75 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-12-19

  1. Oh look, I worked so late tonight that I’m first.

    Happy Birthday Kare!

    Got a lot of story fodder from the meeting which started at 6 (I escaped at 8, it was still going). Saw a few folks I hadn’t seen in a while, they’re always curious when I show up, asking what on the agenda I was interested in (lots of things this time). One man who was there tonight (but whom I hadn’t seen or talked to in a while) always comes up to me and says how much he appreciates what I and the rest of us local journos do, the commitment to the community, etc. I like him a lot. 🙂

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  2. Happy Birthday Kare!
    Good morning everyone else but Jo.
    Nite-nite Jo, likely already sacked out.
    What’s it a picture of?


  3. Much warmer here today at thirty. Strong winds blowing and expected all day. Boy should have a fun bike ride, unless he takes the bus, which is always an option he rarely chooses.

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  4. The photo is the pond where I got the photo that included eight or nine frogs (multiple species) in one shot last summer. This is “pond in winter,” taken on a warm day with pretty blue sky and fluffy white clouds. I thought the pond was pretty with the reflections of sky, clouds, and leafless trees. But the clumps of green pond plants are there, too. I got a shot that had a slightly prettier reflection of the clouds, but I chose to send this one because of the pond ripple at the lower left–that ripple verifies that the rest is, indeed, a reflection.

    I looked in the pond to see if I could see anything moving in it–it was, after all, above 60 in terms of air temperature–and the one sign of life (perhaps) was an occasional group of bubbles coming up from the mud in the bottom, forming ripples when the bubble group reached the surface. I didn’t know if it was coming from a creature or from rotting organic matter, but it stirred the water a little bit either way.

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  5. mumsee is my guess.

    I’m off to drop the Jeep at the smog place so they can hook it up and figure out, for $120, why my check engine light is always on (it is emissions related is all I know) and fix whatever’s wrong so it’ll pass the smog test.

    They said they could give me a ride to work which is about 2 miles away only — not far but the walk would be too long as I need to get to work, too. Just waiting for the dogs to finish eating …


  6. I also have stuff to carry, a big bag of notebooks and other work-related random “stuff” and my purse (which is small and light — but the other bag is very heavy).

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  7. Definitely mumsee. The boy is identifiable–at least through words on the computer.

    I immediately thought of Monet, too.

    I hope Kim is feeling some appreciation lately. It is difficult to live without it, but we almost all must at sometime or other. God must feel the same way.

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  8. Well, I knew Anonymous wasn’t me, so I guessed Mumsee.

    DJ – Hubby had a whole bunch of things he took with him to and from work each day, so he had a “lunchbox”, which was really a smaller cooler-type of thing (about a foot wide, 3/4 foot across, and 10 inches deep) with a shoulder strap in which he kept not only his food for the day, but some other needs. He also carried another bag, with handles, that he called his “coffee bag”. That would carry his coffee thermos, two thermal coffee travel mugs, and some other stuff. It was like he had a traveling desk with him between those two carriers.

    I remember when he was in the hospital, I thought it was a good time to clean and air out that lunchbox well, and also the thermos and travel mugs. I had the feeling, which I told myself was silly, that I was cleaning them and putting them away for the last time. Sadly, that turned out to be true.


  9. Remember I recently mentioned Hubby’s “thing” for pens? When he owned his bread route, he had bought some pens to give away, with his name, town, and phone number imprinted on them. (He once also ordered 100 pens with the name of our church and donated them to the church.)

    Every now and then since his death, I (“he”) will receive a complimentary pen (imprinted as I described) in the mail, looking for him to order more. They are often different styles, and one lights up a little.

    I received another one a couple days ago. I will keep those and use them, until they run out of ink. Some of them also have the rubbery stylus thing at the other end of the pen, and I like to use a stylus when texting. Even when they are all unusable, I will probably keep one of them as a memento.

    As of Monday, I have started filling one trash bag (the kitchen sized ones) with Hubby’s clothes each morning after I get ready for the day but before I do anything else. So that means I have two fairly heavy (to me) bags filled and I haven’t even gotten to the hanging clothes yet. These were from the shelf in our closet and a few things piled in another area of our room. I’m gonna need a lot of bags!

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  10. Good afternoon! I went to the eye doctor this a.m. My eye looks good as far as the healing goes. She wants me in for a recheck on my vision after I use some eye ointment for dry eyes. My next surgery is next Tues. Today’s appointment was a two-in one Post-opt and Pre-op. My right eye is dilated which is tiresome. I am not Anon today however with my supersized dark sunglasses, some people have mistaken me for Anon.

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  11. Happy Birthday, Kare!
    Blessings for a really good year and for fun times at the camp. May the family health issues be totally resolved to allow lots of good times outdoors. ♡

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  12. Good news Janice. You’re almost there.

    Kizzie, you can probably get refills for the pen/s you decide to keep. The stylus might be handy although I’m a 2-thumb-texter.

    So it seems the pope spoke again and consternation has followed 🙂

    Pope Says God Wills the Diversity of Religions



    … All of the different religions are God’s will? There are no distinctions between religions that are true or false, orthodox or heretical, Biblical or idolatrous? The Triune God is fine with polytheism?

    What about the First Commandment? What about Rome’s own claims to being the one true church? Does that just express superiority to Protestants, with just non-Christian religions considered equally valid? …

    … Here is a Catholic theologian trying to spin the Pope’s pronouncement in a more positive light, as has become customary when the pontiff says something unorthodox, along with other things Rome has said about the validity of Islam:

    “… in the context of the document, the Holy Father is clearly referring not to the evil of many false religions, but positively refers to the diversity of religions only in the sense that they are evidence of our natural desire to know God.”

    “God wills that all men come to know Him through the free choice of their will, and so it follows that a diversity of religions can be spoken about as permissively willed by God without denying the supernatural good of one true religion,” he added….

    Veith again: But the thrust of the document is not that God “permits” false religions in the sense that we might say that His almighty providence “permits” bad things to happen. The document presents the multiplicity of religions as a good thing.

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  13. Winchester pack mule would be good.

    All we have are pack coyotes and I don’t think they’d be very amenable to carrying all our “stuff” without being paid lavishly in domestic cats and little dogs.

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  14. Well I ordered two pair of glasses today…one clear and one pair of sunglasses. Quite a departure from my more “traditional” style of glasses…yes darlin’ I’m that crazy old lady!! 😎

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  15. From an e-mail I got:

    Did you know? In the late 200’s A.D., there was a Catholic priest whose family name was Valentine. Emperor Claudius made it unlawful for young men to marry, reasoning that they would make inferior soldiers if worried about their spouses. But Valentine’s loyalty to the Church’s holy marriage teaching led him to secretly perform marriages to maintain their holiness. Upon discovery, Valentine was tortured and killed by the Emperor. Just prior to his execution, he wrote to one of the brides for whom he had officiated a wedding, signing his encouragement, “from your Valentine”. The rest is history!


  16. so Mumsee discovered she can easily be herself or anonymous on here. What fun in the comments.
    Enjoy your special day Kare. May it be the beginning of a blessed year for you.


  17. I found a good video on making pie crust and a raspberry tapioca pie which would be nice for Valentine’s Day. It made me think that Nightingale might make something like this.


  18. We have a green and white bowl just like hers, inherited from one of the girls’ grandmothers.

    Nightingale will be making heart-shaped mini-meatloaves for Valentine’s Day dinner (she has a mold for them) and heart-shaped mini-cherry cheesecakes for dessert.

    But she does love her pies, so I will share that video with her.


  19. Hint: Popeye was my first superhero.

    Pics include a deer and a car which I really felt was a personal touch for Kare (too soon to laugh about it?)

    Jeep has to stay overnight at the garage so I took Lyft home, driver was a very nice African-American guy, mid-30s, grew up in the same area I did; he has his own “wellness coach” biz with some partners so the driving is just part time. He’s currently driving more to earn extra cash for their family vacation planned in Mexico this summer.

    I will repeat the process with another driver in the morning, I’m hoping my Jeep will be ready so I can be dropped off at the garage to pick it up but we’ll see. If not, I’ll go straight in to work and figure out a ride to the garage later when the car is ready. $330 for diagnostics + emissions fix. Could have been worse.

    I interviewed 2 LA middle school principals by phone today, set up photo assignments, and before that wrote a story out of last night’s meeting, also LAUSD related.

    My neck hurts. 😦

    In the mail tonight I received the latest Old House magazine which looks at bathrooms from the 20s, 30s, 40s. My house was early 20s so I fell into the “sanitized” white (with black accents) look; everything changed in the mid- to late 20s with more colors, fancier designs heading into the Victorian/Art Deco period which I didn’t like as much. So it all worked out.

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  20. AJ, there’s some troll on here who has been posting anonymously all day. Could you remove her posts and leave 57 for someone more open and honest? Thank you.


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