35 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-30-19

  1. Morning all. The picture was up first today. We all know whose dog that is.
    Isn’t that the one that demands its master/mistress get up early??

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  2. a lot of commotion yesterday about Donna’s friend, Carol, getting her hair cur.
    But I understand.
    You get into a situation where EVERYTHING becomes a project.
    You have to work out the logistics of everything from haircuts to fingernail clippings.
    It can come down to drinking a glass of water. Or tea.

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  3. I figured it was the wrong color.

    Beautiful day here, fantastic thunderstorm last night. I did not wake up enough to watch but it woke me up a number of times with huge crashes and booms.

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  4. Peter has a good point. I should have thought about that.
    Aj always mentions the source. Otherwise, it’s him.
    I wish I could just “like”, but I can’t.

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  5. And I figured AJ had gotten a dog!

    I’m somewhat surprised that it’s Thursday already. Short week for us (due to Memorial Day) that actually feels like a short week (they often don’t seem very short).

    I need to send an email to Carol’s administrators thanking them for getting her hair cut. They charged her $5. And she called me last night also to thank me, Lucy had mentioned to her that I’d called requesting they get her hair cut there. She said her bangs are too long and hit her eyebrows so that bugs her. She asked me to bring scissors Saturday to cut them more so i’ll do that. I asked if they cut some layers into it and she didn’t know what that meant. I’ll check it out Saturday.

    She was somewhat disappointed when I suggested we just have an “at home” visit on Saturday and not go anywhere. Rather than tell her the trips are over (for good probably), I’ll just plan to visit and try to get her into a new routine of expecting only a “visit,” not an errand run or car ride anywhere. Eventually, I think it’ll be fine and she’ll accept the new reality.

    Although in exchange she did start putting in her requests for things she wants me to bring her, including double-stuff Oreos (“the big bag, please” — last time I brought a small box only). I’m sure more requests will be forthcoming.

    Working from home again today, I still need to finish up a story from Tuesday and I also will be setting up an interview this afternoon with a local sculptor who’s creating a bonze statue of the longshore union’s founder that will be placed outside the new dispatch hall.

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  6. Master Amos is darker and chubbier. He is currently on a diet. He is getting a little less food than he is used to and getting green beans added. Lulabelle is getting a few green beans and her regular amount of food. They really do get jealous of what the other one gets. Now that Little Miss is on table food she is their favorite person.
    I had dinner with BG last night. Mr. Tennesee is coming down next week to see her. She showed me a picture. He is nice looking. I pray he is nice ACTING! We are discussing her educational path. She still wants to go to school to be an esthetician with an eye for working for a dermatologist eventually. I am more than willing to let her practice on me.

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  7. Cute doggie in the window/header!

    It’s still hot and dry here. Thankful to hear the bad weather may be starting to break up in the midwest. It has been horrid there. I have enjoyed this hot and less humid weather for a nice change from all the rain.

    I got a text from Karen yesterday saying she is exhausted. We have not talked much lately. I am not dwelling on what it could mean. I sent her two cards today.

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  8. A few years ago we took our dog to Petsmart for a bath and he came back smelling like pumpkin spice. We didn’t realize they were ‘perfuming’ the dogs after their baths. So we drove for 8 hours with a wet dog/pumpkin spice smell. So gross.

    I’ve made pumpkin treats for our dogs – they loved them.

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  9. I bought some cat food that contained pumpkin, along with the other smelly stuff they love, and they wouldn’t touch it.


  10. It is funny how dogs get jealous of what the other dog has. (Like our human nature.) When the McK’s dog used to come down to visit, I would sometimes give both dogs a treat. They would each drop theirs, and go eat the one the other dropped. πŸ˜€

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  11. Speaking of dogs, tomorrow is “Heidi’s Spa Day at Home”. We are going to give her a summer hair cut (we bought a dog hair trimmer last year), trim her nails (yup, we have dog nail clippers, too), and then a nice bath. Later, after she is dry, I will apply her flea-and-tick prevention stuff.

    Please pray that Chickadee will accept our invitation to come spend the day with us. (Besides wanting her company, I am hoping she can help with holding Heidi during the hair trimming, but I was going to invite her over even before we thought of doing this.)

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  12. That pumpkin spice grooming scent is bad.

    Cats are much pickier eaters, for sure. Most dogs inhale whatever you put in front of them.

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  13. Well, it happened. The Mississippi is on its way to its 2nd highest crest ever, and now the road to the cave is flooded. We had to close down this afternoon, and won’t open again until Saturday or Sunday. I sent AJ a photo of the road. It’s a county road with a dip just before a creek crossing. The bridge is above water, but not the low spot.

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  14. Kizzie, Keva falls asleep while he’s being clipped. It’s quite funny. Husband has to wake him up to get him to turn over to do his other side. Except for when we’re doing his feet. He does not enjoy that.

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  15. Tess hates grooming (even brushing) and will spend her time trying to bite you. No fun.

    Both my dogs desperately need grooming but first we need to catch them up on their kennel cough vaccines. It’s all on the to-do “the list” …

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  16. I’ll be almost embarrassed to turn them in to the groomer this time, it’s been so long. They’ll probably put my picture up as the bad owner of the month.

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  17. we could use some rain here to fill empty water tanks, especially at the school.
    Tonight is Banquet, like prom, we will all go to watch them arrive. That can be quite the adventure, like the couple last year who came standing in the bucket of a front end loader.

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  18. Heidi does not like being trimmed. We could not trim around her face last year, and probably won’t try this year. Last year, Nightingale, who was doing the trimming, left the fur on Heidi’s lower legs, which looked like she was wearing fuzzy boots. Really cute! We will also leave her “feather” tail alone, as it is cute that way.

    So she will have very short hair on her body, while her face, lower legs, and tail with still be furry. Sounds weird, I know, but it really was cute last year.

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  19. Chickadee already has plans for tomorrow, so she won’t be joining us. Please say a little prayer that I can hold Heidi firmly enough for Nightingale to do the trimming.

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  20. We have baby turkeys!!! I had two hens that started to set, so I poked all of the available turkey eggs under them. I was not sure if they would be duds or not. NOT. Now I only need to order meat chicks. Turkeys are from the farm. πŸ™‚

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  21. I like turkeys. But they are not the brightest bulbs. We try to hatch out a few chickens with them so they can have some direction in life. We are hearing them cheep from the incubator here in the living room. Outside tomorrow with the rest of them.


  22. No more dogs for me. I’m strictly a cat guy now. πŸ™‚

    And I’m being told I spelled her name wrong.

    It’s Elphaba. Yes, that Elphaba. πŸ™‚


    “Elphaba Thropp /ΛˆΙ›lfΙ™bΙ™ ˈθrΙ’p/ is a fictional character in Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire, as well as in the Broadway and West End adaptations, Wicked.

    In the original L. Frank Baum book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the Wicked Witch of the West is unnamed and little is explained about her life. Elphaba is modeled after the Witch portrayed by Margaret Hamilton in the classic 1939 film The Wizard of Oz: green-skinned, clad entirely in black and wearing a tall peaked hat. Maguire formulated the name “Elphaba” from the phonetic pronunciation of Baum’s initials L.F.B. In both adaptations, Elphaba is also called by several nicknames including Elphie, Fabala, Sister (Saint) Aelphaba, Auntie Witch, and Fae.”

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  23. I heard Taps tonight from the AF base, they play it at 9 pm but you don’t always hear
    it β€” I was walking the dogs later than usual and we were just turning up the driveway when I heard it. So peaceful.

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  24. Looks like we are getting rain, but this is when the girls in their formals will soon be walking into Banquet. oh, well


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