56 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-20-19

  1. That blanket looks exactly like the one my father and I brought back from Chihuahua.

    Tiny Niece loves the moon, so last night when the moon came up over the horizon, I told her to look out the window and see it. It was a glowing orange ball at that point, and when she caught sight of it, she turned to me with wide eyes and said “The moon is on fire!”

    I went out to try to take some pictures of the moon and made the serendipitous discovery that my camera could focus in and get a pretty good shot of the moon’s surface.

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  2. Morning! Tess is looking quite pleased with herself for some reason up there….or did she just get her teeth cleaned and wants to show them off?!! 🐶 she has a lovely smile!
    Another inch or so of snow overnight and today we get to see the sun once again!! It truly is beautiful in this forest this morning…snow, bluest of sky and bright shining sun….10 degrees and climbing to 27 today!!

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  3. Roscuro, I decided I wanted the camera that was the predecessor to the one I now own when I read a review of it online by someone who included photos. Actually, I read two different reviews (articles on people’s blogs, not amazon reviews). One of them showed a pond and then zoomed in (and you could see ducks on the other side of the pond) and in again (to an individual duck)–that told me it would be good for my wildlife photography. That reviewer wrote bird books and she told how great the camera was as a back-up camera to her professional one. But the other review showed a house across the street and then zoomed in on the moon above the house and showed amazing details in the moon. It would never have occurred to me, either, that with a zoom lens one might get photos in which the moon fills the frame and you can see its details. I have gotten moon photos several times since–although when we have “special” moons I either don’t hear about them ahead of time or it’s too cloudy and the moon is covered, so I have yet to get photos of that.

    One day my husband and I were out driving and a red moon was coming up. But we were downtown and there was no way to get good shots (we could see it only in glimpses). He drove to a local lake and I got out and got some photos . . . but by that time the moon was well above the horizon and barely red anymore. It was only a few minutes, but too long.


  4. We have cloudy skies today – which is a relief because it’s warmer with the cloud cover. We’ve had clear skies and such cold temperatures it’s going to be the coldest February in over 80 years. It’s 9F here today and it feels downright balmy.

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  5. Cheryl, when I was preparing to go to Nunavut, an anonymous gift allowed me to get a new camera. I got a camera that had the specifications (iso up to 3200) to be able to take night shots, as I wanted to get some pictures of the aurora borealis. I wasn’t able to get a good shot of the lights while I was there, as the hamlet had street lights and hiking out of the hamlet in the dark by myself wasn’t a very good idea. I did go on one excursion with the other student, but I wasn’t able to get the settings fully figured out (the pictures I took looked good on the small camera screen but not on my computer screen), and we never got another good opportunity. Those who traveled in the far north more than I told me the aurora borealis differs in colour depending on the region, and in eastern Nunavut, the lights are predominantly white with a tinge of green, which is hard to catch in a photograph. But, I ended up with a camera that has 50x zoom and a lot of other features that I am still learning to use to my advantage.

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  6. On Tuesday’s after our company convention called Family Reunion, we have the Inspirational Morning. It costs an extra night in a hotel to attend. I have never attended until yesterday. I will try not to ever miss it again.
    First, there were prayers from every major religion, Muslim, Judaism, Hinduism, B’nai, and then Christianity. Then there were the people.
    The first was a little boy from New Jersey who has become something a spokesperson. He gathered Christmas presents for the children in Puerto Rico after the hurricane, then pet food, then baby food, then lanterns for the churches. He is now associated with KidBox. KW donated $10K to that charity.
    Next was Mr. Bonner.

    Then they called out one of his former students. She ran to him and jumped up in his arms. As a former 2nd grade teacher this got me. KW gave him $30K
    Next was a woman who works for a KW Team in PA. Her husband was diagnosed with ALS last year at the age of 39. She came out to tell her story. She was given $35K to retrofit their home so she can keep her husband at home and care for him.
    That wasn’t the best part! The challenge was that if everyone in the room would go on their Family Reunion App would click on the link and donate $20 by the afternoon we would be able to pay off her mortgage.

    Please look at Mr. Bonner. I cried.

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  7. Good morning. My eyes are too tired to read the longer posts. I saw the eye doc this a.m. and all is good.

    While waiting on the stretcher for my time in the operating room yesterday, there was a tremendous boom that sounded like a bomb went off. It was a lightening hit that blew a transformer and the television in the waiting room blew. Many people screamed. It was the loudest boom we have ever heard. It came from out of no where and then there was a big downpour which cleared by the time we got home. There was some thunder during my operation, but nothing like that freak boom. I was worried that my doctor was in the middle of surgery when it happened. This morning I asked, Nd she was,but said it happened so quickly that it did not mess up anything surgery wise. She claimed she had never heard s louder boom. My friend, Kare. Said they heard it several miles away in her apartment community.

    My vitals were perfect going into surgery. Blood pressure was 122 over 76. I could hear nurses through the curtains trying get get other patients’ blood pressure to lower. Pineapple juice and celery are both good for blood pressure. Also if you need a good clear liquid before a surgery, sparkling white grape ciider is perfect,

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  8. Oh I love Mr Bonner!! How blessed are those who know him and have their lives touched by him!! I only had one male teacher in elementary school…sixth grade. He was wonderful. He had 5 red headed daughters…and he claimed me as his sixth! 😊
    Continued prayers for total healing of your eyes Janice…so thankful you are now on the “other end” of this adventure! 👓 I am having a dickens of a time getting use to my new progressives. I may stop in and see my doc next week just to make certain this is what she had in mind for my script change!


  9. You all know this house keeping thing is a new experience for me.
    One of the things that puzzle me is how Elvera’s night gowns can get turned inside out in the washer or dryer. Someday I may remember to look when I take them out of the washer to see if it happens there. But it doesn’t occur to me at the time. Only when I fold them do I notice that her nighties are inside out and my pants pockets are out.
    Trivial thing, I know. I just wonder.

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  10. $1 trillion for Montana is overpriced. Besides, it would ruin the tidy borderline along the 49th parallel between the West Coast and Lake Superior.

    Most of my instructors have been female, including the professors of all the math and science courses such as anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, and statistics. The male instructors I have had in college and university, with the exception of the male professor who taught my mandatory Psychology college course, were all in elective or continuing education courses in the fields of language, history, and music.


  11. I had a couple male teachers in elementary school and remember them as being sort of push-overs 🙂 Much easier than some of the female teachers we had.

    Chas! Selling off California?

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  12. Kim, those prayers from the false religions sound like a really creepy way to start the morning, but the rest of it sounds pretty interesting.


  13. I don’t use dryer sheets anymore, substituting these wool balls that do the same thing over and over again (ooh, just remembered I need to move the laundry!). What we find humorous is these balls, which are larger than tennis balls, end up in the oddest places inside the clothes–in pockets, stuck in sleeves, hidden up pant legs.

    I don’t even worry about it when I see there’s a missing ball after emptying the dryer. It will turn up somewhere and make us laugh.

    But it is odd the clothes turn inside out–and I’ve been doing laundry for 45 years.

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  14. Aww, yes, Tess is cute. She’s getting a little gray around her ears and on her head, but she still looks (and is) lively. And pretty.

    I used to have a real serape blanket from Mexico but somehow it made its way elsewhere during the course of my moves. This one is newer — it may have been made in Mexico but I bought it on Amazon. 🙂

    She’s really not ‘supposed’ to be on the furniture and I try to ‘barricade’ it when I leave, but she’s pretty easy on it so I’ll allow it, but only on occasion.

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  15. Cheryl,
    When you have people from all over the world and you have something like a prayer breakfast you have to honor their religion as well. In real estate, you cannot discriminate based on Race, Religion or creed, National Origin or ancestry, Sex, Age, Physical or mental disability, and now I see that it is protecting Veteran status. It is a violation of Fair Housing and can cost you your license.

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  16. Kim, no, I wouldn’t discriminate based on religion, I just wouldn’t see any point in a workplace-based prayer breakfast. Just eat; people can pray silently at their tables. And how do you not discriminate against the atheists if you are adding in ever more prayers they have to listen to?


  17. Dryer sheets are thin notebook size gauze embedded with fabric softener. You toss a sheet (or in my case when I use them, half a sheet) into the dryer with your wet clothes. They take away static cling, make your clothes smell better and softer.

    Wool balls are 1/2 again as large as tennis balls and bounce around in the dryer accomplishing the same thing.

    I like not having to toss away dryer sheets after each use. Just doing my tiny bit for the planet by reusing the balls– and therefore not buying dryer sheets.


  18. Couldn’t be me, I don’t use dryer sheets. Gave those up long ago due to the waste and the fragrances and allergies in different people. No fabric softener here either. It is a hard world, get used to it.

    the real mumsee

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  19. It is still snowing here, but husband is planning to head home tomorrow when there is supposed to be a break in the snow for a few hours.


  20. Good morning everyone but Jo.
    Good evening Jo.
    If we have more than one Anonymous, how can you tell who Anonymous really is?.
    But if you know who anonymous is, what is the point of being Anonymous?

    If I sound discombobulated it is because I awoke at 2.00 this morning. I went back to sleep and woke again the rest of the night. I probably slept half the time. I should be back in bed but I’m up and I don’t know why.
    Except it’s 6:30 (or was).

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  21. Why it says 8:51 is beyond me. It is currently 5:51 and I have been reading in Genesis and Psalms and Luke and Revelation. What a great thing we have, the written word of God. Amazing.

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