who will make Trump look like Demosthenes by comparison. No way this doesn’t become a huge problem next fall if he is the nominee. ~

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  13. DJ,

    Just think of the comedy we will enjoy, if the nominees are Trump and Biden. 🙂

    Don Vs. Joe

    Unfiltered 2020!


  14. Kizzie,

    But as the president Trump does have the right to use the bully pulpit as well as limit the import of a dangerous drug that’s killed hundreds of thousands.

    That was the point, and you both missed it.


  15. Like

  16. There is officially nothing new under the sun.

    Space crime?

    Meh, it’s been done……

    Female NASA astronaut accused of stealing identity, accessing bank account of estranged wife while in space: report


    “A NASA astronaut has been accused of committing the first crime in outer space after her estranged wife alleged she stole her identity and accessed her bank account without permission during a six-month mission aboard the International Space Station.

    Former Air Force intelligence officer Summer Worden, from Kansas, has been involved in a bitter divorce with astronaut Anne McClain since 2018 but the battle heated up after Worden filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and NASA’s Office of Inspector General accusing her wife of assuming her identity and gaining improper access to her private financial records while orbiting the earth, the New York Times reported.”


  17. Oh Kizzie……..

    “The point of Ricky’s comment last night was that Trump does not have the authority to “order” companies to do anything. He can “plead with” or “strongly suggest”, but he cannot order them to do anything.”


    Oh he doesn’t and he can’t?…….



    “Powerful, obscure law is basis for Trump ‘order’ on trade”

    “President Donald Trump is threatening to use the emergency authority granted by a powerful but obscure federal law to make good on his tweeted “order” to U.S. businesses to cut ties in China amid a spiraling trade war between the two nations.

    China’s announcement Friday that it was raising tariffs on $75 billion in U.S. imports sent Trump into a rage and White House aides scrambling for a response.

    Trump fired off on Twitter, declaring American companies “are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to China.” He later clarified that he was threatening to make use of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act in the trade war, raising questions about the wisdom and propriety of making the 1977 act used to target rogue regimes, terrorists and drug traffickers the newest weapon in the clash between the world’s largest economies.

    It would mark the latest grasp of authority by Trump, who has claimed widespread powers not sought by his predecessors despite his own past criticism of their use of executive powers.

    “For all of the Fake News Reporters that don’t have a clue as to what the law is relative to Presidential powers, China, etc., try looking at the Emergency Economic Powers Act of 1977,” Trump tweeted late Friday. “Case closed!”


    Here ya’ go. All the authority he needs.

    Can, and will.

    Click to access R45618.pdf

    “The International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA) provides the President broad authority to regulate a variety of economic transactions following a declaration of national emergency. IEEPA, like the Trading with the Enemy Act (TWEA) from which it branched, sits at the center of the modern U.S. sanctions regime. Changes in the use of IEEPA powers since the act’s enactment in 1977 have caused some to question whether the statute’s oversight provisions are robust enough given the sweeping economic powers it confers upon the President upon declaration of a state of emergency.”


    And that Fentanyl drug is a national emergency responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of your fellow Americans. The president is well within his authority.


  18. 9:06 The courts will have something to say if Trump tries that. However, it is very possible that before they rule we will be in a recession and Trump will no longer be in office.


  19. Apart from the legality, there is the question of the wisdom of such a move.

    Foreign farmers have benefited as Trump’s trade wars pushed US farmers onto welfare and into bankruptcy. Perhaps now is the time for foreign companies to reap windfalls.


  20. So your response is what?

    Allow China to continue to poison your fellow Americans and eat our lunch economically?

    That’s no plan at all, but exactly what I would expect from a globalist never-Trump shill.

    And are you also throwing in with Dems again and hoping for a recession to harm Trump? Who cares if it hurts the country as long as you get that orange guy, right?

    Same ol’ Ricky.


  21. Note to folks: US companies have been moving manufacturing business out of China into Vietnam and Cambodia. Everyone has been scaling back for the last several years as the Chinese government becomes more authoritarian. The Philippines has also seen a surge in manufacturing with India–which is craziness–hoping to pick up some.

    The Chinese government has been forcing companies to hire more people than they want, inventing new laws each month and demanding companies enforce them, has encouraged pamphlet circulations in the factories demonizing westerners, and US businessmen are being warned by security personnel not to go to China if they don’t have to and particularly if they have a military background.

    Companies are no longer going to work with China–and they don’t foresee a future there. The last several years has not seen an uptick in US companies doing business in China. They have not been particularly competitive with their labor rates in several years.

    That doesn’t mean they like the tariffs, they’ve just sought other ways either around them or shifted their businesses.

    One such businessman told me several years ago that the Chinese manufacturers had enough refrigerators ready to sell in warehouses to equip the entire world. It

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  22. I am now home from church, and am going out to buy a pair of $35.00 dress shoes from China before the tariffs increase the prices. All the dress shoes in the discount store are from China though the golf shoes are from Vietnam.

    We are at an interesting point in time.

    1. If the economy does not go bad, Trump has close to a 50% chance of being re-elected – less against Biden, but more against some of the others. Normally, we could say it is still early. However, the polls have moved very little since early 2017. This is what allowed Nate Silver, Larry Sabato and others to so accurately predict the 8% to 9% popular vote win for the Dems in 2018 resulting in a gain of 40 House seats, 7 governorships and hundreds of state House seats. Everyone understood that 2018 was a referendum on Trump as will be 2020.

    2. If we have a recession before the election, Trump’s re-election chances are drastically reduced and the chances of a Democrat blowout are high. Recessions are always hard on incumbents (see Big Bush). In this case, if we have a recession most people would rightly blame Trump for ending a decade of economic growth with foolish trade wars.

    3. So what do we hope for? I have decided if Trump and his supporters want to press forward with the trade wars, they should do so. I could be wrong. Milton Friedman, Scott Lincicome and other economists could be wrong. Maybe protectionism and trade wars will be good for our economy. Let’s see how it works out.

    9:54 I am the same old Ricky. My political philosophy and my theology has not really changed since around 1968. I would like to think that my knowledge base is a little broader and deeper than it was as an 11 year old, but I would also like to think that the 5th grade version of me would recognize Bernie Sanders as a communist sympathizer, Donald Trump as a ridiculous and ignorant con man and Paula White and Joel Osteen as charlatans.

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  23. If you accept the proposition that China is “eating our lunch economically” you are lost. When I buy the Chinese dress shoes for $35.00 I am saving enough to buy my lunch, my wife’s lunch and give a big tip to to the bright, efficient Indian-American waiter who is working his way through college and will soon be paying for my Social Security and Medicare benefits as well as those of numerous Trumpsters.


  24. Attempt a primary, please.

    But when you lose (and you will) remember that Trump is still better than the Dem alternative, no matter who it is. They may be nicer, but their policies are everything you guys claim to be against.

    As for 3rd party runs….

    All Walsh or anyone else does is make a Democrat more likely to win.

    Just like if Bernie goes 3rd party, it makes it easier for Trump.


  25. 419.2 billion Ricky. Just last year. And the year before that, and the one before that, and the next, until you hit a couple of decades worth of trade deficits that only benefit China. Not to even mention the billions in intellectual property they steal and their currency manipulations.

    That’s eating our lunch.

    So stop being a cheapskate and stop enabling the exploitation of poor people with slave wages and unconscionable conditions that produces poor products.


  26. A very good question, Peter. I like Walch, but I am not sure he is the right guy just as I am not sure that Sanford of South Carolina is the right guy. The right guy is/was Justin Amash, but he has left the party and become an Independent.

    I believe Amash is probably considering whether to run as an Independent or Libertarian in the general election.

    It seems the pros and cons of a race for Walsh, Sanford or Amash would be as follows:

    Pros: 1. Millions of young people need to hear a form of “conservatism” that is intelligent, honest, informed and respectful. A challenger to Trump could meet that need.

    2. You could be very honest. Since no one would expect you to win, you could speak politically unpopular truths about entitlements, the budget, healthcare, immigration and other issues.

    3. If you have thick skin, it could be great fun. Never again will you have an opponent who embodies ignorance and evil like Trump.


    1. Most of your political friends and supporters will disown you. We have seen that those who are “disloyal” to the naked emperor must be branded as “traitors”.

    2. You will be blamed for Trump’s defeat if he loses by Trump and his cult. If you run as an Independent you will also be blamed for Trump’s re-election if he wins. Tom Nichols and Jennifer Rubin have already warned Walsh and others not to divide the anti-Trump vote.

    3. You will probably be ending your political career.

    I am really torn. On the one hand, I would like to see honest, intelligent conservatism have a voice. On the other hand, it may be useful to let Trump be Trump, let him run on his record backed by a unified Republican Party and let everyone see what happens.

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  27. Until there’s a valid third party that can compete nationally, all a third-party candidate will do is skew the race for one side or the other. Besides, most third-party candidates traditionally are just a bit odd, no?

    We remain a 2-party system. Either a Republican or a Democrat will win the presidency.


  28. Shopping Report (see 1:51):

    I may have been a conservative since 1968, but Weavers have been proud “cheapskates” since before our ancestors moved from Switzerland to South Carolina in the early 1700s. Nevertheless, at AJ’s urging I decided to explore what life would be like as a spendthrift.

    Before I went to my discount shoe store, I visited Macy’s which I thought was the most expensive store in the mall to see how much I could spend on a pair of dress shoes. Sure enough, they had several pair for $100. They were not as comfortable as the $35 pair from China I spotted yesterday, and when I checked, I found that all of the $100 shoes were made in India, China or Bangladesh. I refused to make a trip to Neiman Marcus in order to search for ridiculously expensive shoes, but did go to the other end of the mall to look at the selection at Dillard’s. There I found a pair for $300 which had been made in Spain. They looked a little odd to me, and two male Trumpkins who were disgustedly waiting for their wives confirmed to me that the Spanish shoes would never be worn by a heterosexual.

    Returning to the discount store, I was tempted to buy a $20 pair from China which I had overlooked yesterday. However, the $35 pair were more comfortable so I followed through on my original intent.

    In conclusion, I found no evidence that China was “eating our lunch”, but strong evidence that Spain was “eating the lunch” of the LGBT community. Someone should tell Buttigieg.


  29. Walsh: who was elected to the House in the 2010 Tea Party wave, but only served one term before becoming a conservative talk radio host. … But while Walsh has argued he plans to make a moral case against the president, Stephanopoulos asked the former congressman if he’s the best person to make that argument given his long history of incendiary and controversial statements ranging from using racist slurs on Twitter to promoting falsehoods around former President Barack Obama’s birth certificate and religion. …


    Sounds like a 3rd party kinda guy.

    Well, at least if he’s trounced in a primary or two his candidacy will be history.

    I’m no Trump fan and will probably (again) have to abstain from voting for president (being in a blue state makes that easier for me to do), but the 3rd party track is just a complete dead end.


  30. Seriously?

    That’s pretty pathetic a statement there guys, especially after the abortion for any reason and gay marriage pusher we just had before him.

    I expect that kind of trash from Ricky, but I’m a little surprised at you Peter.


  31. And is Trump more evil than your slave holding southern idols too, Ricky?

    What evil thing has Trump done?

    I mean besides offend your delicate southern pearl clutching drama queen sensibilities?…..


  32. Or are you just upset your cheap self had to pony up an extra buck for shoes?

    Is that the evil you speak of? Please be specific.


  33. DJ, Here are the arguments for a third party run by a good conservative candidate such as Amash:

    1. Trump has done and continues to do so much damage to the Republican Party (particularly with young people, the educated and suburban women) that it is unclear if the Republican Party will be a viable national party in the future. In other words, the stink of Trump will take a long time to dissipate and may never leave the Republican Party. If the Republican Party is dying, it may be time for conservatives to form a new party.

    2. The Republican Party deserves to die based on its rejection of the rule of law and support for Trump’s idiotic attacks on law enforcement, our allies, our intelligence agencies and his love affairs with Putin, Kim Jong Un, etc. Why should a political party that has no principles and whose only commitment is personal loyalty to an ignorant con man, liar and sexual predator continue to exist? Dunces like Nunes and Gohmert need to go.

    3. Discretionary spending has increased more under Trump than under Obama. On the Western Alliance, free trade, deficits, criminal justice, and other issues, Trump is to the left of Obama. Hilariously, through Trump’s pure incompetence and Pelosi’s savvy, Trump may wind up to the left of Obama on immigration. In other words, we currently have no conservative party and probably need to create one.

    4. If no conservative runs in 2020, we will have gone 12 years without young people hearing from an honest conservative candidate in a general election (from 2012 until at least 2024). Trump convinces the young that their liberal professors were right, that conservatives are ignorant, hateful, dishonest, rude and incompetent. He is creating millions of lifelong Democrats.

    5. Things look hopeless now, but Trump still has 14 months left to tank the economy or take other actions to repulse voters. His mental condition isn’t getting any better, and there are now fewer competent adult day care workers around to keep him from setting himself on fire. If it becomes clear that Trump can’t win, millions might switch to Amash and we might see the successful start of a new party.

    For those reasons, I would support Amash if he runs. However, I wouldn’t blame Amash a bit if he takes a pass. Many conservatives will then “again abstain from voting”. The results will be interesting.


  34. 6:52, 6:56 and 6:57

    I am now going to watch an old movie. I enjoy watching Trumpkin meltdowns, but I realize that is not a good thing. Goodnight.


  35. AJ- I don’t know why you’re surprised at my quote and comment @6:28. I have NEVER supported Trump. In the primaries and so-called debates he was nothing but a playground bully. The only reason he got the nomination is because there were 16 others competing for votes, most of whom were quality Conservatives, which means they split the vote among Conservative voters, giving Trump the votes he needed to win the nomination. He only got 30 or 40 some odd percent of the votes, but that was all he needed in the over crowded field. And he only won the presidency because he wasn’t Hilary. That’s an awful reason to vote for someone.

    I don’t think he is evil in the sense of a Hitler or Stalin, but I cannot support a man who admits to sexual abuse of women, lies like there’s no tomorrow, says he doesn’t need to ask for forgiveness, spends our money more than a Democrat ever has, makes fun of handicapped, etc. Someone needs to control him, but no one can. Someone in the GOP needs to stand up against his destruction of the Party of Reagan, but no one seems to have the guts.

    For the most part I like his policies. But his personal life and constant denigrating of opponents is not what we need in a leader. He appears to admire the wrong people (Putin, Kim, etc) which makes me think he’s a dictator wannabe. I could go on, but convincing any follower of Trump is impossible. I trust that the Lord knows what he’s doing when we get an Obama or Trump as President. He’s telling us Christians that we need to pray for this nation as we never have before.

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  36. I get that you never supported him. And you have every right to vote how you wish. You don’t need to explain it, we’ve already been over it.

    I just don’t see where you get off agreeing with Ricky’s “evil like Trump” comment. There’s no need for such hyperbolic nonsense.

    And again, you’re bringing up his past indiscretions. That stuff was in most cases at least a decade ago. His wife and family have forgiven him, yet some Christian voters don’t seem to. Does the man never gain forgiveness for his past sins?

    I’m glad I’m not held to that unrealistic standard.


  37. https://www.wsj.com/articles/americans-have-shifted-dramatically-on-what-values-matter-most-11566738001

    Americans Have Shifted Dramatically on What Values Matter Most

    Patriotism, religion and having children rate lower among younger generations than they did two decades ago, WSJ/NBC News survey finds

    By Chad Day
    Aug. 25, 2019 9:00 am ET

    The values that Americans say define the national character are changing, as younger generations rate patriotism, religion and having children as less important to them than did young people two decades ago, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey finds.

    The poll is the latest sign of difficulties the 2020 presidential candidates will likely face in crafting a unifying message for a country divided over personal principles and views of an increasingly diverse society.

    When the Journal/NBC News survey asked Americans 21 years ago to say which values were most important to them, strong majorities picked the principles of hard work, patriotism, commitment to religion and the goal of having children.

    Today, hard work remains atop the list, but the shares of Americans listing the other three values have fallen substantially, driven by changing priorities of people under age 50.

    Some 61% in the new survey cited patriotism as very important to them, down 9 percentage points from 1998, while 50% cited religion, down 12 points. Some 43% placed a high value on having children, down 16 points from 1998.

    Views varied sharply by age. Among people 55 and older, for example, nearly 80% said patriotism was very important, compared with 42% of those ages 18-38—the millennial generation and older members of Gen-Z. Two-thirds of the older group cited religion as very important, compared with fewer than one-third of the younger group.

    “There’s an emerging America where issues like children, religion and patriotism are far less important. And in America, it’s the emerging generation that calls the shots about where the country is headed,” said Republican pollster Bill McInturff, who conducted the survey with Democratic pollster Jeff Horwitt. …

    … Generational differences on personal values were most pronounced among Democrats. In fact, the views of Democrats over age 50 were more in line with those of younger Republicans than with younger members of their own party. …


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