44 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-22-19

  1. Good morning. Interesting masts in the background. I am ready for this day to end. I have been up since 04:30 yesterday. Still have 1.5hrs till the end of this shift.

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  2. Oh, my, RK you make me feel tired. You obviously have the night shift which is ending as the night is beginning here.
    Not sure what your drive home is like from there, but get some sleep first.


  3. Good Thursday morning everyone
    Kim. That is a sad post you made yesterday.
    Problem is; There is something she can’t talk about “because she is afraid you will do it again.” Indicates a severe problem.
    Hers, not yours.
    I can’t analyze psychologically from a long distance. But that one statement indicates that something is going on in her head. .
    There is nothing you can do (again analyzing from a long distance) but bear it with her, not anger, but sympathy.
    Try to recall. I can’t imagine an offense that could occur in a social context that would be so disquieting.

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  4. Morning! Rk I hope you are sleeping now and you have my prayers for you to be refreshed with whatever sleep the Lord might give to you!
    I’m off to a busy day (not as busy as you rk!). Daughter has an interview this afternoon so if ya’ll think of her asking the Lord to watch over her as she interviews. If this is something He would have for her I know He will make a way…. 😊
    Husband started teaching his two classes at the small Christian school where daughter attended high school. He is teaching Physics and Bible. So far he is enjoying it and is impressed as the kiddos leave at the end of class they all tell him thank you 😊
    Now I need to go to the other thread to see what Chas said!

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  5. Let’s pray the boss has the wisdom to not bend to the emotional blackmail this woman seems to use as a weapon, too. It will not bode well for her future or the company’s.

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  6. This from my church. The Claire in this post would be very familiar to those of you who know worship songs since 1969. She won multiple awards including a Dove. She also authored several books.

    In Memory of Claire

    Some years back, Claire dropped me a note in the mail. In it was the following story with a simple hand written note that said
    Robert, God is fond of you. Claire

    Several years ago, Edward Farrell, a priest from Detroit, went on a two-week summer vacation to Ireland to visit relatives. His one living uncle was about to celebrate his eightieth birthday. On the great day, Ed and his uncle got up early. It was before dawn. They took a walk along the shores of Lake Killarney and stopped to watch the sunrise. They stood side by side for a full twenty minutes and then resumed walking. Ed glanced at his uncle and saw that his face had broken into a broad smile. Ed said, “Uncle Seamus, you look very happy.” “I am.” Ed asked, “How come?” And his uncle replied, “The Father of Jesus is very fond of me.”

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  7. The incident my coworker cannot get over happened on July 9th. She had not spoken to me in two days. She had avoided me. At the end of the day, in front of two other people I said some like like, L is being snippy with me and won’t speak to me. From that, she went to her boss who came to me on July 11th to tell me I hurt her feelings. I called her in my office and apologized. Everything was good. I even hugged her and told her I loved her. The next week her checking account was hacked and they took all of her money. The bank was going to make it good but it would take several days. She came into my office panicked and crying. I told her to remember where she worked. We take care of our own. I left her in my office and went to her boss to ask if we could advance her some to get through until the bank made it right. Sometime after that is when she went back to the incident that happened July 9th and decided I was not a “safe person” and should be frozen out of her life. The two people I spoke in front of on July 9th have been trying to talk to her and get her to for lack of a better phrase, get over it. She refused. Yesterday she again refused even with another apology. She is no longer my problem. Mr. P is worried that she will try to sabotage me in some way. She may, but that’s on her now. Yes. She does need prayer.

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  8. Good morning. Kim’s 10:38 reminded me of something our pastor said during his sermon last week, recalling how his wife one day lifted his spirits by posting a simple note of affection on his computer. He said we believers should post on our computers every day the reminder that we have found favor with God. How amazing that even is.

    Praying the situation with your co-worker all works out and settles down, Kim. It’s the boss’s problem now.

    Last night’s meeting was profitable, I ran into several people I hadn’t seen or talked to in a while, met some new people whose names I’d heard and seen but didn’t know, responded in person about an email story pitch (a good one) that I hadn’t had time to respond to and learned about or got caught up on several issues. I came away with probably about 6-7 stories for the next week or two.

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  9. Whenever I pop up and attend one of these meetings out of the blue, I get asked why I’m there, what’s on their agenda that’s so interesting to the local press. There is usually something like that bringing me there, but overall these sessions are really so helpful for me just in catching up with what all is going on, issues that I may not be hearing about (and there’s always a bunch of somethings in that category). I tend to think I’m pretty well up on the local happenings, but it’s amazing to me to see always how much I’m also missing.

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  10. This is kind of related to my prayer request on the prayer thread.

    Nightingale is a strong woman. She has been raising her challenging son pretty much on her own (with help from us, but with most of the responsibility on her shoulders), and mostly doing a great job. She has not only gotten him involved in Cub Scouts and various sports, but has gotten herself involved, too. (She will be leading the Bears Cub Scout den this coming school year, and is still secretary for the pack.) Keep in mind that she is an introvert like me, and often feels awkward in social situations (although you’d never know it by looking at her), but still puts herself out there.

    Several years ago, she determined that she needed to do something to provide for herself and her son, which was not possible on her then just-a-little-above minimum wage, so she went to school to be an LPN. After completing the course and being certified, she set out to get a job, and found one fairly quickly. (And she is still planning on pursuing an RN degree, starting in the coming spring semester next year.)

    At that job, she purposely chose to work in the area (TCU, aka rehab) that had the toughest work, where some of the other nurses refused to work, because she wanted to learn new skills. When a permanent position opened up, she went for it and got it.

    She is wise with her money, planning ahead and saving for various occasional bills (such as car insurance) and future needs (a car fund, college fund for Boy, and emergency fund). She has taken on more responsibility in our household and family since Hubby’s death.

    Nightingale has anxieties about her life and the future that she rarely lets on about, but it contributes greatly to her insomnia. And yet, she faces those things she fears, saying that’s just what you’re supposed to do. (I’ve tried telling her that a lot of people do not do the things they fear or are anxious about.)

    I’m sure there are other examples I could give of her strength and her responsible character. So it still amazes me when I tell her how strong she is, and she replies that she is not strong at all. She really believes that all she’s done and does is just what normal people do, and that it doesn’t take any particular strength.

    And so, since I am not as strong and determined a woman as she is, I think she sees me as quite weak. That really bothers me, as I fear it also affects her respect for me, and also perhaps, her view of my faith. I don’t consider myself a particularly strong woman, although some close to me have said they think I am strong. Maybe in a certain way I am, as I have faced some really tough things and didn’t buckle under them, which I attribute to God working in me.

    Maybe this is silly or selfish, but I pray that she will see some strength in me that she hasn’t recognized yet – at the very least for her to see something in me deserving respect (beyond merely respecting me because as I am her mother). Most of all, though, I pray that she will see God’s working in me and in my life.

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  11. DJ – You just need to spend hours and hours reading the Facebook pages set up for your community, and then merely separate the rumors from the truth. Piece of cake! 😀

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  12. Maybe Nightingale has a point. Those things she does are things that many people “should do”, but don’t. But mainly, to me, her strength is that she faces her anxieties and goes through with what she thinks she needs to do.

    Just imagine if she had the Holy Spirit working in her life! She would probably still do all those things, but her anxieties would be lessened as she learned to trust Him, and she might do even more.

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  13. Her anxieties (which are very understandable with the responsibilities that are on her shoulders) probably don’t let her “see” her own strength. Praying with you (and choosing to believe) especially that the Lord has called her name before eternity past and that she’ll come to know that great blessing sooner rather than later.

    And Kizzie, I think you’re very strong. God makes us all quite different in our strengths.

    I do keep up with a couple of the community FB pages (and post my stories there so people can gripe again about our lousy pay wall, lol).

    Yesterday I’d posted the USA Today story on homelessness from a couple days ago on what’s considered the “approved” community page — set up by our councilman — and it’s predictably drawn a discussion (which I never take part in but like to watch). One of the 2 administrators of the page is a guy I’ve never met, hand-picked by the council office I suppose. He’s quite liberal, an open atheist (who also runs his own atheist FB page) and can become especially agitated when people post or comment w/views he disagrees with. The homeless issue is one of them, he’s adamantly certain that a very small percentage of the homeless suffer from drug or mental illness problems — rather it’s housing ‘inequality.’ He’s bumped people off the page at times (for reasons I think aren’t justifiable) and has this very condescending tone in his posts and comments. He hates “boomers” apparently (yeah, much to hate, but still, one can and will someday say that about each of the generations that move through and both contribute good things and mess up royally in other areas).

    Anyway, all that to say I keep thinking he’s not a very good page administrator.

    But back to the point, yes, there are issues brought up there, we’re sometimes “scooped” on things going on. But the meetings usually draw the town’s movers and shakers, the people who are not on FB so much but who are on the neighborhood councils, etc., and know the inner workings and developments of issues playing out.

    The woman who led last night’s meeting is a long-time source (she and her husband, who was the deputy city atty for the port before he retired, met at the Chicago Democratic convention where they were students protesting, a fascinating story really). But she knows just about more than anyone about the developments and what’s *really* going on behind the scenes, a wealth of insider information. 🙂 And very non-partisan (her husband is still pretty outwardly political) and fair in her assessments of local issues.

    We’re seeing a surge of new development in town right now, so many housing/mixed use projects going that it’s hard to keep up with them all.

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  14. Kim, clearly there was a reason (at least in her head) that she was avoiding you in the first place, before you said anything. Did you ask her about that? I told you I once had nearly that same issue at work . . . only to double it, the secretary was also my housemate at the time. She wouldn’t speak to me at either home or at work unless other people were around, then she acted “normal.” And if she needed a ride home (she didn’t have a car), then she asked sweetly. Finally I asked her what I had done to offend her and she said nothing, she just knew I wouldn’t approve of some of the life choices she was making. After that I figured it was her problem and not mine. I found a new housemate and moved out, and the main person she reported to was transferred to another building and she went with him–a great relief to me, since I had no plans to leave.

    And at work we took each other out for our birthdays. No one mentioned to me that we were taking her out (sheer oversight), and I decided that I “planned” to eat alone that day. On the day of her birthday, someone came by my office and saw me sitting and not getting my coat on and asked, “Aren’t you coming?” “Coming for what?” “F’s birthday.” “Oh, no–no one mentioned it to me, and I made other plans! Sorry.”

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  15. Ah, the latest comment by the administrator of that page: “Capitalistic greed has put people on the streets.”

    So there it is. 🙂 No more discussion required.

    There’s just this “tone” he cops that seems to infer that everyone who disagrees is ignorant and prejudice (actually he comes out and just says that from time to time). They refuse to listen to the facts and the more educated “experts.”

    My own view is that page administrators should comment only infrequently if never. And always with a fair hand. They’re there to make sure people behave and don’t get out of line, not to “set them straight” on their political or other views.

    The wisdom of silence is not appreciated, let alone practiced, on FB, however.

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  16. I keep wondering if he’ll be replaced as the FB local page administrator at some point, he seems to be getting more and more openly agitated with everyone (a bunch of numbskulls, they are). 🙂


  17. The reason she was avoiding me in the first place was that the week I was out from having surgery, it was decided that certain aspects of my job would be done by her and two others. She said that she had told the “Boss” and the “Assistant Boss” that they needed to tell me what they were planning before they just started discussing it at the staff meeting that afternoon. They didn’t and I was quite frankly blindsided. I sat through the meeting in a bit of a stupor wondering what it meant.
    So if I wanted to be petty and childish I could make an argument that “she started it”. None of that matters. I apologized for my comment and moved on.
    I have told all of you before that someone else to tell someone to go to hell. I, on the other hand, could tell someone that perhaps the next time they took a vacation they might want to look into visiting a warmer climate and I would be the bad guy. I know this about myself and it makes me extremely cautious in what I say. Sometimes to my detriment.

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  18. Can we all just say “WOW”?
    PIERS MORGAN: Populism is rising because liberals have become unbearable. In my core, I’m probably more liberal than not although fundamentally I see myself as a journalist and I like to see both sides and I can argue both sides of all these things, but liberals have become utterly, pathetically illiberal and it is a massive problem.

    What does it say about liberals if Bill Mahr and Piers Morgan are the voices of reason?

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  19. Kizzie, many of you have been through all of my trials and tribulations with me. I have survived it all. Some would say I am a strong woman and force to be reconned with. Inside I know that I am a puddle of nerves and jello. I am terrified when I face a situation.
    Yes, she has taken on the role of head of the household. That is a terrifying position for a woman to be in. There is no safety net. Who will pick you up if you fail? There are probably thousands of things that keep her awake at night.
    I tell everyone that I am the “victim” from 1 to 3 am. After that I could bench press a Buick. Sometimes though, the most stressful thing is that you ARE the strong one. Sometimes it would be nice to lay that load to the side for a few minutes, rest a bit, then pick it back up.

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  20. Kim – I do realize that, and my heart goes out to her. That is why when she wants to go off to spend a day or an evening with a friend (when Boy is with his dad), or she only wants to “veg” on her couch all day, I don’t remind her that she had some project she was going to work on, or complain about having to take care of her dog when she is out. (Or sometimes take care of Boy while she goes out for a bit.) I know she needs that time. And I pray for her to come to the place of being able to lay those anxieties in the hands of Jesus, our Burden-Bearer.


  21. As for me, I have my own anxieties about our situation, believe me. Sometimes I can get downright scared. But I continually remind myself to put those anxieties and fears into God’s hands, reminding myself that this is all part of His inscrutable will.

    After so many years of being under Hubby’s “covering”, it feels very odd and scary, to be “alone”, to not have him and his “protective love” here anymore.

    I put “alone” in quotation marks because I know that I am not really alone, as God is with me, and also my family is with me, but with Hubby’s loss, there is a place in my heart and life that cannot be filled by anyone else. This is a loneliness that Nightingale and I share, but from different directions. I feel it as one who had a husband for 31 years and misses him acutely. She feels it as one who very much wants to be in a marriage and build more of a family, and feels that time is passing her by.


  22. Here is a question I thought of earlier. Several times over the years, I have heard or read that if we have a need, we should pray for and/or help others with that same need. For example, someone with cancer would pray fervently for someone else they know who has cancer, and maybe help them in some way if possible. Or someone living in an apartment, but wishing to someday own their own home, might give to Habitat for Humanity to help others receive their own dream.

    Speaking of Habitat for Humanity, getting a fund raising letter from them today is what stirred up this question. I have always liked this ministry, and we had frequently donated to them (starting before we ever dreamed of owning our own home). As I looked at the letter, I thought of how much I wish we could afford to fix up this house, and that I wanted give to them again, to help others in more need than myself. (I don’t superstitiously believe that giving to HfH will result in money miraculously pouring in for us to fix our house.)

    Anyway, my question is: What do you think? Does that idea (from the first paragraph) have any merit to it, or is it merely “Christian superstition” or trying to force God’s hand? I can see where it could be those, but also how it could be done out of Christian love for those in similar or worse circumstances because we have some understanding of the situation.

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  23. Ah, our community page administrator warned another commenter, Ruben, that he’d “violated the rules” by using the term “illegals.”

    “Please take down your comment,” he wrote.

    Then, in a separate comment right behind that: “Wait, never mind. This is your second violation.”

    So I guess poor Ruben will be wiped clean off the page now. Bye.

    He’s just kind of a jerk who has been given (unwisely?) some (FB) power.

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  24. Speaking of communities…. When you watch this know that we are different here and we enjoy it. It is my own little “fruit and nut” corner of the world. I graduated with the Mayor and ex-hubs graduated with the guy named Clay.

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  25. The red bluff you see is Ecor Rouge.
    As early as 1768 there was a settlement here near the unique red clay bluffs. This point boasts the highest elevation on any of the eastern coastline from Maine to Mexico. A historic marker on Scenic Highway 98 just north of this property describes “Ecor Rouge



  26. Kizzie, consider the story of the widow’s mite.

    We took a gifts survey at church and I have the gifts of mercy and generosity. There are always different manners of giving whether financial, time, prayers, encouragement, or even just helping people to connect when God puts opportunities before a person. Maybe think a bit more about it from this angle. It does not answer your question directly , but try to consider how God views it. I have given five dollars to a ministry before with a pray that God would multiply it. A friend once commented about how good I was at connecting people. I see it happening with Michelle’s trip. I am in awe how God makes things happen with all the bits and pieces He alone can fit together. I get the joy of watching it happen.

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  27. Janice – I agree that there are different ways of giving, and of being used by God.

    My question is not really about my own motives, as I don’t expect God to give back to me as if a donation to Habitat guarantees that God “has to” bless me in a similar way, as some would say. I give to them because it is on my heart to do so, no matter what happens with my own house.

    My question is about the principle of praying or giving to those in the same circumstances, if that is really a principle, a good idea, or merely a Christian superstition, so to speak. But I think I answered my own question in my last sentence of that comment. 🙂

    Speaking of spiritual gifts – I took a test a long time ago in a class at my old church. I cannot now remember the other two of the three main gifts I supposedly have, but one was the Gift of Suffering. I don’t know if that is even a real thing, as it isn’t specifically mentioned in the Bible as such, but there was a verse or two (which I now cannot remember) that supposedly pointed to it. My pastor’s wife said she thought it was spot on, as she had seen me go through some very hard things, but keep the joy of the Lord through them all.

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  28. Nightingale’s main gift was the gift of giving. Even with her currently not following the Lord, I see that gift is still there. Now if she could only use it for His glory and purposes.

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  29. Kim, your town looks so charming, I love the architecture and all the beautiful, coordinated signage.

    One of our ugliest streets — the main thoroughfare that brings people off the 110 Fwy into town — is a hodgepodge of garish fast-food signs and random businesses. They’re trying to turn it into what’s called one of LA’s “Great Streets” with little walkable areas and corner “pods” with benches. But there’s just no undoing what’s been done over so long, sadly.

    Fortunately, we have other areas of town that are stunning in their beauty and history.

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  30. Meanwhile, over at my house, I’m working on the talk I’ll give in Atlanta about prayer.

    I’ve observed that many people have a “Pay the token, get the gift,” attitude about God.

    “I pray, and I don’t get anything in return, therefore forget God.”

    Chambers argues that the purpose of prayer in getting to know God better. And on and on, you’ll have to hear the talk.

    Too many of us seem to fall back, mostly unintentionally, into this bargaining “tit for tat” role which my husband pointed out not only is not Scriptural but is really superstitions left over from the Greek and Roman concept of the gods.

    God owes me.

    We often feel the same way about money, “I’ll give God this gift and he’ll bless me.”

    We all know that’s the name it and claim is heresy, but it’s surprising how it lurks in the back of our minds even when we know better.

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  31. The Bee is keeping Snopes busy.



    The Babylon Bee, which describes itself as “Christian news satire,” has been engaged in a running battle with Snopes.com, a liberal “fact check” site that serves mostly as a mouthpiece for the left. Snopes has repeatedly undertaken, with a straight face, to “fact check” Babylon Bee stories that are obviously humorous. This has given rise to considerable ridicule, but some suspect that Snopes has a more sinister purpose in mind: to give liberals at platforms like Facebook an excuse to downgrade or even ban the sharing of Bee posts. The humorless left has nothing like the Bee, and would like to get rid of it. …

    (So) …

    Today the Bee responded in its inimitable fashion with “Concerning Survey Finds Too Many People Believe Snopes Is A Legitimate Fact-Checking Website.” …

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  32. Kizzie, as to your question about being strong: several years ago I wrote my Christmas letter on the theme of weakness, having realized that the desire to be strong or be seen as strong is something Americans really want, but isn’t something Scripture pushes for. We ARE weak. And if we are stronger than average, age or illness will eventually change that.

    We are to testify of God’s strength, not our own. Whether we are strong or weak is really beside the point. And I think most of us look stronger to other people than to ourselves, anyway–partly because of that American way of being required to present ourselves as strong, independent, and in control. And churches have been said to be some of the worst places for that–we are supposed to present an image of being happy and having our act together. Where is the need for Christ’s strength in that?

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  33. The widow in the Bible gave all she had to live on meaning she had to trust in God for provision not that she was trading what she had for an expectation of God providing in any particular way. She made a statement of trust in God rather than a name it and claim it deal.

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  34. Kizzie, from a different perspective, and I am not saying this with the intention of hurting anyone’s feelings, but I doubt that she feels you are weak. I must admit I am somewhat like your daughter. When things go wrong, I just put my head down and get to work. It is not that I am so strong, because I could do nothing without God, but I keep plodding along. I get very frustrated when, from my perspective, someone is “woe is me” or not taking the steps to move forward. It is not that I think they are weak, it is that I KNOW they can get through whatever situation and move forward IF they will just take the first step and keep moving. I am sure that someone will come back and chide me for not being compassionate and just sitting with the person in their distress as they did in Job.

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