36 thoughts on “News/Politics 8-23-19

  1. Once again the media and Democrats miss the obvious in their hurry to mock Trump. Some R’s did too, but only because they’re ignorant of the facts, instead of just nakedly partisan.


    “Was Greenland “for sale” when the Chinese were shopping in 2017?

    While the American media mocks Trump for Greenland purchase remarks, it misses the strategic motivations behind the move.”


    “Right on cue, the American press began clutching its pearls and deriding Trump for his blunt assessment of the Danish leader’s diplomatic skills.

    As an American and a patriot, there is something that bothers me far more than Trump’s biting directness. When the Greenland proposal first made news, our press immediately decided that the idea was absolutely “absurd”…which fed into the Dane’s worldview. More professional and sober journalists would have perhaps investigated possible motives for purchasing Greenland.

    Therefore, it is only when I turned to foreign publications that I had my first clue for a potential reason behind the move. According to the South China Morning Post, Greenland had been seriously courted by China due to its strategic location and its mineral resources.

    The accelerating polar ice melt has left sparsely populated Greenland, a self-governing part of Denmark, astride what are potentially major shipping routes and in the crosshairs of intensifying geopolitical competition between superpowers.

    It also has untapped natural resources like oil, minerals and valuable rare earth elements that China, the United States and other major tech economies covet.

    A Chinese government-backed group’s offer last year to build three new international airports on Greenland sparked alarms in Copenhagen and Washington.

    The Chinese plan was finally nixed in exchange for Danish funding and a pledge of support from the Pentagon.

    Why would this be a problem? To start with, a map of the island’s position shows that while it may be a glacier-covered morass deeming with seals, it is smack dab in the middle of flight paths between the US and our allies and interests in Europe. In fact, this summer, I traveled over this area on route to Iceland.

    A “stable genius” and his military commanders obviously recognized that a competitor who is failing to negotiate fair trade agreements and who has been expanding its military presence in Asia through island building wants to acquire real estate and airports next to American interests in North America. This is clearly a bad deal for our country.

    Fox News analyst Tammy Bruce provides further background on the situation, and demonstrates why it sure looked like Greenland was for sale.

    In 2017, Greenland’s prime minister flew to China and asked, as the Journal reported in February of this year, “Chinese state-run banks to finance the new commercial airports, including a big one for one of the smallest capitals on earth, Nuuk, which can now be served only by propeller planes. The bankers were interested, people at the meetings said, so long as a Chinese company constructed the airports.”

    Reports indicate this action was triggered by Denmark refusing to help.

    Then-Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis was not happy and convinced Danish officials to fund the infrastructure, sidelining China. This was an effort by China starting in 2018 and only ending when they officially withdrew in June of this year. For those who look past their shallow view of the United States and the administration, one would know it’s no coincidence that the president’s remarks on Greenland became public just two months after we successfully fought off China in their latest swing at the North American island.

    As Tammy notes, the Danes are keeping Greenland as a giant nature preserve. This substantially limits the wealth-building options of its residents.

    Finally, it is important to note that the Trump administration has been supportive of the mining industry, especially rare earths production (a market which China dominates). Our President has been focused on providing our nation options in regards to the tech-essential minerals, which can be found in the Kvanefjeld region that produces uranium ore.”


  2. AOC has a message for all you rubes in flyover country….


  3. More bad news for Dems. 🙂


    “MEUSER: Federal Court Deals Serious Blow To The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact”

    “On Tuesday, the Denver-based U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit ruled that the Colorado secretary of state violated the Constitution when he removed an Electoral College delegate who had chosen to vote for John Kasich instead of Hillary Clinton. The secretary of state nullified the vote of the delegate and installed a new delegate who voted in accordance with the popular vote of the state of Colorado.

    Michael Baca, a loyal Democratic voter, was elected as a delegate to the Electoral College in November 2016. By voting for Kasich instead of Hillary, Baca was attempting to be a part of a movement by Electoral College delegates across the country to pull away votes from both Trump and Hillary so as to send the election to the U.S. House of Representatives. The Constitution provides that if no candidate receives 50% plus one vote (270 Electoral College votes), then the top three candidates in the Electoral College are to be presented to the House of Representatives and the House is to select the next president.

    Baca’s plan was dependent upon other Republican Electoral College delegates also voting for Kasich. Trump received 304 Electoral College votes and, for the plan to succeed, 35 Republican delegates would have also had to cast their votes for Kasich. While Kasich would not have received any votes in the general election, his third-place finish in the Electoral College would have made him eligible for the Republican-controlled House to elect him as president of the United States.

    Needless to say, this was just the first attempt by Democrats to try to remove Trump from the White House. And this week, the 10th Circuit dealt a serious blow to the Democrats’ latest scheme to try to circumvent the Electoral College. In another diagnosed case of “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” many Democratic leaders have encouraged state legislatures to enter into an agreement wherein the states in the compact award all their Electoral College votes to the presidential candidate who wins the national popular vote. This agreement is to take effect as soon as enough states have joined so that there are at least 270 Electoral College votes guaranteed by the compact.

    Many Democrats hate the Electoral College because they feel it deprived them of the White House in 2000 and in 2016. Democrats hate the fact that they can’t win the race for the White House according to the Constitution, and they have thus decided that it is in their political self-interest to change the rules so that they can try to win the presidency more often.”


    Back to the drawing board.


  4. Once again the left is seeking to change the meaning of words to cloud the picture.


    Local officials are doing everything in their power to confront the city’s challenges, for example, by targeting a “racist” mural of George Washington at a high school bearing the founding father’s name. They are intent on doing something about all the crime as well, just not in the traditional way that most cities confront crime.

    The San Francisco Board of Supervisors proposed new language guidelines to re-shape the way people talk about those in the crime industry. Words such as “felon,” “offender,” and “convict” would be replaced by “person first” terminology. Under the proposal, a convicted criminal would be referred to as a “formerly incarcerated person,” or “justice-involved individual,” or even a “returning resident.”

    The board’s resolution, which is non-binding, was approved last month. The district attorney has endorsed the measure, although the city’s mayor has not. The San Francisco Chronicle lays out how the new language guidelines, if implemented, might result in some amusingly convoluted sentences:

    The language resolution makes no mention of terms for victims of crime, but using the new terminology someone whose car has been broken into could well be: “A person who has come in contact with a returning resident who was involved with the justice system and who is currently under supervision with a history of substance use.”

    In other words, someone whose car was broken into by a recently released offender, on parole with a drug problem.

    That clear?

    Meanwhile, the San Francisco Democratic Party is hosting a “Heart of the Resistance” dinner at the Intercontinental Hotel this evening where House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) will receive a lifetime achievement award. Congrats!”


  5. All The People Who Think They Are Better Than You Are Much, Much Worse


    “Now our grotesque liberal elite, backed up by the Fredocon goobers whose awakening into wokeness happened to perfectly coincide with their utter rejection by us actual conservatives, have decided that our entire history is based upon slavery. The New York Times is spearheading this latest trash-the-rubes initiative, fresh off its “RUSSIA! TREASON! COLLUSION! EMOLUMENTS!” humiliation. Trying to shame us – many of us literally veterans of the Cold War – with allegations of partying with Putin didn’t work out so great, so why not pivot to morally undermining us for having slaves we didn’t have?

    Our elite is such garbage. As I’ve asked before, is it too much to ask that our elite actually be elite?


    Never before have so many snobs had so little to be snobbish about. It’s not like the ruling caste that turns up its collective snout at the people who actually make this country work has a CV full of achievements to back up its arrogance. Our elite is anything but. It’s a collection of pedestrian mediocrities who inherited our civilization from the people who actually created it and fought for it, and like every spoiled child who was handed free stuff by his doting mommy and daddy, our elite is resentful and obnoxious.

    We’re ruled by a bunch of Veruca Salts.

    Of course they don’t appreciate what it takes to build, feed, fuel and defend what we have – as a group, they didn’t do any of those things. No one appreciates what he didn’t work for and earn, and our alleged betters did not work for and earn the positions and prestige they hold at the heads of our institutions. They got where they are by just showing up, and by parroting hacky, politically correct dogma, not by actual achievement.

    Look at the freaks our universities are pumping out – they can’t read, they can’t write, they think history started in 1996, and the only things they ever created are evermore tiresome and weird gender identities.”


    For the record, Veruca Salt…….


  6. The ghost of John C. Calhoun haunts today’s US left.


    “The Ghost Of John C. Calhoun Haunts Today’s American Left

    The irony of the New York Times’ 1619 Project is that it embraces the critique of the American Founding espoused by the leading defender of Southern slavery, Sen. John C. Calhoun.”


    “It’s impossible to understand The New York Times’ 1619 Project as anything but sweeping historical revisionism in the service of contemporary left-wing politics.

    The gist of the project, named for the year the first Africans were brought to North America to be sold as slaves, is that everything about America, from our capitalist economy to our politics to the food we eat, can be explained by slavery and race. In other words, America was conceived in sin, born of evil intent, and all its lofty ideals about equality and liberty are nothing but a sham—the hypocritical stylings of slavers and white supremacists bent on the subjugation of their fellow man.

    The Times is unambiguous: “In the days and weeks to come, we will publish essays demonstrating that nearly everything that has made America exceptional grew out of slavery.” The arrival of those slaves in Virginia in 1619, we’re told, “inaugurated a barbaric system of chattel slavery that would last for the next 250 years and form the basis for almost every aspect of American life.”

    Everything that made America exceptional, every aspect of American life, all of it the legacy of slavery. The Times’ entire purpose here, by its own admission, is to “reframe the country’s history” by placing slavery “at the very center of the story we tell ourselves about who we are.” It should come as no surprise that, in this telling, we are an irredeemably wicked people, and always have been.

    The 1619 Project Is Garbage History
    There are sound historical reasons why 1619 isn’t a helpful jumping-off point to understand slavery in America, but we need not dig into that particular debate to see the manifestly political nature of the Times’ project, and how the Times plays fast and loose with the historical record.

    For example, the essay that launches the project, by Nikole Hannah-Jones, is premised on a series of false assertions about the American Founding, including that the Revolution was fought to protect slavery, that the British Empire was turning against slavery in the eighteenth century, and that the American Founders consciously disbelieved the ideals they espoused. Historically speaking, there’s no evidence for any of that.”


    And then it goes down hill.


  7. Trump’s impromptu pressers are such fun. 🙂



  8. Like

  9. Birds of a lying feather, perfect together.



  10. THIS is CNN.



  11. It’s funny, but still sad that he has to say it. 😲



    “On Monday, President Donald Trump tweeted out a study on Google bias from Ph.D. psychologist Robert Epstein. Epstein supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, but after the Trump tweet, Clinton attacked his professional reputation. Epstein responded with a tweetstorm exposing Clinton’s ties to Google. At the suggestion of many conservatives online, the psychologist posted a statement in the unlikely (?) event he gets “suicided” by Hillary Clinton.”


  12. And in news the majority of media won’t be reporting, for obvious reasons…..


    “64% Of Federal Arrests Were Of Non-Citizens In 2018, DOJ Finds”

    “Federal arrests of non-citizens has increased exponentially over the past two decades, and account for the majority of all federal arrests, data released by the Justice Department revealed.

    Non-citizens made up 64% of all federal arrests in 2018 despite making up 7% of the U.S. population, according to Justice Department data released Thursday and reviewed by the Daily Caller News Foundation. Between 1998 and 2018, federal arrests of non-citizens grew by 234%, while federal arrests of U.S. citizens climbed 10%.”


    “Ninety-five percent of the increase in federal arrests over the past 20 years were, in fact, due to immigration offenses, the Justice Department data found. Non-citizens accounted for 28% of all federal fraud arrests, 25% of all federal property arrests, and 24% of all federal drug arrests. The Justice Department identified the top five crimes non-citizens were most likely be prosecuted for: illegal re-entry, drugs, fraud, alien smuggling and misuse of visas.

    “Opponents of immigration enforcement are obsessed with trying to establish that illegal aliens and legal immigrants commit fewer crimes than Americans, and so, as their narrative goes, local law enforcement agencies should not cooperate with ICE and should adopt sanctuary policies,” Vaughan continued in her statement. “This is first of all not true, but is off-point and a dangerous conclusion.””


  13. Chas,

    Uh-oh. Looks like your buddy the Nigerian prince who wants to send you millions has been busted. Along with some other “princes”. 🙂


    “Bad News: Your Nigerian Prince Is Under Indictment”

    “Call it the end of an era in Internet scams. The Department of Justice unveiled a 252-count indictment against dozens of Nigerian nationals for money laundering and fraud. “


  14. I can’t decide if this guy is legit, or a raving lunatic.


    “It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it. Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne resigned yesterday after writing about the “deep state” and his personal knowledge of its operations. In two interviews, on Fox and CNN, Byrne then alleged that the FBI made him an operative — and that James Comey had directed him to “rekindle a romantic relationship” with Russian spy Maria Butina.

    It started with this wild interview on Fox Business Network, in which Byrne claimed to have gotten burned by the FBI after working for them. “There was political espionage conducted against Hillary Clinton, Rubio, Cruz, and Donald Trump,” Byrne tells the Bulls & Bears panel, and that it was run by Peter Strzok. Byrne then claimed that he’d been offered “a billion-dollar bribe” to keep quiet, that Warren Buffett told him to go public, and that all of this has to do with Strzok, McCabe and others:

    “Unbelievable” doesn’t begin to cover it. If that wasn’t bizarre enough, Byrne showed up on CNN later in the evening to tell his story to Chris Cuomo. By that time, the operation was being run on James Comey’s orders, and Byrne claimed that the FBI told him that Comey wanted him to do a Red Sparrow operation on Butina:

    Former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne said Thursday that the FBI directed him in the summer before the 2016 election to pursue a “romantic relationship with Maria Butina,” the Russian woman who was accused of seeking to win influence in powerful Republican circles at the behest of her country’s government. …

    Byrne’s story, as told to CNN anchor Chris Cuomo on “Cuomo Prime Time,” and in earlier interviews broadcast on Fox Business News and Fox News, also includes allegations that top officials in the Obama administration, including James Comey, the former FBI director, approved of the bureau’s requests of him.

    It has not been verified by the agencies, and spokespeople for the Justice Department and FBI declined to comment. Reached Thursday evening by CNN, Comey called Byrne’s claim “ridiculous.”

    Who knew that selling tchotchkes qualified for reverse-honeypot assignments? I should’ve stayed in retail.

    So … is this for real, or has Byrne suffered a mental breakdown? Based on his performances last night, one would be inclined toward the latter — but CNN’s report suggests that he might not be making some of this up, at least:”


    But CNN likes him, so that’s a red flag right there…..


  15. The right needs to stop trying to make Trump look coherent. To draw parallels between Chinese Greenland policy and Trump is a stretch. The Chinese have been building infrastructure all over Central Asia and Africa in return for preferential treatment for their own companies. They’re not even asking for a monopoly let alone ownership. Its typical mercantilism.

    Trump’s idea on the other hand is ludricous. Greenland is an independent country within the Kingdom of Denmark (along with the Faroe Islands and the Country of Denmark). It can’t sell irself, although the Queen can. And the country of the Denmark can’t sell it either. So postponing a visit to Denmark in a fit illustrates what little understanding Trump has of Greenland. He treated it like a Danish colony.

    Greenland is indeed strategic and the Thule Air Base illustrates this. The intelligent policy driven action woukd be to quietly negotiate for more military bases and build infrastructure etc. You dont buy countries you bribe them and you definitely dont insult them by treating them like a colony.


  16. The sensitivity of the right know no bounds. Apparently mocking a part of the constitution that is antiquated and needs to be amended is an insult to those who benefit from thd inequity. When the electoral college favours a voter in Wymong at least 25x more than a California voter it deserves to be mocked. And the constitution isnt a sacred document, it can be amended and its antiquated portions can be mocked (3/5 persons?)


  17. The decline of the humanities in the universities has more to do with the corporatization and the profit motive in universities. Quality of instruction has declined especially in first and second year courses. Universities rely on itinerant teachers or grad student. Many high (even elementary) schools now have Phd teachers attracted by the job security, pay and benefits giving students a better instruction in the humanities than they receive in first year university.

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  18. Some thoughts from Veith on 2020


    Trump’s Prospects


    … All the Democrats need to do to win is to hold onto the states that went for Hillary Clinton and flip three Rust Belt states–Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania–that went for Trump in 2016 but that usually vote Democratic. In the midterm election, Democrats scored big in all three states.

    Can Trump hold on to the white working class? He’s alienating construction workers. He’s alienating farmers, who are losing their markets because of the trade war. He’s even alienating some of his seemingly most loyal base, conservative Christians who are objecting to his habit of taking the Lord’s name in vain in campaign speeches. Not to mention his blasphemous bragging in a tweet, quoting someone who said that Israelis regard him as “the King of Israel” and “the Second Coming of God.” (The proper response when someone calls you a “god” is to rend your garments like Paul and Barnabus did [Acts 14:8-18], rather than accept the praise like King Herod [{Acts 12:21-23]). …

    … Many Americans just viscerally hate Trump. But others have gotten used to his antics. Outraged media reports about the president seem to have little traction with the general public anymore. He has gotten through the Mueller investigation pretty much unscathed. Incumbents are generally seen as the safe choice, with the devil you know being preferable to the devil you don’t know.

    And it is unlikely that his critics from the right will abandon him, despite their frustrations. … (Would anything turn evangelicals against Trump? Not fornication. Not adulterous cavorting with a porn star. Not violations of love of neighbor. Not obscenity. Not taking the Lord’s name in vain. We’ll see about accepting the title of “The Second Coming of God on Earth,” but probably not.)

    So Trump can certainly win again. But he might not. He and his party dare not be complacent.

    Democrats also have a good shot at taking the Senate and will almost certainly hold onto the House of Representatives.

    America may find itself with a radicalized, hard-left government. Conservatives would do well to steel themselves for the possibility. …

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  19. A Victor Davis Hanson counter to Veith’s view, on some points.

    And I think the idea the Senate goes to Democrats is laughable. Dems will hold the House, but lose seats.

    The presidency is a toss up, especially with 3rd party candidates like Flakey Jeff thinking about doing their best to elect a Democrat. If that happens, kiss the good economic picture goodbye. It’ll be right back to letting China eat our lunch.


    “What could sink Trump’s chances in 2020?”

    “What factors usually re-elect or throw out incumbent presidents?

    The economy counts most.

    Recessions, or at least chronic economic pessimism, sink incumbents. Presidents Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush were tagged with sluggish growth, high unemployment and a sense of perceived stagnation — and were easily defeated.

    The 2008 financial crisis likely ended any chance for John McCain to continue eight years of Republican rule. Barack Obama campaigned on the message that incumbent George W. Bush was to blame for the meltdown and that McCain, his potential Republican successor, would be even worse.

    A once-unpopular incumbent Ronald Reagan fought recession for three years. Yet he soared to a landslide victory in 1984 only after the gross domestic product suddenly took off at an annualized clip of over 7 percent prior to the election.

    President Donald Trump’s economy is still booming. But his opponents here and abroad are counting on a recession to derail him.

    They hope that either the good times can’t last forever or that Trump’s trade war with China will scare investors and businesspeople into retrenchment. Or perhaps massive annual deficits and staggering debt will finally catch up to a financially reckless government.

    China will do all it can to prompt a U.S. downturn before November 2020 in hopes that it can get a better deal from a new Democratic president.”


    “The 22-month Mueller investigation of “collusion” and “obstruction” proved a big dud. So too were serial efforts by Democrats to cut short Trump’s first term.

    Over the next 14 months, we may we see a quite different news cycle in which Trump’s chief accusers — John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey and Andrew McCabe — are cited for improper or even illegal conduct in their efforts to undermine the Trump campaign, transition and presidency.

    Elections are not popularity contests. If they were, Trump might well lose handily, given that his approval ratings are consistently below 50 percent. Instead, they are choices between good and better — or bad and worse — candidates.

    So far, the Democratic debates have been a great gift to Trump. The front-runners appear almost unhinged in promoting issues that that are not supported by a majority of Americans in polls. Those who sound moderate and centrist are either fading or, in the case of Joe Biden, face issues of competency, consistency and age.

    Then there remain the known unknowns. Anything can happen before November 2020, from a hurricane to a third-party candidate.”


  20. And China is not our friend. They today made a blatant attempt to affect our 2020 election and swing it back to Dems by targeting their tariffs at swing states. They know who the pushovers are.


    “China Retaliates With Tariffs on $75 Billions of More U.S. Goods

    Products include soybeans, crude-oil imports, cars, and pork”


    “Affecting the Economy?
    I hate tariffs. I do not keep that a secret. However, I refuse to go into the doom and gloom like so many other people. I’ve also seen people on Trump’s side say that tariffs have not harmed the economy.

    Which side has the correct opinion and facts?

    I spoke with a financial friend of mine. He said it’s still too early to determine if the tariffs have started to hurt the economy.

    You cannot ignore the fact that consumer spending has risen in the last few months. It hit a record high in July.

    The Commerce Department reported, “spending on retail and dining services rose 0.7 percent in July.” Experts predicted 0.3 percent.

    The July jobs report showed that hourly earnings went up by 8 cents to $27.98. Wages have increased by 3.2% from this time last year.

    Wage growth, even with a slow buildup, illustrates that employers have to entice people to take jobs since the market has started to slim down. More jobs mean fewer people looking for jobs.

    People want instant gratification, immediate results and answers. Patience is required when it comes to these situations.”


  21. The trade war originated in the White House. It alone bears responsibility for the fallout. Both China and the EU have retaliated by targeting products which cause maxium effect in the US but minimal pain at home. This has resulted as intended in political pressure in the US. Farm bankruptcies are up since the trade war. And this may impact the election esp in Iowa and Wisconsin. Create a trade war deal with the fallout.

    I doubt the Senate can be flipped but the Presidency is easily within grasp. The frontrunners all poll better in the Rust Belt than Trump. This was also true four years when both Biden and Sanders polled really well. It will be close but I give the edge to the Democrats. Although the political right brands Sanders as far left, his health care plans are appealing to a people tired of being the only developed country without universal health care. Labels won’t matter esp to those under 50.

    The economy is doing as well as it was during Obama’s second term. This should’ve benefited Clinton but didnt. The problem was the benefits of the economic recovery were not been shared equally. And this continues to be the case. The economic argument for Trump wont appeal in the rust belt where things havent changed much nor in farm states suffering from the tariff war.

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  22. A biz “perspective” piece at CNN:



    Trump’s trade war with China will be worth the fight

    By James D. Schultz for CNN Business Perspectives
    Fri August 23, 2019

    (Ed note: James D. Schultz is a CNN legal commentator and chair of the Government and Regulatory practice at Philadelphia-based law firm Cozen O’Connor. He served as senior associate counsel and special assistant to the president in the Office of White House Counsel during the Trump administration. The opinions expressed in this commentary are his own.)

    For years, and through multiple presidential administrations — Clinton, Bush and Obama — the United States has naively looked the other way while China cheated its way to an unfair advantage in the international trade market. It took a long time to get to this point, and it’s not going to turn around overnight. But with President Donald Trump’s long-term approach to trade policy, the United States is in a good position to make up for the misguided policies of the past, which resulted in millions of lost jobs and thousands of shuttered factories.

    A bad day or a bad week on Wall Street is not an indication that Trump’s policy is failing. Market volatility is neither a surprise nor a reason to head for the lifeboats. The markets are going to react and fluctuate as the United States and China go back and forth in trade negotiations.
    As the US Treasury Department reported in May, there has been, and is, an “exceptionally large and widening” bilateral trade imbalance between China and the United States.”

    It’s not as though China hasn’t had a chance to change its ways. It simply chose not to by, among other things, willfully ignoring its G20 commitment to fair trade, dumping products below cost into US markets and stealing intellectual property. …

    … Only by applying pressure will China be motivated to change its destructive trade habits. …

    … Something had to be done to end China’s unfair practices, and rather than capitulate to the predictions of recession and calamity, we need to stay the course and continue to add tariffs to Chinese goods. We as a nation simply cannot allow China to continue to have its way with our economy.

    Of course, trade wars don’t come without risk or impact, and American farmers are bearing the brunt of the fallout. …

    … China appears ready for a long fight, but there are indications it is already feeling the strain. Tech companies — at least 50 to date — are in the process of moving significant portions of their manufacturing operations out of China and back to other countries in an effort to get out from under US tariffs.

    It seems that our choice is clear: We stay in this for the long haul to ensure that American businesses can compete on a fair playing field, or we panic and continue to allow China to play with a corked bat.

    The former is sound trade policy. The latter is bad for US business, prosperity and security.

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  23. He Tweeted this after the markets closed. That should get Monday off to a good start.


  24. Oh yeah, because it’s such a horrible idea for the president to want to limit the import of a drug killing hundreds of thousands of Americans.

    So free trade is now more important than lives?


    And you left out the relevant Tweets that followed. Same old Ricky.

    These are “the rest of the story” that Ricky left out.



  25. Oh, there was much more idiocy. I only gave you a sample.


  26. It went on and on …


  27. Finally, when he realized that half of the country was doubled over with laughter and the other half was frantically trying to reach their stockbrokers, there was this:


  28. This may have been his single funniest day.

    The G-7 meeting should be a riot.


  29. So were you in the stupid half that panicked, or the crass half who thinks it’s funny to joke about a matter that adversely affects hundreds of thousands of Americans, and has killed just as many?

    Either way, pretty pathetic.


  30. As noted at 4:54, I went to cash several weeks ago. Fortunately, the four straight weekly losses haven’t hurt my family. Nice try to change the subject to fentanyl, but that is not what Brit Hume or Heath Mayo were talking about, and as you like to say, “You knew that.”

    Better get a good night’s sleep. Dear Leader is going to be unhappy in Europe, and it will be all Trumpkins on deck to defend this weekend’s gibberish.


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