48 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-17-19

  1. Glad to hear that Janice is in such cheerful spirits this morning. Nice photo, Janice.
    Morning all
    One of the things I did today was to find a way to spend a week in Cairns in June/July. It took a lot of research to even find room going and coming back on flights from here. Usually I make those reservations months ahead. This was hunting and hunting to find room on a flight. Then I emailed the missionary hotel in Cairns. They didn’t have any of the cheaper rooms, but all of their rooms are reasonable. I can suffer with a room with a full kitchen.

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  2. Does she know who the daddy is, Mumsee?
    If I were a daddy, I would want the baby to have my name.
    I know there are differences here, and some of you are having problems with “daddy”. But I understand dad’s position too.
    If I had a child that is part of me, I would want the best for it. Even if I didn’t like ‘mom”.

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  3. I stepped out of our yard yesterday and got some beautiful photos of our neighbor’s oak leaf hydrangea. We’ve had two more neighbors to move in there since the one who planted it. I got the photo while no one was home. The last time I went across the street and got a photo of the neighbor’s flower at their mail box, the neighbkr’s son who is my age came out and said “Caught you!” He was joking, but being the easily guilted person that I am, I have been reluctant to take pictures of neighbor’s flowers.

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  4. Mumsee, in medical parlance, hearing the fetal heartbeat is a positive sign of pregnancy. I was praying for you all this morning. Glad to hear that this was not another tall tale.

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  5. Trying to decide if I want to haul the calf to the auction or stay home and cook and work in the garden. I thinking staying home will win.

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  6. I vote for staying home. That’s what I’ll do after a fourth run to the thrift shop and work. I may take a walk, too; anything to feel normal again.

    The Lord is good. Jo’s former landlord called and wanted any furniture that didn’t go. A family had moved into Jo’s old apartment and they had nothing. And with that, the last of Jo’s possessions was rolled out the door yesterday afternoon. Now her exhausted niece and her husband can have a day of rest before flying home.

    Some of Jo’s prizes went to our youth group–who are having a silent auction tomorrow night to raise money for their mission trip. Jo would have liked that.

    In WV news, I’m voting with those who say it’s good to know–odd though the whole pregnancy story is.

    In my world, the final two babies of spring 2019’s baby boom, will be or have been born today.

    Two boys to end a run of girls. In the midst of this crazy five months. It’s been a wonderful balm for my weary soul to see those adorable children.

    Looking forward to finding my real life tomorrow. I may watch a Doris Day movie tonight! LOL

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  7. I posted this on the prayer thread but it might not be seen in time in case anyone here might like to participate.

    “Abby Johnson from Unplanned on an IFA Prayer Call TODAY!

    Abortion workers are leaving the industry in droves. Find out why and pray with Abby Johnson about the ministry to those walking away.

    TODAY MAY 17 @12:15 PM ET

    Call (712) 775-7431 code 2452#
    OR (712) 775-7430 NO code

    SHARE! Invite friends”

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  8. Just saw the photo, via text, of the first little boy. Just got a text from my sister-in-law that nephew is at his wife’s side for the C-section. I should have a grand-nephew within the hour, kicking and screaming and expecting to be big like his athlete dad!

    I’m also sitting here crying for gratitude for a terrific end of an exhausting season. Rejoice with me!

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  9. I’m working from home again today, I believe I have a marina story lined up out of yesterday’s port meeting. I’ll have to review the video for that section as I was too busy writing stories yesterday by then to really listen to that section of the meeting. Technology is marvelous sometimes.

    The window restoration rep is coming by sometime between 1 and 2 p.m. to take a look at the one wood replica window they installed to see why it’s suddenly just “not fitting” right in the frame — I can’t really latch the bottom of it, though male friend was strong enough to do so a couple months ago and I haven’t unlatched it since. It likely had something to do with all the exterior work that was done by painter but who knows. Now it’s my problem. Hoping it’s an easy fix that won’t cost a lot of money. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ But that pair of casement windows provide the A/C for my house every summer, it’s where the south winds kick up and cool off the house by late afternoon. I desperately need them to open and close easily.

    Janice, so what’s next with your eye issue? Will you be able to drive eventually?

    It was hard for me to wake up this morning. I’m still only half way there but the shower helped.

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  10. DJ, it has been raining there recently hasn’t it. You are experiencing what those of us in climates that are dry in the winter and hot in the summer know all about. Wood swells in humidity, and shrinks in dry weather.


  11. roscuro, yes, and the moisture we’ve had is a possible cause. We’ll see what he says. These are new wood windows and while they came with primer on the outside, there was not primer on the inside.

    But it was hoped they’d “shrink” back when it dried out and everything was sunny here a couple months ago — still, no such luck, the one window still is somehow wonky. Normally, the dry sunny weather would have put things right again but didn’t.

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  12. The boys are here! 8.5 and 9.9 pounds!

    (We hope Ellie is up to 6 pounds at 6 weeks!

    I keep trying to remember what book the quote comes from: “Happy the day babies are born.”

    Is it Little Women?

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  13. DJ, I am scheduled to see the partner doctor who is the retina guru. I am suppose to get drops or an injection (I hope no BB gun is involved) to help with the swelling on the back side of the eye. Then we will see if my vision gets better in the good eye. Then I can get glasses. Then I can take the driver’s license vision exam. I get an A+ in the class on Waiting.

    My brother is here helping today. I am feeding him and Miss Bosley. I hope I do not get confused as to who gets the bagged dry food.๐Ÿ˜ณ With poor vision one never knows what may happen.

    I have been boxing up old devotional booklets to mail to Love Packages which sends then out to missionaries and people in third world nations who need Christian resources. I talked with Karen as I did that. She does not feel quite as well today.

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  14. DJ – Did you see my comment to you last night? If not, this is what I wrote:

    “Can you click on the little symbol that shows the internet connection, to fix it from there? Every now and then, our connection goes out, and I can often fix it by clicking on that symbol, then clicking on Disconnect (if it thinks it is still connected), and then on Connect Automatically.

    Other times, I have to turn off my wi-fi router for about ten seconds (I wait a little longer), then turn it back on again. When I do that, I do need to restart or shut down the laptop.”

    But let’s hope that taking care of the virus will take care of the whole problem.

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  15. Chas and daddy, remember that this is the girl who cannot seem to find the truth. She says the daddy knows and does not want anything to do with her or baby. He does not want an abortion but does not want the baby to exist He will not tell his parents.

    I am encouraging her to talk with a lawyer and find out her legal requirements. If daddy wants nothing to do with baby now, can he pop back up in three years and demand partial custody? Can she contact the other grandparents and offer them the option of involvement? She is scared they would take over. But the grands have an interest as well. And the more the baby has to love on him, the better. But he or she should never be used as a weapon.

    We also discussed that this is not the plan God laid out but it is where we are so how can we make things best for baby.

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  16. So far the computer seems to be fixed. I removed the mac pro clean (I got stuck with that virus once before, it slipped in as I was updating my flash player I think); but it was still being clunky so I did some more google research which said some other bad things come with that — I found something called “Mix Builder” that had the same date on it in my list of applications so off that came, too, into the trash … And now everything seems to be working fine. Whew.

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  17. Thanks Kizzie — I had a feeling this all went back to that mac pro cleaner that I saw slip in when I tried to update the flash player as it had caused me grief before.

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  18. Argh, spoke too soon — had trouble connecting to a new site again; I have to shut the computer off and restart it, then it’s fine for a while until … I’m sure it’s some kind of bug as it started happening right around that time when I downloaded the one thing and it’s worked flawlessly before, no connection problems. I need something reliable if I’m going to be working from home — and I don’t want to keep lugging the work lap top back and forth. I’ll have to connect with “the kid” to see if he can sweep it clean, I’m afraid.

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  19. I don’t know where AJ is, but the bird at the top is a kingbird, probably an eastern kingbird. It has a tiny little red “crown” that is rarely raised, but usually hidden among the feathers (I’ve never seen it), but it’s also a very bossy bird. Scientific name Tyrannus tyrannus. I once saw a robin defending a mulberry tree against other robins, and it let most other birds alone–but chased the kingbird away. A kingbird is smaller than a robin, but it’s used to bossing bigger birds around. When the robin chased it, it flew out of the tree–but then circled back in the air to land in the tree again. This time it landed just about a yard from the robin, as if rubbing in that it was back in the tree and intended to stay this time. After that, the robin ignored it.

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  20. Today has been one of those days.

    I was out of decaf and regular coffee pods this AM. Only thing in the house was flavored stuff I don’t care for at all. So I had to run for coffee half asleep this AM. When I got home, I popped in a KCup, hit 10 ounces (my preference) and then proceeded to go get a coffee cup, all the while the Keurig pumped fresh, hot, donut shop style coffee all over my counter. ๐Ÿ˜‘

    I suppose I should be thankful I even made it back from the store alive. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  21. Phos @ 19:44. Take openness. You can deal with hostility easier than closed minds.
    If they listen, they have a chance.

    Mumsee. Seems the kid already has two strikes. But it needs a chance at life.


  22. The end of the link from roscuro:


    So what would you trade? Less hostility, but less openness? The good old days of the 1980s where it was a lot easier and you didnโ€™t have to answer any question more awkward than where the dinosaurs came from?

    Or more hostility and more openness? Where you can be confronted by people who see us as part of the problem in society not part of the solution. And where, like my friend in the eastern states of Australia tomorrow, everyone in the office is wearing rainbow colours to celebrate sexual diversity, and youโ€™re there in your jeans and blue shirt?

    Of course NO hostility and TOTAL openness would be fantastic. You just canโ€™t find that anywhere in the Bible, not if youโ€™re being faithful at least.

    More hostile, but more open? Or less hostile, but less open? What would you choose?


  23. Woo-hoo, window fixed. It was the copper drain thing-y on the outside which had loosened and slipped a bit and was hitting some other thing-y, making the window not go in to latch easily. All fixed, no charge. Done. Whew.

    Now to finish up my 2 port stories, did the phone interview already and just got a bunch of material printed out that’ll help clarify.

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  24. Has anyone seen the movie Tolkien or even heard anything about it (good or bad)? Looks like it has been out a week, but I just happened to see a mention of it, on a dictionary website of all places.


  25. Some conservative Christian reviews said it didn’t include his faith enough, a more progressive Christian site said hogwash to that.

    That’s about all I know ๐Ÿ™‚


  26. In some states, if a pregnant woman uses state services like Medicaid for OB treatment, the father has to be named or no service.

    Daughter should see a lawyer to get the rights organized. Like it or not, he’s the dad and will need to pay child support.

    This is one reason many men prefer abortions.

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  27. My editor just texted me that I could go home. I’m already here, but it was still very nice to hear (I’d turned in both stories and was holding on to see if I’d have to help edit some weekend copy blocks, but one of the other editors said he’d do it).

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  28. Michelle, a lot of fathers don’t pay child support even if they are legally expected to. And sometimes going after child support ensures that the father will be in his child’s life, and sometimes that isn’t the best thing for the child. Nightingale and her son (and Kizzie) would probably be better off without Mr. X, for instance, even if he does pay child support. (I don’t remember if he does.) I know of women who have elected to keep the father at arm’s length for just that reason. Counsel is needed, whatever the case.

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  29. Mumsee – I may be biased, but I think they should be informed.

    Parents of the mother usually have the choice to be involved, but paternal grandparents can be at the mercy of the mother.


  30. Those flowers in the header reminded me of some that Chick-fil-A uses in vases on tables. The flowers are fresh cut from a florist and are freesia. That’s probably not what they are but I thought of those. Now I remember you said they are small so that makes it even less likely.


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