31 thoughts on “News/Politics 8-8-19

  1. Mueller lied to Congress, but they’ll just claim he’s senile at this point.


    “Republican lawmakers allege Special Counsel Robert Mueller may have perjured himself before Congress in his sworn testimony last month with an untruthful answer about why he held an earlier press briefing.

    Recently released court documents suggest Mueller may have made his surprise appearance before the press in Washington on May 29 as damage control after a federal judge privately threatened to hold his team in criminal contempt of court over what she called misleading language in his final report about Russian government interference in the 2016 election.

    Under oath, Mueller denied the judge’s action had anything to do with his holding the press conference.

    In the hastily arranged 9-minute press conference, Mueller announced that he was ending his investigation — which was not news — and concluded it without taking any questions. He made a point, however, to stress that the Russians he had indicted were “private” entities and “presumed innocent.”

    What Mueller didn’t tell the country was that the day before, his case against two Russian internet “trolling” firms had taken a sudden turn for the worse. It was a key part of his narrative that the Kremlin interfered in the 2016 election to help Donald Trump win.

    On May 28, U.S. District Court Judge Dabney Friedrich called attorneys prosecuting the case into her courtroom for a closed hearing. Although no reporters were allowed inside, it is now known that Friedrich agreed with one defendant’s claims that Mueller had overstated the evidence when he implied in his report to Congress that the trolls were controlled by the Russian government and that the social media operations they conducted during the 2016 presidential campaign were directed by Moscow. News organizations had seized on the highly suggestive wording in his report to report they were part of a Kremlin-run operation.

    Concerned that Mueller’s words could prejudice a jury and jeopardize the defendants’ right to a fair trial, Friedrich ordered the special prosecutor to stop making such claims and “to minimize the prejudice moving forward” — or face sanction.

    “The government shall refrain from making or authorizing any public statement that links the alleged conspiracy in the indictment to the Russian government,” Friedrich stated in her ruling, which was private at the time. “Willful failure to do so in the future will result in the initiation of contempt proceedings.”


    Well then he’s in contempt too, because he clearly did it again.


  2. In a word, no.

    They only care when you lie to them, not when they illegally leak.


    “Judicial Watch: Does The FBI Take Leaks Seriously?”

    “Depends on the leak, one supposes, and who benefits from it. In the wake of the Department of Justice decision not to prosecute James Comey for leaking materials later classified to the New York Times, Judicial Watch received records on 14 referrals for leaks by other FBI personnel. In most cases, the FBI and DoJ took lesser action than recommended by investigators, and they’d like to know why:

    Judicial Watch announced today it received records of 14 referrals of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) employees to the organization’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) for the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive or classified information. The disclosure comes on the heels of Judicial Watch’s uncovering a FBI report detailing fired FBI Director James Comey kept FBI documents on President Trump at his house. Comey also admitted to leaking these documents.

    Although the FBI’s OPR does not have its own website, according to the DOJ’s OPR, leak allegations may come, “from a variety of sources, including U.S. Attorney’s offices and other Department components, courts, Congress, media reports, other federal agencies, state and local government agencies, private citizens, private attorneys, criminal defendants, civil litigants, and self-referrals. OPR also regularly conducts its own searches to identify judicial findings of misconduct against Department attorneys.”

    According to the DOJ’s OPR, it “investigates certain misconduct allegations involving federal law enforcement agents when they relate to a Department attorney’s alleged professional misconduct, as well as claims of reprisal against FBI whistleblowers.” “If OPR finds professional misconduct in a particular case, a different office—the Professional Misconduct Review Unit—reviews OPR’s findings and determines the appropriate discipline.” Final recommendations are given to “the appropriate office.”

    It’s a small sample, but it does appear that the FBI tended to treat its employees a bit more leniently than OPR recommended. None of these resulted in prosecution for leaking sensitive or classified information, but then again, it doesn’t appear that OPR recommended any such action, either. These referrals were between the various bureaus within the DoJ, not to prosecutors. At least in these 14 examples, some measure of disciplinary action resulted from the disclosures, including termination in three cases. A couple of recommendations for termination that wasn’t followed was commuted to 45- and 60-day unpaid suspensions instead.”


    Laws and rules are for us commoners.


  3. The Baltimore Sun (the paper who never calls Dems to account for their rat infested city) is bashing Trump supporters for helping clean up the city.

    While the city remains unhelpful and unable to accomplish it on their own.


    “Yesterday Jazz wrote about the Baltimore cleanup effort put together by Trump supporter Scott Presler. After the public spat between Trump and Rep. Elijah Cummings, Pressler wanted to genuinely do something positive. So he gathered somewhere between 200-300 people to clean up trash, cut lawns, and make things look better. He posted before and after photos of the effort on Twitter. That led to a snarky editorial for the Baltimore Sun which veered between admitting the cleanup was needed and blaming Pressler for sending the wrong message.

    It made for good photos, compelling videos and catchy Twitter hashtags. A group of conservatives rolled their pickup trucks into one of West Baltimore’s most impoverished neighborhoods Monday for a cleanup day. Loaded down with trash bags and shovels, they cleared alleyways of old tires, food containers, paper and other debris. They pulled up weeds and cut away overgrown grass. The group posted before and after pictures on social media showing their progress…

    Whatever he says his motives were, Mr. Presler’s presence in Baltimore reinforces the tired image of our failing urban cores. That the poor people in this dilapidated city can’t take care of their own neighborhoods and all the public officials around them have failed as well. The bureaucratic, all-talk Democrats strike again. If a crowd of volunteers could clean up 12 tons of trash in 12 hours, how incompetent and helpless must Baltimoreans be if they can’t manage it in decades, right?

    I obviously don’t speak for Scott Pressler, but as an outside observer, I’d say that his effort definitely highlights a failure in Baltimore and does make me wonder why the city, or just a group of local residents, couldn’t have done this cleanup before this week. If the city and the Baltimore Sun are feeling embarrassed by Pressler’s efforts, well, maybe they should be. The editorial then offered a bunch of excuses for the mess:

    Amazingly enough, Mr. Presler is not the first one to come up with the bright idea of a neighborhood cleanup. It is not really that remarkable of a concept. In fact, they happen all the time. Sadly, it doesn’t take long for people (frequently from outside the community) to refill the alleyways with illegal dumping and for grass to grow again in front of vacant buildings with no resident available to tend the lawn. Does Mr. Presler know that drug dealers use trash to hide their product and have been known to threaten people who try to clean it up? The solutions are just not that simple.

    Let’s just point out that most of these criticisms make no sense. Did Pressler say the cleanup was a remarkable, original concept? I don’t think so. Did anyone say that a one-time cleanup would solve the problem forever and always? Again, no. And if drug dealers are hiding their product in trash, isn’t that another argument for cleaning things up? As for it not being so simple, wasn’t it exactly that simple when the volunteers came in an cleaned up the mess? I’d say it seemed pretty simple, almost like anyone could do it. And begrudgingly, the paper admits it was a good thing for these neighborhoods.”


    “Update: Well, here’s one reason things don’t get cleaned up in Baltimore. Scott Pressler says he spent a week requesting permission to have dumpsters on the street for the cleanup. The city never approved the request so Pressler went ahead without the permits. Today he received a denial from the city.

    We applied for dumpster permits on Wednesday morning of last week for the Baltimore cleanup.

    For 3 days, we respectfully called the office asking for an update.

    The city of Baltimore never approved the permits, so we did it, anyway.

    Received this today. pic.twitter.com/B1Hnd0nvvj

    — #ThePersistence (@ScottPresler) August 7, 2019”


  4. —————-

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  5. Pathetic weasels, but exactly what you would expect of Dems.


    “Ohio Officials Bash The President Instead Of Bringing People Together After Presidential Visit”

    “Today, President Trump, in his role as Consoler In Chief, visited Dayton Ohio to console families, meet with Police Officers involved in stopping the shooter and confer with local officials. Upon his departure, the Mayor, the Chief of Police and Senator Sherrod Brown held a press conference.

    From the very first, this press conference had absolutely nothing to do with healing wounds, bringing people together or coming together to determine a way ahead to prevent senseless acts of mass murder. At the very start and continuing through the entire press conference, the press had determined that this was to be an opportunity for them to ask leading questions that enabled the leftist politicians present to easily bash The President for things he had nothing to do with and to promote policies, none of which would have prevented one death during the three mass shootings this past weekend.

    Their clear objectives were simple:

    1. Get President Trump to “stop the rhetoric.” The translation of that is, “President Trump needs to stop pointing out Democrat faults or responding to their racist and divisive rhetoric and;

    2. Guns…Each and every Democrat wants to confiscate AR-15’s and enact other draconian gun control measures, such as a 21 years or older age limit and limits of magazine capacity.. and most importantly;

    3. Draw attention from the fact that the shooter was almost certainly a leftist, who supported ANTIFA and who was a major admirer of Senator Elizabeth Warren.

    Press asked questions about rhetoric and like clockwork, Mayor Nan Whaley blamed President Trump for the shooting, citing ”hateful” and “divisive” rhetoric. She, like the rest of the folks at the podium then alternated between “President Trump’s divisive rhetoric” and beating the drum for more gun control.”


  6. Some good news…..

    And open border Dems are not happy. Neither is the totally biased lefties that wrote this. So double bonus.


    “U.S. immigration officials raided seven Mississippi chicken processing plants Wednesday, arresting 680 mostly Latino workers in the largest workplace sting in at least a decade.

    The raids, planned months ago, happened just hours before President Donald Trump visited El Paso, Texas, the majority-Latino border city where a man linked to an online screed about a “Hispanic invasion” was charged in a shooting that left 22 people dead.

    “On a day when we seek unifying words and acts to heal the nation’s broken heart, President Trump allows so many families and communities to be torn apart,” said Angelica Salas, executive director of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights.

    About 600 U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents fanned out across the plants operated by five companies, surrounding the perimeters to prevent workers from fleeing.

    In Morton, about 40 miles (65 kilometers) east of the capital of Jackson, workers filled three buses — two for men and one for women — at a Koch Foods Inc. plant.”


    So what does the El Paso shooting have to do with this?

    Nothing….. but Orange Man Bad, so this is the narrative in all stories. Pathetic.


  7. Good. This clown beclowned himself too.


    “Joaquin Castro outed his own donors in bid to shame Trump supporters”

    “Trump donors whose names and employers were posted in a highly controversial tweet by Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro blasted the Texas congressman on Wednesday for what they described as a “ridiculous” stunt and, in interviews with Fox News, rejected his claim that they are “fueling a campaign of hate” against Hispanics.

    One of those Trump donors even revealed he’s also been a supporter of local Democratic lawmakers—including Castro himself.

    Wayne Harwell, the owner of a local real estate development company whose name appeared on the list Castro shared on Monday night, told Fox News in a phone interview that he donated money to Castro’s congressional campaign. But he suggested that after Castro outed him in a bid to shame Trump supporters, he won’t be supporting Castro anymore.

    “I was also on a list of people that gave to Castro and if he dislikes me enough that he wants to put my name out there against Trump, I’m not going to give money to him,” Harwell told Fox News. “Obviously Castro feels pretty strongly against me.”


  8. Once again, the uncouth one has to show Dems how it’s supposed to be done.




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  9. The WaPo is in full clown mode.


    Philip Rucker of the Washington Post is a dishonest anti-Trump partisan. His reporting is some of the Post’s most slanted, and that’s saying a lot.

    In this screed masquerading as a news story, Rucker tried to assign responsibility for the El Paso mass shooting to President Trump. In the second paragraph, Rucker wrote:

    “How do you stop these people? You can’t,” Trump lamented at a May rally in Panama City Beach, Fla. Someone in the crowd yelled back one idea: “Shoot them.” The audience of thousands cheered and Trump smiled. Shrugging off the suggestion, he quipped, “Only in the Panhandle can you get away with that statement.”

    Rich Lowry went back and watched the rally in question. He found that accounts like Rucker’s omit the fact that Trump expressly rejected the notion of using weapons to stop illegal immigrants:

    Immediately prior to that moment [when someone yelled “shoot them”] Trump was talking about a migrant caravan heading north and said of border patrol agents, “Don’t forget, we don’t let them and we can’t let them use weapons. Other countries do. We can’t. I would never do that.”


    But the narrative is all that matters. Truth is irrelevant to these clowns.


  10. From ATT.Net. I haven’t seen this reported on the news. Probably because there’s no way to blame Trump.

    “LOS ANGELES (AP) — A man who was “full of anger” went on a two-hour stabbing and robbery rampage in Southern California, killing four people and wounding two others, authorities said Wednesday.

    The 33-year-old Garden Grove man was taken into custody after he came out of a 7-Eleven in Santa Ana, southeast of Los Angeles, and dropped a knife along with a handgun that he had taken from a guard, police said.


  11. Some incorrect info, along with hasty assumptions, from yesterday’s thread. I appreciate hwesseli providing a link to a Business Insider article that claims amount of gun ownership directly correlates (and causes, as the piece clearly implies) gun violence in the U.S. [Link is over here: https://www.businessinsider.com/shooting-gun-laws-2012-12%5D. As an unintentional demonstration of how overly-simplistic the analysis of that article is, just hover over the tab of that web page and you’ll see they’ve titled it “America’s Gun Problem in One Chart”. One chart is all you need to know to understand America’s (ahem) “Gun Problem”!

    In any case, the implication that higher numbers in gun ownership *leads to* more gun crime has been debunked fairly roundly and ubiquitously.

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  12. Here’s a link to the story Chas mentioned.

    Gun or not, a crazy person can find a way if this is their intent.


    “LOS ANGELES (AP) — A man who was “full of anger” went on a two-hour stabbing and robbery rampage in Southern California, killing four people and wounding two others, authorities said Wednesday.

    The 33-year-old Garden Grove man was taken into custody after he came out of a 7-Eleven in Santa Ana, southeast of Los Angeles, and dropped a knife along with a handgun that he had taken from a guard, police said.

    The violence appeared to be random and the only known motives seem to be “robbery, hate, homicide,” Garden Grove police Lt. Carl Whitney said at a news conference.

    “We know this guy was full of anger and he harmed a lot of people tonight,” he said.

    The suspect and all the victims were Hispanic, he added.

    The attacks on more than a half-dozen places took place over about two hours in Garden Grove and neighboring Santa Ana.”


  13. There they go again…. the Hollywood left can’t help themselves.

    But it’s Trump and his supporters calling for violence, right?


    “Hollywood Film Depicts Trump Supporters Being Hunted for Sport by Liberals”

    “Kathy Griffin claims she can’t get work following her photoshoot with a decapitated and bloody Trump head, but don’t let that fool you. Hollywood clearly still likes the idea of promoting violence against people who aren’t good and obedient leftists, because Universal Pictures is set to release a thriller called The Hunt on September 27, which features left-wing “elites” hunting Trump supporters for sport.

    In the past few days we’ve been hearing a lot about how Donald Trump’s rhetoric is apparently to blame for the El Paso shooting, yet Hollywood apparently lacked the foresight to think that a movie promoting violence against “deplorables” might be in bad taste until after the shootings in El Paso and Dayton, as only now is Universal rethinking their promotional strategy for the film.

    “Did anyone see what our rat@#$#@#$-in-chief just did?” one character asks early in the screenplay for The Hunt, a Universal Pictures thriller set to open Sept. 27. Another responds: “At least The Hunt’s coming up. Nothing better than going out to the Manor and slaughtering a dozen deplorables.”
    In the aftermath of mass shootings within days of one another that shocked and traumatized the nation, Universal is re-evaluating its strategy for the certain-to-be-controversial satire. The violent, R-rated film from producer Jason Blum’s Blumhouse follows a dozen MAGA types who wake up in a clearing and realize they are being stalked for sport by elite liberals.”


    “According to THR, the movie “features guns blazing along with other ultra-violent killings as the elites pick off their prey.”

    The original title for the film was Red State Vs. Blue State, so the political themes of the movie are clearly important to the plot. THR says that The Hunt “made some executives at Universal skittish back in May 2018, when film chief Donna Langley acquired the script and fast-tracked it at a modest $18 million budget,” but several studios “did not pursue it because of the explosive premise.” One studio executive reportedly didn’t even bother reading the script because “The idea seemed crazy.” The movie was produced by Jason Blum, who also produced other well-known horror flicks like The Purge, Paranormal Activity, and Get Out.

    The script for The Hunt features the red-state characters wearing trucker hats and cowboy shirts, with one bragging about owning seven guns because it’s his constitutional right. The blue-state characters — some equally adept with firearms — explain that they picked their targets because they expressed anti-choice positions or used the N-word on Twitter. “War is war,” says one character after shoving a stiletto heel through the eye of a denim-clad hillbilly.”


    Spare me the “it’s art” nonsense too.


  14. Time for the Baltimore Sun to retract their bogus story and allow outsiders to do what the Democrat leaders seem incapable of, for the good of the city.


  15. From michelle’s link above:

    ~ … politicians and pundits ask all the wrong questions. Do we have too many guns? (We always have.) Are video games and movies too violent? (They always have been.) Do we need more laws? (We have more than we can keep track of.) ~


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  16. Solar

    Its a correlation between guns per capita and gun violence. Gun owners are actually in decline (it mirrors the decline in a rural pop.) What the correlation suggests is the access and availability of firearms is the problem. It also indicates most gun owners have several weapons. Other data has suggested increaed number of guns correlares to a rise in suicides.

    One of AJs links suggests raising the gun ownership age to 21, banning assault weapons, and limiting magazine size are radical suggestion. How are these radicsls?.


  17. HRW,

    As usual last night, you (and your link) left out the relevant part about why he was deported to begin with. Paranoid schizophrenia and a criminal record.


    “Aldaoud faced serious health problems, Bajoka said. In addition to diabetes, he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and struggled to live a normal life. His run-ins with the law were primarily due to his mental illness, said Bajoka, who never represented Aldaoud in court. The most serious came in 2012 when Aldaoud, described as homeless in local media reports, broke into a garage and stole power tools. He served 17 months on that home invasion conviction, Politico reported, and had a separate conviction for disorderly conduct.”


    It’s sad that he died, but his deportation was his fault. But you lefties can’t help yourself, all deaths are Trump’s fault now.


  18. The rest of the story…..

    While he served his time, this disqualifies him from staying under US law.

    Say it with me now….

    Extensive. Criminal. History…….


    “Police say 34-year-old Jimmy Aldaoud was arrested on around 3 a.m. Tuesday at a home on Wordsworth Street near West End Street.

    According to police, the homeowner called them to report suspicious activity after he heard his garage door opening and closing and noticed the garage light was on. Responding officers saw Aldaoud walking with a large bag about two blocks away from the home. After stopping him, police found Aldaoud had three stolen cordless drills in the bag.

    Police think Aldaoud broke into an unlocked vehicle outside of the home and found the garage door opener, which he used to open the door and then make entry.

    Police say Aldaoud has an extensive criminal history dating back to 1998, which includes crimes of theft, disorderly conduct and resisting police.”


    As for your assertions he’s targeting the Chaldeans, Iraq is their home, and it’s now safe enough to return them. Just like the Haitians and others….


  19. Michelle,

    Your article makes a very appealing argument but ……

    First violence is actually in decline everywhere. Only mass shootings in the US have increased.

    The article appeals to a past that may not have actually existed or in a limited form. Its 1950s nostaglia and the past always appears rosier in the rear view miror. For one the 50s were more violent.

    Social institutions evolve over time. In Europe and the rest of the Anglosphere social institutions have changed. Faith, family and community have been complerely redefined yet not only has violence not risen it has decreaed dramatically and without mass shootings. If the rest of the developed world can completely change its social institutions without mass shootings, why can’t the US?

    Many of the social ills the article mentions (teen pregnancy, mentsl illness , suicide etc) have been correlated to a rise in income inequality and a decline in income mobility. I’m partial to economic causes not social. The US has one of the highest rate of income inequality and has a higher rate of most social ills mentioned in the article. The Nordic countries (who have radically changed their social institutions) have a low rate of income inequality and low rates of most social ills.

    To find why the US is unique in mass shootings we need to find unique differences. The obvious is the number of guns and the economic inequality. Change those two factors and it may reduce mass shoitings.

    The other interesting aspect is the shooters are slmost all white males. Why whites?


  20. hwesseli, do you think correlation is problematic? If so, why? Correlation doesn’t cause anything. But the tab hover and intended implication of your link wants to indicate that prevalence of gun ownership is the problem. Do you agree with your linked story that America’s gun problem is demonstrated by a single chart? Since even the CDC research showed guns being used at least 500,000 times annually in self-defense, why not assume that, instead of gun ownership causing crime, it’s crime that leads to gun ownership?

    Changing laws on gun ownership purchasing age and magazine size wouldn’t make the slightest dent in gun crime. And what are you defining as “assault weapon,” and in how many gun crimes are those–however you’re defining them–used? Bans on guns haven’t had an impact on crime in the past; it would be radical to ban something people have a right to own simply in the name of “doing something.”


  21. “Only mass shootings in the US have increased.” Need a source there, preferably one that includes study methodology.

    “To find why the US is unique in mass shootings we need to find unique differences. The obvious is the number of guns and the economic inequality.”

    Unique how?

    Obvious what? Obvious that the number of guns and income inequality makes the U.S. unique somehow in mass shootings? I’m sensing an unproven assumption of cause and an overeager tendency to ascribe correlation *as* cause. That’s a lot heavier load than just saying it’s obvious.

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  22. I have not read this yet, only took a quick look at it, but it lists four myths about the mass shooters that many/most people believe. It points out (with stats from Mother Jones, of all places) that whites are not more apt to commit these shootings.


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  23. It’s about time. If only the House Ethics Office was so inclined.

    Minnesota Republicans ask IRS to investigate Ilhan Omar many frauds.

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  24. Solar
    Causation in the social sciences is impossible to prove so i go with correlation which points out possibilities.

    The amount of mass shootings in the US is an anomaly in the developed world. Thus looking for what statistics are unique or completely different for the US may give some idea of whst correlates.

    The difference which is immediately evident is the number of guns accesible available and owned by civilians. No country in the developed world comes close to the US.

    The inequality rate has been widely known to correlate to many socual ideas. In comparative analysis, countries with higher inequality are more violent. And in the developed world, the US rates extremely high in inequaity.

    Finally, the idea that the violence has spiritual roots is nonsense. First violence is down everywhere esp in non religious countries. And the US in comparision is far more religious than other developed nstion. I’m not suggesting religion correlates to violence rather its not important. The material conditions, ie guns, inequality etc is where the answer lies.


  25. Aj.

    I’m genuinely shocked by your response to the Chaldean deportations.

    A mentally ill diabetic who had never been to Iraq, didnt speak Arabic and belonged to a persecuted religious minority was left to die in the streets of Baghdad. And somehow this is oksy because he was a petty theif and immigrated to the US at 6 months, after being born in Greece.

    How can this possibly be moral or even just okay?

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  26. hwesseli: To which countries are you comparing the U.S. regarding inequality and “many social issues”? How are you measuring “inequality”? Inequality between whom, specifically? Among those in the U.S. who are on the lower end, economically, is gun violence committed equally by all demographics?

    Your brush is so broad, it’s really hard to get useful strokes out of it.


  27. Chaldean deportation may have been a bad move, but it wasn’t initiated by D Trump or his admin, nor is the man’s history quite as quaint as portrayed at 6:52. Sadly, these are things that happen when immigration law is poorly written and more poorly followed.


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