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  1. Inciting violence against their political opponents.

    They are everything they accuse Trump of being, and worse.


    “After the spectacle of Robert Mueller’s real time crumbling apart like a stale cookie, pundits took to the air to voice their frustration that Democrats are simply not tough enough to take on the Trump machine. For what it’s worth, recurring mosquito Joe Scarborough buzzed, “If you want to stop Donald Trump, it is time to … roll up your sleeves and go after him and do whatever it takes to win”. Michael Moore tweeted that Trump wins because “he understands that Dems aren’t street fighters”. It’s a crude but successful tactic. It’s the I thought I married a real man, but I guess I was wrong attempt to shame your partner into dealing with life’s challenges more forcefully.

    Over at National Review, Michael Brendan Dougherty opined that Trump’s victories are the result of a timid opposition. He writes that “aggression is not the natural language of our political class”. I would argue that he is half right. Many Republicans, especially the self-proclaimed “principled” types, are loath to use not just aggressive language, but any uncouth monosyllabic brogue they consider beneath their pedigree. But aggressive language seems ominously natural when leftists speak about pretty much anyone who disagrees with them.

    It was aggressive language when then-candidate Barack Obama told a Philadelphia crowd, “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun. Because from what I understand, folks in Philly like a good brawl. I’ve seen Eagles fans.” Ever the politician, Obama had enough sense to add the cute football reference, giving him the wiggle room needed for a future cop-out.

    It is aggressive language when, in reference to Tea Party voters, Teamsters president Jimmy Hoffa Jr. told a Detroit rally to “take these sons of bitches out”. Attending the rally was President Obama who, taking the podium shortly thereafter, passed on his chance for a Sister Souljah moment.

    It is aggressive language when Joe Biden, speaking at the Moral Action Congress of the Poor People’s Campaign, said, “The fact of the matter is if we can’t get a consensus, nothing happens except the abuse of power by the executive. There are certain things where it just takes a brass knuckle fight.” He later said, “Let’s start a real physical revolution if you’re talking about it.” In short, this is a former vice president and the current front-runner for the Democratic nomination encouraging civil war because of congressional deadlock.”


    They target ICE and anyone else they view as their enemy.

    Like this. This is targeting Trump supporters for harassment by Antifa and the like. I guess he decided to take a page out of the other Castro’s book.


    “Joaquin Castro Posts Names, Employers of Trump Supporters

    Trump campaign blasts Castro’s ‘target list,’ ‘harassment of private citizens'”

    “President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign has taken issue with a Facebook post from Texas congressman Joaquin Castro that lists the names and employers of Trump donors in San Antonio and accuses the private citizens of “contributing to harmful rhetoric that targets the Hispanic community and so many others.”

    Castro, twin brother of 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro, posted late Monday night on Facebook that he was “sad to see so many San Antonians on this list of maximum donors to Donald Trump.” He specifically called out two companies, including a popular BBQ restaurant, and posted a list of 44 donors, with their full names and employers.

    Trump campaign official Tim Murtaugh highlighted the post on Tuesday, calling it a “target list.”

    “This is Joaquin Castro, Congressman & chair of his brother’s campaign,” Murtaugh wrote. “Naming private citizens & their employers, targeting them for political views and exercising 1st Amendment rights.”

    “At the very least [Castro] is inviting harassment of these private citizens,” he said. “At worst, he’s encouraging violence.”


    And notice Facebook allows it, when it’s Republicans private info being posted to their site..


  2. This fraud breaks rules, policy, has affair with another agent, lies, conspires, tries to undo an election, and overthrow a president, all fireable offenses, and the little troll sues? And he has no right to privacy when using a govt device to do so.

    Give me a break. This guy should be in prison.


    “Strzok was initially removed from Mueller’s investigation because of his partisan text messages in the summer of 2017, though his removal didn’t become news until December of that year. The Office of Professional Responsibility investigated and found Strzok had crossed a line in three specific ways:

    The first, “unprofessional conduct off duty,” directly related to his use of an FBI-issued cell phone to send the private texts. The second, “investigative deficiency” — later reduced to “dereliction of supervisory duty” — related to Strzok’s perceived delay in searching a laptop that belonged to Anthony Weiner, the husband of a top Hillary Clinton aide, as part of the probe of Clinton’s emails in the fall of 2016.

    Finally, Will told Strzok that he had committed a “security violation” for forwarding certain sensitive law-enforcement documents to his personal Gmail account.

    None of those have to do with the content of Strzok’s emails and the OPR did not recommend Strzok’s firing. However, point #2 was a significant part of the IG’s report on the Clinton investigation. The IG found that the FBI had all the information it needed to investigate hundreds of thousands of emails found on a laptop belonging to Anthony Weiner by late September. However, for several weeks, nothing happened. From the IG report:

    Additional discussions took place on October 3 and 4, 2016. However, after October 4, we found no evidence that anyone associated with the Midyear investigation, including the entire leadership team at FBI Headquarters, took any action on the Weiner laptop issue until the week of October 24, and then did so only after the Weiner case agent expressed concerns to SDNY, prompting SDNY to contact the Office of the Deputy Attorney General (ODAG) on October 21 to raise concerns about the lack of action.

    It occurred to the IG that Strzok’s partisan texts might provide an explanation for slow-walking the investigation of the laptop in the weeks before the election. The IG looked for evidence that was the case and couldn’t find anything definitive. However, he concluded that none of the explanations offered to explain the delay made any sense:


  3. Yeah but most of the rats in this Democrat run rat hole walk on two legs.


    “Study: DC Is More Rat-Infested Than Baltimore

    A new study shows the District is actually the “disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess.”

    “Last weekend, President Trump slammed US Representative Elijah Cummings’s Baltimore district as a “disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess.” Today, a new study from RentHop shows that, as faithful Washingtonian readers know, the District is actually the rattier city. Here’s how the two municipalities compare:

    Total number of rat complaints
    Loser: DC
    The study counted the number of rat complaints filed in 2017 and 2018 in five cities: DC, Baltimore, Chicago, Boston and New York. In 2018, DC had a whopping total of 5,715 complaints to Baltimore’s 4,476. Though both are certainly ratty, they’ve got nothing on Chicago–official rat capital of the US–which touts a staggering 40,057 complaints.

    Rat complaints per square mile
    Loser: DC
    Controlling for the range of territory in each of the rat kingdoms, the study divided the total number of rat complaints by total square mileage to calculate each city’s relative rat density (ew). While Baltimore has a disturbing 48.5 rat complaints per square mile, Washingtonians are twice as likely to encounter a rogue rodent, coming in with 83.6 rats per square mile.

    Overall rat growth
    Loser: DC”


  4. They should sue, as it’s clearly unconstitutional.


    “Trump 2020, GOP Sue California Over Tax-Return Requirement”

    “Now we will finally get an answer to this vexing political question — is Jerry Brown wiser than Gavin Newsom? The state of California will now spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend the law Newsom signed after Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and the GOP sued the state today. At issue is whether California can impose requirements for a federal office not contained in the US Constitution:

    The Trump campaign and Republican Party sued California on Tuesday over a new law requiring presidential candidates to release their tax returns to run in the state’s primary.

    One of the suits contends California’s law is “a naked political attack against the sitting President of the United States.” …

    The lawsuits argue the law violates the U.S. Constitution by creating an extra requirement to run for president and deprives citizens the right to vote for their chosen candidates. The Constitution puts just three requirements on presidential candidates: That they are natural born citizens, 35 or older and a U.S. resident for at least 14 years.

    Brown vetoed a similar bill two years ago, noting that it was fairly obvious that it wouldn’t withstand judicial scrutiny. But even if such a law was constitutional, Brown observed at the time, it would still be a bad idea. What else would states require from candidates for federal office if this precedent got set? High school transcripts? Health records? Spotify lists?”

    The judges in this case might not bother to weigh the pros and cons of public policy, because they won’t need to do so. The state can’t impose requirements on such candidates in the first place beyond confirming the requirements already in the Constitution. Tax status isn’t among those requirements, and the New York Times notes that the law was already being viewed skeptically by “legal scholars”:

    The vast majority of presidential nominees over decades have released their tax returns, with the exception of President Gerald Ford in 1976. Mr. Trump’s decision not to release his tax returns was one of the early traditions he shattered. But Mr. Newsom’s attempt to codify the tradition of disclosure into a law has raised serious constitutional issues, according to legal scholars.

    “What other kinds of regulations can one imagine that states might impose on presidential candidates to get onto the ballot?” said Richard M. Pildes, a professor of constitutional law at New York University.”


  5. What’s NOT driving the migrant surge?

    Pretty much every excuse Dems and illegals have given.


    “Let’s start by identifying what’s not driving it. The surge in immigration from Central America to the United States is not caused by violence in the countries the migrants are leaving. As Matt Sussis points out in the video below, since 2011 the murder rate has declined significantly in Guatemala and Honduras. It has declined significantly in El Salvador since 2015.

    Some on the left claim that climate change is responsible for the waves of immigration. Supposedly, it has led to lower crop production, thereby threatening the livelihoods of agricultural workers in Central America.

    File this claim under “climate change, is there nothing it can’t do?”

    Sussis observes that, since 2000 crop yields have risen significantly in all three of the countries mentioned above. Thus, as with violence, climate change does not explain the recent surge in migration.

    What does? The obvious motive for coming to the U.S. from Central America is the superior economic conditions in our country. The spike is almost certainly due to asylum loopholes, in particular those in the Flores Settlement Agreement, as interpreted by left-liberal judges.”


  6. California liberals’ takeover of Texas is nearly complete.


    “So far, newcomers to Texas from blue states — states with stricter gun control laws, a stronger social safety net and a looser approach to immigrants — have been bigger change agents in the state than Hispanics, a large number of whom have tended to stay home on Election Day.

    “In Texas, we have been waiting for what’s called a Pete Wilson moment for a quarter century,” said Cal Jillson, a political scientist at Southern Methodist University, referring to the former California governor who led the campaign to pass a controversial anti-immigrant law in 1994, setting the state on a trajectory toward its current liberal status. “A Pete Wilson moment that would awake the Hispanic electorate has never come.”

    It’s far from clear that the El Paso shooting — the fifth mass shooting in Texas in the last five years — will be that moment, though its potential for further roiling the state’s politics is obvious.

    Meanwhile, population growth in Texas has given Democrats new opportunities.

    The Texas miracle that three successive Republican governors have touted has attracted millions of new residents in search of jobs, and those newcomers, many of them from California, are shifting the state’s politics. One percent of the state of California, with a much more liberal population, has moved to Texas.

    Four of the 10 American counties that have added the most new residents since 2010 are in Texas; four of the 10 counties adding residents at the fastest pace are there, too.”


  7. Oh…. wait…..

    Another new low……


    “MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace Falsely Claims Trump ‘Talking About Exterminating Latinos’”

    “Raul Reyes, who frequently appears on CNN, attacked the president for his rhetoric surrounding illegal immigrants, falsely suggesting that Trump called immigrants an “infestation.”

    The president used that word when he was discussing cities that were overrun with MS-13 gang members, whose motto is “kill, rape, control.”

    “When we have an ‘infestation’ of MS-13 GANGS in certain parts of our country, who do we send to get them out? ICE!” Trump tweeted. “They are tougher and smarter than these rough criminal elelments that bad immigration laws allow into our country. Dems do not appreciate the great job they do!”

    When we have an “infestation” of MS-13 GANGS in certain parts of our country, who do we send to get them out? ICE! They are tougher and smarter than these rough criminal elelments that bad immigration laws allow into our country. Dems do not appreciate the great job they do! Nov.

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 3, 2018
    “What do you do when, certainly, the last Republican president fought for, sought and it’s not ideal but had 44% of Latino voters,” Wallace said. “So politically powerful inside the last Republican administration. President Obama used the power of the presidency to try to pass comprehensive immigration reform, with the Latino community, Latino leaders, at the table.”

    “You now have a president, as you said, talking about exterminating Latinos,” Wallace falsely claimed.”


  8. An alternate view of the anti-gun hysteria currently taking place in most of the media.


    “Nearly 90% of police agree that mass shootings would be ‘reduced’ or ‘avoided altogether’ by the presence of legally armed citizens: Opposing view”

    A father uses his concealed handgun to stop a mass shooting in a McDonald’s in Alabama. A man uses his gun to stop a racist gunman outside a Kentucky Kroger.

    Guns are being used to save lives every day. But sadly, the only time the national news media want to spend several days covering a firearms story is when the guns are used in a negative way.

    The well-publicized shootings over the past week are heart-wrenching. But just as we should not punish sober drivers for the actions of a reckless drunk, neither should we demonize firearms or their owners when they are misused by an evil terrorist.

    We know, because of research directed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, that guns are used 16 to 100 times more often to protect life than to take life. That means there are a whole lot more “guns save lives stories” not being reported by USA TODAY.

    We celebrate the brave police officers who stopped three active shooters over the past week.

    But as much as the USA TODAY Editorial Board wants to discount the idea of the “good guy with a gun,” let’s not forget that almost 90% of police agree that mass shootings would be “reduced” or “avoided altogether” by the presence of legally armed citizens.

    There are multiple examples of good guys or gals stopping mass shooters from all over the country, and the FBI has documented some of them. But it’s worth noting that the very types of firearms the Editorial Board wants to restrict are extremely popular — and are frequently used in the defense of life:

    ►A Houston man fired several rounds while fighting off five home invaders this year, using his AK-47 as his primary means of defense.

    ►A Florida man utilized his AR-15 to fire 30 rounds while fighting off seven intruders last year.

    ►A petite Maryland mom chased three burglars out of her home simply by loading a round into the chamber of her AR-15.”

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  9. MY mother in law (Elvera’s step mother0 used to believe everything she heard on TV or radio. She said,
    “They wouldn’t let them say it if it wasn’t so.”
    She really said that.
    But she was a fine lady.

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  10. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2019-08-06/gilroy-garlic-festival-shooting-domestic-terrorism-probe

    Gilroy shooter’s target list prompts domestic terrorism probe by FBI


    Federal authorities on Tuesday said they had launched a domestic terrorism investigation into the shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival after officials discovered the gunman had a list of other potential targets.

    Among the targets were religious organizations, courthouses, federal buildings and political institutions involving both the Republican and Democratic parties, FBI special agent in charge John F. Bennett said during a news conference. The agency declined to provide specifics on the targets but said law enforcement officials were reaching out to notify them.

    The new investigation comes as law enforcement continues to try to determine a motive for the attack.

    Authorities have not determined whether Legan was a white nationalist but have not ruled it out either, Bennett said.

    “We have uncovered evidence that the shooter was exploring violent ideologies,” he said. On Thursday, the agent had noted that written materials taken from Legan’s residence in Nevada ran the ideological gamut.

    Researchers increasingly are seeing shooters with a broad range of motivations and, at times, conflicting ideologies, which can make it difficult to classify attacks and pinpoint the driving force behind them , said Brian Levin, director of Cal State San Bernardino’s Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism.

    “We see that in the far right, but we also see it in anarchists,” he said. “Traditionally, what we’ve seen is some kind of curation about where aggression is directed, but there’s a whole cadre of extremists whose goal is really about bringing society to its knees. Violence is not just a means to promote an ideology. It’s become an ideology itself.” …


  11. You can’t logically cite approvingly an article which selects years old comments out of context but then get upset when people focus narrowly on Trump’s language. To think either group incites violence in these quotes is beyond ridiculous.

    However, the el paso does use recent trump remarks in his manifesto….
    Ie send her (them) back

    People get upset over the use of the word infestation as its common in anti Semitic literatuire to refer to Jews as cockroaches who infest the people.

    Moore btw is admiring the Republucan party and its base in the greater context of tge quote. He’s quite consistent in stating the weakness of the Democrats and the strength and focus od the Republicans.


  12. A good guy with a gun rarely stops a bad guy with a gun, ancedotes aside. If a good guy with a gun stopped violence, the US, with more guns than people, should be at perfect peace instead it has a higher rate of violence than most developed nations.

    Other nations have video games, mental illness, even racists, or any other reason cited, yet they don’t have a mass shooting problem. The big difference is the access to guns.


  13. hwesseli: Why “anecdotes aside”? Mass shootings like the two recent ones are so extremely rare as to be only anecdotes themselves. “Rate of violence” is ambiguous. Why not compare rate of legal gun ownership to amount of gun violence, which, even then, would need to be dug into much more deeply to get to anything meaningful.


  14. “People get upset over the use of the word infestation as its common in anti Semitic literatuire to refer to Jews as cockroaches who infest the people.”

    I could care less what the hateful Muslims and Nazis say. It’s irrelevant to the discussion on rats in US cities. Only someone seeking to deflect from the real issue, rat infested Dem cities, would even bring that up. It’s quite clear what type of infestation was being referred to.


    “However, the el paso does use recent trump remarks in his manifesto…. Ie send her (them) back”

    Oh, we’re playing that game now? Fair enough….

    Now about that lefty in Dayton and his recent remarks….. I’ll even use CNN….





    “A now-suspended Twitter account that appeared to belong to the Dayton mass shooter showed extreme-left postings in which he lamented President Trump’s election and encouraged people to cut fences at immigration detention centers, according to reports.

    Though the Twitter account @iamthespookster does not bear 24-year-old Connor Betts’ name, it does include selfies that resemble known images of him.

    The Washington Post captured over 3,000 tweets from the account, which was created in December 2013.

    The most recent tweet was on Saturday, hours before the shooting, when he retweeted a post saying, “Millenials have a message for the Joe Biden generation: hurry up and die,” according to CNN.

    Betts also retweeted messages backing Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.”


    “The user described southern border migrant detention centers as “concentration camps” — echoing the language of Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, according to Newsweek.

    “Cut the fences down. Slice ICE tires. Throw bolt cutters over the fences,” he wrote.”


    So do I now get to blame Sanders, AOC, and Warren as well as their rhetoric, like you do Trump?

    We could do this all day, but why bother?

    We all learned yesterday about his vile musical tastes, and his expressed anger and dislike of Trump. He sounds like a typical Dem on the subject of Trump.


    And “send her back” is neither hateful or racist, unless you’re a drama queen looking for something to be offended about.


  15. Bringing it back


    BreakPoint: What We’re Missing About Mass-Shootings
    Young Men Are in Crisis
    by: John Stonestreet & G. Shane Morris


    The state of our national discourse is, to put it mildly, discouraging and unhelpful, and the reaction to the recent shootings only amplified how bad it is. Once again, everyone took their place along partisan battle lines to pound the same old drums, but it’s past time we admit that there’s something deeper going on in America than too many guns, or too few guns, or violent video games, or the President’s rhetoric, or even the evil of white supremacy.

    That’s not to say there are no good policy proposals out there to address these issues, which really do need to be addressed. As a Second Amendment guy, I could buy into something like what David French proposed last year in National Review: a system for family and employers to report warning signs and separate unstable individuals from their guns.

    But, as French admits, the best that policy would do is keep troubled young men from acting on their violent impulses. It doesn’t address the young men themselves, or the source of those impulses. And that’s exactly the issue we can no longer ignore. Yesterday, I highlighted the crisis of virtue across our culture, and how that will lead to the loss of freedom. It’s an historical inevitability. Today, I want to zero in on the problem of men in our culture, especially young men. They aren’t okay. …

    … our society largely fails to cultivate young men, to teach them about their fallen natures, and to morally form them to choose love over hate and courage over violence. Thus, the epidemics of addiction, aimlessness, depression, irresponsibility, perversion, selfishness, victimhood, and low expectations continue.

    Until we face the fact that the root of our problem lies here, the fruit will continue to be bitter. Unless we rebuild the institutions of civil society that cultivate young men, there is no way forward. …


  16. BreakPoint: El Paso, Dayton, and Gilroy
    the Heart of the Matter
    by: John Stonestreet



    “If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds,” Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote, “and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them.”

    Of course, there are evil people. We know that far too well, especially after this past weekend. In fact, that there are evil people out there is the one thing, maybe the only thing, everyone still agrees on. We disagree on who the people are: The evil shooter. The evil racist president. The evil progressives who want to take our guns. So we go on and on, identifying who the evil people are—always them—and we go on and on missing the real problem right in front of our face.

    Solzhenitsyn’s point wasn’t, as some argue, that people aren’t really evil. Far from it. His point was that to assume evil exists only in them (whoever our “them” is) and not in us, is just plain wrong. Rather, as he continued: “… the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being.”

    The finger pointing that immediately followed the mass shootings in Gilroy, El Paso, and Dayton started before any facts were known, and came even quicker than usual. … The finger pointers had already decided who the bad guys were, and many of us joined in on the chorus. So, we tweeted and reported and assumed the evil ones belonged to the other side while hoping they did not belong to ours. If it’s discovered the evildoer does belong to us, we know how to twist and contort and accuse in order to explain any connection away. But, if he belongs to them, we also know how to leverage the tragedy to indict the entire lot. …

    … (we’ll get what we call) a “police state,” and it’s the inevitable end of any society that sinks so deeply into moral chaos.

    If that is our fate, make no mistake, we’ll have brought it on ourselves. And by “we,” I mean us and them. As the progressive left finds new ways to deconstruct the family, reconstruct morality, and scandalize the innocence of children at every level and in every area of culture while demonizing their evil other by state force and financial leveraging, the libertarian right demands unfettered license to say whatever and think whatever and post whatever on 8chan while demonizing its own evil other as the cause for all so-called ills. All this while the church faces scandal after scandal of its own making. …

    … Can freedom be sustained where virtue is not flourishing? Chuck Colson asked this every time he spoke the last few years of his life. The answer to Chuck’s question is still, of course, no.

    As Chuck said, it’s either the conscience or the constable. Unless we are willing to look at us, to as Solzhenitsyn said, “destroy a piece of our own heart,” our future is increasingly obvious. …


  17. The Dayton shooter left no manifesto. Its quite clear his shooting was personal not political. The El Paso shooter left a manifesto and his shooting was political.

    The infestation remark was in reference to comments comparing Mexicans and Central Americans as an infestation in American cities. Trump was clearly referring to gang members but using the term does invoke a long history of dehumanizing groups (further back than nazis).

    Perhaps I wasn’t clear but both sides are overreacting to political rhetoric. I don’t think Trump in this context was attempting to dehumanize all Hispanics. And I don’t he has the historical knowledge to know he’s pulling a trigger.

    However, “send her back” clearly has anti-immigrant and racial overtones. Its no accident it was directed at women of colour. Its not a question of being offended but understanding the effect and intention of words.

    The crowd chanted “send her back” to a Somali American. They wouldn’t chant this to my Dutch born Canadian citizen and American resident brother. As a conservative evangelical they would view him as acceptable and a black Muslim with left wing ideas as unacceptable to their version of America. Ironically, my brother can’t be bother to get his American citizenship whereas Omar is a full participant in American democracy.

    Another irony; conservative Americans keep asking where are the moderate Muslims and when two emerge they still aren’t happy. And yes the two ladies are moderate Muslims esp in their acceptance of a secular society and the role of women. The Somali men who have been quoted by conservative media as unhappy with Omar are unhapy with her precisely because of her moderate views.

    Too much time on my hands in the summer..


  18. Solar,

    The data is clear. The higher the rate of legal gun ownership the higher the rate of gun violence and violence in general. In the OECD there is a clear correlation.


    I agree to a certain extent with your articles especially the first one and toxic masculinity. However this is true in all developed nations. Japan has high use of video games. The family unit is far more deconstructed in the Nordic countries (and Canada). Toxic masculinity is all over eastern and southern Europe. Essentially the “ills” of society are present elsewhere. And spiritual decline is far more present in the rest of the developed world. These things may have an influence, but there must be something unique that sets America apart. And its gun ownership.


  19. I’m not sure the reference is to the so-called “toxic” masculinity theme we’ve seen crop up recently, however.


  20. And you still have to explain why we’ve always had guns, plenty of them in the U.S., but now are seeing this particular, violent behavior pattern of shooting mass numbers of random strangers.

    And we’ve seen widespread and disturbing violence before, the 1960s come to mind.

    As Olasky said in the piece I posted yesterday, “this is neither a time for panic, nor a time to say America is in worse shape than ever before” — (and also, “let’s take a breath.”)

    I do think the roots are spiritual rather than political. But we keep arguing about it, shouting about it, pointing fingers about it, using the popular left-right political paradigms. On that point we seem to be stuck. The arguments and finger-pointing simply go round and round.

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  21. I see the president visited Dayton today and is on his way to El Paso. He quietly met with victims’ families and left. No media, no circus, no whoring for the camera like Beto and the Dem candidates.

    Yet he’s considered the crass, uncaring one, not those seeking political gain off the dead like Beto?

    That’s rich. 🙄


  22. This is a bit out of date but very little has changed. The first graph is a good illustrstion of the effect of legal guns.


    Intersting part of the data is that if you remove suicide Switzerland’s gun death rate goes down dramatically. To avoid suicide and domestic murder/suicide, Switzerland has since tighten its gun laws.

    Suicides have been known to go up with liberalization of gun laws and availability of guns. Guns make suicides easy and instanteous. Other methods are less successful and allow for second thoughts.


  23. This shooter hated everyone.


    “The 19-year-old gunman who used an assault-style rifle to shoot people at the Gilroy Garlic Festival last week had a “target list” made up of religious institutions and political groups of both parties, as well as federal buildings and courthouses, authorities said.

    Given the threats to nationwide organizations, the FBI is opening a domestic terrorist investigation into the shooting, FBI special agent in charge of the San Francisco office John Bennett said.

    The FBI has not made a conclusion as to his motivation, and the shooter left no manifesto, Bennett said. The gunman was exploring violent, competing ideologies, and “there was nothing that was all one-sided or the other,” he said.”



    “The other, which included a photo of Smokey the Bear and a sign saying “Fire Danger High Today,” stated: “Read Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard. Why overcrowd towns and pave more open space to make room for hordes of mestizos and Silicon Valley white tw**s?”
    A mestizo is a person of mixed descent, commonly white and Hispanic or white and American Indian.”

    “”Might is Right,” first published in the late 1800s, has been described as a white supremacist text that promotes anarchy while vilifying Christianity. The book calls Jesus the “true Prince of Evil” and says that the natural order is a world at war in which the strong must vanquish the weak and white men must rule over those of color.”


  24. Clowns to the left of me……

    Once again the clowns on the left seek to redefine the language.

    The newest victim…… clowns……

    One of my favorites, and one I will continue to use because it’s accurate.

    My apologies ahead of time to clowns…..


    “Is Calling Democrats ‘Clowns’ the New White Supremacist Slur?

    But I guess you can still call and depict non-leftists as clowns. Classic double standard.”

    “Everything is a white supremacist slur!

    Dan McCready, the Democrat running for North Carolina’s 9th District House seat, suggested that his Republican opponent Dan Bishop used a white supremacist slur when his ad called Democrats clowns after he shared a Daily Kos article trying to push “an obscure alt-right meme.”

    Clowns. I know clowns are awful, but come on. That’s why we call people we don’t like clowns. What about us who call 99% of the politicians clowns?

    This snafu began in April when Bishop released an ad “calling national Democratic figures like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders ‘crazy liberal clowns.’”


    So I guess %$#hats is out too, because it’s homophobic?…..


  25. Dj

    The data is interesting. Violent crime is down but its down everywhere in the OECD, mainly due to demographics. An aging population is fairly calm….the 60s had too many young men.

    Gun ownership in the US is slightly down in the last 20 years from about 53% to 47% owning a (legal) gun. Yet the number of guns per person has increaeed in the last 20 years, from about .9 guns to 1.2 guns per person. Clearly some peole own alot of guns to make up for the non owners.

    So the data (within the US) sort of cancels itself out. Thus why the increase in mass shootings??….Perhaps its the amount of firepower available and the ease of purchase. Mass shooters often purchase just prior to the actual event so background checks and waiting periods. The type of firearm availble now is far more lethal than 25 years ago. There’s no reason for the sale of civilian versions of military asault weapons. In the US, an 18 year old can buy an AK 47, AR 15 or their equilivant but is deemed too irresponsible to buy a case of beer. This is strange to the rest of the world. The ease of purchase and the amount of firepower is not available elsewhere. Change this and maybe the data will change.


  26. Dj

    My reading of the article was he was describing toxic masculinity without knowing it. Its interesting however in the American context to note its young white males. Race is important here….why is it mostly a white phenomenon. Is white masculinity on the US threatened or toxic? In either case, is this why they react with mass shootings?


  27. It appears clowns are used in white supremacist memes. But seriously….I don’t think thats the case here.

    His opponent should focus on why Bishop wants to campaign against AOC, Omar, Sanders etc instead of focusing on his actual opponent. He needs to change the focus to him vs Bishop. He’s letting the Republicans control the narrative


  28. Aj, we need you to come back over to the daily thread and tell us what city we are seeing in the header picture.


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