17 thoughts on “News/Politics 4-10-19

  1. Unlike some open borders people who offer silly solutions, these 3 things might actually offer a real solution.


    “Kris Kobach: Three Things The Department of Homeland Security Needs To Do Right Now”

    “KRIS KOBACH, FMR. KANSAS SECRETARY OF STATE: First 3 things I would do to address this current problem on the border is number 1, we would publish the final version of the regulation that settles the Flores settlement, it supersedes the Flores settlement. Basically, it is how the United States can detain an entire family unit together so you wouldn’t have separation of families and detain them as long as necessary. That could be done tomorrow.

    Second thing is, I would deploy the thousands of FEMA trailers either to border cities or to military bases in Texas and Arizona and set up processing centers. Instead of turning loose these bogus asylum applicants onto the American streets never to be seen again, let’s put them into mobile homes. Let’s process their claims. Let’s ship the judges in. Have the claims processed right there. As soon as their claim is denied, put them on a passenger plane and fly them right back home. Word will get out in the villages back home it doesn’t work to get in these caravans anymore. You’re not going to be released into the United States.

    The third thing that I would do is publish a regulation that tells Mexico in so many words, no, your illegal aliens in the United States can not send remittances home anymore, you can’t wire things through Western Union. You could do that with a Treasury regulation. Tell Mexico, look, that regulation’s going to take effect and become final unless you sign a Safe third country like we have with Canada so that any asylum applicant, when they safe country they step foot in, mainly Mexico they have to apply there for asylum. They can’t walk all the way through Mexico and then say, ‘Oh, we’re applying for asylum in the United States.’ ”


    And none of it requires our do nothing Congress.


  2. Which is good, because Democrats have a vested interest in not securing the border.


    “This was followed by another landmark date in Chicago’s history of voter manipulation, which occurred in 1984, when Mayor Harold Washington issued Executive Order 85-1, proclaiming that immigration status shall no longer be a factor in the distribution of Chicago benefits. Chicago was the first big American city to declare itself, through this statement, a sanctuary for illegal immigrants.

    Mayor Washington declared that immigration status would not be a factor for Chicago residents. This is critically important because it provided an historical precedent encouraging northward immigration over the southern border and established the Democratic Party’s encouragement of illegal immigration.

    After World War II outmigration became a concern for all big northern Democrat-controlled cities since the growth of suburbs and the baby boom prompted young couples to leave big cities and seek more space for their families. But this outmigration created a huge problem for the big Democratic cities from Boston to Los Angeles: how to restore and stabilize their city’s population and keep control of Congress. The solution was to allow illegal immigration and support them with benefits.

    Providing illegal immigrants with benefits such as food stamps and housing were crucial, since illegal immigrants were not well educated and did not earn enough income to be self-sufficient. This concern prompted President Lyndon Baines Johnson to establish the Great Society welfare programs, and he himself admitted the programs were intended to strengthen America’s big cities. LBJ stopped the agricultural guest worker program, called the Bracero program, just at the time he started the Great Society. This allowed illegal immigrants to come to Chicago and not worry about being educated well enough to support themselves. The lack of income was made up through free benefits.

    The Center for Immigration Studies found that by 2005 the average illegal immigrant family in Chicago obtained tens pf thousands of dollars worth of benefits per year, mostly in the value of public education.

    The link between education and immigration cannot be underestimated. In Illinois and other states some of the biggest campaign contributors are teacher unions, and as residents left the big cities the unions needed to keep their jobs and pensions. Today Chicago is 47% Hispanic, whereas in 1970 it was only 2%. The need for city residents compelled Democrats to change/ignore all the immigration laws and work to repopulate northern cities. Not all cities encouraged illegal immigration. Chicago was the first but New York’s mayor Ed Koch made a sanctuary proclamation a few months later.

    The die had been cast. Big northern cities became obsessed with promoting illegal immigration to keep up their populations. The number of congressional members is totally dependent upon population. But Chicago also turned illegal immigrants into voters. In 1982 the FBI found that 100,000 voters were illegal in that year’s election. Other cities picked up the practice, but Chicago was the first to have its mayor declare itself a sanctuary for illegal immigration through Mayor Washington’s Executive Order 85-1.

    Today Chicago needs federal benefit dollars and deficit spending to finance not only the immigrants but the pensions of its union members. In Chicago all the high property taxes paid by residents goes only to public-sector pensions. Illinois has a total of ten cities where all the property taxes go to pensions. This is putting enormous financial stress on residents, so as a result Chicago and Pelosi are now more motivated than ever to eliminate immigration quotas, keep the southern border open and restore the populations of the traditional Democrat-run big cities.

    Only when one fully understands the public sector union demands for money and need to restore big city populations can the battle between President Trump and Nancy Pelosi be fully understood. Pelosi is convinced that if the Democratic big cities give up illegal immigration the Democratic Party is finished.”


    Democrats don’t care about what’s best for America, they only care about what’s best for themselves.


  3. And luckily for them, they have Obama appointed activist judges to thwart efforts to fix the problem.


    “A federal district court judge in the 9th Circuit on Monday issued a preliminary injunction blocking the Trump administration’s new policy of returning asylum seekers to Mexico as they wait for an immigration court to hear their cases, but the order won’t immediately go into effect.

    The so-called “Remain in Mexico” policy was one of the primary innovations of former Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, whom President Trump announced on Sunday “will be leaving her position” after 16 months in the job.

    Judge Richard Seeborg in San Francisco granted a request by civil liberties groups to halt the practice while their lawsuit moves forward. He put the decision on hold until Friday to give U.S. officials the chance to appeal to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals — which, thanks to Trump’s aggressive judicial appointments, is now more friendly to conservatives than it has been in more than three decades.

    The launch of the policy in January in San Diego at the nation’s busiest border crossing marked an unprecedented change to the U.S. asylum system, government officials and asylum experts said. Families seeking asylum typically had been released in the U.S. with notices to appear in court — and, conservatives have charged, they often can’t be relied upon to show up.”


    “Trump, earlier this week, flatly stated that the “the asylum program is a scam,” often abused by thousands of migrants with phony stories hoping to take advantage of U.S. law.

    Asylum law, conservatives point out, is intended to shield individuals from near-certain death or persecution on account of limited factors like religious or political affiliation — not poor living conditions and economic despair.

    Most asylum applicants are ultimately rejected for having an insufficient or unfounded personalized fear of persecution, following a full hearing of their case before an asylum officer or immigration judge.”


    Most have no right to asylum, but good luck deporting them, or even finding them, once they disappear into the interior.


  4. Huh. Perhaps if Christian parents did the same here, we could remove these harmful curriculum here too…..


    “Feminists Couldn’t Get Trans Ideology Out Of UK Public Schools, But Muslims Did

    The parents’ protests included pulling more than 600 Muslim children from school, and were incredibly effective. The LGBT lessons have stopped.”

    “In the United Kingdom, where the LGBT+ agenda is well entrenched in the school system, there have been protests from the Muslim population against these so-called teachings of tolerance. In Birmingham, a program called No Outsiders, organized by Andrew Moffatt, has been on the curriculum to teach students as young as five the ins and outs of same-sex families, inclusivity, and diversity.

    Moffatt, who is deputy head teacher at Parkfield Community School, developed the program “to ensure future younger generations learn about acceptance and respect of others.” While that’s a rather non-offensive ethos, what sowed tensions in the community was the introduction of LGBT+ content in the program.

    The Brits have typically been gung-ho for the gender unicorn, accepting trans women on short lists of women politicians, allowing males who identify as transgender — including sex offenders — to be housed in women’s prisons and battered women’s shelters, and being extremely accommodating about pronouns and National Health Service (NHS) facilitation of transgender medical interventions. But for the most part, those who tasted the rainbow were basic, white English folks.

    Controversy in the Muslim Community
    Then religious Muslims got wind of the LGBT+ indoctrination of their primary school students, and freaked out. According to these parents, who staged protests outside of the schools in their districts that offer the No Outsiders program, homosexuality is not sanctioned by their religion, and they don’t want their children taught that it’s acceptable. The parents’ protests included pulling more than 600 Muslim children from school, and were incredibly effective. The lessons have stopped.

    The funny part is that gender-critical British feminists have been protesting this stuff for a while, and their lamentations have fallen on deaf ears. Moreover, they’ve been badgered, brought up on charges, called bigots and TERFs, been doxxed, harassed, and fired from their posts, all for saying that perhaps the LGBT+ agenda is moving too fast through the social and educational system, and could be harming children instead of helping them. But now that an ethnic, religiously practicing minority takes issue with the program, it’s been put on pause. Why?”


  5. There she goes again…… 🙄



  6. From my Google
    Nothing escapes the political correctness cops.

    “UK grocery chain Waitrose has apologized after being accused of racism over the names of three chocolate ducklings.

    The “Waitrose Trio of Chocolate Easter Ducklings” contains a white, milk and dark chocolate version, which were named “Fluffy,” “Crispy” and “Ugly” respectively.

    A Twitter user questioned why Waitrose had chosen to call the darkest duckling “Ugly.”

    “Overheard women saying ‘this is not right,’ I agree, doesn’t look good at all,” wrote Livia A. Aliberti on March 7.
    Waitrose has since apologized in a short statement seen by CNN.
    “We are very sorry for any upset caused by the name of this product, it was absolutely not our intention to cause any offence,” reads the statement.

    “We removed the product from sale several weeks ago while we changed the labeling and our ducklings are now back on sale.”

    One possible explanation for the naming is a reference to the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale “The Ugly Duckling.”

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  7. Hey, and did you know that on 9-11, “that some people did something”?

    And the worst part? No, not your 2,996 dead US men and women. The worst part is some Muslim’s may have lost some civil liberties over it.

    Way to downplay it for your terrorist audience you piece of trash.


    “Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar described the September 11, 2001, terror attacks on the United States in a nonspecific way during a recent speech to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)

    Omar delivered the keynote speech at a fundraiser for CAIR in late March and urged Muslim Americans to “raise hell” and “make people uncomfortable.” In one part of her speech that surfaced on Twitter this week, Omar described the 9/11 attacks in a peculiar way.

    “CAIR was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something, and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties,” Omar said.”


  8. And just a reminder….. they’re lying, just like with their rash of hate crime hoaxes.


    “Last week, the New York Times featured an illustrated timeline of “white extremist” killings over the last nine years, with lines demonstrating citation and affiliation among the killers. According to the Times, the record shows “an informal global network of white extremists whose violent attacks are occurring with greater frequency in the West.”

    The idea that white supremacist violence is a growing global threat has gained more currency recently, notably in the wake of the ghastly Christchurch mosque massacre, when an avowed white nationalist murdered 50 Muslims. New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for instance, asserted that “White supremacists committed the largest # of extremist killings in 2017.” No one will deny that racial hatred is an evil ideology, and that people who kill in the name of white supremacy commit evil—but is it true that white extremists are sowing a growing amount of worldwide mayhem?

    The evidence suggests otherwise. Even a superficial glance at the record indicates that of the nearly 20,000 people killed in thousands of extremist killings in 2017, white supremacists were responsible for very few. The worst terrorist event of 2017, according to the State Department, was the explosion of a truck bomb outside the Safari Hotel in Mogadishu, Somalia, which killed more than 580 people. This violent act is believed to have been the work of Al-Shabaab, which was responsible for 97 percent of the 370 instances of extremist killings in Somalia in 2017, accounting for about 1,400 deaths—mostly civilian. The remaining violent acts were carried out by Jabha East Africa (ISIS-Somalia), a dissident Al-Shabaab splinter group.

    The deadliest extremist attack in Egypt’s history took place in 2017, when ISIS-Sinai terrorists converged on a mosque in Sinai during Friday prayers and slaughtered 312 people, including 27 children, when they came outside. Also in Egypt that year, on Palm Sunday, an extremist suicide bomber connected to IS-Egypt killed 30 Coptic Christians at a church in Tanta. He coordinated his actions with another suicide bomber, who killed 16 people at a church in Alexandria.

    The first day of 2017 was marked by an ISIS attack on a nightclub in Istanbul; the Uzbeki perpetrator killed 35 people. In April, another Uzbeki rammed a truck into a crowd of people in Stockholm, killing seven. In August, ISIS militant Younes Abouyaaqoub ran a truck into a crowd of people in Barcelona, killing 15 people. I mention these acts of extremist killing in Turkey, Sweden, and Spain to illustrate the global nature of the phenomenon; strictly in terms of the numbers of people killed, they are scarcely of note.

    White nationalists committed none of the above violent acts of extremist killing, and that’s nothing remarkable: almost all the world’s extremist violence is concentrated in a handful of regions, where very few white people live. In areas where whites do live (America, Canada, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand), white nationalists do indeed perpetrate a significant proportion of the relatively uncommon acts of extremist violence. Again, this is unsurprising, because whites make up the overwhelming majority of the population there.”


  9. The next shoe to drop.


    “Attorney General William Barr said Tuesday that an inspector general’s investigation into whether the FBI abused the surveillance court process during the Russia probe will be completed by May or June.

    Barr also told lawmakers during a House Appropriations Committee hearing that he is reviewing how the FBI handled the counterintelligence investigation of the Trump campaign that began in summer 2016.

    “The office of the inspector general has a pending investigation of the [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] process in the Russia investigation. I expect that that will be complete, probably in May or June, I am told,” said Barr.

    “More generally, I am reviewing the conduct of the investigation and trying to get my arms around all of the aspects of the counterintelligence investigation that was conducted during the summer of 2016,” he added.

    Michael Horowitz, the Justice Department’s inspector general, began investigating on March 28, 2018, whether the FBI mislead the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in applications for FISA warrants against Carter Page, a Trump campaign adviser.”


  10. Ask, and ye shall receive.

    Do it, and watch how fast Mexico slams the door thru their country. You sometimes need to use the stick, not the carrot. Mexico collapses without the money they bleed of the US. They know it too.

    Number 3 on the list in post one.



    “The White House is planning on targeting remittance payments made by illegal immigrants in the wake of an ongoing migrant flood at the U.S. southern border, a senior administration official told reporters Tuesday.

    The plans to target remittance payments come amid a broader shakeup at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and future executive actions designed to curb illegal immigration. The situation at the southern border has escalated in recent weeks, with thousands of migrants arriving daily to claim asylum.”


    “Kobach told Breitbart News on Tuesday that this will be an effective way for President Donald Trump to compel the Mexican government to take more enforcement action against Central Americans trafficking through their country.

    Kobach told Breitbart, “The threat I propose is one that actually helps us if we follow through on it. That is the threat of ending remittances from the majority of people in the United States from Mexico who are here illegally,” adding “they don’t want to risk losing that massive flow of foreign capital. In most years, it’s their second biggest source of foreign capital.””


  11. More is coming. 🙂

    And just a reminder, NTers are wrong again. 🙂


    “Mark Meadows: More criminal referrals coming, ‘overwhelming evidence’ shows DOJ, FBI abuse”

    “Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., teased more criminal referrals against Justice Department and FBI officials on Monday as a colleague of his plans to submit one of his own.

    House Intelligence Committee ranking member Devin Nunes, R-Calif., announced on Sunday he is ready to send eight criminal referrals to Attorney General William Barr this week related to the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation.

    In a tweet, Meadows, a member of the Oversight Committee, said it was the “right move” and hinted that there is more to come.”


  12. And from multiple angles.

    2 words Mr. Barr…….

    Special. Counsel.


    “Barr assembles ‘team’ to look into counterintelligence investigation on Trump campaign in 2016, official says”

    “Attorney General William Barr has assembled a “team” to investigate the origins of the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign, an administration official briefed on the situation told Fox News on Tuesday.

    Republicans repeatedly have called for a thorough investigation of the FBI’s intelligence practices and the basis of the since-discredited Russian collusion narrative following the conclusion of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe — and they now appear to have assurances that a comprehensive review was underway.”


    “Barr told lawmakers at a contentious hearing earlier Tuesday that he was reviewing the bureau’s “conduct” in particular during the summer of 2016. The attorney general’s explosive testimony marked his first Capitol Hill appearance since he revealed the central findings of Mueller’s investigation, and he indicated the full report — with redactions — would be made public within the week.

    Mueller’s investigation completed last month without securing the indictment of a single American for collusion with Russia or obstruction of justice, “despite multiple offers from Russian-affiliated individuals to assist the Trump campaign.”

    “I am reviewing the conduct of the investigation and trying to get my arms around all the aspects of the counterintelligence investigation that was conducted during the summer of 2016,” Barr said at the hearing.”


  13. Oh really?

    Well then, let’s see it. 🙂



    “”I have him in his own words documented. I offered him three hours on radio and one hour here,” Hannity said. “I got a tape of him colluding with a Russia, or somebody believed to be a Russian that had compromising materials of naked pictures of Trump. He was hyperventilating on the phone call and didn’t know it was a hoax.”

    He appeared to be referencing Schiff being pranked by Russian comedians who offered nude photos of Trump during an April 2017 phone call. Although a spokesman for Schiff claimed the congressman knew it was “bogus” and informed law enforcement, the Daily Mail reported that a member of Schiff’s staff continued correspondence with the pranksters via email, seeking the damaging material on Trump. Last year Hannity played a clip of Russian pranksters Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Stolyarov, better known as Vovan and Lexus, claiming to Schiff that they had compromising images of a “naked” Trump.”


    Quick, someone remind me again who was colluding with the Russians……


  14. And despite breathless reporting from the liberal press for most of yesterday to the contrary, Bibi is back.

    Looks like their exit polls are as accurate as ours. 🙂


    “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu secured a clear path to re-election on Wednesday, with religious-rightist parties set to hand him a parliamentary majority despite a close contest against his main centrist challenger, a vote tally showed.

    With more than 97 percent of votes counted, Netanyahu’s conservative Likud party looked likely to muster enough support to control 65 of the Knesset’s 120 seats and be named to head the next coalition government. It would be his record fifth term as premier.”


  15. AJ – Sorry you didn’t like the tone of the writer in that article I shared yesterday. I cringed at it, too, but it seemed to mostly tone down after the first few paragraphs.

    That’s the problem with so much media these days, left, right, and in-between – snarkiness and sarcasm and such. It’s easier to recognize it in those we disagree with and overlook it in those we agree with. I have learned to read past the tone to try to get to the writer’s point. But yeah, sometimes that takes some major ignoring of a nasty tone.


  16. Kizzie,

    I’m bothered less by her tone than I am by her open border views. Opening the borders is not a solution. Think there’s a problem now? Try that and it’d be a stampede, from all ports of entry.

    Please don’t think I’m directing this at you, because I’m not, but that’s just insanely stupid. We shouldn’t even waste our time with un-serious suggestions like hers. I’ve read her work at Reason, Wash. Examiner, and in the NYT before, and it’s always the same tired anti-Trump, pro-open borders stuff. She’s predictable. She’s also part of the problem, not the solution.


  17. One good aspect of what she wrote is that it would cost less than what we are doing now.

    Most libertarians who are in favor of open borders (not all of them are) also say that immigrants should not be eligible for any kind of welfare program, that it would be a sink or swim situation for them.


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