5 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 7-20-19

  1. 🙂 Article about Chas’s maps!

    🙂 Days spent with our granddaughter. I am especially grateful my husband was able to be with us except for one point, where he stayed back and rested.

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  2. 🙂 Second on the articles!

    🙂 My daughter is safely on the ground in Managua with the team–which includes her college roommate who flew in from her vacation in the Bahamas, swapped suitcases at the airport and caught the flight to Central America!

    “It will be good to have a rest day,” my daughter just texted.

    🙂 A breakthrough on yesterday’s issue on shame.

    😦 Why does it take so long for us to accept God’s will with grace? 🙂

    🙂 Off to San Francisco today with the teenagers–and to the Civil War tomorrow.

    😦 I forgot how often you have to go to the grocery story with three teenagers in the house!

    🙂 God is good; always.

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  3. 😦 Due to a leak from the upstairs toilet, and possibly another problem with the tub, Nightingale and Boy now need to come downstairs to use my bathroom for everything.

    🙂 Nightingale’s good friend Virginia knows a lot about houses, and is going to come over sometime to help her take a look under the toilet. Virginia suspects it is the gasket that is leaking, and they will see how much damage may have been done to the flooring. 😦

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  4. Sorry, Kizzie — houses. Hopefully it’s a simple, straight-forward fix without too much water damage.

    🙂 A good and fairly productive, though not a perfect, stay-cation

    😦 Getting sick on a stay-cation (boo!)

    😦 Having to postpone visits with a friend and a cousin

    🙂 I know Chas

    🙂 Big port automation story I’ve been covering culminated late in the week with an announcement of an agreement btwn the union and terminal operators. I was glad someone else “got” to cover that and that story line is off my plate when I go back.

    🙂 A very mild summer so far on the coast

    🙂 Big windows and ocean breezes

    😦 I can’t kick this horrendous, non-stop coughing; and my energy level is zip. But I did manage to run the dishwasher. That took about all the energy I think I had for today.

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