52 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-7-19

  1. Yep.


    On the top of the neighbors’ garage one day last week.

    So it’s Friday? At last/almost … I thought this week would never end.

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  2. Morning, Chas.
    I am enjoying a quiet evening. There was a band concert tonight that I decided to skip. I will go to the choir concert tomorrow after working on report cards.
    Enjoy your day.

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  3. Good Morning Everyone. It has been a week! Some good. Some bad. I think Tuesday was the day I had an “existential crisis”. Wednesday I was getting better.
    It has been a crazy week in real estate. I have had to step in to get a deal closed for one of my new agents. She is young,innocent, and far too trusting. The sad thing is the agent on the other side works for a come called (one of the most famous verse in the NT -think John). I will be going to closing with her on the 13th. Then a man with a Latin last name called me livid about one of my agents with a Middle Eastern last name accusing him of money laundering on a FB post. I got them on a three way call and had my agent apologize. Law suit avoided.
    Wednesday my husband was mad at me.
    Thursday I had another crazy couple in my office accusing my agent of lying to them. I showed him the contract and the net sheets where each time he and his wife had signed. He continued to curse and yell. He didn’t understand her accent and he is deaf! THAT hurt her and I had to ask her to leave the office and let me deal with it. Wait for it. THEN his wife tells me they are Christians. Funny how when I calmly pitched my voice low as if I were hoarse he could hear me. 🙄. We reached and agreement and shook hands on it. The devil 👿 made me ask him if he could understand my MY accent. 😄😄😄🤣
    Yesterday I had a doctors appointment. On the way home I had to deal with another buyer who is trying to apply California real estate laws/customs to buying on Florida. Unfortunately due to traffic I had all the time in the world to talk to her. Mostly she talked over me. It took an hour and a half to go 20 miles.
    Yep. I am ready for this week to be OVER!

    Was there a full moon or something?

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  4. Oh, I found this amusing. Sometimes it is hard to tell whether a mental image is a snippet of a dream or something else–occasionally I will have still-picture images as opposed to movies, but they aren’t images I have seen myself and thus not memories, just pictures.

    Anyway, this morning I had one of a huge deck overlooking an area of lush growth that might or might not have had water beyond it. And with it came this wording: “It’s so lovely you should call it ‘the Beach.’ And it’s a perfect place to wear your new waterproof watch!”

    Excuse me, but why is my brain writing advertising copy for Rolex?!

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  5. Good morning!
    Kim that is a week deserving of the phrase, “Good Riddance.”

    I loved seeing Kare’s photo of a Black Fox on social media (Facebook or Instagram, it all mashes up together).

    We are getting the predicted rain. At least there are breaks in it.

    Art has a conference in Orlando in August. Going to FL in August sounds way too hot to me. What do people do there besides Disney and Sea World? I have never been to Disney.

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  6. Morning! Squirrel?!! Oh how my dogs love that word!! 😂 Our resident raccoon emptied all of the hummingbird feeders last night….three nights in a row and now we will be bringing them in at night and we will cut the number of feeders to two instead of four…too much work! 🦝!
    Kim I was exhausted after reading of your week…I am in hopes that you find your sweet self at the beach relaxing this weekend!! When those crazy moments happen in my life I just say the earth is off tilt…may it right itself this weekend for you!
    It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood and I will open all the windows and get some cleaning accomplished…Spring is in the air with thunderstorms tonight! ⛈
    Janice my daughter and her family are leaving Orlando tomorrow…..she said it was 99 degrees at Disney and she felt wet all the time…she is looking forward to landing in Colorado once again…but the three grandkids had a blast!

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  7. Good morning. I am at the track today and tomorrow. I had a nice day at home with my guys yesterday. My boy was not happy about me working the previous six. I started my summer English composition class. Writing is not my strength. Three assignments completed with an essay due tomorrow.

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  8. We have had a couple of gray foxes in our yard at night. We did not realize they love to eat sunflower seeds. Those are okay to have around. The bear seen coming from behind our house, along the side and then crossing the road is not something we really want hanging around. We do have a hummingbird feeder on the front porch and do not want a bear trying to drink from it.

    Off to another radiation treatment this morning for my husband. All has been going well.

    The best news of my day is that we now have a working toilet in the main bathroom. We have been waiting to get this replaced since last September! The full bath redo will still be waiting for a couple of months from what I hear. I do not know if all the plumbers are working on city steam conversion projects or their is just a shortage in general. We had a different plumber who came to change out our hot water tank last winter. He also said it would be months before he would be able to come and do non-emergency work. I am spoiled and will treasure having my half bath to myself again.

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  9. Kim, to have solved and mediated and fixed all those problems in just one week is amazing. Sounds to me like you are very good at your job and that your agents need someone like you!

    Oh, and RAIN!!! Probably only about 7mm but everything is wet outside and it smells wonderful!

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  10. She said, “We’ve been away from home a long time.”
    I don’t know what’s in her mind when she thinks of “home”. We’ve lived here three years now.
    She probably thinks Hendersonville. We had a nice place there.

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  11. Did a bit of foraging for breakfast this morning, from the gardens and from the yards. Lettuce, arugula, kale, white clover, lilac flowers, poppy petals, rose petals, mallow leaves, hollyhock leaves. Second breakfast will be farm fresh eggs and rhubarb. Had a lovely walk, prayed for you all and many more. Especially the persecuted church, Tychicus has been telling us of. Got a bit of scything in and the poultry fed and salt and minerals to the goats and sheep. Now for indoor stuff. I love my life!

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  12. Kim, sounds like a very productive week, but exhausting! Dealing with people can be the most stressful.

    We have lots of squirrels right now, I saw another one in the tree next to the patio the other day as I was standing at the back door. He was starting across the yard at Annie the cat. I was staring at the squirrel and talked to him for a while, He eventually moved over to the fence and vanished over the top.

    I have seen Annie exploring on the same rooftop in the photo.

    Kare’s black fox had a white tipped tale, he’d be a perfect match in my house.

    We have foxes around here, too, a co-workers had one regularly visiting their apartment complex in the yard area. There were a lot of foxes out at a small municipal airport about 10 miles away but they were slaughtered by coyotes years ago — it was one of the first signs that the coyotes had moved into the area.

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  13. Before I lived here, I rented a house in LB for 7 (?) years. What’s odd is that sometimes when I’m trying to remember where a particular book is, my mind immediately pulls up a bookcase I no longer have, in the living room of the house where I no longer live.

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  14. We have plenty of squirrels to share with the rest of the country!! They eat my plants, my outdoor furniture, my bird seed, and my pine ones! 🐿 pests!!! But they do entertain my dogs!
    Chas I still have vivid memories of a home we lived in when I was very little. It is still “home” because of the precious memories made there. It was my Grandmother’s duplex and I would sneak through the gate to visit my Great Grandparents….how I loved them and they loved me. I was such a quiet little thing and had such curiosity about their flower garden. They would fill me up with homemade apple dumplings and milk and send me home with a lovely bouquet…and sometimes pussy willows!! ….I am certain Elvera is holding onto memories of “home”….

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  15. The choir of the city church held a graduation party for me yesterday evening. They asked how they could pray for my future. So thankful to the Lord for providing a supportive spiritual family.

    Still studying. I am at the point where I just want to write the exam.

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  16. Janice, when in Orlando you visit Wycliffe headquarters!! And they have a museum of the alphabet and a nice gift shop, along with a café.

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  17. Dj is that fire in a residential area…and did it start due to dry conditions? We all catch our breath at the sight of smoke coming from the forest or National Forest area where clueless/reckless campers start and do not put out camp fires!
    We have had two humdinger thunderstorms this afternoon and it appears another is approaching. Great moisture for us in the forest but there will be no walk with my neighbor today!


  18. We didn’t have squirrels in Phoenix, and they delighted me when we’d visit my parents’ friends back east–fireflies too. We’d go to the desert and sometimes would see a chipmunk or two, and we had plenty of animals the rest of the country doesn’t (such as roadrunners), but I didn’t live among squirrels (or fireflies) until I was in my twenties.

    I was once editing a novel written by one of my brothers, and he mentioned fireflies. I suggested he double-check whether fireflies were in the region he was writing about, and he asked “Doesn’t every place have fireflies?” He would have been under ten when my family moved to Phoenix and he lived there for several more years, so I was surprised he didn’t remember Phoenix doesn’t have them. But I guess if you see them, you take them for granted.

    We didn’t have mosquitoes either. But we did have rattlesnakes, scorpions, and many black widow spiders.


  19. About the fire which is now out:



    A vegetation fire that broke out early Friday afternoon in the grasslands east of Cordelia has been contained at 24 acres and an evacuation order lifted, officials said.

    The Lopes-Cordelia Fire started at about 12:40 p.m. and quickly spread, forcing officials officials to close Cordelia Road between Hale Ranch and Link roads, and to call for assistance from nearby departments. Homes around Thomasson Road were evacuated.

    The fire’s progression stopped at about 3:15 p.m. and officials lifted the evacuation order for the roughly 50 homes in the unincorporated area, police said. No injuries were reported and no structures burned.

    … The cause of the fire is under investigation, officials said….

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  20. The people here would eat them. I heard a translator talk about being in the village. When they lit their coleman lantern at night, they could hear the people catching the bugs attracted to their house to eat.


  21. And my bougainvillea is up — it’s actually the back neighbors’ plant that spills over onto my fence, which I don’t mind because it looks so beautiful … but I know it also isn’t good for wood fences and my gardener chopped it off the last time he was here.

    Often times the neighbors’ black dog is seen (and heard) peeking (and barking) over the fence in that far right corner 🙂 He barks at me and my animals but mine animals mostly ignore him. I talk to him, say hi, tell him he’s a good dog.

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  22. Those are beautiful flowers Dj. I planted a Virginia Creeper last year and I can see tiny little green leaf beginnings finally! I am in hopes it vines quickly this summer so I can train it up the bannister. My mint is not coming up much….it must need warmth or something!! We haven’t really had that yet.

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  23. They are gorgeous, DJ! I saw a few of them in Phoenix, but I associate them with California as they seem much more a California flower.


  24. VBS is over for the week. A good week, but tiring. I helped with crafts, meaning helping kids with the same activity five times per day (there were five groups cycling through). Today the largest group had 19 children. Each project had 20 pieces of paper (including a paper plate), plus glue and markers and scissors.

    We finished with a picnic lunch outside, and it was a perfect day for it. But I’m glad to be home, and glad I can sleep in tomorrow if I choose!

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  25. I just cut down some bougainvillea in my yard. It was trying to grow under the house. Actually it needs to be planted elsewhere. When I was gone the gardeners let it grow up to obscure my 2nd story kitchen window. I had them chop it down. Haven’t seen it for several years and now it is growing up again. A hardy plant..

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  26. Mumsee: “There are squirrels in all the surrounding communities and in the forest, just not on my five acres.

    Maybe they think you’ll put them to work.

    There are lots of squirrels here. I saw a black one in the park the other day. Most of ours are the ones with reddish tails.


  27. In Arizona, the squirrels are either ground squirrels (the kind with shorter tails that are bushy) or live in the mountains.


  28. We’ve been receiving Nixile alerts all afternoon about red alert high winds in Napa all weekend long.

    Cordelia is just on the eastern side of Napa County at I-80.

    Everyone is on edge because PG&E has permission to turn off all electricity in case of fire. It can take up to 5 days to turn it on again.

    Californians are now investing in generators. 😦


  29. I did once get a photo of a squirrel in Arizona that could have been a truly amazing shot had I had the right camera. It was years ago, and my camera was a film camera, an Olympus I think, that had a little bit of a zoom, but the camera was really nothing like what I have today, nor had I had any experience to speak of with animal photography.

    I was at the Grand Canyon, and a squirrel paused and looked over the edge. It really looked like it was amazed at what I saw. I took a quick photo, but realized I hadn’t framed it well and had basically “cut off his tail” with the shot. So I backed the lens out and moved the camera for another shot. But the squirrel heard the first shot and looked at me (not at the canyon) and then decided to go away. So I only got the one shot, and it was a mediocre one that should have been a great one! I have a few “shots I didn’t get because I didn’t have a camera with me” and other “shots I didn’t get because the animal left or I couldn’t get my camera to focus.” That was definitely “wrong equipment, and photographer who didn’t know what she was doing” that spoiled that shot.


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