17 thoughts on “News/Politics 7-20-19

  1. I am not exceptional. I just got up every morning at 6:20 and drove the Beltway to work on whatever was happening at the time.
    Like millions of other people.
    That’s what makes America exceptional.

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  2. Trump wins again.


    “A federal judge Friday paused congressional Democrats’ subpoenas of Trump Organization financial records, 10 days before the records were due in a lawsuit over whether President Donald Trump is violating the Constitution.

    The delay is a win for Trump, even if temporary. He’s attempting — and so far has succeeded — to hold off multiple subpoenas from the Democrats that could divulge secrets about his company and assets.

    Judge Emmet Sullivan made the decision Friday shortly after the appeals court above him said it wanted to hear the emoluments case. The case had been progressing, with the Democrats sending 37 subpoenas earlier this month seeking financial information about Mar-a-Lago, the Trump International Hotel, Trump Tower and other Trump properties. Those subpoenas had a due date of July 29.

    The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit said Friday it should hear the case, about the emoluments clause of the Constitution, before the Democrats collect evidence. But the court isn’t ready to hear the case just yet. The panel of three judges directed the Justice Department and the lower court on Friday to take more legal steps, because of legal technicalities, before it will hear the case.”


  3. They keep insisting they’re not calling for violence, but this certainly sounds like they are.


    “MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: Trump Supporters Must Be ‘Confronted and Destroyed”

    “Several days later, the liberal media still hasn’t moved past President Trump’s controversial tweets, but are instead rallying around them in opposition. MSNBC’s All In host, Chris Hayes, took a leading position Thursday night by denouncing all Republicans and Trump supporters, and calling for a revolution of sorts against the Trump administration.

    As with all social justice warriors, Hayes has been circulating his “cause” all week, building the case for Trump’s apparent racism. He began: “Each part of the coalition has been dealt into the Trump presidency. It is a classic model of corrupt governance. The capo on the top and the many, many bosses below who are given control of their domain to do as they wish.” This statement, clearly meant to place Trump along the ranks of Hitler and Mussolini, has been a staple MSNBC scare tactic for some time now.”


    “Nevertheless, Hayes continued to insist on the eminent danger posed by millions of peaceful Americans and implored: “It must be peacefully, nonviolently, politically destroyed with love, compassion and determination, but utterly confronted and destroyed. That is the only way to break the coalition apart.”

    He continued with the entreaty: “Not by prying off this or that interest. They are in too deep. They have shamed themselves too much. The heart of the thing must be ripped out. The darkness must be banished. The people who feel moral revulsion at that display we saw last night must collectively mobilize in greater numbers than the chanters.”

    Well, luckily for Hayes, Antifa is already on it, but it’s to be determined if he can get them on board with the “peacefully, nonviolently” aspect.”


    So how exactly does this “destruction” by love happen?


  4. Ewwwww….. This is one of Mueller’s “credible” witnesses?

    Your tax dollars at work. This perv has been preying on minors and US taxpayers for far too long.


    “Mueller witness George Nader charged with transporting 14-year-old boy for sex, child porn”

    “George Nader, who was a key witness in special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe, is charged in a new federal indictment with transporting a 14-year-old boy for sex, child pornography and carrying obscene materials.”


    “Nader — who has been an advisor to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan of the United Arab Emirates — already was being held in jail without bail after his arrest at a New York City airport in early June on a charge of transporting child pornography.

    The charge used to arrest Nader at that time was based on an allegation his iPhone contained images of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct when he flew into Washington Dulles International Airport in January 2018.

    That same allegation is contained in the new indictment charging him with transportation of visual depictions of minors, as well as another count accusing him of importation or transportation of obscene materials.

    The third count accuses Nader of knowingly transporting a 14-year-old boy from Europe to Washington Dulles Airport in February 2000 and then allegedly engaging in sexual acts with that child after taking him to Nader’s home in Washington.

    The boy was from the Czech Republic, a prosecutor reportedly said at Nader’s arraignment on Friday.

    The Washington Post reported Friday that in 2003 “Nader was convicted in the Czech Republic of what his attorney Christopher Clark described in court as ‘contributing to the moral corruption of society’ after ‘having a relationship with two young men two years under the age of consent.’ ”

    The Associated Press said he was sentenced to one year in prison in that earlier case.

    Nader pleaded not guilty to the charges during his arraignement in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia, where a judge refused to grant him bail, noting, “the nature of the charges and [his] extensive overseas connections,” The Post reported.”

    A dual citizen of Lebanon and the United States, Nader is scheduled to go on trial on Sept. 30

    He was convicted of a child pornography charge in Virginia in 1991 and sentenced to six months in prison.

    Nader faced a similar charge in Washington, D.C., in 1985, but that case was dismissed as a result of an invalid search warrant.

    Defense lawyers for Nader did not immediately return requests for comment from CNBC.”


  5. Well that doesn’t sound violent at all….. 🙄

    Not even a little….


    “Tester was interviewed on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Host Joe Scarborough was leading up to getting Tester to comment on President Trump’s remarks about Rep. Ilhan Omar. He was waiting for Tester to attack Trump. Scarborough asked about Tester’s ability to get himself re-elected despite Trump’s opposition. He also cited Tester’s vocal criticism against Trump about racism in the past – most notably, Tester’s criticism of Trump in the aftermath of the Charlottesville rally. Tester said it’s best to call bad behavior for what it is – in this case, Tester calls Trump’s remarks “racist” – and then move on to talking about issues important to voters, like health care and border security. And you just have to “punch him in the face.”

    “Well, I think you don’t take the bait that President Trump came out here. You say that what he has done is absolutely disgraceful for the country and call it for what it is — which is racism,” Tester responded. “Then you talk about things like high costs of health care, high costs of higher education. What you’re going to do on the southern border to help stop the situations down there.

    “I think those — the kind of issues that really hit home, how you’re going to invest in infrastructure and how you’re going to pay for it, I think those are the issues that really will move the folks who will get you elected,” the senator continued. “I don’t think, even in states where Donald Trump won big, that it does you any good running away from Donald Trump. I think you need to go back and punch him in the face. I mean the truth is this guy is bad for this country.”

    Montana is Trump country. He won the state by more than 20 points in 2016. Tester’s aggressive language is different than the attitude he wants to show to his supporters on Twitter, though. Interestingly, the clip the Twitter account features of his appearance on Morning Joe leaves out the “punch him in the face” comment.”


    A real tough guy……


  6. Not really fact checked as alleged. Like Snopes, they never bothered to look for evidence.


    “Of all the Democratic Party press’s efforts to cover up the scandals surrounding Ilhan Omar, that of the New York Times is among the lamest. Linda Qiu purports to fact check the claim that Ilhan Omar was simultaneously married to two men, with one of those marriages–perhaps to her brother–being fraudulent.

    Of course, fact checking is easy when you don’t know anything about the facts.

    Rumors that Ms. Omar had married her brother have been circulating since 2016, when she ran for state representative in Minnesota. No proof has emerged substantiating these claims.

    That is an absurd claim. Investigations by Scott Johnson, David Steinberg, Preya Samsundar, the Minneapolis Star Tribune and Minnesota’s Campaign Finance Board have developed a mountain of evidence relating to Omar’s tangled marital history. At a bare minimum, it is known for certain that Omar filed joint tax returns with one man (to whom she was not married) while she was married to someone else–overwhelming evidence that her legal marriage, the one that appears to have been with a brother, was a sham. Filing such false returns is a crime, a fact that evidently troubles the New York Times not at all. And Steinberg’s latest includes persuasive evidence that Elmi is, in fact, Omar’s brother.

    Ms. Qiu next recites Omar’s denial of the suspicions that have been raised about her marital history, without noting that she has persistently refused to adduce any evidence in support of her denial, and then goes on to simply recite the chronology that Omar has alleged:

    According to that timeline, she applied for a marriage license with Ahmed Hirsi in 2002, but never finalized the application. In 2008, they ended their relationship “in our faith tradition.”

    But records show that they continued to live together after that date–indeed, as far as one can tell, continuously to the present.

    State records show that in 2009, Ms. Omar legally married Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, who she said was a British citizen. They obtained a religious divorce in 2011, according to her timeline, and Mr. Elmi returned to England.

    Omar’s story includes multiple references to marriage and divorce in her “faith tradition,” of which apparently there is zero record. I hadn’t realized that Islamic tradition is so casual about marriage and divorce. Curiously, when Omar married Elmi in 2009, the ceremony was performed by a Christian minister.

    More importantly, address records show that Omar, Hirsi and Elmi all shared the same residence in 2009 and 2010. This is obviously consistent with her “marriage” to Elmi being a fraud and, as far as I know, there is no evidence of her supposed split with Hirsi, the man with whom she filed joint tax returns but didn’t get around to marrying until 2018.

    She then reconciled with Mr. Hirsi and married him legally in January 2018, a month after she legally divorced from Mr. Elmi, according to The Associated Press. She and Mr. Hirsi have three children.

    Ms. Qiu doesn’t even mention the strong evidence that Omar committed perjury when she obtained her divorce from Elmi in 2017. She alleged that she had had no contact with Elmi and had no knowledge as to his whereabouts, while photographic evidence shows them together in London.”


    And there’s much more evidence.


  7. Sometimes the bias is easy to spot.


    Yesterday the widely read Daily Mail did its thing on the question whether the man Ilhan Omar married in 2009 is her brother. The story by Ross Ibbetson appears under the headline “Does this photo prove Trump tormentor’s second marriage was a sham? Far-left Ilhan Omar is pictured with her first husband AND her second husband – as Trump accuses him of being her BROTHER and he posts from a beach.” As a bonus, the Daily Mail republished the pseudonymous Cockburn’s Spectator USA column “Ilhan Omar lawyer: two marriages hard to explain.” Like Cockburn, the Daily Mail compiled available documentary, photographic and social media evidence for the reader’s consideration.

    The Daily Mail is a storied journalistic organ. Cockburn is a historically minded inquisitor. They both treat the story seriously and present the reader with what appears to be substantial evidence bearing on the question.

    Contrast these articles with Will Sommer’s Daily Beast story “How the Ilhan Omar Marriage Smear Went From Fever Swamp to Trump.” Sommer seems to have started with the conclusion that the question whether Omar married her brother is a “smear” that crawled out of the “fever swamp” and written a story to fit.

    When he gets to our part in the story, Sommer names me and Power Line. He writes that “the conservative Power Line blog became briefly famous in the 2000 election for discrediting forged documents on George W. Bush’s National Guard service.” It was of course the 2004 election, not the 2000 election. that made us briefly famous long ago, but Sommer is a man in a hurry. Then Sommer asserts: “In a post based on AbdiJohnson’s claims [on the SomaliSpot site], Johnson speculated that Omar, by then the winner of the state legislature primary, had married her own brother in an immigration scheme.” I don’t think this is either fair or accurate.

    Sommer is referring here to my original August 2016 Power Line post “Ilhan Omar: Her back pages.” In the post I reported that I had asked the Omar campaign whether Ahmed Elmi — Omar’s husband — was her brother and provided the response received verbatim. It was a nonresponse response from a criminal defense attorney conveying nothing but the personal insults that have become Omar’s stock in trade. Sommer not only provides no link to my post, he leaves out any mention of the nonresponse response to my straightforward question. Why?

    Following the conclusion of the state campaign finance board investigation of Omar’s 2016 campaign last month, the Star Tribune sent Omar a list of questions and a request to talk to her siblings and father. Omar declined. Husband number 1 — Ahmed Hirsi — now legally married to Omar, did not reply to multiple calls, texts and e-mails. Elmi did not respond to multiple e-mails from the Star Tribune.

    Omar instead had her spokesman provide this statement to the Star Tribune: “Since before she was elected to office, Ilhan has been the subject of conspiracy theories and false accusations about her personal life. Emboldened by a president who openly treats immigrants, refugees and Muslims as invaders, these attacks often stem from the presumption that Ilhan — like others who share those identities — is somehow illegitimate or not fully American. Ilhan has shared more than most public officials ever do about the details of her personal life — even when it is personally painful. Whether by colluding with right-wing outlets to go after Muslim elected officials or hounding family members, legitimate media outlets have a responsibility not to fan the flames of hate. Continuing to do so is not only demeaning to Ilhan, but to her entire family.”

    Sommer overlooks the Star Tribune’s participation in the “smear” campaign along with Omar’s regurgitation of her stock nonresponse and imputation of bigotry to the paper that has treated her almost entirely like a hometown hero. Why?

    Perhaps because it might belie the thesis that we are mired in the “fever swamp.”


  8. Like I said…. 2.0…….

    She picked the wrong “white guy”.


  9. So Democrat politicians and the leftist media are all deleting their now stupid and racist sounding tweets in support of the real racist, the black Democrat Congresswoman. Being a Democrat means never having to admit you were wrong and apologize. Nope, just delete it and pretend it didn’t happen.



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