9 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 6-8-19

  1. 😦 We have high winds and drying conditions of tall grasses with fierce heat slated for the weekend. P, G & E has just turned off the electrical grid in eastern Napa County–about 35 miles east of us.

    (P, G &E= Pacfiic Gas and Electric Company)

    😦 P, G & E’s transmission lines are live wires which can spark fire–that was the determination of cause for the devastating fires from one and two years ago. For that reason, P, G & E has been given permission to curtail electricity when fire risk is high.

    😦 Live wires that can spark fire have been the norm in electrical transmission for 100 years or so. The risk factors could be mitigated if they used INSULATED wires instead of live wires.

    But they do not. (San Diego Gas and Electric does, or has put up enough insulated wires to cover 70% of their transmission lines).

    😦 Their system is so poorly managed that the only way they can tell if there’s been a break in the line is by turning it on or off, which, of course, can spark a fire if the line is broken.

    😦 As a result, to ascertain the safety of the lines to be turned on again, each set of lines must be examined by a person looking at it.

    😦 That means it can easily take 3-5 days to inspect all the lines after they’ve been turned off for safety’s sake.

    Yes. Those whose electricity has been curtailed may not get it back until the end of the week.

    Oh. Do you have a health need for electricity to keep you alive?

    Good luck. Call us, we’ll brainstorm some ideas with you.

    At least I think that’s what P, G & E said. 😦

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  2. In 1957, June 9 was a Sunday. I drove over to Elvera Collins’ apartment and took her to FBC Columbia. There we met Dr. Archie Ellis and arranged a wedding (We had talked/counseled with him before.) He left to conduct the morning service and left us in his office. After the service someone led us to the back of the church and we walked down the aisle. Dr. Ellis had mentioned that there would be a wedding immediately after the service and everyone was invited to remain. Most did.
    We walked down the aisle, Dr Ellis said the magic words. We kissed and became one.
    Both fathers cried.
    We had a reception at Elvera’s sister’s house. Then left for a brief honeymoon.

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  3. A lot of power lines covering a lot of area to maintain. They try to keep the combustibles away but dust can also cause a fire and that is difficult to manage.

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  4. I suppose they claim costs of replacing all those lines. I cannot imagine what that would be. Sad for everyone to have to be on edge like that. We are part of an electrical coop and our prices are high, although probably not as bad as in California. We are not far from places that have an electric company with far lower prices. It is all relative. We hear data and discussions from both companies, being members of one and stockholders of the other.

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  5. 🙂 The good news is that X’s Mom has stepped back in as third party to help arrange visits.

    😦 The bad news is that it looks like she and X still expect me to walk up the lane to drop off or pick up The Boy, and Nightingale has put her foot down about that. So I don’t know what’s gonna happen today.

    The Boy is hoping to get picked up and have the recently usual overnight with his dad. He hasn’t seen him all week, and he knows there were two afternoons when Nightingale was working that he could have seen him and didn’t. He is asking why he hasn’t been picked up all week.

    We’ll see what happens. I’ll let ya know.

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  6. The Boy wanted to go out to play, but we were told by X’s Mom that X is on his way to pick him up (with the expectation of my help). So, against her usual ways, Nightingale is making him stay in to help with laundry (as the excuse for staying in) to avoid the possibility of his dad showing up and just taking him.

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  7. Alrighty. X’s Mom texted Nightingale that she will pick up The Boy after her hair cut appointment. She said she will text when she is here, but will not get out of the car. And there has been no response on when he will be dropped back off. (I think it is an overnight visit.)

    She is feeling very put out by all this, but instead of putting the blame on her son for the actions that led to this, she blames Nightingale for the inconvenience.

    I feel bad because X’s Mom and I have had an amiable relationship all these years, and this may be marring that. But there’s nothing I can do about it, and it’s not my fault.

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