45 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-6-19

  1. Morning all. Just got in from my fellowship group. I had to walk through the misty rain as my car battery died and, since it needs a new motor, I won’t be fixing it. Perhaps autoshop will be able to fix my friends sturdy truck so that I can use that.

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  2. JO. I was first when I started that post and would have been if I had posted “anonymous
    But I had a hard time getting my name in there. Took several minutes.
    Let’s see abut this.

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  3. Every time I turn around, Chas is sporting a new look. 🙂

    Good morning, Chas. Good evening, Jo. Blessings to all of you in the hours ahead, whichever hours of the day or night those might be.

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  4. Good morning/afternoon/evening.

    Interesting props in that aquarium. Where is it? Is it supposed to represent what an urban sea coast might look like?

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  5. Looks like a ladder, Peter, but it isn’t.
    I saw this saying on the coffee cup in a Harris Teeter this morning:
    “You can never erase the influence of a good teacher”.

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  6. Why do good people die so young?
    We’ll never know. Sometimes God calls us for his own reason.
    I told you several time about the miracle of meeting Elvera on the stairs of FBC Columbia.
    Have I ever told about the miracle of my little brother’s death?
    Frederick would have been 80 last Saturday.
    Frederick was a Christian, he had trusted the Lord and was baptized in the Church of God when he was twelve. On November 14, 1952, the Lord took him. His death defied reason.
    My parents moved outside the school limits of Ben Tillman school where Frederick attended. He wanted to continue there. So, he took a city bus to school. My stay at home mother always went to get him in bad weather.
    On November 12, it was raining. Mother went to get him. He was not there, he took the bus. She returned home alone. At home, some kids came and told her that Frederick had been hit by a car.
    She ran out and found him unconscious.
    He never regained consciousness.
    Turns out, he had gotten off the bus and ran behind it without looking. He was hit by a car and killed. Actually died two days later.

    Defies logic. It went against their practice and against his training to look both ways.
    I never said this to my parents, but it seems that God meant for this to happen. It just defied everything logical.

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  7. That is a sad story, Chas. It must have been horrid for your mom. We can look back and see God. That is a gift to all of us in our own lives You had not shared as much before.

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  8. Good late morning here in Georgia.
    I heard last week they were filming the scene of the bombing at the Atlanta Olympics and they warned it would be going on until about midnight. It was a good evening to not be downtown!

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  9. Was that your only sibling, Chas? I’m trying to remember if you’ve made mention of others, a sister maybe (but I’m probably thinking of Elvera’s sisters). That must have been such a horrifying event and those are seared in our memories of growing up.

    I had some vivid dreams last night, including one of my friend from down the street who died last year. She’d just found out she was sick and told me they were going to build her a sun patio on the back of her apartment so she could sit out there to feel better — but she looked beautiful, her hair was back to its bright blond color, she was healthily filled out (she was always extremely thin) and she just seemed to be glowing and looking very much at peace. We were heading out to go somewhere for dinner …

    Then I dreamed I was missing a big legal hearing being held in an old downtown building, The former Manson prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi (dead since 2015) was arguing the case and I was arriving late, behind all the TV crews, because an assignment editor had dropped the ball. I seemed to have a lot of co-workers and we worked in a newsroom in that dream, a real throwback in time 🙂 .

    I got 10 hours of sleep last night, I must have just really been tired (?). And today’s a later day as I have a 5 p.m. meeting to cover and then file a story about, though I’m hoping it’ll all go quickly.

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  10. A re-created shipwreck in the photo? Shipwrecks are fascinating, especially when they discover one from long, long ago.


  11. Morning….lazy day around here….kind of like having a day off 🙃
    It is National Night out…anyone have neighbors gathering this evening? The sheriff deputies are going to meet us at our neighborhood park common area and discuss traffic, crime and the such. It will be the one pot luck we have every year with neighbors. Since we have had a few new people move into the area we will most likely go down this evening.


  12. Mumsee, my mother was the strong one in our family spiritually. She suffered but stayed faithful. My dad didn’t go to church again for forty years. They belonged to the Church of God (Cleveland, Tn.) They believe you can be saved and lost again. After many years he said that he heard God, almost audibaly, say, “I’m giving you one more chance.” So he came back in later years. But mother stayed faithful. She taught children in SS over 50 years.
    I have a sister. She married the sailor (Navy chief) who lived behind them. Richard (her boyfriend) is the one who got a message to me in Arabia. I learned that Frederick had did when I called after reaching Westover AFB, Mass.

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  13. It’s the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ.

    It’s supposed to resemble a shipwreck site, a favorite hangout of big groupers, like those pictured.

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  14. Thanks for the clip about Jerry, Donna. Sometimes you wonder about God’s plan. But I believe the song is correct, “We’ll understand it all by & by”.
    Paul says we shall not much remember, but some things I would like to get clear.

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  15. Phos @ 3:23
    I have known people who have a zeal for Christ and his message, who have turned.
    But they didn’t entirely turn away.
    Jesus said “You must be born again…” You are born into the kingdom of God when you trust Jesus and accept his invitation to become a child of God. God has unruly children, and some who have turned away. But how can God lose a child.
    The Bible says “If anyone be in Christ, he is a new creature.”
    Old things have passed away, But the creatures is new.
    As I said, I have known people to lose their zeal for Christ. But I can’t see God giving up on anyone.

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  16. The unknown part of that equation always is whether the person was actually saved or not, which is knowledge beyond what we can have. If the person was, and this is a period of rebellion, he or she will, without a doubt, return. If not, they will not.


  17. Praying for these people is always the appropriate response. A friend in my church recently left, announcing to the elders she no longer believed in Christ as savior (or that the NT was part of God’s Word); instead, she had decided to return to the Jewish faith of her birth and is now attending those services with her sister.

    I pray (and believe somehow) she will be back in time (if not to our church, to another within the fold).

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  18. I liked how Jerry talked about when God so long ago created and ‘planted’ the seeds of that particular tree that it was somehow with the knowledge that it someday would fall on his child Jerry … It’s mind-boggling, isn’t it?

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  19. Sounds like Gretchen knows the truth and the truth has set her free. Good place to be.

    And, as DJ mentioned, we are called to pray for our brothers and sisters especially in authority (which those in that position seem to be).


  20. What I noticed about the link I shared was not the mentions of Josh Harris, but the writer’s summing up:
    ‘…as Christian as we might be, I don’t know if we ever get comfortable with faith, or if we are chronically trying to replace it with formulas. This mistake happens when we view our freedom in Christ as simply holes in Scripture that need to be filled in for those who may not understand God as we do. We assume that God should have been more specific on how to do this life, so we will fill in the gaps for him.

    ‘God stubbornly doesn’t give us instructions that would send us in any direction except total and complete dependence on him.’

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  21. Raining hard here this morning. Do I have to go to work?? I have been spoiled with having something to drive. Tough to walk down the slippery hills to school.

    I noticed a bright red are on Joan’s leg, just above the ankle that she hadn’t seen. It is an infection of some kind, so she will head to the clinic today.


  22. I just found the beautiful photos of Grandmommy and Baby. It’s so precious to think about seeing the 2nd generation of offspring! The arrows having arrows♡ Thank you for sharing your joy!


  23. My friend and I seem to now be at the good old Agree to Disagree stage which is better than no communication. I am glad to not totally give up on a very long friendship with the only former roommate/apartment mate I have remained in contact with for the long haul. I still remember when she got engaged and her future inlaws came to meet her at our apartment and the MIL was so shy about meeting her DIL that she spent the most time talking with me. It was so sweet. We really have a lot of good memories such as Atlanta Snow Jam and so many things.

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  24. Thanks, Janice. (6:50) 🙂

    I liked your story from yesterday of Wesley calling your mother Grandmommy / Grandmom and Art’s mom Grandnana. I’ve been wondering what my grand-nickname should be. 🙂

    My SIL asked me at the hospital what I wanted my nickname to be, and I’d honestly never thought about it. I think all my local friends who are grandparents are simply Grandpa and Grandma, as are my children’s grandparents.

    Maybe it’s time to break out of the Midwestern mold and adopt some creative grandmother moniker. 😉

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  25. Just finished filing a story from a night (well, late afternoon/early evening) meeting that went kind of long. I sat next to a concert pianist. But the meeting had nothing to do with that, it was about a proposed hotel that’s being developed in our downtown waterfront area.

    Coming back, I got a glimpse of the downtown street where HBO is filming “Perry Mason” — they’re taking everything back to the 1930s. But the movie security guy wouldn’t let me turn up the street, I had to go straight, over to the next block.

    Waiting for the editor to finish reading the story, then I’m free. …

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  26. Michelle- I couldn’t read the WSJ article on renewable energy, but the subtitle says enough to get the gist: “Building one wind turbine requires 900 tons of steel, 2,500 tons of concrete and 45 tons of plastic.”

    I read an article about a proposed wind farm in Western Missouri and one person quoted either had a turbine on his property, or was telling of a neighbor, encouraging others to say no to having a turbine on their property. The company that put the wind turbine there paid a lot of money to the landowner ($4,500, I think) plus monthly rent. But when the turbine was no longer usable, the company told the owner he had to tear it down at his own expense. It was several thousand dollars to tear it down.


  27. Well I made it home again. I detoured to the post office and store, so it made for a longer walk. I resisted the ice cream at the store. and it didn’t rain too hard on me as I walked.

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