35 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-21-19

  1. Good morning everyone.
    But it isn’t morning nor summer for Jo.
    We had a storm yesterday and the power was out for three hours.
    Fortunately, Elvera was sitting here when the power went out. If she had been in the “big chair” she would have been there for three hours.


  2. Morning!! Oh what a lovely farm!!! My Uncle Bud had a farm in Ohio and it was such a joy to spend time there with him and Aunt Gladys. I love old barns and the sweet scent of growing corn…yep that’s me…corny!! 😜
    Well it may be summer for some people but there will be fresh snow in the mountains this weekend and our highs will be in the 50’s accompanied with rain. They do predict the heat will be coming for us next week sometime. In the meantime I need to go spray the yellow pine pollen off of the porch…such a chalky mess it is… 🤧

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  3. Under a blanket this morning here after chores in the cool morning and wet grass. I love this time of year and I especially love mornings like this. Reminds me of what I envision an Irish morning would be like. Probably way wrong.

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  4. Our high will be 69 degrees today and we’ve been very overcast.

    My Uncle George and Aunt Bess had a farm in Iowa. I don’t remember ever seeing him dressed in anything but overalls — or driving anything but his tractor, come to think of it. Aunt Bess always wore some kind of house dress with chunky, grandmotherly (in those days) style shoes; she was always fussing around in the house and hanging clothes on the clothesline. They both were a little rough around the edges. The rest of the family all moved away and settled in cities to raise their families, but Uncle George (my dad’s brother — they all grew up on a farm) stayed true to his roots and never left the corn fields.

    I have one more story (so far) to pull together today and then the week is over. This one went fast.

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  5. I think that’s why my mom liked the TV show Green Acres so much, while she grew up in a small town in Iowa they were surrounded by farmland and she once worked a harvest season cooking and serving meals to workers on a farm nearby. She knew farm people and “got” the humor and all the characters on that show.

    I think I may have seen the actual “Green Acres” farm once when I was visiting with friends in upstate NY?

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  6. ah, maybe not?

    ~ There’s been a lot of debate as to where exactly the fictional town on Petticoat Junction and Green Acres is located. Although most people agree Hooterville is located somewhere in the middle of the United States, the real-life inspiration in Eldon, Missouri. ~


    ~ Where was Hooterville? The answer to this question has always been a mystery. Was Hooterville located in Illinois because there were references to Chicago in a few of the episodes?

    Was Hooterville located in California because the opening scenes of “GREEN ACRES” were filmed in a rural area north of Los Angeles? (I hope that the Douglases’ farmhouse was earthquake proof.)

    Was Hooterville located in the South because a lot of the characters either had Southern accents or Southern-sounding names? Could it have been located in either the Ozarks, the Great Smokey Mountains, the Appalachians, or even the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia?

    If it was 81 degrees on Christmas Eve, could Hooterville have been located in Florida? I don’t think so because I’ve been to Florida and it doesn’t have mountainous or hilly terrain?

    In the episode in which Lisa and Oliver were in New York on a two-week vacation, an old girlfriend of Oliver said to him that he bought a farm in Connecticut? Could it have been there?

    The answer to this question will always remain a mystery. ~

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  7. I read elsewhere that the opening scenes were filmed (from the air and a car) in Thousand Oaks, in the northern part of LA, but that it’s since all been developed with housing.

    But maybe there was a NY spot with a link and that’s what I remember seeing?

    ~ Much like The Simpsons’s Springfield, viewers never found out for sure where Hooterville was located. Though Sommers once referenced time spent on a farm in Greendale, New York, Mr. Haney stated the town was located about 300 miles from Chicago. And the accents on the show are all over the place. ~


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  8. Last day of VBS here as well. I don’t plan to attend the after VBS barbecue. I have attended many by myself, husband’s turn.

    Back to school next week. Enjoyed the vacation.

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  9. When we were newlyweds, Green Acres reruns were on a certain channel, and we would watch it occasionally. Of course, we remembered it from our childhoods. Hubby and I would sing the intro, with him doing Oliver’s part and me doing Lisa’s part. And not just when we watched the show. The girls remember us singing it at various times. We entertained the whole family with it at a holiday dinner one year. 🙂

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  10. This must have been what I was thinking of — there must have been a sign I passed and it’s very close to where my friends’ farm is in upstate NY:


    But it seems to have nothing to do with the TV show 🙂

    The opening song always gave me the impression their farm was somewhere around the NY or definitely upper East Coast area. Although it’s true I think, it never seemed to snow there?


  11. I celebrated summer by coming home from a very-late-spring walk. 🙂 I would have gotten home just minutes before the official start of summer.

    And wow, what a walk! Whether you like mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects, or arachnids, or whether you like wildflowers, trees, or water, there was something worth seeing for everyone!

    A cottontail rabbit froze in place with one front paw raised while I took its photo. The wood duck family (with father back among them, but in eclipse plumage now) swam across the back of the pond, and the soft-shell turtle showed up at the edge. In a different pond, three painted turtles found the same smallish surface on which to bask, so the back two stood their front feet on the shell of the turtle in front of them, getting all three out of the water and getting me some really gorgeous shots with the turtles and their reflections. The common milkweed were in full bloom and gathering insects. A tiger swallowtail stopped at a flower to get some nectar, and while I sat on a bench and deleted some photos, a millipede crossed the gravel in front of me. In the third pond I got one shot with three baby turtles, another with a dragonfly and a frog on the same log, and even a fishing spider with its front legs in the water (no, I won’t send that one). An indigo bunting and a cardinal each showed up to sing, and a blue jay to show off. The red-shouldered hawk circled above me, high in the sky, screaming. Dragonflies, other species of butterfly, more birds, and a mass of thousands of tiny ants in a sidewalk crack also made it clear that summer was on its way, as do the dozens of black-eyed Susans across the street from the pond. But the temperature was extremely reasonable, low seventies when I headed out and probably a few degrees warmer a couple of hours later.

    Returning back down the trail, a woman walking a golden retriever and a woman pushing a stroller with a 14-month-old girl walking behind the stroller passed each other and stopped to chat, and the baby petted the dog. (The women agreed on this before the dog was brought that close, and the mother thanked the dog owner for letting her.) Oh yes, and a little girl a few years older, probably four, rode her bike or trike along the trail, tinkling its bell merrily at regular intervals. And I showed another “regular” on the trail one of my shots of the three turtles all leaning against one another like circus elephants, and she asked if I was going to “send it someplace” since she thought it was worth publishing. (I do too, but alas a free Flickr subscription only allows 1,000 photos and I’ve deleted weaker ones to put new ones up several times, but am having a hard time deleting any more! But yes, I’ll probably see if I can get that shot published somewhere.)

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  12. Yes, Cheryl has been having more fun than Sis shopping with Brother. At least he mowed the yard and it looks nice.

    This afternoon it’s 90° and feels like 93°, so appropriate for summer.

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  13. Well, one story panned out and has been written and turned in.

    The 2nd one still hangs on a callback which I’m thinking may not come now that it’s 2 p.m. (here) on a Friday.

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  14. Well at least you are home with the dogs for take your dog to work day right Dj? Husband took Lulah up into the hills of Palmer Lake…since he is retired that is now his official “work” place and Lu loves going to “work” with him! 🙃
    I “got my hair did”…she cut off about 3 inches and I feel like a new woman. I just cannot pull off that long hair stuff any longer. It had gotten past my shoulders and felt like something was crawling on me all the time! Time for “wash and go” hair…yay summer! ☀️

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  15. Nancyjill, I get the same feeling when my hair is below my shoulders now, I probably had 2-3 inches taken off when I went in a few weeks ago. Bouncy again, and perfect for summer.

    The dogs and the cat all were able to take part in Take Your Dog to Work Day. Although the cat spent most of the day sleeping in a chair on the patio and the dogs were mostly on their dog beds in the bedroom — all while I was working away in the ‘den.’ I guess we all like our personal space around here.

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  16. I have never before heard of a “take your dog to work” program.
    A dog likely couldn’t get clearance to enter my building.
    suppose you don’t have a dog. Would a pet rock do?

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  17. I told Elvera that her bed is ready when she is. It’s a bit early, but it’s ready.
    She asked if I were sleeping with her tonight. I explained that I was. She seemed surprised.
    But she is OK with it. For now.
    A problem is that she sometimes forgets how to eat. I have to feed her, like a baby.
    But she still has her sweet disposition. For which I’m thankful.

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  18. I’m trying to stay awake and it’s only 5 p.m. here.

    There’s a farewell employee gathering at a local Mexican restaurant I really should try to go to, from 6:30-8:30 pm – I wouldn’t stay for all of it but I feel like I should stop by.

    If I can stay awake.

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  19. Dj you need to drink more coffee!! ☕️
    It is raining…again. We had pea sized hail but other regions had so much it appeared to have snowed. But it certainly did get cold around here quickly…I am now wearing a sweatshirt!
    Speaking of snow…it is doing just that up in the mountains to the west of us…Vail, Aspen, Leadville etc. They even had to close Rabbit Ears pass for a while due to “winter” conditions…. ⛄️ 😊


  20. I usually have a cute layered cut, a little shorter in summer, but this summer I am letting my hair grow, and putting it back in a ponytail. Even with my usual summer haircut, when the really hot and humid weather comes, the hair around my ears and on the back of my neck can feel like wear a fur headband or something. Putting it in a ponytail keeps it off my ears and neck, and feels cooler.

    The only thing is, it looks too plain to me. So I am looking forward to fall when I can get my hair cut again. (Then again, I always look forward to fall once summer weather hits.)

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