35 thoughts on “News/Politics 3-23-19

  1. Everything on FoxNews is about the Mueller Report.
    And whoever is discussing it is accompanied by a side picture of Robert Mueller.
    Problem with that is: He is the only guy on TV who is uglier than I am.
    Shannon Bream should have made the report.


  2. They believe their own lies Chas.

    The question I have is when will the mea culpas and apologies to the president begin?

    Just kidding, these frauds don’t have the decency to admit they were wrong, and lying to the public. Democrats, NTers, and the media all have egg on their faces. But the frauds keep digging instead.

    They dogged a duly elected president with this facade for years now. Those responsible need to pay a price.


    This had to about kill them to have to admit. 🙂



    “CNN pundits are admitting that Mueller’s final report vindicates President Donald Trump, undercutting the frenzied coverage the network has given the Russia investigation since its inception.”


    “CNN political analyst Gloria Borger admitted that the president is “vindicated” by the conclusion of the probe, but did so in a roundabout way, focusing on the political implications for the president’s past critiques of the Mueller team.

    “So if, if as Jeffrey is saying, they get great news, the great news is, first of all, there’s no more indictments. But if suddenly the president has to say those angry Democrats who were working with Bob Mueller were actually just part of a Justice Department doing its job after he has criticized the Justice Department, then he’s now vindicated.””


  3. Denial. It’s not just a river in Egypt. 🙂

    After years of outrageous accusation against the president, Democrats just can’t deal with the truth. So they’ll pull an OJ Simpson, and continue the search for the real crimes/criminals. 🙄

    Funny thing too, after a year of breathlessly telling us how important it was that Mueller be allowed to finish his work, and that Trump not fire (he didn’t and wouldn’t, even though he should have) now Mueller’s work is just not good enough.


    “Democrats in Denial After Mueller Report Completed, Vow to Keep Investigating and “Find the Truth””

    “Robert Mueller just submitted his final report, wrapping up a two-year-long investigation into alleged collusion between Trump associates and Russian officials and Democrats are already vowing to “find the truth.”

    Rep. Schiff, who has made a name for himself peddling speculation about the investigation is on the case!”

    Schiff is a liar.


  4. Own it.


  5. I wonder how Ricky is taking the news. 🤣😅😂😀😁

    Someone should check on him please. 🙂



    Dreams die hard. 🙂


  6. And I’m anon again……

    Some are doing a victory lap.


    “As we told you earlier, the Mueller report is in and the MSM is reporting there will be no further indictments, at least as it relates to Russian interference in the 2016 election. Jerome Corsi, take a bow . . . you just beat Robert Mueller:”



  7. Matthews is about to suffer an aneurysm. 🙂


    “Perhaps no single reaction Friday night to the conclusion of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation rivaled that of MSNBC’s Hardball host Chris Matthews, who was apoplectic, inconsolable, and irate at the notion the Mueller team will not offer any further indictments in hopes of criminal charges concerning Russian collusion. And even his most adored guests couldn’t avoid his scorn.

    Somewhere along the way, it never occurred to MSNBC that maybe a call should have been placed to Barack Obama to help calm Matthews down. Maybe that would have helped.”


  8. Linda,

    Sorry but it’s a big deal. Trump has been vindicated, and some of us have been right all along. 🙂

    But don’t worry, now that they have nothing, they’ll move on to the next thing soon enough.


  9. So for two years of doubting Mueller’s credibility, he’s suddenly credible?

    Given the number of indictments, guilty pleas and jail time, its obvious that Trump had very little discretion in his hiring practise; these were not best people.

    Why did anyone expect indictments to accompany the report. I didn’t. The indictments came in the course of the investigation but the actual report was focused on Russian interference in the election. However there may be something in the report forcing Congress to act.

    I’m interested in reading the actual report and then making conclusions. They should release the whole report in book form and sell it at bookstores. It would be a best seller. I think the Ken Starr report was released this way.

    If they don’t release the report with minimal redactions, questions will linger.


  10. HRW,

    Mueller and this entire investigation were a witch hunt from the start, orchestrated by Obama and Dems. However it is your side who lent him credibility. I’m simply pointing out that you have nothing, and even your own witch doctor Mueller says so.

    As for the “indictments, guilty pleas and jail time” garbage…… Do you think Trump has magical powers capable of seeing the past unreported or pursued crimes of others? Yeah. Me neither.

    You’re simply claiming guilt by association, which is laughable in DC. Please.

    What exactly did they get? Not much, nothing really.


    “And speaking of history, let’s a have a brief review of what we’ve really learned so far from the multi-million dollar Mueller investigation: who actually got indicted. The worst miscreant is clearly Paul Manafort, who, before he worked for Trump, did some dirty dealing with nasty characters in the Ukraine and elsewhere. Nothing good can be said about Manafort except he has a distinct similarity to Clinton friend Tony Podesta (with whom he worked, but who has not yet been indicted) and a whole host of other Beltway creeps that infest our nation’s capital, sucking off the body politic, foreign and domestic.

    And then there’s Michael Flynn. He may or may not (it’s unclear) have been scared into lying about something minor, but his real crime, the reason they were really out to get him, was his strong opposition to the Iran deal. In any case, some investigators didn’t even think he did or said anything wrong. Mueller tried to muscle him. And so far Flynn hasn’t even been sentenced to anything. It keeps getting postponed for some reason. Will he be? Who knows? But Trump will doubtless pardon him anyway and should.

    Then there’s the nefarious Papadopoulos character who also got caught making a “false statement” and did minimal time.

    Next there’s Roger Stone who, it turns out, is something of a braggart and a liar. (We needed a million-dollar investigation for that?) Of course, the idea that Stone would do anything in any way meaningful is ludicrous.

    And then there’s Jerome Corsi. He was supposed to be indicted unless he turned evidence against someone. But he refused and wasn’t indicted. Conclusion: Corsi was perfectly innocent. They were just trying to muscle him. Pretty creepy, wouldn’t you say?

    And finally, there’s Michael Cohen, the fixer. He’s a pathetic character, but none of his multiple lies or glancing truths (there must be some) come within miles of Russia collusion. In fact, he’s the guy who didn’t go to Prague.

    And, I almost forgot, the indictment of twenty Russian hackers in St. Petersburg who will never be arrested. We’re supposed to be shocked that Russkies are spewing disinformation at us when they’ve been doing it since the tzars. Of course, we’re probably doing similar things to them too, but don’t tell anybody. (At least I hope we are. We’re paying the CIA for something.)

    So there you have it, folks. Two years worth of investigation and millions of taxpayer dollars for that, not to mention hamstringing the president of the United States in his activities almost everywhere he went during the same period.”


  11. Or as Turley puts it,

    “You cannot collude alone. So if there is collusion here, one would expect that other people will be charged,” Turley said. “The policy is you can’t charge a sitting president, but that doesn’t apply to other people.”

    And since no one else is being charged or indicted…….. wait for it…… there is no crime. Never was.


    “That’s the crux of Turley’s conclusion, a point which a number of analysts have made over the last few months of the probe. It’s true that the DoJ has a policy against indicting a sitting president, but the lack of indictments for any other Trump-connected people alleging collusive or conspiratorial connections to Russia or even Wikileaks speak loudly. Others would have to be charged with that conduct for it to exist at all, but all Mueller has produced are indictments over past conduct (Rick Gates and Paul Manafort), process crimes related to lying to investigators on other issues, and some show charges against Russians that will never see the inside of a courtroom — and which also do not allege any collusion with Trump or the campaign.

    The media has focused attention on what Turley calls the “collateral damage” indictments issued by Mueller in the course of his probe. However, none of those alleged anything close to the core of the Russia-collusion hypothesis that prompted a special-counsel investigation in the first place. With no more indictments coming, a point confirmed by the DoJ and Mueller’s office yesterday, Turley tells CBS This Morning that the whole of the information would “indicate that [Mueller] did not find a conspiracy of collusion.”

    And that’s nothing short of “vindication” for Trump, Turley concludes, even if Mueller takes a few shots at Trump on the way out over firing James Comey:”


  12. HRW,

    I agree it should all come out. But I want it because it was all a false narrative built on lies and innuendo meant to handicap a sitting president for the first 2 years of his administration, and this will prove that. Treasonous really, and some have a reckoning coming, in the media, and Congress.

    “Tucker Carlson Lays Out Two Years Of Collusion Hysteria And Why They Must Be Held Accountable”


  13. The Apocalypse Primary…….

    If Corey (I am Spartacus dammit!) Booker is your savior, you’re doomed. 🙂


  14. These people are no longer rational. They just make it up as they go.


  15. Like I said…….

    Their last great hope now that Mueller has failed them.



  16. Democrats have pushed the lies so much that they actually started to believe it. 🙂

    Creepy/Delusional 2020!


  17. And let’s not forget this hacktastic piece of work……. from 2 weeks ago, when they still had hope and delusions of being correct.

    Someone was clearly wrong here.


  18. The Mueller investigation served it’s minor purpose – and that was too drag this out long enough for the Dems to win the House. They, of course, wanted the President and Senate to – but they are quite happy to have the House. Now the House can continue investigating until the 2020 election. They will expand the topics to be investigated and demand the President’s tax returns. Now that they have the House, they can also derail further investigations into the Obama and Clinton shenanigans.

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  19. Vindication.


  20. Chas; The problem with investigate, investigate is that they keep ‘leaking’ information from the investigations stating that ‘name your target’ MIGHT have violated the law in that he/she MAY have done (or approved of) ‘whatever’. Then, the Rachel Madow’s of the world take it and blow it all out of proportion has they breathlessly claim ‘we now have proof’ that ‘name your target’ MIGHT have violated the law. The target is now guilty in eye of the public. We’ve seen this over and over again.


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