39 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-24-19

  1. Morning all. We have now had four days of sunshine and it feels like a different world. The ground is beginning to dry out and my class comes in dirty, but without the mud. I am working on a newsletter and just finished the second page. God gave me the idea for this page in the middle of the night. Now to finish up page one and send it to be checked.
    Have a good day, Chas.

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  2. First off, the header photo is a bird, not a white ink blot or a smear on your windshield. (Since everyone had problems with the turtle yesterday. 🙂 ) It’s a great egret in breeding plumage–these gorgeous birds were hunted almost to extinction so these lovely plumes could be used on women’s hats, with unscrupulous hunters killing all the adults at heronries and leaving the young to starve. You have to look closely to see it, but it has a fish in its beak. The fish blends in with the log behind the bird, but if you zoom in, you can see the fish. I had a shot of it swallowing the fish, but that shot didn’t stay in focus.

    This was at the pond a half mile from my home. I stood at that pond about three hours that morning–definitely my longest visit there–because stuff just kept happening–and the egret was there the whole time, walking around and occasionally catching a fish. So I went back in the evening, just in case it was still there, and instead saw the mating snapping turtles.

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  3. Morning! That indeed is a beautiful bird Cheryl! So fluffy and white…but is that a smirk on his face? 😏 😊
    Beautiful day here in the forest. Neighbor and I will be heading out for coffee and window shopping in our smallish town for a bit. Rain expected tomorrow. Everything is starting to green up and I saw a couple of daffodils on my walk yesterday!

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  4. Good Morning Everyone. I think I got quite a bit accomplished yesterday. There is a plan in place.
    I heard something about BG last night that concerns me. I will have to address it today.
    What I really want to do is go hide on a beach somewhere and drink fruity drinks and read books. Alas, that shall not happen for a while.

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  5. I’ll go with you. 🙂

    Hot out here, but beautiful and it’s lovely to wake (early) in the morning to the twittering of little birds, squawking larger one, the murmuring mourning doves and some odd pseudo-honking one.

    Aren’t you thankful God gave us a beautiful world of sound, color, scent and taste?

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  6. Good morning. 2 weeks of school left and I am drowning in homework. I literally have something going every day for the next 3 weeks.

    I have an appointment with my Dr this morning to discuss blood work we did last week. Maybe we can get this thyroid thing figured out.

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  7. Good morning! I hope everyone has a good Wednesday.

    That is a beautiful header. Nancyjill saw a smirk, lol.

    Art stayed home yesterday and worked some on our personal taxes. We went out to dinner which was pleasant. I had a Reuben with sweet potato fries and coleslaw. It was good. You could get it made with corned beef or Turkey. Somehow Turkey IMO, does not belong on a Reuben.

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  8. Beautiful day here. Daffodils in bull bloom and tulips getting ready. Some of the trees are starting to blossom. Spinach is coming up along with lettuce and beets. Lots of tomato plants to take out in a few weeks.

    Husband says grandson screams a lot.

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  9. Oh, what a gorgeous hat!

    Wait for me, Kim and Michelle.

    I really miss our rain, I was sorry to see it go. But thankfully it’s not been hot yet (we often get a heat spike or two in the spring). We’ve had fog and marine layered mornings with sun breaking through in the afternoons but temperatures staying in the high 60s, low 70s.

    The longer we can hold off the heat on the front end, the better, as around here it lasts way into fall.

    The two neighbor dogs, Phoebe and Gambit (whom I like to call Gizmo), were poking around on the side of my house right outside the the big window just now. Annie was looking out the window and let out quite a hiss when they showed up. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard her hiss like like that. The mail carrier took a photo of Gambit’s tag yesterday, those dogs are constantly getting written up for the owners by the Post Office. They just don’t bother securing their yard so they can’t get out of wander about.

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  10. I was looking for my umbrella, because if we are going to the beach, I am going to need one. I love the beach, but I droop in the heat rather quickly. Do we bring our own chairs or are they provided? How many books are people taking?

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  11. I have a bottle of Moscato to bring along if anyone is interested 😜 I do burn in the sun so I will need to find my big floppy hat…and an umbrella. ☔️
    Dj we are out of the drought but they are predicting a warm windy summer…

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  12. I’ll bring a battery fan with ice to keep us cool. I’m not keen on the sun anymore, either, having grown up basking in it.

    The feds took my money, finally. Guess now they can go fix a pothole with it or bolster the budget to fight climate change or start a war.

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  13. This song came up on my mp3 player the other day. I should have used it for Easter music. So, since the Orthodox Churches celebrate Easter this Sunday, here is an extra song for you.

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  14. Nancyjill, I am reluctant to guess about my eyes. Last night as we returned home from dinner it was dusk. I looked at an oncoming car’s headlights and I saw spires shooting out in all directions. I do not know if that was lingering effects from dilation or my new normal. With cataracts I saw halos. I may get brave and go look about tonight again. Not sure I want to know. I did not tell Art about what I saw. No need to worry him since his plate is already too crowded. So? I worry you instead! Please don’t worry. It is all in God’s good plans whatever happens.

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  15. NancyJill is bringing wine, but I was wondering about water and lemonade. Do we all bring our own or is Kim providing? I might like some pineapple juice as well. We are not going to get sand in our shoes, are we?

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  16. So my Dr referred me to an endocrinologist. Yea me. 😐

    I sent the additional information requested for my application to nursing school. Praying that I find favor in their eyes. I have a 4.0 and was in the 99th percentile on the TEAS test, so hoping something works in my favor.

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  17. Let’s see, there is a beach in Cairns, if you all would like to meet me there. However, to be truthful, it is mostly mud flats. But there is a lovely lagoon pool with fountains spraying, and malls to shop in. I might go in Late June, but…. that is winter in Cairns. Similar to LA, you can get rain or sun. I will have to wait a year for a California beach.

    Oh, Mumsee, prayers for Mike traveling with a screamer.

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  18. My dad always would complain about getting sand in his shoes at the beach. My mom and I would suggest, well, maybe you aren’t meant to wear shoes on the beach. Besides, you were in the Navy …

    The big problem, though, is when the sand is really hot and you have to walk across it, you always have to have sandals for that trek.

    But usually when the family went to the beach it was for the nighttime bonfires in the fire pits. I remember the fluorescent waves during red tied, so cool watching that at night.


  19. When we didn’t have sandals as teens, we’d walk a few steps and throw our beach towels down to stand on them so the bottoms of our feet would burn off. Then we’d run another few steps, throw the towels down again. …

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  20. Janice, I remember once riding home from the ophthalmologist in the dark with dilated eyes and seeing rays coming out from all the street lights and headlights. It felt uncomfortable, more psychologically than physically. I hope that’s all you were seeing last night.

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  21. Sounds to me like it was the effects of the dilated eyes. Did your doctor give you an idea of when things might start to appear to be normal (or as normal as it was going to be)? Maybe it takes a while for everything to settle down.

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  22. Actually. the patients were all lined up assembly line fashion for this surgery. The doctor was in such a disguise of surgical garb that I hardly recognized her. I said a cheerful hello and seemed to break her out of focus (she is a friendly person for regular appointments), so it seemed awkward to talk in that atmosphere. At the end of the short session, I just said thanks and was guided to the waiting area to sit until my blood pressure was taken so I could be released. The waiting area was known as the place for “the red dot heads” because we each had a dot over the eye to be zapped.

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  23. Ah, my action shot is up. It’s Canada geese, which to me are one of those “yawn” birds that are usually too plentiful to be interesting. But four of them were on the pond, presumably two pairs, and they kept chasing each other. One bird had withdrawn a little, and was a fair distance away from the other three, but I put my camera on action mode and watched to see if anything would happen. Well, as soon as I saw movement I pushed the shutter, and was absolutely delighted when they headed straight toward me and I kept the shutter down. (Sometimes I get nervous when I get a chance at a really good shot, and shake the camera or release too quickly. My camera can take up to ten shots in action mode, so if the action continues and stays in the frame, I need to keep shooting.) The first two frames were both excellent, with all three birds in them; this is the second frame. The third bird, cropped out of this frame but initially off to the right of this picture, is probably the mate of the one being chased, and seemed to be simply trying to get out of the way, so I left just the chaser and chasee. But I was quite pleased to get action headed straight at me (albeit many yards away, and below me, so no need to duck).

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  24. today is Thursday and Aj sleeps in on Thursdays.
    But I can’t wait.
    Good morning everyone but Jo.
    Good evening Jo.
    Purdue sent me an urgent e-mail warning that I have only a few hours left for the “day of giving”. If I don’t do it now, they won’t take my money no matter how much.
    Both Purdue and USC have enough of my money.


  25. Morning, Chas or Has. Isn’t it annoying to have to put your name in? Oh, well, at least my name is short. I am getting sleepy so I will let you wait for Aj.


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