30 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-25-19

  1. Good morning! That is a cheerful header. It is a joy bringerโ™ก

    I have an online Bible study conference today. It started two days ago but this will be my first day. Thankfully it is all archived so I can watch it all as time allows.

    I went outside after dark and looked at the lights on the street. I still have the sunshine or starburst effect. It is really quite a special effect, but if it stays then I won’t be driving at night. It is from the eye that had the procedure because it went away when I closed that eye. I can not imagine seeing all those headlights that are on our major expressways at night. At the moment things look bleak except for God. I need a But God . . . intervention.

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  2. The photo is of my back yard. The rose is an heirloom rose of French origin. The blooms are in clusters, sort of like you would see in a nosegay. The blooms are open with a yellow throat and the reddish pink on the edges. The other flowers are daylilies, there is just something so happy about a daylily.
    The “vision” is to plant a Lady Banks white climber in the corner to the right of this and let them tangle.

    The birdhouses just add a little whimsy. No birds have actually been seen in them. I saw a photo of them somewhere and mentioned it. Mr. P had fun finding them.

    Little Missy has fun going outside with Grandpa to water things. Yesterday, while I was at work, he sent a photo of her trying to drink from the garden hose.

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  3. When Trey was little, he would drink from the stock tank. He just lapped the water up like a dog. I was happy when he stopped doing that.

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  4. Since my parents had a greenhouse business and sometimes added fertilizer, we were taught very young never to drink from a water hose.

    Pretty rose. My mother had so many pretty roses. I miss her gardens.

    One of my daughters once ripped out a day lily I gave her. She said it did not bloom. Later she pointed out a pretty one she would like. I told her that was the same one I had given her. She was just too impatient! Hmm? A life lesson there?

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  5. I have tried to teach my children not to drink out of the hose, though we always did. But now I think of the hose lying in the hot sun with water in it, and one of my children drinking that. Between the leached chemicals from the plastic/rubber, to the growing things in the moist hose…..But they still do, all the time I notice three of my hydrants are malfunctioning now due to being played with. Somebody will have some digging to do, or I will have to remember how to fix the top.


  6. My neighbor was downsizing so gave us a bunch of those cute little birdhouses. I kept them in the house for a while but then moved them out to various fence posts. I did not think they would work but wanted to give it a chance and did not want them in the house anymore. They were quickly inhabited. Nests in almost all of them. Sadly, the blackbirds and such are able to get in and kill the babies and eat the eggs so I need to modify them with some sort of screen above the entrance, so the little birds can get in and the big ones cannot.

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  7. Pretty header, that looks so peaceful. My backyard needs work.

    Good thing we didn’t know about leached chemicals back in our day. We always drank from the hose, too, that’s what a hose was for on a hot summer day. Chas, kids are pretty much kids, boys and girls alike.

    Lemonade or Cool-Aid was better, though — did anyone ever have a lemonade stand? We did that a couple times, the truck drivers were the nicest customers, they always stopped to buy a glass and joked with us. I suppose you’d need a business permit form the city nowadays to do that.

    I spent about an hour watering last night, I was behind on that. The puppy from next door joined me in the front yard to play with the hose and the water until his owner called him home. They’re having trouble keeping their dogs contained (they don’t try that hard, to be honest) and there are getting to be a lot of complaints from the Post Office and people just walking by with their dogs or kids feeling harassed — plus we all worry that the puppy is going to get hurt.

    They’ve always allowed their dogs to go out and their back gate just can’t contain them even if they weren’t so easy going about it — it’s a short iron gate with wide spaces everywhere, including underneath, and the puppy and their older, big dog, a black retriever, have no trouble at all just slipping right on through.

    But letting the 3- or 4-month-old puppy run around loose like that in the city is crazy. It’s like letting your toddler out unsupervised, what could go wrong? Just about everything.

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  8. We used to have lemonade stands. Lots of customers, but we drank most of our stock. But it got us out of the house. Of course, we were rarely in the house.


  9. Missy is not liking being steered away from whatever she wants to do. Today I picked her up to keep her from doing something and she slapped her hands at me when I told her NO, she started crying. She did the same to Grandpa.
    I told her I was way ahead of her. I, my ownself, have been a girl, AND I have already raised one. I am on to her. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  10. I’m only about a month late on the newsletter, but so happy to have it done. Friday morning and foggy here. I need to get ready to go to market.

    My job has an extra bonus of lots of hugs. But I am with Kim, I am on to them and they can’t get past me.

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  11. Beautiful roses! When I lived in town I had lovely roses and some looked like yours Kim. Living in the forest I have none. I could try again with spraying them with stinky deer be gone but that sort of defeats the purpose of growing โ€œfragrantโ€ flowers! That spray is the most putrid disgusting smell I have ever had the displeasure of smelling! So I get to enjoy the photos of yours ๐Ÿ˜Š ๐ŸŒน


  12. NancyJill, what is your problem with feeding the deer? Do you not like to share? Do you not want to support the wildlife??/


  13. Mumsee they are not welcome to my flowers. They are rude and disregard my shooing them away from my flowers….you can almost hear them laughing I tell ya!! An invited guest is one thing but a thief is quite another! ๐ŸฆŒ ๐ŸŒน


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