45 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-8-19

  1. Is it Friday already?
    Are those real ducks?
    Good morning everyone but Jo.
    Good night Jo.
    When is Spring coming?
    Who is asking all these questions?

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  2. DJ,

    I love the pic of other people taking a pic of the rude birds. I hope those birds get flamed broiled next at The Flame Boiler. 🙂 Too funny. 🙂

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  3. Good morning, and I second, “And you know what that means!”
    Friday funnys is a couple of gulls going on a free ride. That could cause an accident with people trying to take photos. Explain that to the judge.

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  4. Yesterday when I asked about Pampered Chef products, I asked because I am thinking of ordering some to give the hard-working ladies in the office at work, and I wanted to be sure that most people thought highly of the products. I have given flowers that people can plant in their yard in the past, but thought this year I might do something different. These ladies both cook for their families. These days, some ladies would be angry if they received a gift of Pampered Chef products because cooking is beneath their paygrade. I like working in an office where we share recipes.

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  5. having been reared in Charleston, I should have noticed.
    Just not paying attention.
    But I’ve never seen seagulls (or ducks) on a car.

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  6. How will you know what they would use or don’t have yet, Janice? I would love to get items from Pampered Chef and have given them to my daughters.


  7. I love and have loved many of the Pampered Chef items. I still use pot scrubbers that I ordered from them 20 years ago. I have a mini-flipper for lifting up small squares of baked goods, a pizza cutter, and my current everyday glassware is from them. I have water glasses and juice glasses. I had the pizza pan, the deep dish pan, and the large bowl all made of clay that went in the oven. Nothing baked a better chicken than the deep dish and bowl (you put the bowl on top of the deep dish to baste the chicken as it was cooking). I lost those in a move several years back.
    I don’t currently know anyone selling it or I would probably still be buying it.


  8. Should you be tempted, and I am sure you won’t be, DO NOT watch The Favourite. It got an Oscar for best actress or something. The acting was terrible, the characters were unlikeable, the plot was bizarre, and the music was annoying. I HATED it. I really don’t see the point in going back in history to portray Queen Anne as a lesbian. If I could score it in the negative numbers I would.

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  9. I spoke to the mother of one who lives in the household to verify she does not have the item. The other one has extra family living in her home, too. I figure the kit could be used by others in the home even if she has one. It is a new product so I’m thinking she may not have it. I will see if I can find a link. I bought it through a Facebook party and I told the person I don’t want to sell. This week I did however say that as it gets closer to Christmas, I might do a Facebook party like the one I purchased from. I have never known anyone who ssoldPampered Chef but had been given a few items at a relatives Christmas gathering (we did that exchange where people can take your gift if desired). When I saw the Facebook party I looked to see what they had and bought some things that I could use. If I do a Facebook party in the fall, it would only be to help those are like me and do not have a person to buy from. It would be a one time thing, and I only said I might do it.


  10. Morning! I thought those were ducks upon first glance then I noticed the beaks….yep those are gulls. I have never seen gulls sitting atop a car though….squatters?
    I have a couple of Pampered Chef items. My mini flipper is my favorite and I like my pink scraper. I did have the infuser pitcher but it cracked and was in my view very low quality.
    Another Springlike day around here with high winds…I shall open the windows for some fresh air and wash all the bed linens…sure would like to hang them out on a clothes line… 😊

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  11. It wasn’t until I read the last line that I realized that I was glad I didn’t know what Kim was talking about.

    🙂 I’ve already set my car clock to DST.


  12. Did I mention I love the snow? One of the sheep is lambing this morning. She seems to know what she is doing. She is in the shelter, snug up to the wall.

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  13. Nancyjill, from reading product reviews I got the impression that some of the Pampered Chef products are great, but others are like you described that infuser. That was why I wanted to ask here. Some things I considered buying until I read the reviews on each product.

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  14. It’s becoming quite common to see seagulls on cars around here. I think I sent AJ another one a few years ago showing a gull perched on top of a car as I was waiting outside an H&R Block shop, I was there to do a “last day” taxes story but was waiting to spot someone going in with big bags of paperwork (which happened soon enough).

    Mostly they’re brazenly panhandling for french fries. When I was leaving the lot, sure enough, someone had tossed some take-out food scraps onto the parking lot and they finally left the car top and were able to enjoy a decent feast.

    And yes, if you zoom in you can see the lady in the passing car snapping their photo as well. Good eye, AJ, I hadn’t even noticed that!

    So will it be lighter in the mornings now with the time change? Or darker at first? Darker I guess. I’ll be working at home next week so I’ll be able to transition to the new time better. The LB office won’t be ready until March 18 so next week is a week in limbo for me. Once the new place is open, I’ll plan on going in regularly for a while, just to get acclimated to the new setup. We’re divided up into 3 separate sections, though, so I’ll be in an area with maybe 2 or 3 other reporters/editors only. I think there will be maybe 12 altogether going to that office? All editorial people. The other office to the north will be mostly ad folks with just one reporter.

    One of our computer program designer guys actually lives in El Segundo where the new northerly office will be, so it all will work out great for him (he’s about the only one). He works only 32 hours a week because he said his wife makes “8 times” more than he does and has stellar medical benefits he can share; that allows him to be the part-time stay-at-home dad for their middle school aged daughter.

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  15. The clock in the Jeep is way off, has been for many years now. 🙂

    When was Pampered Chef really popular? I never bought anything or went to a part for that, though I was invited to one or two I believe. My first roommate and I got swept into the Tupperware party circuit when we were in our 20s. Some of it was still around until fairly recently when I dumped the last few pieces in the back of the cupboard.

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  16. 1980’s and 90’s, though I bought a rice cooker about 15 years ago from a woman in church with a lot of kids. It was okay, but it was just as fast to cook rice on the stove or oven.

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  17. I just posted this on FB, but thought I’d try here:

    I am currently researching an article about the Oriental Missionary Society’s Great Village Campaign in Japan 1913-1918.

    If you have heard of this or know anything about it, could you contact me, please?

    Even if you have only heard of it, I’d like to know in what context and what you know.

    L. B. Cowman was involved.

    You can reach me at michelleuleauthor [at] gmail.com



  18. I’m pretty sure no one would be upset at a gift of Pampered Chef products. It might or might not be something they use, but the products have a good reputation for quality.

    I went to just one party of theirs. I had heard they serve food (this one didn’t) and that you don’t have to buy anything. I went intending to buy something inexpensive, but I only saw one thing inexpensive I was interested in, and when I realized that one had to pay for shipping for each purchase–I had thought the seller might bring it to church or something–I decided not to order.

    I have been to several such parties in my life, intending to buy a few times, and have never yet bought anything. For instance, I went to a candle party, thinking I could buy some pretty candles as additions to Christmas presents I was purchasing–but it turned out they were selling candle holders, and all were fairly expensive. I don’t like the marketing technique and think that it adds a lot of cost to the products–mostly I don’t like it because it encourages women to put pressure on their friends–and my husband has specifically asked me not to attend any, so that gives me a nice “out” now.

    When I was packing kitchen supplies from a way-overstuffed small kitchen, I found quite a few Pampered Chef items. One daughter immediately asked for them, but my take is that I saw the products at the party and thought they looked good, but I couldn’t afford to buy them. Since my husband already bought them (through his first wife), it doesn’t make a lot of sense to overpay and then also give them away–might as well use them! (Her income is higher than ours anyway, and we gave the girls a lot while we were moving, so she is free to buy some herself if she wants them. But I do look forward to trying them at some point.

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  19. Rice cooker: I use mine a lot. Bought it while on Okinawa, nearly thirty years ago. I never could succeed regularly with rice on the stove top, always made a big mess. A friend from Guam convinced me of the rice cooker when he showed up at Okuma with a huge pot of rice he had cooked up, no mess.

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  20. I just heard, this is National Women’s Day.
    So? How do I celebrate? It’s raining, so I can’t fly the flag.
    What is the significance of National women’s Day? ‘

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  21. rain, rain, and more rain here this morning. But,… usually our weather doesn’t stay around for long, so we could have sunshine later. Also foggy.
    My home is nice and dry, but my aide leaves in a hut that is leaking in this weather. I always thing of her when I hear heavy rain.

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  22. International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8 every year. It is a focal point in the movement for women’s rights. After the Socialist Party of America organized a Women’s Day on February 28, 1909, in New York, the 1910 International Socialist Woman’s Conference suggested a Women’s Day be held annually.
    That is what I found when I “Googled” the history of the day Chas. I’m thinking I do not want to participate…so no…I don’t believe you made anyone mad around here 😊

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  23. Kim’s comment about that movie reminded me of some annoyance I have with Masterpiece Theatre’s Victoria. In general, I have been enjoying this series, and I keep reading up on the actual history behind Queen Victoria and those around her.

    My annoyance is over the way it kind of slanders some historical figures. One year, it presented two young men (I think they were both lords) falling in love with each other. The real historical men were actually far apart in age, may never have known each other, and there is no evidence that either one was homosexual.

    This year, they have presented Victoria’s half-sister Theodora as a scheming, meddling woman as she temporarily lives in the palace with Victoria and her family. In truth, Theodora and Victoria were close, and kept their relationship alive by exchanging letters after Theodora married and left the country. She never did come back to live with them.

    Also this year, they presented Victoria and Albert going through a very tough time in their relationship, almost becoming estranged. I haven’t yet read more deeply, but what I have read in the past about their marriage was that it was a good, loving marriage. (In the TV show, they did make up at the end of the season.)

    Now I am waiting for the next season of The Crown to finally pop up on Netflix, although I know much of that is fictionalized, too. (I do like the way they have portrayed her Christian faith, not ignoring it.)

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  24. DJ – I suspect those are mostly young men. A friend’s teenage twin sons wear basketball shorts all year long, although I think they do wear coats or jackets in the cold weather.

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  25. Thanks all for interesting comments about Pampered Chef products. I attended a few of the Home Interiors parties and bought a few home decor items. I also attended Tupperware parties and like most of all the cake carrier and deviled egg tray. That’s about all of those type parties I have attended except for Discovery Toys. I bought several of their high quality toys for Wesley. I really don’t like the party sales method for all the reasons people have mentioned, but also because I am an introvert. The parties seem so contrived, a fake social event that is all about sales. If I want to buy something that I need, I want to buy it and not waste time with party games.

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  26. I have some Tupperware here. It is just the thing for keeping bugs out., and ants.
    I even got some replacement lids at Christmas. This kind of climate you need to seal everything. I also put grains in the freezer for a while before putting them into a container.

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  27. I like real parties, but I really think those companies exploit women in a sense; they take advantage of the way women are made to turn us into customers, whether or not we want to be. I resent that, and refuse to play their game. The product is fine–but sell it at a fair price, and don’t put social pressure on me to “be a good friend” and buy your product whether I want to or not. Oh, and don’t come around with flyers and tell me your children are selling something for their school, either. My tax dollars already pay for their school, my own children didn’t attend public school and my grandchildren probably won’t, and your children aren’t selling this stuff anyway–you are. I might be willing to pay five dollars to buy something from your child (especially if it is for some cause other than supporting their school), but buying from you, nope, I don’t feel guilty saying no.

    I don’t mean to be rude, but neither do I mean to have people take advantage of “it’s hard to turn down a child / a friend” to sell me stuff I don’t want or need, and can’t afford.

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