51 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-6-19

  1. Morning all. It feels like nap time here. I will have to remember to look at the politics page when I have free internet. Would love to hear the speech and see the flyovers.

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  2. Good morning, Chas and others in the States. Good evening, Jo.

    The birds are enjoying the early morning cool before the uncomfortable heat arrives. I love hearing them sing. God started the days off in such a pleasant way. Birds are the best alarm clocks.

    It’s time for me to cook eggs and make coffee. Eyedrops begin at eight.

    I have not heard back from the person I left a message on her voicemail regarding a ride to the ladies craft group. I could ask Art to delay going in to work so he could give me a ride. Then again I could just stay home and not be a bother to anyone.

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  3. Well, Art is still sleeping. I have made coffee and been outside. It rained a bit so it already feels muggy. There were two pieces of trash on the yard so I got that up and in the garbage can. It’s a slow start to this day. Art is usually awake by now so I don’t want to awaken him. He can use some extra sleep.

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  4. Morning! We had nice thunderstorms yesterday and last evening. Some said they got tennis ball sized hail….whew! We were in that same area but saw no hail at all but lots of lightening and rain. Today is to be a repeat of those rains and I am in hopes that the hail will miss us all!
    I got four peonies to bloom this year…and they are now resting their lovely blossoms on the ground due to the rain….time to cut them and bring them indoors…the rain surely must have washed the ants off of them…but I will double check that before bringing them indoors 😊 🐜
    And Janice….what Chas said….call someone and go to the craft gathering….you are not a bother…I know the feeling all too well but there again…the Lord sometimes pushes out of our old comfort zone and there is always a reason for Him doing so….

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  5. Good morning, All. Moved the turkey poults out of the nursery box into a turkey tractor this morning. Time to move the chicks and poults from the incubator to the nursery box.

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  6. Hopefully, DJ is still asleep!

    My sister-in-law lives in Bakersfield, 60 miles from the epicenter and she reported they were fine.

    It’s important to remember that Ridgecrest was basically built for the flyers at Edwards AFB (I think it’s Edwards), where the jock pilots flew through the sound barrier and then experimented with the Stealth bomber. If you’ve seen The Right Stuff (great movie), you’ve seen where the earthquakes took place.

    We did not feel them here, 300 miles north/northwest. I will, however, be writing to Finland this morning to pacify them!

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  7. My EMT on the fourth of July laughed when I checked in with her. “We thought the nurse was shoving things around in the back of the rig while we drove down the freeway.”

    Still, very unnerving.

    Twitter, which is my source of news, is not helping. All sort of people coming on board with rumors, other stories, stupid memes and so forth. It’s a challenge to find out the actual news.

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  8. Michelle, notice that most of those abortions occurred before widespread legalisation (although anti-abortion laws, especially in the U.S., were piecemeal and in some states it was not outlawed until the 1920s and 30s). But legal or not, abortions had always been available to the elite, who had the money to persuade greedy practitioners to perform them. It is still that way in countries such as San Salvador, where abortion is illegal and both abortionist and woman are charged with murder, that the elite go to private clinics for their abortions and no one ever tells, but poor women are charged with and imprisoned murder for spontaneous miscarriages.

    I note that the authors named are ones whose names I have often heard, but whose works I have seldom read. Shaw is probably the only one of whom I have actually read a couple of complete works, being two plays, Pygmalion (source of the musical My Fair Lady) and Saint Joan. I prefer Shaw’s contemporary and sometime literary debate opponent, G.K. Chesterton, whose devout Christianity opposed Shaw’s open skepticism. But the notoriously libertine lifestyle of the literary class has long been common knowledge. Artists and musicians were also associated with that lifestyle. Not all well known authors, painters, and composers were that way, by any means (Bach, Handel, Jane Austen, John Constable, Charlotte, Anne, and Emily Bronte, Mendelssohn, and Dvorak are a few of the names that are unsullied by rumour), but enough were that the Bohemian lifestyle, as Victorians called it (no actual relation to the state of Bohemia), was romanticized during the Romantic era of Western culture and became automatically associated with those who produced literature, art, music, theatre, and, later, cinema. It still is, but the lifestyle itself has become much more mainstream now.


  9. I am awake.

    I did not feel the bigger earthquake last night, I was taking the trash out, so walking up and down the driveway wheeling the bins. I think if you’re moving you don’t feel those slow-rollers.

    When I got inside Carol was calling me, breathless, she’d put a pillow on her head it was so scary, she said. And a coworkers posted photos of the “surf” in her swimming pool lapping over the edges. My neighbors were going out to dinner and said they were stopped at a light and car started rocking. (Their second house near the eq zone is apparently still ok, but a neighbor called them to say they thought their roof was going to fall that time — but it didn’t).

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  10. In my little town. 🙂

    “STAFFORD — The looms of the historic Warren textile mill will be revving into high gear this fall to help craft a new, vintage-inspired look for the U.S. Army.

    The American Woolen Co., which has owned and operated the 166-year-old Furnace Avenue plant since 2014, has signed a deal to weave fabrics for the retro “Army Greens” commissioned by the Department of Defense last year and based largely on the service uniforms worn by U.S. soldiers during World War II, according to company officials.”


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  11. I went to the craft time. I got a ride over with one person and a ride back with another. It worked out well so I could show both ladies backroads that they can use when traffic is bad. I also was able to point out where other church members live. 😀
    Our project was to make a washcloth, but I made my usual dishcloth so I did not need to use a magnifying glass to learn a new stitch. It sounds like we will do different crafts each month to learn new skills. We had food and a devotional time.

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  12. I still remember the little earthquake here when the window rattled, and I thought someone was breaking in directly behind my head while I was in the bed. That was enough for me.


  13. “Not scary. It’s an earthquake,” Dodger Alex Verdugo said. “Nothing I can do it about it. It’s happening so whatever happens, happens….I can’t tell the Earth to stop moving.”


  14. Just facetimed two of my daughters. They are all backpacking and then will camp together next week. Would love to be there. I told them to make plans for me next summer, but I will need to leave by July 10th. Then I told them I would be staying the next year. They didn’t believe me. I said I would only stay here longer if one of them came here to work.

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  15. So I made a comment in the secret room, shhh… don’t tell anyone. It showed my comment was still posting and had not posted yet. Then my email dinged, and there was my comment. When I tried again to get it to post, it told me I was doing a duplicate comment.
    Can’t win…

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  16. Good morning. We made goat milk ice cream yesterday. Very delicious, of course. Difficult for ice cream to be anything else. Lots of farm fresh eggs in it. Mmm mmm. I love where God has put me.

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  17. Bit of a struggle yesterday as seventeen year old was busy making posters and fliers in preparation for twenty one year old’s visit: This is the day A… will die, I will rejoice and be glad in it!

    I kind of figured she was dealing with fear so managed to contact her worker, who dropped by to discuss it with us. We agreed that she can give it a chance and maybe find out that A… is not the fearful monster seventeen has made her out to be. She is doing much better today.

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  18. Wait….. Eggs in ice cream?

    Or are you making frozen custard?


    And DJ is not crazy, I saw the cat too, until it was edited. 🙂

    Unless I’m crazy too…….


  19. Just finished The Satapur Moonstone mystery by Sujata Massey. An interesting character, one of the first women lawyers in India circa 1921–this is a novel. I learned a lot about Parsis and the other cultures of India in a well-written book.

    Now to do my real work–finish the final chair cover and then rearrange the furniture for the Finnish students. Housecleaners coming tomorrow so everything has to be picked up. A busy Sunday the rest of the day for me.


  20. I did some weeding and bench sanding/scraping and a few loads of laundry this afternoon — and then I took a 90-minute nap. It’s been a busy and productive 4-day weekend. Now back to work tomorrow, but I already have a story lined up.

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