39 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-6-19

  1. Chas was checking his mail while you were posting that Janice.
    Good morning anyhow and to everyone else but Jo.
    Good evening jo.
    My bushes looked like that a couple of weeks ago.
    But the flowers are dead and I need to trim the bushes because azaleas bloom on new growth. I need to get that done soon.
    Off to fix breakfast for the Sweetest One.

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  2. Morning Chas and Janice. Are we having another reunion of the three of us?
    I think we got several inches of rain today. It has stopped for now. And yesterday we got a 5.3 earthquake that was located here, but very deep so not too much rolling or rocking.
    Lard of the Unexpected.

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  3. Pretty flowers. What are they? We have two irises about to bloom.

    And lot of violets and dandelions already blooming. I don’t mind dandelions until they go to seed. Still, I don’t spry or use anything to kill weeds since it would kill the clover and violets. Besides, if I got rid of the weeds I wouldn’t have any lawn. Hmm, then I wouldn’t have to mow.

    The other day the neighbor was spraying his dandelions. I thought, “Don’t bother. When the wind blows you’ll get my seeds in your yard.”

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  4. I see on TV where the pilot of the plane that landed on fire in Moscow says the plane was struck by lightning.
    Planes are struck by lightning all the time. Usually, unless it is grounded, it doesn’t mean anything. I have been on planes struck by lightning several times. It has a way of dissipating the charge.
    Tragic event. Several people died there.


  5. Good morning. Watching the ponies warm up.

    Pretty flowers. We don’t have that type here. The bearded iris are blooming, as are the lilacs. I see the yucca are sending up bloom stalks.

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  6. Morning!! Beautiful flowers up there! Today our only day of the week that is to be sunny and warm…it’s all downhill from there…rain and snow all week…oh Mr Winter it is time to go!
    I happy for ya’ll experiencing blooming flowers…our time will come but it won’t be until mid June around here…. 😳

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  7. Good morning. I’ve been over on the prayer thread running up the count with Monday morning fogginess. 😉

    Pretty flowers today, Kim, and over the weekend, Janice.

    Busy weekend coming up, and plenty to do in the days leading up to it.

    Friday 6th Arrow and I will be driving to 1st Arrow’s and staying at his apartment overnight. He lives about 45-50 minutes from the university where 6th will be playing Saturday morning in the piano competition. Her time is at 9:00 am, so it’ll be much better to be closer to the site the morning of instead of having to drive 2 hours and 10 minutes that morning (the distance from our house to the uni), and hope that there won’t be a car breakdown along the way.

    If there’s any car trouble Friday, we’ve got more time margin to deal with the issue than if it happened the day of the competition. And 1st Arrow could do the day-of driving between the university and his apartment, as his car is more reliable.

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  8. Have fun and good luck with the car, 6 Arrows.

    Flowers! Such a pretty time of year. A bright red bougainvillea branch from the neighbors’ yard is spilling over onto my side of the back redwood fence in a full cascade of color, it’s gorgeous. Just so it doesn’t get overgrown like it did last time and start to push on my still new-to-me fence.

    We were supposed to get some rain this morning but it never materialized. Instead, we have a full splash of sunshine.

    Just talked to my other neighbor who said the 2 dogs on other side of me were out last night chasing a coyote down the street, then the coyote was chasing them. Yikes.

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  9. A while back, on the prayer thread, I had mentioned The Boy’s having had gained a good deal of weight, especially since his papa died. Initially I said he was fat, then I dialed that down to chubby, but I have to admit that he is “fat” (I hate that word). Nightingale is trying so hard to balance his eating healthy with occasional treats, so he doesn’t feel totally deprived. One problem is that he resists drinking enough.

    She finally mentioned her concern to X’s Mom, telling her that The Boy wants to be eligible for more positions in football this year, and asking her to ask X to watch what he feeds him, and cut down on the goodies.

    Nightingale has also told me that The Boy, being kind of clueless at times about social situations, gets picked on, but doesn’t realize he’s being picked on. At some event (probably with the Cub Scouts) one of the boys was calling him “Fatty” and having the other boys run away from him, and I think the other boys started calling him Fatty, too. The Boy thought is was funny, and was running around trying to catch them. Needless to say, Nightingale was not amused.

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  10. I guess that could be a prayer request, too, that The Boy’s appetite will decrease, and we will be able to help him lose weight, and keep it off.

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  11. The flowers are old fashioned azaleas. This is what they do. They bloom in full splendor, then die, leaving withered blooms and a not very attractive bush. I saw these yesterday morning on the way into church, I realized they were the “Henry Clay” plant I had thought Janice sent. These have a little more orange in them.
    As I was going home, two policemen were standing in front of the Methodist church in fatigue type clothing with utility belts, hats, and boots. It is jarring to me to think we have to be guarded in a small town in order to worship.

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  12. Kizzie, there are two schools of thought on diet (I am using the word in its original form)/ BG was underweight and a picky eater. The doctor told me that a calorie was a calorie and we needed to get fuel into her body.
    The other school is that WHAT you eat is more important than how much you eat.
    In any case, I wouldn’t follow any of our advice here. I would work with the Boy’s doctor on a healthy meal plan that gives him the nutrients his growing body needs and helps him slim down.

    I am sorry he has this. I hate it when children are cruel.

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  13. Chas, do I remember correctly that you moved to your current home from Hendersonville? What church did you attend there? I met someone last night who moved here recently from Hendersonville, where she attended First Baptist Church.


  14. Kevin, I attended FBC Hendersonville. The pastor there is Steve Skoggins. (sp?)
    The people love him. When I was there, he had a unique Wed. night schedule. He started with a 30 minute “Rabbit Chasing” session. People would submit subjects for discussion. Lots of interesting discussions there.
    FBC is not the largest church in H’ville. The largest is Mud Creek BC, which was a mission of FBC years ago.
    The thing I really liked about FBC was that their early service was familiar in that they sang songs I know and used instruments that make music.


  15. I am praying for you Mumsee

    To clarify my post about FBCHNC. They have three services on Sunday morning. Pastor preaches at all three. The early service is (was?) led by an older, retired music director. We sang familiar songs. That made it a good worship service for we old folks.
    I heard from a man who knows, that the early service provides more financial support than the other two services together.
    But all the baptisms come from the two later services.
    We were happy for that.

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  16. Is it a pretty big church? I mentioned you and Elvera, and that you taught Sunday School, but Evelyn didn’t recognize your names. I’d guess she’s about 80, recently widowed, and moved back here to be near her daughter’s family. She and her husband had lived in Hendersonville for 15-20 years.

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  17. Daughter continues to stick with her story that she is pregnant. Husband was making a med appt for her and they wanted a due date. She gave one. It is now three or four weeks past the first one she gave us and she has not been to a do since she claimed to have the first time.
    Still says she was weeks from graduation on scholarships she picked up off the internet. So no debt. And they have no record of her attendance.
    And so on.
    Wisdom needed to find out how to help her.
    No time to run to the prayer thread.

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  18. Kevin. I do not recognize the name Evelyn. If she is about 80, she would have been in our SS dept. As I said, FBCHNC is a large church with three Sunday morning services.
    You can see it by searching FBCHNC on Google.
    I was not a regular SS teacher there. I subbed for Dr. George Jones occasionally. Dr. Jones was the last living chaplain from WW II. He was retired from pastoring a church in Beaufort, SC. Elvera might have known her if she was in Dale Zimmer’s class.
    (Dale has since died. Dale is the guy who got me involved in Lions.)


  19. WOW that earthquake hit like a train. No warning, just bam.
    Wow, what an earthquake.

    It hit so fast and so hard. I just got out.

    Went into the entryway which has a cement floor and tin roof and just held on.

    Left the water running and my eggs cooking.

    Felt like we were the centre of the quake.

    All of my plans to take this or that, no way, I just got out.

    Not gentle beginning, we were just slammed.

    When I came back inside most cupboards were open and my stove had moved.

    Land of the unexpected. I’ll say

    Almost went outside, even though wearing my nightgown still.

    I am sure there will be aftershocks

    Glad I decided last year to put any glass containers down low

    Just got a report that it was a 7.1 centred about 60 miles away

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  20. I worked outside today and noticed the ligusttum seems to be blooming. I am allergic to it so I drank chamomile tea and my nose feels so clear now. I found an article about it’s being known as an antihistamine. My friend Karen had told me that both she and her husband (a doctor who doesn’t put much faith in natural remedies) had noticed that it helps clear their noses. It probably just works for allergies and not on congestion from colds.

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  21. I still can’t figure out how I missed the great coyote chase last night.

    I went to bed at 9, read until almost 10, then fell asleep. I woke up at around 2:40 (chase apparently happened at around 2:30) but I wasn’t aware of hearing any commotion. Instead, I was aware of Cowboy walking out to the living room (his nails click), then back to the bedroom, then back to the living room — he doesn’t do night pacing often but will do that now and again, an aging thing apparently.

    So that kept me up for a while, I decided to read some more, did some praying, worrying, praying; I think I fell asleep again around 4 a.m. having no clue about the coyote drama. (Though I did notice the dog owners’ lights on when I got up, which I thought was unusual for them at that hour of the morning.)

    But according to my neighbor, both she and the neighbor on the other side of me (the owner of wayward dogs) were out on their front porches hollering for the dogs to get back as the coyote was giving chase. Her 2 labs were barking and she said she thought she heard my dogs barking, too, from inside, but I somehow slept through that?

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  22. When out doing yard work, I saw my neighbor getting mail and holding his youngest son who he told me is named Wesley. Given it is not a very common name, and the family in our house before us had a son named Wesley, it seems a bit bizarre that three boys with the same name, although years apart in ages. would all live in this small two lot area.

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  23. One of Karen’s friends was so impressed by our Wesley when he was young that when she had a baby boy, she named him, Wesley.

    Also, the neighbor’s oldest son has the same name as one of Art’s uncles which is not a common name at all.

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  24. Kim – Nightingale is quite knowledgeable about nutrition and diet. She cooks and serves meals that are both nutritious and delicious. It is the snacking we need to watch here. When he is with his dad, he tends to eat fast food and donuts. Hopefully, now that Nightingale has asked for help from X (through his mom) on feeding The Boy more wisely, X will watch what he gives him.

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  25. So that’s what azaleas look like. Cheery flowers, they are.

    Mrs L and I went for a walk in the nature preserve here. After climbing as long, steep hill, we stopped to rest and notice a tree all white in bloom amidst a group of cedars. It was a dogwood. The flower is the Missouri state flower, but the tree is not the state tree. I took a picture, then walked around to an opening and saw a redbud as well. I love the Spring flowers. Just not the tall grass that needs mowing.

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  26. Hoping the shaking is over for you Jo! Scary indeed!
    Neighbor and I had our walk in the neighborhood and decided to take the trail around our park…a lovely evening it was. There have been sightings of the “Colorado kissing bug” up in Ft Collins and we are now weirded out that one will find our face. A neighbor posted on the neighborhood site that she thinks she found one in her house…oh I hope it wasn’t but the photo she posted sure looked like one…yikes! 😳


  27. Hopefully The Boy will keep growing taller. That actually could take care of some of the weight issue as it all gets redistributed (but combined, too, with better diet).

    I’m still waiting to be 6 feet tall.

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  28. Everyone is fine here after the earthquake. But you don’t want to teach kinder after that. They were all so excited and just wanted to talk and talk about what they had experienced. So I gave them time to do that. Then showed them a spot to go outside to be safe if it happened again. And we even learned that the stairs up to our door are supported by a very strong steel beam. So we are probably safe going down the stairs quickly. I would rather take them outside then worry about things falling inside. One boy kept saying that you should get under a table. But I have heard of tables not being safe, either.

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