5 thoughts on “News/Politics 1-30-19

  1. Throw the book at them.


    “DC Antifa Leader Arrested And Charged For Involvement In Philadelphia Attack On Two Marines”

    “On November 17, 2018, two Marines walking through downtown Philadelphia were attacked by an Antifa mob that was on hand to “protest” a rally that was happening nearby that day. It seems that the Antifa goons thought Alejandro Godinez and Luis Torres were white supremacists and decided to teach them a lesson, one which included a severe beating and the use of racial slurs.

    Two men were arrested shortly after the attack, Thomas Keenan and Thomas Massey, both of whom had longstanding connections to Philly Antifa. However, the remainder of the mob seemed to be escaping justice, at least until now. Today the Daily Caller reports a third man has been arrested in connection with the attack. Joseph “Jose” Alcoff is a leader of Smash Racism DC, the group that harassed Ted Cruz and Tucker Carlson:

    Washington, D.C. Antifa leader Joseph “Jose” Alcoff, also known as “Chepe,” was arrested and charged with multiple felonies in Philadelphia on Jan. 10 in connection to the Antifa mob attack against two Marines in November.

    Alcoff faces 17 charges, including multiple counts of aggravated assault, ethnic intimidation, conspiracy and terroristic threats, and one count of robbery while inflicting serious bodily injury…

    Alcoff is an organizer of Smash Racism DC, the Antifa group responsible for mobbing Fox News host and DCNF co-founder Tucker Carlson’s house in November and for chasing Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz from a D.C. restaurant in September.

    The Daily Caller reports Alcoff was picked up after one of the Marines identified him based on a previous story the Daily Caller had published about Alcoff’s multiple aliases. Luis Torres notified Philadelphia police that he believed Alcoff had been part of the mob and police agreed based on photos of the attackers.”


    More here, including some lovely video of him guesting on liberal shows as an “expert” and rubbing elbows with Democrat politicians.

    CONTENT WARNING! for his bleeped foul mouth. Just listen with the sound off.


  2. Oh look, Democrats seeking to remove God references again.


    “Dems to strike ‘so help you God’ from oath taken in front of key House committee, draft shows”

    “A key committee in the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives is moving to eliminate the God reference from the oath administered to witnesses testifying before the panel, as part of a new rules package expected to be approved this week, according to a draft obtained exclusively by Fox News.

    The draft shows that the House Committee on Natural Resources would ask witnesses to recite only, “Do you solemnly swear or affirm, under penalty of law, that the testimony that you are about to give is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?”

    The rules proposal places the words “so help you God” in red brackets, indicating they are slated to be cut. The words “under penalty of law” are in red text, indicating that Democrats propose to add that phrasing to the oath.

    The draft rules also remove the phrase “his or her” throughout the document, changing those two pronouns to “their.” The rules additionally modify all references to the committee’s “Chairman” to instead refer only to the committee’s “Chair.””


  3. They don’t even feel the need to hide their depravity anymore.

    Vile and evil people.


    “On Wednesday, in a shocking revelation about the nature of the pro-abortion Democratic Party, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, a supposed moderate, endorsed the notion that a woman should be able to let an infant, born alive, die on the table if she decided she did not want the child.”

    “Appearing on WTOP’s Ask The Governor, Northam was asked whether he supported a Virginia legislator’s statement that Virginia Democrats’ proposed legislation would permit abortion for a woman in labor. He stated:

    This is why decisions such as this should be made by providers, physicians, and the mothers and fathers that are involved. When we talk about third-trimester abortions, these are done with the consent of the mother, with the consent of physicians, more than one physician by the way, and it’s done in cases where there may be severe deformities, there may be a fetus which is non-viable. So in this particular example, if the mother is in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen, the infant would be delivered, the infant would be kept comfortable, the infant would be resuscitated if this is what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physician and the mother.

    This is pure infanticide. It’s also an argument for eugenic murder (see his comments about deformities). Northam is specifically talking about delivering an infant alive and then asking the mother whether the infant should live or not. This is not an argument about the morning-after pill. It’s not an argument over whether a fetus feels pain. This is a statement that a fully-formed infant, born alive, ought to be murdered if the mother says the infant ought to be murdered.”

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