49 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-10-19

  1. Good morning everyone but Jo.
    Good night Jo.
    Nothing happening around here now.
    Off to breakfast.


  2. Morning, Chas. Still full from dinner. I had a lovely salad with some chicken and some cottage cheese in it. The cottage cheese came in my suitcase from Australia. Just finished reading The Deepest Waters by Dan Walsh. Such a good book.
    My back is still having some trouble. But it is funny that my thigh muscles are sore. I am doing some new exercises, a lunge, to strengthen them. I think that I got carried away. But those muscles have never been sore before.


  3. Good Morning Everyone. The dogs have had breakfast and I am having coffee while I wait for my eggs to boil.
    Today I go back to the surgeon for follow up. Nothing special there. The time of the appointment is highly inconvenient but what are you to do? They assigned it to me without consulting my schedule. 🙂
    I had to ask someone else to teach my class tonight because I am not sure I will be able to make it.

    There are changes going on at work. I am not sure how things will shake out for me. I will know within a month. I have analyzed it. There is nothing I could have done differently and there is nothing I can do to keep whatever is going to happen from happening.
    They will be for the better. I do know the focus is on cutting expenses.

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  4. Good morning. Someone has their ducks in a row.

    Hope all goes well at the Dr appt, Kim. Be sure to wear sunscreen to help minimize the appearance of your scar.

    Jo, I read of some violence where you are. Praying for your safety.

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  5. I know this belongs on Rants & Raves, but I never think of it except when I pass the site.
    Like today.

    There is a large Jewish synagogue and other structures a couple miles
    away from here. Covers two blocks. There is always a police car on the premises. Good thinking.
    The thing that I notice every time I pass it: It is called “Temple Emmanuel”
    I know someone in that leadership must know the meaning of that.
    I looked it up. It appears only In Matthew. in the Bible.
    I am fascinated each time I pass it.

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  6. I know someone will remind me that it means “God with us” and doesn’t have to refer to Jesus, but the name had to come from somewhere and the most likely place was Matthew.


  7. I decided not to mow the lawn. It’s only 9:30 and the heat index is near 100° already. I’ll wait for a “cooler” day.


  8. Catching up: I just finished reading, Dutch Girl Audrey Hepburn and WW 2 . I found it very interesting.

    I had a 90 year old acquaintance who was riding with her 70 year old daughter when the daughter went into a ditch on an icy road. The 90 year old remarked that she was glad her daughter was driving or someone would have been after her driver’s license. My point is that some of things that happen with an older driver are the same things that happen with a younger driver, but no one thinks the younger driver should have his license pulled.

    I was always told by my siblings how bad my dad’s driving was. We did ride with him and I found he drove the same as he did when he was young. I was no more afraid than I was then. He did stop driving at night for any distance or in strange areas. My mom quit driving when she started getting lost. It is often difficult to make this decision and I am glad I didn’t have to make it. My prayers for wisdom for all, Six.


  9. Cheryl, your reminder created considerable confusion for me because I know I researched the name. Thing is, it is spelled differently. Isaiah says, “Immanuel”. Matthew 1:23″ “Emmanuel


  10. Here’s an article on the spellings which maybe(?) is the explanation?:



    … The different spellings ultimately are because of different vowels used in Hebrew and Greek in this name:

    The Hebrew name ‏עִמָּנוּ אֵל is transliterated as ‘immanu el. The first vowel in the name is normally regarded as the equivalent of a short i in English.

    The Greek name Ἐμμανουήλ is transliterated as Emmanuel. The first vowel in the name is normally regarded as the equivalent of a short e in English. …

    … So each language uses a different vowel to start the name, and we have retained those in our spellings in the NET Bible.

    The next question you could ask is, “Why not make it the same?” This gets to a more complicated issue. For a variety of reasons, there are sometimes changes in wording of passages between the testaments. Even in Old Testament passages which are cited directly in the New, there can be differences. Our philosophy of translation seeks to maintain these differences as a matter of accuracy, instead of changing them, so the reader can recognize they are there and make an informed decision about what they mean. …

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  11. Dilemma tomorrow as the city will be resurfacing our street so we’ll be either stuck in (our driveways) or outside, car-wise, the immediate neighborhood from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

    There’s a port hearing from 9-12 I need to cover, though I can do that via live stream on the computer from my house. Otherwise, I’ll have to drive out of here before 6 a.m., cover the hearing, then go to LB to write and plan on not coming home until after 6 p.m. Neighbors already are talking with me on parking their van and CRV in my long driveway, there’s plenty of room for all our cars really, but I just need to figure out where I want to be stuck for the whole day … in or out.


  12. Smart move Peter. It’s hot out there.

    I’ve already called it on mowing mine because of the heat.

    Now I’m waiting for my new air conditioner to arrive. 🙂

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  13. Ooh, an air conditioner.

    So far my open windows are serving well in that function, the strong south breeze from the ocean cliffs kicks up around 2 p.m. every day so I open all the windows on the south side of the house and voila — air conditioning. It doesn’t work on super-hot days when there’s little wind or the wind that comes in is also hot, but so far we’ve had a completely mild and comfortable summer.

    I watered out front for about an hour late yesterday and unearthed some very cool stones in the front garden (they were peeking through after the gardener ripped out that honeysuckle & a bunch of weeds from my Mexican sage plants). They’re large, smooth stones, different shapes and sizes, probably used as borders or accents for the garden in years past by some previous owner. Now they’re lined up against the bottom of the house in front, looking very mysterious and Native American-ish. Something Elizabeth Warren might like.

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  14. Thanks for the prayers, Kathaleena and all praying.

    None of my siblings has responded to my email yesterday evening about letting them decide. Maybe some or all have not seen the email, or maybe there’s a collective sigh of relief being uttered beyond the screen that I have shut up about it now, ha.

    It is what it is, I guess.

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  15. I’ve thought of that, they’re doing the next street over today so all their cars are on our street; our cars will be on theirs tomorrow. But if I can park fairly close (“around the corner” on the next street over) that might make the most sense, I’d just have to get up early to get it moved out, too many car break-ins in our neighborhood these days for cars parked on the street.


  16. 6 arrows @2:02, haha — yep. Around the time I probably last “mowed.” As a renter that was taken care of and when I bought I kept on the relatively inexpensive gardeners the former owner had used and recommended. Now I have a new guy but he also does the neighbor’s yard and their son’s yard so kind of an extended family deal I was brought in on. It’s more than worth it if you live alone and work full time.

    You’d think the border collie could do it, but no.

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  17. Chas, I remembered as I was searching for that Isaiah verse that it was Immanuel in at least some verses, so I changed the spelling and found it. I don’t think most of the Jewish people are really “waiting” for the Messiah anymore (nor are they offering blood sacrifices, at the very heart of their religion), but at least some branches of Judaism set a chair for John the Baptist (though not by that name–the prophet whose return he pictured, though I can’t think at the moment which that was, maybe Elijah).


  18. I had many errands to run this day the day before out of town son and family come for a visit. And I got my hair cut…for the fourth time in two weeks. First cut seemed “off”…went back for her to “fix” it….boy howdy did she ever. So that took me to another stylist who “fixed” the bad cut. One side kept appearing longer that the other…I had grown my hair to the shoulders mind you. Well today I found a stylist who actually “fixed” the bad cut and I once again have short hair! I guess it is a good thing that hair grows back eventually! 😜
    On my way home I noticed a sheriff at the intersection standing with a fella with what a appeared to be a bee keeper hood on his head. There were bees swarming the intersection but the beekeeper and sheriff left as I sat at the light. It appears earlier someone ran the red light and crashed into a car carrying bees. The neighbor told us she was relocating the bees from a her ranch to another location and the transporter was the one hit! What a mess! There continues to be many “stray” bees flying about! 🐝

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  19. I haven’t mowed since my husband retired. I have bit my tongue or the way he does it and the way I did it. Some things are not that important.

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  20. Lots of guys here who mow lawns for us. I hate the noise. The school has so much lawn it seems that someone is always mowing. Never too hot to mow here, but it might be too wet and muddy.


  21. Kare, what was the thing you mentioned to me that acts as a base plate for ceiling-mount porch lights — to cover up a hole from the prior recessed light? I think it was Kare …

    Nancyjill, that sounds awful with the hair drama. Glad it’s all evened out.

    I remember getting a mistake-haircut some years ago, someone had cut the sides too short (I had longer hair then) so I was trying to grow those layers out. New stylist was on board with that plan but then one time she forgot and – whack! – it was back to square one and too late to fix it. 😦

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  22. Nightingale cuts my hair sometimes, and does a nice job of it. One time, though, when she was younger, she made some kind of mistake, and as she kept trying to fix, it she kept having to cut it shorter. So by the end of it, I had short hair again, although I had wanted to keep a little more length and fullness to it.

    Poor Nightingale cried. She felt worse about it than I did. (I wasn’t thrilled with it, either, but I felt bad for her, and I figured it would grow back. And it did!)

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  23. And the husband asked “how much did this “haircut” finally end up costing?….”you don’t want to know”…that’s all I could say…but he did chuckle a little….. 🙃

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  24. Cheryl. No My official date was 2 August 1949. on 3 August, I got on a train with Bobby Murray and went to San Antonia. It took two days. The first TV I saw was in a store window in New Orleans on that trip. One of the good decisions in my life.
    Romans 8:28 If I had gotten that job at the paper mill, things would have been entirely different.

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  25. Mumsee, my hair does get cut. But I find hairdresser small talk awkward and usually we don’t talk much. If I went every six or eight weeks and had the same lady each time, I’d get to know her. But I haven’t had my hair cut since December and probably won’t go back to the same place again when I do get another haircut (yes, I’m overdue)–it was a good haircut, but too expensive even with a half-price coupon.


  26. I used to spend much time and effort trying to make sure my then-long hair was as straight as could be.

    Now, my hair is kinda short, above the shoulders but not by much, layer-y, and I use a product that enhances its natural curl. It works well and means I can air-dry it and have curly bounce with no real styling effort involved.

    I used to want Cher hair. Now I want roscuro hair.

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  27. AJ, I already sent you a bunch of photos a couple of days ago so I won’t send you a new batch now, but you would have loved my little pond today.

    A couple of days ago I went to the pond and three green heron fledglings were hanging out together. I wondered if there were more in the nest, but at least three survived to fledge. (One of my sources says they can have up to four eggs, and one says up to five.) One of their parents showed up, too, but not in the same tree.

    Well, today the three fledglings were back, but a fourth showed up in a different tree, closer to me, close enough for my camera to do it justice. It hung out, stretched, preened, etc., and then after a while it flew down to the reeds at the edge of the pond (the near edge). Well, if it had been an adult bird, going back to that area of the path would have likely scared it off, but it was a juvenile and I had just been taking its photo for at least half an hour, so I figured I might be able to get more shots. It was really hard to “find it” with the lens among the reeds, but I managed. The red-winged blackbirds were amusing, since they were clearly unhappy, but they didn’t dare say anything about it. Squawking was likely to show the ignorant youngster that there was something worth checking out, and it might have brought a parent to defend its chick. So they stayed quiet, but were clearly agitated.

    When I came back by the pond some time later, none of the chicks were around, but an adult green heron was there, and a great blue heron, and toward the back of the pond at least one of the wood ducks. (Two days ago there were at least four wood ducks, and I saw perhaps a dozen several days ago–though they aren’t pretty now, of course. Two days ago the bird group also included a belted kingfisher.)

    A softshell turtle was also swimming in the pond, and I got photos of it swimming, though not close ones.


  28. I am so glad to have a good haircut now. I may let it grow until December. No one here to cut hair right now. Last years haircuts that were so bad, I was just glad I could hide out over here.

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  29. I usually go years between haircuts, but last year I got one before my daughter’s wedding, and I’m thinking now would be a good time for another haircut, to commemorate becoming a grandmother soon. My hair’s more than halfway down my back now; I might go with a couple of inches below the shoulder instead.

    Today we got two days of school finished in one day, so that helps with the catching up. The kids didn’t get mental fatigue with it, either, that I could tell. (And I was watching closely for signs of that. 5th Arrow tends to groan and get fidgety when things get longer than usual, but that didn’t happen today.) We did a lot of changing up of different kinds of learning activities, with several mini-breaks and a couple longer ones, and they did fine.

    Does anyone find it a little disturbing how quickly ads appear for things you haven’t googled? I just searched on Yahoo for information on stuck tuning pegs on a viola, and in the middle of the text was an ad that said, “Is It Time For Your Parents to Hand Over the Keys?”

    Yikes. What else do they know about my conversations lately?

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  30. Actually, now that I think of it, I read an online article a week or two ago about aging parents. That’s probably what triggered that ad above.


  31. Kizzie, yes, it varies greatly. Most birds don’t make it to their first birthday, for starters. The nest is a dangerous place (many animals love to eat eggs or nestlings) and so birds grow really quickly to limit their time in the nest, but many don’t make it. And then there’s a really steep learning curve once they get out: they have to fly (and fly well), they have to escape predators, and they have to learn how to find food. The first winter can be a real challenge for young birds.

    They typically say small birds (such as hummingbirds) generally only live two or three years, but large birds (eagles, swans, etc.) may well live more than ten, possibly even several decades for some. Bald eagles take four years to become adults, and then they nest for several years, so for sure they live into their teens at least, and I know they can live longer.

    The Cornell Lab has a website, allaboutbirds.org, that has a lot of detail on each American species of bird–photos, nesting details, etc. And for each species they tell the oldest known bird of that species (based on a banded bird being recovered). “Oldest” doesn’t say anything about “average,” but it tells limits. Great blue heron, for instance, says this: “The oldest recorded Great Blue Heron was found in Texas when it was at least 24 years, 6 months old.” This is the bald eagle: “Bald Eagles can live a long time. The oldest recorded bird in the wild was at least 38 years old when it was hit and killed by a car in New York in 2015. It had been banded in the same state in 1977.”

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  32. Medallion, thank you.

    I moved the Jeep around the corner, my neighbors moved their van and Honda CRV into my driveway so we’re all tucked in for the night.

    I’m worried about Carol, her life has become very restricted now and she sounds depressed.

    Kizzie, I’m finally catching up with the 2’nd season of Stranger Things

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  33. Still looking at the photo of the ducks. How many do you count in that pond?
    Aj, may sleep in but it is getting late here.


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