50 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-22-19

  1. It is raining in Greensboro. It has been raining all week.
    I do not take Elvera out in the rain because she would get drenched in even a drizzle because she is so slow about getting tint the car..
    She has not been out of the house since Sunday.

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  2. Good morning or evening all. The book festival went well. We even had sunshine which rarely happens. I noticed my class was dragging about halfway through the activities. I asked if anyone wanted to give me part of their costume and I would put it in the office for them. About half of them took their costume off as it was just too hot. One boy was Biscuit the dog and when he handed me his costume I couldn’t believe how heavy and thick it was. One stop had huge bubbles that a fellow made out of a solution and I got great pictures of my class chasing the bubbles.

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  3. Good morning from foggy Atlanta, Georgia. Feeling very grateful for fog instead of rain! It sounds like we are suppose to get the end of this system on Sunday morning when a goodbye storm is predicted.

    My friend, Ksren. Told me that dilation lasts a lot longer in light colored eyes. I think I am not yet back to normal in the most recent surgical eye.

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  4. Cheryl, have you considered joining Word Weavers as a way to jumpstart your writing career? You can make some great contacts and possibly find editing jobs by networking through your new friendships.


  5. On another thread, I was talking about the worth of the dollar.
    Then it occurred to me that I might hove some of the money we used in Germany in 1952.
    The dollar was so valuable, that military guys used a script to replace the dollar.
    I don’t know what good it did, but they wanted to keep the Germans from collecting dollars. Seems dumb to me, but they did.
    Anyhow, I looked through my stuff and couldn’t find anything. But I do have a dollar bill from Bermuda and 5 Indian Reals.
    I think I’ll keep them, just in case.i

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  6. Chas, my daughter made snow cones from real snow this year. Her children really enjoyed them. Her husband was horrified. She was careful to find really clean snow. Her children did not die or contract any illness as far as she knows. If everything a child puts in their mouths killed them, there wouldn’t be any children who make it past the first few years.

    George Washington would find some improvements with this nation. If we could just keep the improvements and all the good values. Someday, somewhere….with Christ it will all be good. The bad is so disturbing we can forget the good in this nation.

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  7. Morning! It is vet day for the dogs. I know at least one of them is going to be displeased but she will have her tranquilizer 3 hours before the trip into town. It will at least take the edge off for her! 🐶
    Beautiful photo up there by the way!

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  8. My daughter just reported from Pasadena that her car is frozen in place–it snowed where she lives, 10 miles from downtown LA!

    She also said she has a bad tire. 😦 I asked if she thought I could have Amazon delivery one to her . . . So, just pray she gets herself safely to and fro–and buys a new tire tomorrow!

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  9. Beautiful photo!

    Good luck at the vet, Nancyjill. Our vet day must be coming up soon.

    It’s a personal day off for me and I am hoping to get some things done in the house.

    I sometimes wonder what my parents and grandparents would make of the world and the nation not so long after their passings. So many changes, especially in technology and the culture. My mom died just a few years before the dawn of the age of the personal computer (she was just then struggling with learning how to put a cassette tape into a radio/tape player she’d purchased).

    The changes the personal computer alone has brought to the world — including to our everyday lives and how we do everything from communicate with friends to shopping, paying monthly bills and accessing simply what is a wealth of information we never had access to before — are mind boggling when you think about it. It will surely go down as one of those sea-change revolutions in mankind’s history, with all the good and bad ripple effects that have accompanied it.

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  10. Oh, good luck with the car in Pasadena. No snow at the coast where I live (that I know of or heard about anyway), but it did hit a lot of areas all around the rest of LA. I just stepped outside to retrieve some cans of cat food from the patio storage and it is a very brisk morning, to say the least.

    I need to get my tires rotated and my sensors checked as that flashing ‘!’ tire light still blinks (and it shouldn’t since I had all new sensors put in when I bought the tires less than a year ago). I also need to get the Jeep in for a recall fix, but when that all is done I’ll be up to speed on all the car maintenance at least.

    House paint question: So I noticed a couple weeks ago there was paint ‘bubbling’ on the south side of my house in a couple different areas. I talked to the paint store people who said it could be any number of things but the fix would be to power wash and re-prep and re-paint those areas. I contacted the painter who looked at it and says oh, that’s where your stucco was in bad shape. His diagnosis is it’s nothing to do with the paint or the paint job (of course), but rather it’s that the stucco there has been so beaten up by weather and sun through the years that it’s now “pourous” and moisture and heat seep in. The cure, he said, is the remove the stucco in those places down to the ‘chicken wire’ and re-stucco.

    That’s a whole new house job, of course. So I’ll check back in with the paint store and run that scenario by them to see if it sounds plausible. Either way, there’s no dealing with it until after this rainy season passes and until I can get some more house money saved up. I also would like another hands-on opinion, estimate, but that’ll be hard to do without removing the paint.



  11. Real Estate Guy is skeptical, btw. He thinks the prep step was somehow lacking and a prep/paint do-over should be done at no charge with me buying the paint and primer.


  12. We are in Ecuador with family. We woke up early to earthquake sirens. About 40 minutes later had an aftershock. We are fine. It was a pretty big one, felt into Columbia and Peru. Fortunately its center was in the jungle in a very lowly populated area.

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  13. Glad to hear you are okay, yapamom. I seem to recall a big one back in the sixties that hit in Chile. The little boy my parents sponsored got a broken leg from it. Had a big impact on me as far as opening my eyes to people in other lands.

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  14. Stay safe yapamom. I’m all too familiar (here in California) with that horrible feeling of everything shaking all around, under and over you. It is very scary. But the effects can be so much worse in areas where buildings are older and/or don’t meet modern-day earthquake standards. Praying impacts were somewhat minimal.

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  15. I had a car freeze in place once. I had been driving so the tires were warm when I parked on a very cold rainy day. I didn’t realize there was a big puddle about 1/2 inch deep, so some of the tires froze. It took a little but I got it moved.

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  16. So how about I tell the painter let’s just do a “do-over” for now with some extra attention paid to the prep, maybe some mechanical/wire brush cleaning of the existing stucco to make sure everything’s cleaned. If the paint then holds, great; if not, it’s something I’ll have to deal with later.

    Seems to me he should be willing to offer that (I’d buy paint, maybe provide some extra labor if prep requires more work than the first time). But otherwise labor free as it’s a do-over “fix” to his original job at my request.

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  17. Dj it could be the heat. Was it really hot outside when painter painted that area? We were told our bubbling paint on the porch floor was due to when it was applied…it was too hot outdoors. Scraping and reapplying paint in those areas in cooler temps is expected to remedy the issue. We shall see as soon as we get warmer temps…in June! (You could try to pop it with a pin but it doesn’t work…I tried it!! I also tried popping the bubbles with my toe…didn’t work!) 😂

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  18. I’m afraid to ‘pop’ the bubbles as then it might just start peeling.

    But, yes, they would have been painting that in the late summer, I believe, have no recollection of the temps during that time. But I think it’s worth a try to do over before jumping into stucco replacement!

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  19. My eye is still partially dilated. It means that I have to use reading glasses and hold a magnifying glass to read regular size print. That is getting old. I still feel pretty worthless but realize it is a minor temporary thing, and I need not feel defeated over it.

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  20. I have never heard an earthquake siren.

    I have heard that you can also use your removable car mats to gain traction under car wheels. I have never tried it.

    We were happy to get a couple of sensors replaced, since our car would not allow us to use the remote starter until they were fixed. I was not happy when it was many degrees below zero. Weather has been relatively warm since we have had it done. That will change soon. A remote starter for the vehicle is just one of the new technology that is great, IMO.

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  21. Oh, I LOVE my remote car starter. Son had one installed for us with extended range as our shop is across the yard from the house. I can also start it from the chalet at camp while it’s parked way up in the parking lot. I’m not sure I would have done well mentally this winter if I didn’t have that command start. What a blessing to get into an already warm car. It’s a safety thing too, when you travel the back roads, to have a pre-warmed car.

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  22. My automatic garage door isn’t working again, it’s stuck about a foot off the ground. Garage door people can’t come until Monday. I never realized how difficult these doors were, I just had it “balanced” in December.

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  23. I have an ongoing battle here. Husband thinks everything should be tech so he wants an auto garage door. I have heard too many stories about their problems to want one around. Same with the gate on our driveway road. I am fine getting out of the vehicle and opening and closing the gate.

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  24. Well, son with the major concussion (so that he made six more runs which he does not recall but they had pictures of) decided he did not need no stinkin follow up appt with the concussion folk. He is still having headaches. He says he is planning to wear a helmet next time. I told him that is called counting the cost. He says he does not have time to not go to class for a concussion. I suggested he might want to consider that prior to entering into risky behaviour like snowboarding and motorbiking and driving drunk.

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  25. Mumsee- Compromise: Get a garage door that opens either with a remote or manually.

    As for remote car starters, my Malibu came with an after-market one. The start button and the trunk opener were the same button. You had to press a different button first to get the car starter. The problem was that when I thought it was set to the trunk it would start the car. I didn’t have the manual for it, so I didn’t know I had to put the key in the ignition and turn it on before pressing any pedals. So I’d get in and press the brake pedal out of habit (I always hold the brake pedal down when starting a car). That would cause the engine to die and the security lock to come on. Then I’d have to wait ten minutes while the system reset. I stopped using the remote altogether when I would accidentally press the start button while trying to unlock or lock the doors remotely.


  26. We did compromise. We bought a house in the city with three garage doors, one of them is auto. If we ever move there, we probably won’t keep three garage bays. It is a rather small house so I have no idea why it has so many.


  27. Mumsee, what is your idea of a small house? I worked with someone who talked about her small house. When I finally saw it, I then realized she meant it was small in comparison to the mansion she had moved from.


  28. Hi Kim, still praying for you.

    Janice, well, it is not the smallest we have lived in. That would be the 250 sq ft in Salt Lake for the Utah Olympics. And not the largest. That would be here with about 4,000 sq ft and seven bedrooms and four baths. But it is average with three beds and two baths at 1700 sq ft. So, you could say it is large but I don’t think it warrants three garage bays.

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  29. Garage door was pushed down so it’s open only a few inches. That’s acceptable, at least it doesn’t look obviously partly “open” from the street like it did before (although mice and a cat could probably get in quite easily). Garage door guy comes Monday.

    Painter isn’t offering to do a ‘do-over’ so Real Estate Guy says he knows someone who works for $130 a day, does painting, and could probably do this in 2-3 days. I’d rather go that route than try to deal with the first guy who would probably not be too enthused (and I wouldn’t be too enthused to have him back around here, to be honest, too much drama and too slow).

    While it may need new stucco in those areas, Real Estate Guy really doesn’t think so and believes a good wire brush cleaning and better prep followed by painting again will resolve the issue. I’m inclined to go with keeping it simple, going with the most straight-forward approach first.

    If that doesn’t work, well, I’ll worry about it then.

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