43 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-7-19

  1. that is your job, Chas, to get and keep things settled.
    So I have been slowly coming out of a bit of a fog that I have been in for years. I believe that I have been depressed. Anyway, I was just doing the dishes and straightening the kitchen and, after almost thirteen years in this flat, realized that the two kitchen counters have different countertops. You cannot see them both at the same time as the sink and its built ins are on the other wall and divide them. But, yup, they are different.
    Do I win the award for powers of observation?? Also they are both very ugly.

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  2. jo–reminds me of the time my husband pointed to an item in a thrift store and suggested we should buy it. I told him we have the exact same thing on the shelf by the front door. “We do?”

    Hope the depression clears out completely.

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  3. Jo, that depends on the perception the person has.
    I could have gone for years and not noticed such a thing.
    That is the first thing Elvera would have noticed.
    in those days when she said, “If you’re wearing that, I’m not going with you.”

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  4. Morning! Chas I read that comment to Paul and his comment was “now that’s something you would say to me!” 😏 I would have noticed the differing countertops and it would have made me crazy until I made the two the same. Off balance disturbs my brain. No crooked lampshades nor art on the walls off kilter. I have had friends/family send a photo to me and I must admit I would reply with a request to fix the lampshade in the background 😳

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  5. I would have noticed, but that is because when I am preoccupied in thought, some part of my mind is noting the little irregularities in my surroundings (I tend to pace while thinking), so I notice the cracked floor tile, how the door jamb is wider at the bottom than the top, how the edges of the mitred corner of the countertop do not quite match. It is not that I really mind the irregularities – I learned, from watching my father continue to build his house and from making things myself that absolute perfection does not lead to productivity and if one can live with small flaws, one will get a lot more done – it is just that the irregularities serve to catch the wandering part of my mind and occupy it while I think through a problem.

    I understand the part about it being ugly. Missionary dwellings are seldom nice. One must make them out of the materials available, and the selection is very limited, so they are very utilitarian. The first house I stayed in was very drab. The second had been made more nicely, but there were still aspects – of the kitchen in particular – that were just utilitarian.

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  6. My criterion for mismatched, etc.
    Does it hurt anything?
    Does it have consequences.?
    Otherwise, it doesn’t matter to me. Having dementia, she still haves a keen sense of compatibility.

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  7. I was going to cover an early (for me, 8:30 a.m.) meeting but now that I’m reviewing the agenda it doesn’t really look worth my time. So I’ll find other stories to work on today. But I’d really like to just go back to bed.

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  8. Ugly to me, the reason I would not have called it ugly is because I don’t notice things in that way. I have such a non existent sense of taste that there are no qualifications for beauty.

    Outside, I do notice a lot more detail: tiny flowers and mosses, birds, insects, etc. And it is all beautiful so nothing to compare for ugly.

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  9. After moving into this house, it took me a while to notice that the cabinet under the sink in the downstairs bathroom is the same kind as the cabinets in the downstairs kitchen. (And they are not very attractive to me, but not horrible, either.)

    One time while watching the movie Lethal Weapon on TV, I noticed that the bathroom vanity in a scene was the same as our upstairs vanity. (Since I had recorded the movie, I was able to rewind and pause to double check it.)

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  10. NancyJill – I’m often straightening things up, too. But some imperfections do not bother me, but add to the character of the house. Those, though, tend to be the things that cannot merely be straightened.

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  11. The man who owned this house before us, and did a lot of changing of the structure of the house, was big into DIY. Unfortunately, he was not big into DIY correctly. The counters in the downstairs kitchen have a gap between them and the walls. The upstairs kitchen has plenty of empty wall space, but only two cabinets on only one wall. It looks as if he got tired and just quit where he was.

    A plumber who had to check something out in our basement looked in amazement at the maze of pipes and laughed. It was that bad.

    The floors in a few places rise and slope weirdly.

    But instead of complaining, I say the house has plenty of character. (Nightingale is not as easily amused by it all.) 🙂

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  12. I have a tangle of electrical cords and connections above the false (opaque) plastic ceiling in the teeny-tiny closet-turned-bathroom in the spare room. The lights in there no longer work and when I asked an electrician just to look at the set-up in there he said there’s no real “fix” to that, it would have to be entirely redone. So I keep a battery lantern on hand in there … For now, that bathroom really isn’t used at all (although I do make sure I keep flushing the toilet and running the sink water in there, just to keep things “used.”

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  13. Our house has lots of “character” and imperfections. Windows in the breakfast nook have springs that have sprung so they do not easily open, the previous owner expressed her “artistic flair” in the bathrooms framing out the plate glass mirrors (yep if I think about it too long I let out an “ugh”!…so I try to overlook it!). We are embarking upon a redo of the entire first level floors next month. Two weeks of existing wood floors and the carpet in the den, living room, our bedroom , the stairs and top level landing being torn out and replaced with all wood. We will love it when it is done but those two weeks are going to do me in at times….I just know it. 🙃

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  14. My ‘Ugh” today was seeing that the cat has pulled a corner of the bedroom screen out of the frame so she can slip in and out (tell-tale tufts of cat fur were stuck on the torn area). I’ll have to get that repaired & then put something in the window frame to keep her from getting to that screen material. Cats are very hard on screens. 😦

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  15. Cabinet doors left open make everything look askew to me. If I walk into the kitchen and see them open, immediately closed they go!

    Sometimes, shoes haphazardly “arranged” bug me to the point that I’m compelled to set them perfectly straight. Other times they can be on the floor every which way, and I leave them that way (like in my bedroom) for weeks and it bothers me not one whit.

    Every day is a different day in how I process and deal with my surroundings. (Except for those pesky open kitchen cabinet doors.) 😛

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  16. I think the header picture is a place I’ve never been, unless it’s Chicago, as it sort of resembles that city, though it’s been decades since I’ve been there.

    I’m guessing it’s somewhere in the East, a region I’ve never been. (I’ve only been in two states east of the Mississippi.)


  17. Wow, I didn’t realize I had launched a QOD! Roscuro nailed it. This is a missionary dwelling and not much was available here when it was built. It is not worth it to me to fix it or make it look good. The views out the windows are so glorious that I don’t care about the counters. I have put up some really nice curtains that frame the place. Being a missionary community, I found the curtain fabric at different times in different places and certain very sweet ladies made the curtains for me. They did it very well. Even carefully disguising the fact that I hadn’t purchased quite enough fabric to make the proper sized seams.

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  18. Six, (and note, this is an observation, not a complaint), my Hubby walks into the kitchen, gets a mug out of the first cupboard and leaves the door open, gets a cereal bowl out of the next cupboard and leaves the door open, gets the cereal out of the next cupboard and leaves the door open, and gets a spoon out of a drawer and leaves it ajar. I walk in behind him and close each one. Fortunately he doesn’t leave the fridge open when he gets the milk out. 🙂

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  19. Quick report before I go to church Bible study. My eyes are improved back in the retina area. My vision is still at 20/60, and I am to continue the drops and hopefully get better vision soon. No shots in the eyes, and now surgery is known to not be required which was the best news. My eyes have been dilated for most of the day, but now it is going away.

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  20. I don’t like pictures crooked, either. There is a large item crooked in a church we rarely visit, but it bugs me when we do. I can hardly concentrate on what is going on. I am patient with unfinished projects, however, or I would have been insane. God knew I needed to learn patience and I still need more of it. I get inpatient with the coffee canister never being put way back on the counter like it should be and with the salt and pepper shakers being backward on the back of the stove. I guess it is funny what things can bother some of us, while others simply do not care.

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  21. Chas is correct, the city of Philadelphia as viewed from the Camden waterfront.

    It’s a good looking city…… from a distance…. 🙂

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  22. The mystery of my missing tax guy has been sadly solved — he passed away on July 2, I just received a card in the mail about the memorial that will be held this Sunday at the Methodist Church in Huntington Beach where he lived and had his practice.

    I had a feeling it was something not good, none of it made sense — he must have been sick as I’d called I think sometime in June and the call to his # went straight to this other company. About a week or so ago I received a form letter from them (addressed to all of his clients) that he had transferred all of us to them and they’d have an office in the same building where he worked all those years.

    Feeling sad.

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  23. Sorry to hear that, DJ. We’ve had our tax lady a long time — since before hubby and I got married, which is more than 33 years then — and it’ll be a sad day when she passes. Very nice person, and she’s had some health issues in recent years, too.

    Janice, I’m so glad to hear of your improved vision. And no shots in the eyes! (Or further surgery, hopefully, and it does sound hopeful.)

    Linda, yes, and the open drawers, too. Same here. 🙂

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  24. Fourth Arrow has finished all her homeschooling! Next week we’ve got graduation pictures scheduled; next month will be her grad party.

    She is working full time, as I pointed out earlier this summer (or late spring?), and reports how nice it is to have more time for other things than just work and study.

    She wrote reports on the books she read this year, among other things, and she does very well giving a thorough report of those books, yet doesn’t write in a wordy way. I’d read two of the books before, and she certainly captured the salient points of those books, as well as providing a clear description of each of the main characters in the fiction books she read. She’s good at grasping the underlying themes and making them clear to the reader (me!) what those books were about.

    I loved remembering Little Women, which came alive for me again in reading her analysis of the book. And she certainly provided ample description of the books I hadn’t previously read, enough to know whether I’d want to read those books.

    She’s always been good at writing (and arguing her viewpoint, ahem!). 🙂 It was such a pleasure to read her final writings as a senior embarking on adulthood. (Well, she’s already there; she turned 18 a few months ago.)

    Another milestone in our family. Such a big summer!

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  25. Linda, that was funny (about the cabinets).

    Janice, glad the eye situation is being looked at more closely and that you won’t need surgery (or injections?).

    Yes, so sad, and in this case because he grew up across the street from us — our moms (his mom was a British ‘war bride’ from WWII) were active in GOP politics in the 1960s and I’d babysit the younger boy (who died in his 20s or 30s from an undiagnosed congenital heart defect). Chris (my CPA, the older son) and Billy (the younger son) were ahead of and behind me enough in school that we never connected that way so I didn’t know them well. But Chris’ dad was a CPA and after my dad’s death my mom started taking her taxes to him, right across the street where I think he had a home office (and a pool that we were delighted to be invited to use as teens). When the dad died, my mom started going to Chris who had graduated and started his own CPA biz by then.

    When my mom died, I immediately started going to him, it was such an assurance to have him to turn to as I knew nothing about the finances.

    He was active in coaching, had a son who was contemplating an ice hockey career — and more recently they’d taken in at least one of their grandsons who was starting high school.

    So it was a real personal/family connection I had with him also, though we weren’t close personal friends by any means. I was struck this year by how much more stooped he was (he was tall and thin) when I saw him in March for our usual 30-minute tax meetup; and he didn’t seem his usual self, somehow. But I didn’t think a lot about it, figured he was busy (he said he still was juggling 300 clients all on his own). I only thought that it seemed he was aging all of a sudden.

    I’d really hoped he just had taken a long family vacation and maybe had decided to retire at long last, dumping us all 🙂 .


    Long day working at home, did a story on the Perry Mason HBO bunch shooting in our downtown (they’d taken out some of the parking meters to re-create the 1932 time frame, I’m sure most of use would wish they wouldn’t put them back). The old newspaper I worked at is in one of the shots, still with the old painted sign on the brick facade.

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  26. DJ, that is a lot of connections, and a lot of memories tied in there too. I’m sorry for the loss on all those levels.


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