39 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-12-19

  1. oh, the funnies with a warning, that’s new.
    Morning, Chas. Yes, it was a good Friday. However on the first day of the term the class was subdued and today they were full of energy. Not to fear, I kept them busy. A family left us a brio train and a table to set it up on. They were thrilled.
    Since I am having an alternative recess two days a week in my room, other teachers are giving us games to use. In fact, one of them said that they never use the games as there isn’t time. Today I taught several to play Blokus. Love that game. Spatial relations or mapping are what it uses. I imaging that Mr. Chas would enjoy it.

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  2. A couple of the early cartoons concerned the Black Hole stars.
    I have always been confused by that.
    I understand the theory: The mass of the star is so great that nothing escapes. Even light.
    I understand all of that. Except the “even light” bit.

    In order for something to be attracted by gravity, it has to have mass.
    Has anyone ever separated out the elements of light?
    I know there’s a simple explanation, but I don’t get it.

    But the pictures do not capture the star, but the light which “escaped” from the star.
    Really confusing if you think about it.
    Maybe I shouldn’t.

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  3. Good morning. That is a really cool photo for the header.

    Yesterday I talked with Karen who had unfortunately watched the news. I will engage some on politics with her even though we disagree on so much. I tell her we can agree that we want world peace. She is a person who needs to stay away from the news.

    I hear another mower. I thought I had heard enough on the other days.

    Will there be more Easter music today? I enjoyed that yesterday.


  4. Good Morning Everyone.
    It has been a busy week. I have started the class for my new agents.
    This afternoon we are having photos taken of Missy. One of the dresses she will wear I smocked. The other is a dress we bought for her. It is made from old linens and chenille. Grandpa has an idea of her wearing a straw hat. We shall indulge him and know that really isn’t going to work.
    I have been asking for prayer for a friend on the prayer thread. Please continue to pray for this situation.

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  5. Good morning. A beautiful foggy spring morning. The daffodils are dancing with the mountain lillies. And my assistant, twelve year old, cuts my chores in half, but I still get to get out and sing.

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  6. I never took a physics course, but from my own reading, I understand that light has waves and particles (called photons) of electromagnetic radiation, and visible light is only a small section of the spectrum of light waves: https://www.khanacademy.org/science/physics/light-waves/introduction-to-light-waves/a/light-and-the-electromagnetic-spectrum. The telescopes that were used to create the black hole image were actually reading radio waves.

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  7. Kim, do you realize that almost every time you mention your husband, it’s to put him down or make him sound foolish?


  8. Yesterday some of you were talking about people moving (or not moving) to other areas for jobs.

    I understand the reason behind thinking that, but I also understand why people don’t want to move. From a purely practical standpoint, it is expensive to move, and it would be hard to find a new place to live, especially if one is already low on funds. (One of the problems the McKs had with trying to move out of here was that they were having trouble saving the money for first and last months rent, and a security deposit for a new place. And that was with him working full-time and her working part-time, and us cutting their rent here to a ridiculously low amount.) (Granted, some of the problem was also their not being frugal enough with the money they did have.)

    Along with that is the emotional difficulty of leaving family and friends. Due to us moving to different states because of my dad’s jobs, I grew up away from grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. When my grandfather had a stroke, and needed to be taken care of for the rest of his life, my “maiden” aunt had to shoulder that responsibility herself, except for a brief time when he came to stay with us in Tennessee.

    My parents and I moved back to Connecticut when I was 19. My brother and SIL, and Hubby and myself, raised our children here, with our parents being a huge part of our daughters’ lives. That meant so much to me, as I really missed having extended family as I grew up. It blessed me to see my daughters having such a close relationship with their grandparents (more so my parents than Hubby’s mom) and their cousin.

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  9. Yes, Kizzie, moving can be difficult. But it certainly beats being homeless, in my opinion. Obviously, though, not in everybody’s. People have been moving from family and comfort of familiarity for a long time. Terah and Abram for example. My dad and mom, for example.

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  10. Kim, I totally get the picture. Before Second’s family moved in with my parents, my father would go nearly every week to watch Tiny Niece while Second worked at the job she had then. My father was similarly smitten – his adventures with Tiny Niece were the topic of his conversation, and he was even known to buy a hedgehog stuffed toy because it had big eyes just like Tiny Niece’s. The way grandfathers totally turn to mush over their granddaughters always inspires sympathetic amusement from the womenfolk who witness it.

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  11. Mumsee, you said yesterday that people should move for better work and then, that people should be content to stay in their hometown and not go looking for high paying jobs.


  12. Yes, we struggled with the moving thing. By the time you get that desperate the funds are not there. Nor is it easy to get a job or place to live in from a distance before you go. There are many who move to an area near us who end up on welfare for that reason.

    We have been on the other end of the equation where we paid to have family members move back here when no jobs (that actually paid what they needed for rent etc.) and a high cost of living made them have no funds to get back.

    There was an article in World of an organization that actually helped match and help workers move from an area of high unemployment to one where workers were desperately needed. That is smart and helpful.

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  13. When one moves to a city, like I had to in order to take my university program, one has to have enough money for first and last month’s rent on an apartment in order to get accommodation. I did not have the money for the rent. It was actually through the most unexpected of donors that I got enough money to pay the first and last month. If I return to my parents’ place, it will be extremely difficult for me to leave again for work, as not only will I lack the money to pay the upfront rent expenses for another apartment, but even working from my parents’ place would be problematic due to the fact that I do not have a car and would have to drive to any job I got. Then there are the added travel expenses should I need to move across the country or even to a city in another region of the province. There is a reason that many jobs offer signing bonuses – because people need help to be able to move.

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  14. Roscuro, it was not my intent to do that. People should move to where God wants them. Of course, most of us don’t think that way. But I don’t recall saying that. I recall saying people often do move to a higher paying job, not realizing that means higher rent and utilities. I have children who thought that. Some made it work, others did not. Nobody has been actually homeless but the drug user and somebody always picks him up. One was planning to move back to this area but realized he could get paid five dollars more per hour by moving elsewhere. He plans to borrow our camp trailer to live in. I don’t know if he has researched the cost of a camp site or if he plans to live on the streets.

    I also said, if somebody finds themselves in an area with high paying jobs and no housing, it makes sense to spread out, move to the areas that have lower paying jobs and homes they can afford. Most states have both, I know Idaho does. You can live in the cities and barely find a nook in which to live with the high pay you receive, or you can move to a smaller town, getting a smaller paycheck, and afford a house with some land where you can know your neighbor. But a lot of us have bought into the idea of high paychecks being the answer without the simple economic knowledge of cost of living.


  15. And moving is not easy. I understand that. Both financially and emotionally. But generally, there are signs that the location is not working and the thought to move needs to come up earlier, before all the funds are gone. But even in that situation, people can still move. After all, the homeless people do it all the time! We see them once in a while, walking along the highway with a backpack or a grocery cart. Not the ideal but it gets them to a new location. Generally in the spring or in the fall as they move to warmer or cooler locations.

    But families and churches are often willing to help.


  16. Who is ‘us’ in that last sentence, Mumsee?

    Here is what you said in your first post: “As to the housing issue, it is possible to move but a lot of people won’t. Friends, family, etc are a bigger draw then a job that will pay the rent in a smaller community. There are many jobs available, but people have been told they can do entry level jobs for fifteen dollars an hour, but that is not what the employers can afford, so they close. And the employees won’t go for a lower paying job in a less expensive area”

    Here is what you said in your second post: “People have always moved to the city for a better job. And that can work if housing is available. But often, it is not. A lot of people from around here are going to “blow this crazy joint” and move to where the big bucks are. But often, as they start having children, they realize there is a lot to be said for knowing your neighbor, and they move back. The jobs are available. The housing is available. People have to stop believing the lie that they “need” fifteen or twenty an hour. They actually need to live where they can afford to live.”


  17. Homelessness and refusing to move away from friends and family in order to find work do not correlate – because friends and family generally can house the person who does not have work. The people who end up homeless are the people who do not have friends and family in the area that can help them.


  18. Many years ago, in response to comments similar to those made here. I observed,
    “No man is so brilliant that some woman can’t make him look like an idiot”

    Little ones more so, I might add.
    When Becky (oldest GD) was born in Columbia, SC, I diverted a trip home from Melbourne, Fl. to Columbia just to hold her. Cost over $100 and I had to go to Charlotte to catch the plane home.
    I didn’t do that for the others. Didn’t make sense at all.

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  19. “Generally, there are signs that the location is not working and the thought to move needs to come up earlier, before all the funds are gone”
    My remaining fund are going to pay for my registration exam and fees. If I do not take the exam and pay the registration fees, which add up to over a thousand dollars between the three fees, I cannot work as a nurse. End of story. It will take at least six weeks for my application for registration to be processed to allow me to take the exam. Then I will need to schedule the exam. It will be about two months before I will be able to to write the exam and get the results. That means at least two months of rent to be paid, not to mention the fact that I need to eat. Then there is the study materials for the exam that need to be paid for. It is easy to say what others should be able to do. Actually doing it is another matter.

    As for the apparent mobility of homeless people, they only ever get so far, especially in Canada. There are a good many fly-in communities in the north that cannot be accessed by hiking, not unless you want to risk death by exposure in the wilderness.


  20. Roscuro, Us is US Americans, not Canadian Americans or Mexican Americans. Or Central Americans. Or South Americans. Yes, my rambling in between children’s calls for attention are difficult to follow. Let me try to break it down during math and reading time:

    Group A: People born in a city tend to not want to move because they are familiar with the city, it has high paying jobs, and “because we have always lived here.” But cities change. Jobs change. Laws change. Minimum wages change so mom and pops close down. Amazon sells convenience so stores close. It is no longer the city you grew up in. If you actually need to spend three fourths of your earnings on housing, perhaps it is time to leave.

    Group B: People born rurally and growing up as such, hear about the wonderful job pay in the big city but don’t plan for the housing costs so well. They charge off and find it is not what they imagined. Perhaps it is time to back out and find a small job in a small town and buy a big house, and have money left to go fishing.

    But neither does that. They cling to the familiar or they cling to the dream of big money and soon it has become very much more difficult to move. They have bills to pay and are living paycheck to paycheck.

    Group A’s family may have died and can’t help, or perhaps, they too are being over priced out of housing. We see that a lot here, where whole extended families move to the area from the city. It can and does work.

    Group B’s family may well be waiting to hear from them, waiting with open doors and willing hearts. We have seen that here as well. The family helps them home and gives them a place to live until they get their feet back under them and can move on their own. Or they come back to live when the parents die and leave them the family home. Or the churches help them get a start. But that requires the group B person to swallow their pride and ask for help.

    But Group C is the group that predominately makes up the homeless condition. Drugs or mental illness have taken over. They live there because the life is what makes them comfortable because others are living the same or out of fear of “them” being out to get them and they feel somehow safer on the streets in a bizarre turn of the brain.

    There are many complications to the homeless situation and no easy fixes. But I would suggest if people are unable to afford where they live, perhaps they should move elsewhere. It is a big country with lots of opportunity. Perhaps in other countries that is not an option but it is here in the U S of A.


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  21. Roscuro, you made the decision to become a nurse and you were able to have an idea of the costs involved, and it appears to be working for you. You are not homeless. You are able to save what you can for the expenditures you know are coming. You are able to eat We are talking about a whole different thing with actual homeless people.

    We all know stories of people who moved to a place and struggled to make it work. That is the problem. The struggle. My dad worked several jobs while going to U and taking care of my mom and sibs But that was available. My husband did the same early in our marriage.

    What I am hearing, those jobs are no longer available in cities as the employers are required to pay the employees more than they can afford to make the business run and end up doing the dish washing themselves or closing. That is why I am suggesting people could move to a less high paying job which actually exists where they can afford to pay for housing and perhaps even get ahead. Obviously, this will not appeal to most people or they would already have done it.

    Ever known an immigrant family? We have known quite a few. They live sparsely, with a lot of extended family in the same home doing lots of jobs nobody else will take. They build up their funds as well as sending money back home to bring more family over. They tend to end up with a fairly good living. But that is not what the average USofA person wants to do.


  22. Peter, I just saw your comment last night about Jeopardy. I think I got 34 this time, which is a little better than I’ve done before. (I researched about half the questions afterward to find out answers I didn’t know or confirm I was right when I wasn’t certain.)

    Often there are several questions I kick myself for missing afterward, but the only one this time about which I felt a bit that way was when I needed to identify the Gem State (sorry, Mumsee!)

    As for the latest champion, he misses a few, but never a Daily Double. He consistently gets them right, and bets as if they’re a sure thing. I’ve stopped being surprised when he goes “all in” with a big total. Watching him smash the 1-day winnings record was fun.

    I hope I get to see you on the show one of these days!


  23. I saved, but the money I have left is almost exactly the amount that was given me by the unlikely donor at the beginning. I was not the one who provided for my future. God laid in on the heart of a near stranger who lives in a land hostile to Christianity to provide for my future (I said the donor was very unlikely). I cannot. My health remains fragile, as I have been reminded of as my asthma begins to flare up with the coming of the warmer weather. I have no guarantees in life. None of the rules of the worldly wise apply. All that stands between me and the homeless I see everyday is due to the unmerited favour of God, not to my own pluck or determination or planning. Any plans that I have ever begun to make on my own were wrecked by unforeseen circumstances. If there is anything I have learned in my adult life, it is that I am not in control of my destiny. I have no choice but to walk by faith. In the words of James 4:13-15:
    “Go to now, ye that say, To day or to morrow we will go into such a city, and continue there a year, and buy and sell, and get gain:
    Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.
    For that ye ought to say, If the Lord will, we shall live, and do this, or that.”

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  24. And my point was and you are living out, God provides through family and through His Church. Yes, it can be very difficult, but He does provide for us to follow His Way.


  25. We’re having gusty winds here again this afternoon. I opened the door to go out to the porch to get something and went I stepped back in and went to close the door a blast of wind whipped the door right out of my hand and it slammed shut … which shook the wall next to it, sending the ceramic Mexican wall cross flying a good foot or more out (I actually watched it launch) and crashing onto the floor where it broke into numerous pieces, many of which I can’t seem to find.


  26. Awww. Good border collie.

    This also was the 2nd time this cross has been broken, the first time was by a house worker. It was glued back together that time, but it’s now a loss. Wasn’t expensive, but I think I’ll try to find something not so fragile for that wall next time 🙂 Too close to the front door for safety.


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